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Wednesday, February 28th

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We welcome to the show from the Indianapolis Star does a great job covering the Indianapolis Colts forest the great Zach Kiefer made to exact. Margaret carrier I am great what stuck out in your mind from that things have frank Reich told us what stuck on your mind. Look at guys preparing to coach the team they knew. I was very clear I was very apparent. Even talk like it was a certainty not soccer is everything we say where. Nobody in here any in there and eat anything regarding your leg injury. Boat you know we got about the rocks are little hole. Where are the strong part. You can you know one of the first things that it look we Italy cornerback. Frank Reich as far as he's concerned. What his offseason workouts starting April 2 they get to start a little bit earlier this year because the new coach. He did did it and you look at either. The Galapagos and that is not a lot that could happen and all that. But the fact he's playing on being there and being a part of it often works out is the best music he could tap it or. I mean he's not going to be in LA. I mean he's not gonna be re having but he's still not going to be content and second period I mean you're going to be with between now we don't know on what guard. But the active track record player on and you like being there from the very start is the best news that include that the. Tired Zack case for from the Indianapolis Star about the Tom buying news today from frank Reich. And from Chris Ballard what stuck out from Dowd comments. Yeah there was a lot we learn when we talk Tucker bow our armed there's a couple weeks ago that there's a couple of freeagent that speaks out and make it didn't dawn in the coming weeks. There's not really really enticing number eight you don't reckon that at all Barkley you'd go special branch out those are the leading candidate. With Rick about it really the one thing that jumped out at me with a comment about get to Andrew Luck he could do I have any doubt that any luck will be out there. Is that now. Something you've never seen before look at about that today com. April and may are going to be very important month or if that's what is going to get into all growing routine. That can be critical but at this point everything indicate he'll be fine for that. How are things that are important because that's and then he never said that any point last year. Everything out the diversity that it will they in the future if he. Could I never said that that important now. And we found out that Frank Gore is don't with the colts basically. Yeah I did not deprive. But you don't. Drink or story. The apple has no game in buffalo francoeur had I think it was pretty some period of a career high. You brokered Dominic game afterward the doctors said Le. You're knee surgery and then they played forty clear up or get. And he says now I'm a football player coming up like they were screened at apple and he still played. I'll bet that they're missing and Frank Gore the tepid or younger it's not surprising move. But they've blocked a really good football player not so much forward if you are saying that and he was an important piece of that locker minaret of five and act and an apple. You know. I I'm I wanna ask you another question about about Ballard and in about Frankie we'll look let me ask that no we'll go to this. Did you read deeds his series of tweets from war and sharp. About the predictability the colts offense. I did it. How could you let let me ask you that and how could Frank Gore the expected to be productive is running back given the utter predictability. Does certainty. Many unpredictability but certainty. That the colts we're gonna run when they were not in a three wide receiver set in the fourth quarter with a lead how how could anybody expect. Frank to do anything other than what frank did. Yeah and they were in the fourth quarter with a lead like what I don't know until. You and in Eritrea excited about alliance and about. The fact that just news it is the only got to play every now at our last year is not conduct click start Gartner Lee. It's effective for greater chance that they knew you were doing. And what did she did I mean. Credit indictment filed all of it and get all the research and had a week interval back program. Yeah and a large percent didn't we all sort of know that like what record over how the trickle it they were really predictable. In these situations we all kind of new data out this sort of greeted further to the serpent they're just really and they're being. Sort of statistic you can grow the previous coaching that they should be off and the play caller. What we said throughout the season was bad you get a chart the Ghana was playing checkers and the guy across on the other sideline is that he was playing three dimensional chess. But always found out through war and sharp as it was even worse than that. They're playing to win over the plane not lose because you have different and I can get into you. Based on what I saw they were not going to win in the U. Speaking of that is Chris Ballard was talking about giving Frank Gore an opportunity to go someplace else and finish his career. Was he kind of saying that this is our rebuild dead is not going to be quickly kind of we're not gonna resurrect this team and you know as some kind of AFC dominant franchise. At least in the short term or it would make sense to bring gore back. He knows that could Bowden knew that after watching film last year do you get member of the defense he told a crowd early on. Have a new defense this year because that's not good enough and the tent and you starter on opening day. And yet he knows that that could take some time and you look at execs are not allowed to be the big east that. Got 567 year deal and in their. They're they're they're they're