Xavier coach Travis Steele

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, April 2nd

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Economic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430 we're thrilled over the weekend what we heard travesty it would been hired be the next head coach. I'm Xavier Musketeers we welcome him to the show how you don't coach. Under our group are Burton who are when you get all signed up and the deal was done what was the first thing you did. It was quote collect director of medical school. The physical first. I was. Called public. Movement or it can't tell from Bart trigger the really well this opportunity. Let me ask you about that age and I hear you've got a wife you've got your son Winston and insult was staying balanced while DNA head coach we've seen coaches. Kind of you know it it's a 24/7 job how do you maintain your balance in life how these seen other guys do it that you wanna emulate. I think yes they're old they're in the poker on them around practice. You know you know it is you have to run it can't separate it certainly. And and coach can you hear that Gordon Cooper and that's critical. And New York cent like resolute without seeing some success as you run dial. This is organized and good lesson to us or just that my son goes as well such so little. Release you know Xavier is a really interesting program I think much in the way that Butler is and you went to bowler is under grand. And how are those two programs similar. I think the other global corporate and great it was you know what though what's going on. You know that not a public matter public on the ground. I don't know Bryant Miller there are. Outmoded in remote well without the great. But. As well so now they don't know what the court. Like that are going to Wear that our eloquence. I'm self. You know a key and within that within the program within the coaching tree. The belief system of what our players. Recruited towards. You know typically an article that I got. From coached coached that it. When you go to events in a role word shall play and ABC kid do you think that is is Xavier kid what does that it'll look like. And noble war crack route. I want competitive god god. God salute in order you know like our duty electrical blue one pre date title. I'm an idiot. Cole got what it. And in the winning clients and if they are saying. Get a thought god ever actually know how to flag at the don't want that really keep each bat either have a natural your belt. He teaches. You that he took you know I use all agree that you'll part. And they had a little bit. You're there in Xavier you've done a great job of kind of tapping talent here in central Indiana a year from Dan tell you what to Butler. He is did they still we're real proud of her basketball culture in the state of Indiana. Hey when you recruit a kid. And Indian know that he's kinda god basketball knowledge in his DNA like you said is it different Indiana. You know I look at the more that the coaching crap at a young age. You know they've been part of the fabric like I say that yeah. But Indiana got general episode had a quiet it is Coke or are really no veteran should go out. You've had a bunch are really really good mentors during your time kind of growing into this position weather's all the way back to Steve's witty when you're a an assistant depend Davis. Sean Miller Chris Mack had Mata. Who did you learn the most from I mean you were with Max the longest but does it what were the lessons that you kind of take. From them with you and in this position. The ethnic and a little bit of everybody have their car out into the sports are out now without doubt. If I were if your goal off a broker it will require it and allow it ordered that speaker of the thing that's ever been around. You know are back at everything you know our public reading where it hurt their balance there you go with your area code. Erica. It is I don't. Well earned. Outlook principally got you into that don't opt out of its kind users are one big center that going on you know. It is ability to neutral or he could talk. You know you're shocked about that sixteen year old recruit. But it also in the next equipment that later in the popular. I dual boot for it but it is safe here. You know that speaker like that. It's that old port there and delicate that ought to call. That was one at this great. Target Travis still new head coach at Xavier. Once you decide you wanted to Diego when did you know you wanted to be a coach. You know I can't give an elderly young cannot out by about ten years old to know can now you know my brother. John gross debt equity Akron now I'm used a coward basketball coach and I have. The collider. Are around younger age and don't act greatly impact the what I wondered account. I was there at that caused a lot of ER. I'll. You know I was our walk or do and not so prepare myself out there and a comic books. Was it to be patient I mean that in a system for awhile but you're still. You're still kind of young isn't it is now a head coach but Ted didn't make it any easier to kind of wait your turn. Does not outward are right. And play well at all I know on school president. It is athletic director until Coke votes went up some by the I had that he sat out. That everybody org ever an acting director winner in this part of win at any level and expect that the it will go up. In what they're eager I have greatly. But everybody ought mucus. About it and the direct and directs that happened that's the big key success is at a law or not. Specifically about Xavier right now how do you go about replaced saying you know four year guys who have been huge for the program like blew it like me Kara. Those guys Teddy Grubbs who go about replacing them. You know not going to be one currently our effort we need these younger got a lucky I think we have a lot. Come back. Yet about. Got to get to have the best off if it ever. But yet in the corner exit and you're off by themselves as well. Start who don't. And we get out a couple other pieces the couple that we do that there are Coulter. Yeah it can be certain that. Appears good offered the board. But you say it could be the best speaker that was never an addict. Tonight we got the national championship game how do you go about Dayton Villanova. Crew try to wrong that that. Athlete is either by. You know I was more to number one was. You have the basically shadow. Or are being bad. It you put your clothes out if it was dark. You're down in that our guys who were ordered that streak now on the portal. Or roots go. The more you could Wear. Every parent on the carpet the early how they're gonna stay you know have not put the closeout situation. And I think at the other end or you get really take care all Villanova a great job pressured turn you over. Yet to hear that in it field. So leg by at all. On a night like tonight where you've got Villanova cut in the big east rival but a member of the conference play against somebody like Michigan. Do you root for against Villanova or do you care. Go cover all of the good it got ugly the ballot as early. Villanova has been powerhouse it out yeah. I'll be like three years. I think it speaks volumes to our only issue we were we were lucky enough at the white. It is under these out. Over there and you know our equity we are very very culprit. That would a lot of really good goat. You know and in the coaches in your conference he fit right into this this is the greatest nice guy conference. In the history conferences right every coach. Every coach I know in the big east is a really really good guy do you go to or Jay Wright press conference after a game or Chris. Oregon Michael Ballard Chris Holman when he was here. And all you hear entered our them extolling the virtues of the team that they played against these seemed to be just really good dudes. Yep it's darker very close group. Go to a bowl on an epic a lot of universities. Noted it blew up a year ago. There at Creighton. Butler maker and I think those three goal of particular. Note about the album a profit or not. And we all kind of believe in saint anyone out Coulter and now she coached up opposite would play each other eat. But we want each got to do a really really well. I love it congratulations Travis well learned. Thank you very much.