Zach Osterman talks IU hoops

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, January 9th

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Talk about the hoosiers a great sack on instruments from the Indianapolis Star I hate to exact. I could not be better. Drug Davis its and reported by Dan docket as he did the game on ESPN over the weekend that two run davis' gonna be out for the season do we know what his. What his circumstances are. I mean not certainly not been made public park in order yet com. The wave of people talked about it the tone of the injury and tried not you know start reading she leaves too much but just trying to like you'll about it. It does seem like. Something more than just one to two game saying but you don't I can be. That we all thirty minutes and they're Burundi was like why and so. I think it's entirely possible it is. You know of a priest period variety I think it sounded like Archie Miller would be ready to say something more definitive as. Well what we think about Justin Smith created a part of the starting lineup obviously against Minnesota twenty points. You looked like he knew what he was Dylan. He hit it all of his three point attempts we like Justin Smith right. It up and down beaten burned and he was very strong early in the year that double double against our beat started beat albeit important game. You know by his own admission. I mean before. Minnesota game that you played double bird once in Indiana previous high end. I don't division after the Minnesota game defensively you know Bibby just what slowing down all the way I needed to go. That some of the rotation and some account of but called in communication. Things that you need. And Archie Miller actually just what it really comfortable at every comfortable with them. Kind of growing into that Minnesota gaining Dudley played against stored locally. Yeah to believe that he had more comfortable way of Indiana cavity and you know I mean it good I think it really good on what are freshmen or senior. That would Archie Miller really kind of laid it out. A player stepped up went up and that there on the road at Minnesota and I don't know that you'd expect and a you know scored twenty unite threat in the way that politics don't but you know you need to just being more consistent and opened the deplorable Saturday it was a good start. It's it's always interesting and I followed this trap myself. Where you get out we say like I like Justin Smith you mentioned the game against Howard he just looked like he had a presence about him so I liked him. And it is so now he goes out he plays well against Minnesota and I say see I told you sell. But what we discount is the work that's been done by Archie Miller and his staff in preparing him to be the player that he was against Minnesota right. Yeah I mean that absolutely and and you know also maybe to some level look. Sometimes I need that sense of urgency you know I'm not that easy for a freshman especially when. Be everything seemed a little bit overwhelming. Strategic and it just yeah not not trying to get into a rhythm of sort of being like I back. And get my 1012 minutes tonight. You know they've got one Morgan had gotten Robinson got her to explain. Now I'm just not gonna put it too hard because in the first minute because I'm still kind of all this stuff in a really good way. All of a sudden to Ron Davis gets hurt column department kept it. And it sort of becomes one of those things were like you know sometimes I went out with that that emergency picked up a little bit just click open and quite or. And again I'm not saying expect when he point night from from the rest of the way. I think it encouraging when you're talking about it even of growth and receive the baby Archie Miller continually challenging players and look for responses. One from a guy like Justin. The freshman who's got a lot of bullet in his career and obviously a lot of odd. Zach what are we think about divide take greens so far we see really good from him a guy who can create his own shot knock it down but that we see. Just mind numbing turnovers and and that kinda guy who's gonna drive Indiana fans. Not unless he can learn through this and come out the other side. I mean I think he sees it whether or not hand and you may be what just occurred in the book a little bit too. Maybe a little bit emblematic of this team you know you don't want to dip too much in the symbolism but they're ball. Moment and there are even you know hold teams we're both of look really good really promising yet there are mistakes that require makes mistakes and big shot. Think there's wealth around to get that sent the soap or. And did you feel like. You know that's not sustain in the next game it is accused back these steps forward two steps back I think robbed all of the Lindbergh apartment that you hear me average 73 point. Over the last six games scored 28 at Minnesota. But what you needed maybe one of those at least one of those over Arctic rise. And meet that level play a little bit I think about agreed the guy that we we've seen the clashes feel like. There's that player in the air like Indiana ensure that popular site that he did it. And just you and killing the bad slowly and been steadily and urged the question what can do. Tired Zach customer and for the Indianapolis Star. In Bloomington tonight the Indiana Hoosiers gonna take on the Penn State Nittany Lions. I didn't get a chance to watch a post game press conference after the Minnesota game. That Indiana one Archie Miller post game is his demeanor different. After world when it from what it is after a loss. No not really at all. And and what what's interesting to me that I talk want to a rider to cover him day. And he was we're talking about that third year win Archie got they do is we are really hate. And actually started com report on the white woman or one in our started slowly in the end here. And visited the aggregated to populate the Dayton daily news said. Well I think that really struck him thinking back with that you can wind speeds were struggling at the beginning accomplished what occurred here. It was never like Archie was common in the press conference and angry and emotional it was just the same guy and that. Over the long term it felt like that sort of steadiness. That he showed whether things were good or bad never getting too high or too low. The peace in the valley state quotes together that I think it's really rubbed off on his team and it made over the course of the season. You know his team just a lot more boys and a lot more minded. Not saying that automatically gonna happen starting tonight it would Indiana I think it's interesting to see him win. It regulars at Fort Wayne and and you beat Minnesota obviously there's a lot less frustration in the comments when he we'd be Minnesota on the road. You still feel like emotionally. You know mentally you're seeing kind of the same guy up error both times. This is if you don't I think helps is he's got a good look at life. And if he got a good look at life that helps you maintain an even keel dot net. You know I well I think I've got a Republican white I think the ball Marty ball marker armored eat out. Please locally it's development which amount that. To drag you end up. In good dialogue that you're not happen and I don't blame you at all. If there tonight but you know I don't know Padraig wouldn't you Jo Berry should. Audrey here you are the most beautiful world. In the same to geely sterling who is just unbelievable and so tolerant and so lovely that. Of course are partnered with stand by. Days commentary for entertainment purposes only about another man's woman. So over the next five games he got Penn State tonight you've got a northwestern over the weekend. At Michigan State Maryland at home and Illinois and the road this is of really important stretch for the hoosiers. I think it may be it did it that team is going to. Find some of that consistency. And and and it sort of broad brush kind of fundamental way. Started to. More that good going back talking about Dovonte greener new Kirk pretty Indiana at all bring out more of that good camp down or that bad. This is the character where maybe you can you can circus act jewel that more you can get you mean your records. There's a lot of political gains that stretch probably anybody expect too much of the tricky thing. You know these two games at home are are both very winnable epic people. Pretty good just for Indiana. Any you can maybe you know come to this stretch. Green who. That and all the sudden maybe we're talking about a team that got a little bit more that steady at about that a little bit more that composure. I'll if you go port one that maybe we're argument they can think about passionate. And butch. When you're watching Indiana State when you're watching for land. You wouldn't think but at the same time I think Indiana crappy ago you wanted for this stretch to continue to look at that same conversation. You know to step forward two steps back one step forward two back I think if you're gonna find you know I just a level regiment consistency with the way you want to do. Indiana it might be the next couple weeks. I appreciate that thanks so much. Absolutely bank Frederick the great Zack how's the.