process right now they're not gonna do into the end game for some. I don't know how much a player they're going to be increased its statement workers about. Early at all. That means they're. The biggest jump in and make pictures of the comic quarterback at Logan that it changed the rocker a program that. That a couple Munich itself increased to but it really going to be about the drought like you said last minute without help stacking good track record adapt. But the great thing to do it too hard to do the pay up calm down the line only eighteen. The biggest it'll be Angela beyond that the roster will look primarily to say what they what they do though. Big guy does spend money in something right you have to spend some Greg not to the ceiling but to the floor and and they've got 85 million dollars under the cap they got to spend on somebody. Go get it right tackle computer right I'll go regard the comply. Intake port is or perhaps you appreciate me. I don't know they're going to create and pass structure Arnold they can find one I don't know they can or one of the production level to Chris how are gonna want him you know. Could compare a bomb together and spent the money they need they need receiver right lap. Yeah literally. I mean can you play receiver like go out a tank. Through that right now. Hey will prints and ads CBS sports star Tommy you dig kind of hum high draft right pick I think he's just gotten bored with the process. And in so he learns his trade with the browns where the colts would get the one for 3335. From the browns. In exchange for Andrew Lockett just hypothetically I know it's ridiculous. But hypothetically if they make that earned it they propose that Chris Ballard should Chris Ballard take that deal. No no really never. You gotta think about they're about to reflect. It the cold are willing to part with Andrew Luck which they're not no way. What can imitate. I think the corporate never going to let this guy out there bill. And if they ever get to that point hypothetically that means he's got on the enterprise never quite put all yet. What can we ticket yeah educated opinion including banks and Terry Wilbert sport and countless other idea. You know what I mean to Alter a bit dead body. I don't believe it's gonna happen I don't think the brands threes and that stupid but at the brands proposed that. And you are the GMT. You don't think at least a long and hard about it in the 1333. And 35 for Andrew Luck who's got the broken wing were. Quarterback is really really really big correction yeah like I'm trying to convince myself that one of these guys could be that guy. But it taken a more I don't think anyone can all handle what helped Andrew and the big commodity in a problem in the week. You know I agree with you in that way and if US guys stand in the convention center which we both probably will throughout this week. You know who's the best quarterback in this class you can get one of five responses. Exactly and nobody really knows that the fun part about it not sort of what you know ballot. It created in the combo right it created the band it's going to create new create are you about in the air on. Priscilla people out there to debate there what I got dozens and dozens of boat yeah well. And Twitter responses from people saint. Critical to the department difficult ethical that the furniture there. That's over. To literally just formed gotta been here for. All right you know I I asked Doug Peterson about frank Reich today. And and I took and in the question kinda came out of the blue and maybe you wasn't prepared for a total what I got from him was kind of lukewarm. In that what he said is I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of a head coach frank Reich is going to be. And he's gonna be really good for Andrew Luck because he's gonna put Andrew Luck in a position where he can succeed. But he never really said any thing about the quality of leadership from frank Reich what kind of up. A leader do you think frank with frank Reich is going to be in the locker room and in the meetings. I didn't really impressed and I enacted it objectively right and I'm not a call girl but not being paid that it could be really. Without a candle every and it sort of talked on the day off the side. No recorder and you just really explained. What the hell we're going to build the team the power to handle players. On its refreshing I've covered a proper five or six years and you never got that sort of conviction in his words. About how he was going to handle a job and look at Rucker need to work we all know that tracks said that. It'll be very entry what players they bring back at more personnel up more about other things. But look requisite human QB goat as a player I mean he was tonight Kelly at quarterback coach and the bills player that I talked to in recent weeks old meat. But even the best one is going to come out the ball out of all the coaches. The GM all that I mean he lived in to leave orbit coach in training even then. Network where you were written and acts like Peyton Manning. You work with Philip Rivers network went back up like nick old and voted to bear so. I think we got the temperament to handle a variety of different attitude deprive thirty different ilk that. At that position and look I mean united encourage you geek out to ten in Syria aren't eager to be in the quarterback room. Like a quarterback coat as the coach exactly why not expect where your Brad you know there where you. Our expert do it don't change you know don't just become an overseer of everything goes to what your next call and could be yet to coach but also beginning to look back screen to look better or the thumb. Together and on teaching from right. Played out over the next couple years. Exactly I appreciate. Director and slowly we'll see out there tomorrow in the rest of the weekend and into the weekend the great Zach keeper from the Indianapolis Star.