Zak Keefer on Josh McDaniels

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, February 6th

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4 o'clock tomorrow. Colts' facility out there on west 563. Josh McDaniels is going to be introduced to the media and through the media. To all of you fans of the Indianapolis Colts and covering that among others for the Indianapolis Star will be the great Zach keeper made no exact. I'm gonna can't. Small correction there actually illegal aliens is a really. Yeah the hamburger you'll be under construction. Are not they can out pick and an out of there for a little while. All right well at Lucas Oil Stadium we're gonna meet a guy what do you think you're getting here. I'm really here click here a couple of different things one at the aggressors Andrew Luck luckily but they're too much you know them. You know their shoulder right at me go to underwater. I'm anxious to hear what he says about it first and coaching stint in September. What he learned from that develop a candidate or don't able. Reason why he's going to be different this out there and and I wanna know why this job that the one who got five or six or seven interviews in the last couple years it had to retreat opportunity to worry about it what. Taken over thirteen didn't until now. Why now why Indianapolis. He took the job. Andrew Luck to. Beyond that I mean that's the obvious question at him and I thought that people layered. They're real competence and credibility and Andrew Luck is going to be Andrew Luck. In point how he can call. But they're the Chris Cox factor here then look at not just people around the league but. You have the opportunity to work with the president I think a lot of people have told me different and now I'm going out there could find them you know they didn't coaches. Player. They really like this guy and I think he had he give you some and the defense that optimism. And working with Canon deal in the chemistry that if you attract and good luck that it identical to her putrid the liquid tide coach. Ten years ago delegate unthinkable under the previous regime we get things eccentric look at regime and bring it to the well it's gotten. Two major trade done a lot twelve on any higher bella tech topic that although significant are those that have been around. Called patriot rivalry from the 2000 per lot. Exactly for the Indianapolis Star date do you think I mean we are hearing even yesterday Mike Florio was saying you know not necessarily a done deal. This seemed to be a done deal from jump street did did did you ever thinks that this was not a done deal. Does have its first bout number one target from the beginning coupled. Interview. Keep it out and fox earlier during doctor dale greeted after truck rental or all of the long ago right in like you know like five weeks ago. If you're cold and you should be very hesitant to believe it or about it. It agenda of anti America agenda and obvious and anybody agenda. Looted all and what about that it. How would gorloks Miguel. And it's actually report third staunch. Yeah. I don't report chatter here Carol tie Arnold or who are note we tracked. And I get that Internet these days and I'll work but. Consider the source and they reject it you know all along that it changed. It later or so much out. Do we think that he's gonna end in won't find this out tomorrow I would guess but he's gonna call some plays it Niemi is going to be not the offensive coordinator but he he's gonna run the offense. I would be absolutely stunned and he's not eastern Canada. We'll be bringing it to deal right right I mean you are Mary Emma Andrew Luck for 56 setting here you know I can't earlier. Didn't figure this out and good luck had four offensive coordinator. And what's going to need to succeed in the fall on the field. That particular this week and that that can be. Men had won a record for eleven here that that's not normal. But it is actually fertile and look at them and not after comedian Andy he. Wanted to tell it to treat get an offense that for more than commuters. Do you judge reduced in position to let him do what he does about people in the back offered that aren't. The scene of the last 510 years there's no question I mean they did play a very great and I get put under culture develops a great. It can not to count the offensive mind just did. It at the total company. Did what mcdaniels is done with that Brady is trying to keep him upright behind a very shaky offensive line I would think. At the hiring a Josh McDaniels is going to do more to extend it reflects health. And in his availability is a quarterback then drafting any offensive lineman do you think. That debt or they'll lay and I think you need to pieces. I think you need a terrible upgrade at wide receiver I don't mean like you don't go anywhere I mean like you need depth that you don't we are now. All that played and then there's the coming months to get that on at least to get that started damage. On the money to spend. Hello really you almost went somewhere else did yes I did yeah. There are trapped as I learned that in effect. Well how would you care credited nine dollar you know not so I would that's it's about right. Ali I think you know. If needed and he's gonna decide what you are suckers. Here's what I want. While silently you don't totally don't get in at the get those guys are trying to rob the crap out there. But I think you're actually right about the health of Andrew Luck the quick wrote. Because we know it up and the lines quality here in great. I think it could be really interesting to see how they reshape the offense and letting it be really really good day for you help protect oil specially. Eject oil seems to be done here who. If I'm Jack Doyle I'm kind of rub in my hands the other on same damn I am in the right place at the right time. Yeah I mean great to be Marlon back to the other thing to look healthy on and I can accomplish with a cold Coke today who believe he's going to be good. Look at me as the offense could really start to a call the next couple years we'll see everything rests on the right shall European law. If you can get a live look too comfortable with in Egypt and dynamic player like a marlin Mack have been significant to you projectile of the middle. If you like over the top. And you don't guy calling plays really really good that it could really really. Any ticket. The pictured critical Super Bowl last few years there may be proper corporate we're going back to back Super Bowl champion. It's an election without guard calculated this year that enjoyed that'll. Tutor your top targets are numbered Ukraine. The material put up thirty prefecture and through on third or western ball well but you got to stop there really good defense and Atlanta yeah. Exactly for the Indianapolis Star about the hiring of Josh McDaniels I wanna talk about the draft a little bit we don't really know what the holes are. At this point because free agency we have we don't know who they're gonna sign his free agents and so. We've got to kind of loud that tell all still heard cell found in order to say okay what do you do would number three. If you could trade that thing down a little bit trade did elect to the jets. And and get some peace is that he's you can get nice parity go on from three to six. We edit you out on. Yeah you know business structure. And that you can't. They haven't had the opportunity very often actually I mean partly ever you know on the third 2012 out you know Europe at the top of it at a take this at your game. With stake in 1999. It's such a rare opportunity for this team. I I just leaning against the train highly adaptable to talent at that. Determined what you get a young get. But one thing you came in created in that cut structure that is the latest in the market and don't get to the up market. Wolf the but right now I just can't. I just came out of Bradley job if you everything record here isn't you know go to his pro day in a couple we thought it would come by and learn more out. You can't promote academic or around. If you had the choice between Bradley Chubb and say Kwan Barkley. It's hard to include. You know like like. It think about who the next thing to keep this thing there are you right now what you got in the way. We'll find out I've not really call it that at this point I want what actually. A little bit. And field where were the intact the next couple weeks and month talk drawn. Battled really help me form my decision. It could be a really actually call because could spell out on the record bowl oh confident he did not need to draft. The best player available he did last year you know if they really need safety bill what went out. Give me a code like Adam recruitment. There willingly took on the right call. The doping or you can pick out targets that they need a contractor. Recently outplay and out. Thank you Zach appreciate it. Great sack keeper from the Indianapolis Star. Tired about Josh McDaniels whose press conference I figured it was going to be out of west's 56 straight now. Going to be Lucas Oil Stadium.