Zach McCrite live from Louisville

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, September 27th

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I have a kids early show CBS sports 1430 you know nobody's going on at the University of Louisville obviously with a firing Rick Pitino and AD Tom church. And in I think that it's interesting to kind of examine exactly what that basketball program means to the people down there awards though because it's different from the way we look at college basketball here as much as we'd love college basketball. Little bit different local so we welcome to the show degree exact look right. Big Easy how you doing daisy. That can't. Is that it's been quite today down here. They did tell me an Intel listeners exactly how important college basketball is today at city. Not just from a spiritual perspective but the economy. Everything down their kind of her balls are round college basketball. Yeah it does on me. And and I think this is gonna end up being one of the stories that last a lot longer. And there's been church and Cupertino. Getting the boot eventually I guess they eventually just talk she girl at the strictly. That's just that's just a contract contractual thing he'll eventually be gone. You know at the university of global. Did everything in their power I'll just give you this quick little story big story out here sure not be a big story and an apple. Everything power to do not pay. Or at least pay very little. For this new arena edit yeah KFC yum center. I would put up against any. NBA. Arenas in the country don't think. Channel nine and helped us it is it is massive it is 2000 seats. Home to the level of two levels of Swedes. I'll coalition which are the Bill Keller there is one can yet so. And don't want to give so when you know ultimately it will pick up first city or else it will look at this they've looked at. River. And you don't like that viable the senate but meet your work well like play X about. And feel a sort of mentality like okay. Well and we'll get it. And and so don't follow it happened while I guess that about. Several years now the that the arena has been in existence. These bonds are. You know thirty year or your pocket you're part of at all in that it they're just they're just going to the ball so. Yeah look well this new interim president which hurt your whole lot more about the coming days great postal. Just recently said are gonna kick a little more. Air. Sixty billion dollars over the next thirty years or so about two billion more dollars a year by the trying to help pay that bought. Well now you can almost imagine that's going to be at least offset. Here in the short term. With ten showing up. Four games here. Coming up at the arms and I can't imagine. What everything that is going down. You're going to get the usual sellout crowd that you're gonna do you know earth and what is the protest at twelve. A building that is. And that is alien debt. That it could really have an impact on an entire city financially so our goal really is I lost or is. The crutch or is one more party. The house of cards. Look for the entire city of we will not just post. And it's what people talked about down there you go down there there talked to look bill Indiana Kentucky basketball. At the expense of almost everything else other than a high school basketball it's really really important to the fabric of the community. And he mentioned the new lease we're well bill's gonna go into its pocket I think it's one point eight million this year or whatever. If it like pets forty yesterday Yahoo! said the death penalties worded. Rick pose a true we don't know pretty well kind of nosed around the death penalty if the death penalties enacted. They're paying rent under facility that you have no product to put into a building that's gonna become owners. Your dollar company and now polls it. You know there are a lot of people around here that are party congress. Just tackle it will be given a ton of voted today him at all let your popular man. It is well I think the effort. They've screwed up here because well and little Radiohead and and GB here at around airport. All about it didn't on this subject and Albie you know there are walks out with a recent radio -- is very well with you know with those people you know. You know. Everybody in an apple goes you know it's obstacle to jump a little bit more of an understandable. Topic you guys yeah and I would I would venture to say that. You've got quite understand a little bit more than others. You know the people in global right now on all reasoning that is the purpose you know and Tom urged saga. Are all are. Talking about this youngster deal. Are going. In now somebody get out of overall the phone like we're ready now. It's like we're we're ready and eager in here and and the city built this arena with the NBA team and other. I'll bet just that this new interim president. Has now taken the that it would call a contract to be our president to call or. Tom's courage and and the old president Dana greatly. Make sure to put in a in the initial contract the initial lease of the young senator that for every. You look now. Men's basketball and women's basketball game. The university would have control of the facility. Not just on game day. But the day before game day and the day after game day Ankiel and it was. It was always tell but the reason like that that although ever. Obviously the reason they that that is. They don't want an NBA team here ever right to take you know the ticket you know any sort of potential that there could be the east and put it popular BAT's. And so that kill you as well you know so all you know now that's gonna be our president took that away on their new. We negotiated release and people in BorgWarner start clamored to have an already to get some sort of pro team here whether BM fearless. Well who birdied the second team and will fill with overpaid players. I. See what I did. And that Taylor. Daylight at that. That we can't Europe the first person Google also broke our program. Wow that is sad that makes me sound. I was first and good. It is that it air route via cell if you like people are set at really the air and artistic. To a branch office that you don't that two years. You know. Things that Rick Pitino and Tom dirt. Around these parts or at least the thing that could've been done there walks around these are parts. That's. That there have gone. You don't have debated existed at yeah okay. You know and in Louisville and it's still just send it send it descended into because they're just local and and finally yesterday Kent can't believe what I was hearing on the radio and what we're seeing clutch putter he. You'll fans were like okay. I give up get out here. I mean it would it would literally one day. Cricket and want the one beta you'll just said OK that whole thing and coached. And the whole grain output director can hit oblique and wrote and it was. A it was universal. But it was the majority it was a it was a clear that you. Let me ask you this we're tired Zach decried the Big Easy he'll be on ESPN will melt today for a clock for those of you who wanna tune and because they're not too far from being inside that broadcast radius in go to the happy listen there. I would assume that the staff is also gone. But here's my question about the staff Kenny Johnson at the associate head coach of the basketball program. Is a guy that we know well from his stand and as an assistant and assistant coach under Tom crane it Indiana. And there's speculation that he was the guy in Vegas who's in the hotel room do we know who's the assistant was who is in the out Vegas hotel room. Well. I can't recall which which just took that is what I taped it and they're important source I read that dot got. But there are two. Omelet local issues that. Are talked about in the documents one good thing ever named the guys. Yeah and it and so we are the other one. Is it easy other warnings and the other Jordan fair. OK yeah actually got Kenny Johnson. I think rocket purposes around here we're pretty sure it was reported that. And and so I know I use it and especially the one down here you know post. The martyr ark have who biting fingernails little bit you know. I would. I would get to. I would I would. Write and let. You know this is the best stuff OK what is it does not elect a there's nobody really leapt. In the IU regime. You know with Google from creed religion doesn't do. Any of the potential players really tackle. I don't want. That we keep your net debt here's the they've mutually. It was a part of the agency that the FBI took down. Yesterday. Alone you know and and as the connection between the guts and maybe maybe that was player that you the last. Oh god recipient anymore any minute they are all the writers really just working on the you know. Who moved through. Crew if you will calm the pool through sacks. That are probably around via video surveillance. Hard and fast documents. And so long it took all of that stuff does happen at Indiana which Imus is no remorse out this. I think you'll be in the clear up. I'm really worried about that at all. I hired the new coach with juror champion there. Well great post poll just out front got a couple of hours ago and I think you'd be president and he's certain that. The new. Term AD. Will be making calls. And a race of the Mardi. So this is the congress congress is a basically backed out here. Athletic director pepper and for our. People your age camp and my agent and older. And they'll remember this guy at university of global chip corporate. Are easy to say and order may. Hated he won't get a lot here right here with the 48 hours to remain in the intermediate universe you'll want he's he's got audio. Outstanding. Entrepreneurial. Career. Are in Louisville. And and has the support of the board of trustees here although it. And therefore the board trustees universe it will also start you're not almost. Absolutely will be the new and it may be in the next 48 hours I could be wrong but that's I hear how to get to talk you know. Significant New Mexico. Proper you guys well below practice starts this weekend yeah so on so what do you do in that spot and and a lot of people especially up the dirt that was all about Tom and saint. I. I don't think it's gonna happen. I what I do things happen as you know there there three assistance all the staff. Well I guess I guess as of right now and two of them were in the the FBI documents get ago. And with the really really backed up and what was so now it's an educated guess of Arnold a lot of hurt. Third assistant that that has that. Has come out as being simply shot the ball this. His name is David Padgett he played for university will hold them right thousands and I guess would be Egypt might end up being in the inner maybe he really saw the term notes. In her coat and he is he's so tall ultimately. I would like being exactly what we'll will be struck out not only that our code extort. And and somebody that can you know you're a keeper listening system. You know offensively and defensively and it's just stop gap until they can find somebody that you would get that totaled. Thank you very much easier I appreciate. All anybody anytime you're the best mr. Britt. We absolutely I. I know. I I got out here a bit of that battle the need a grand Marshal on the available kinda. Yeah he encouraged that Jerry. I would just go to Barry thank but the department. Let our Albany Indiana at your personal. Allow workers first. What are your he was a vote Democrat are you now that. Could result audit and audit office etiquette and. Thank you very much easy appreciate it our product that sect broke right. He'll be on ESPN Louisville little bit later this afternoon terrific guy and huge. World health and our ads are a whole bunch of people down. I any college basketball's just absolutely enormous and I'll tell you this about easy. Easy. Really really good radio host and he was working at world bell and he is just being an honest guy which is what he is. And Tom juror to because Tom jerked the JD of all of the university all of they'll. And and broadcast agreements with the company that easy work with all the people at that company NC get rid of this guy. We don't wanna mind where it we will terra our contract if you don't get rid of this guy or something along those lines. And in so he was blocked. From working fulltime blocked from working in media and all of bill because it Tom jury solid and knowing easy. And in knowing the city it will villain how well served they were by the Big Easy when he was hosting a daily radio show down there man I I could not be happier for him. That church got fired I don't know Tom church. I I have. And had no interaction with him at all as you might suspect. But just on behalf of the people down their Bob Delgado on the radio early it earlier today. It had no kind words to say about Tom church or the legacy that he leaves at the University of Louisville personally. And as a guy and that community so. It in my book yummy crap out of friend of mine you crap on me right so I'm glad Tom church is gone.