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Wednesday, August 16th

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Mike of course he joins us from the sporting news in the Big Ten network Indiana has released its schedule isn't all Big Ten teams. And it seems like Indiana's schedule key it's getting harder does that mean Mike at that Indiana fans should maybe lower expectations a little bit. Well I think Dick. I'm not sure where their expectations are to where three point. So I think Ted. And saved that. What you would hoped to accomplish this season it to contend for a turn and it did. Your expectations are grander than. And and I think here being a little unrealistic if there are less than that well then they're bend Indiana has a chance to exceed that. Do you miss it because he and I are. Of the same generation. Do you miss the days when Big Ten basketball is kinda Thursday Saturday instead like Monday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday day had they play every day of the week now. I think that's how I get to work at the Big Ten network under the arrangement. What really interests. And Bryant have recently but in truth Quebec quipped yeah. There's no way around it I really loved working at BP and I love my coworkers date reference on more of just settle did the producers and everybody up there is wonderful. It really be that these are the winning aux. Read send. It is one of the most adept broadcasters. Like ever he he's just so professional so well prepared. And so for both say it's kinda like heat. He keeps the word is he not only is he performing but he keeps everybody's doors in the water moving in the same direction Dundee. He doesn't phenomenal amount of preparation. And illegal. Hearse though we we have a meeting from. Beyond. That we usually discuss the kind of subject sort of talk about the leader studio show with over mercenary thing like that I mean. Com. We'd like say OK Mike hesitate to deepen its political breakdown. Tom Bennett and lake L court like it it just says the tape and I follow it. Like ball with a anything. How would seek statistic or observational or anything. And it is on CN. I'm Dave has a statistical or informational point. Amplify what I say it almost every time. And I and there are times when I'm just played you've got the beat get word that come prop he is so Smart so well prepared. I think he's the most underrated person broadcasting and not just because he's my friend because I see first hand how really good idiot. The early gains like Indiana's gonna play at Michigan and then play Iowa at assembly hall. And those occur in early December are are those recur is this a novelist. Due to the the tournament being a week early it at Madison Square Garden. Now yes that is what they are but I talked to mark rudner it is senior associate commissioner from that that conference today. About the scheduling and the differences. Story out that just post a little bit ago about that. And what to. What what to think that they said when they were trying to figure out the schedule congestion was the cut the coach just said we should do gains we should do it the way they're structuring it. 2 games in early December. So that it part of it benefit of this is not just. Bill read decreasing that the congestion. Because that the early tournament but also. I'd take out student on campus for the start only. And pretty much yeah a year for the last however many years that's not been the case. Certain places maybe get students back as a guy you can get students back they've got in state kids that can drive down and go home again. Bomb but for the most part it's not the same quite the same quality of crowd it's a different quality could be better could be worse but it's not the same. In the case you get to have your students. That you would have them mid February. And I'm so I'd I absolutely. If this particular like this week and he said everything is on the board. Right now when they go forward. Because they'd date it would also don't forget they're thinking about 28. Smooth eight like at one. Then that might be something that they would do because it helps I can't accommodate twenty. Didn't like they might like capping an eight from Maryland I love having a league game at home with the people on the wall instead of you know a lot. Maybe that that be an app of the year or something because you're at it as it sustained break. And if I mean it I keep stop it is stumping for this but there's there's no chance that'll happen I'd like to troop balanced schedule. And it never happened I know they're never gonna get to 26 conference games but when uttered eighteen. I would much rather watch Indiana or Michigan or Michigan State or whomever play. Each other rather than like Tennessee tact and Youngstown State and you know that kind of spot that kind of competition. Saying I think you have I think at one year arm I. I ever hit I heard several seasons in the big east back in the early nineties when I lived in Pittsburgh in one year. I think they had 27. Big time games. Out of their schedule been like that they had like three in majors any of the three in the even admit to a good. Max. Was just blown away by the end of the year too much you know you're you're trying to do schoolwork and all that I mean you need here. You know you need here big south opponent every now and and sent to break that up or to lighten the load. Hey I thought EU wrote something in and use featured something that another guy wrote guy named John Nance. Who graduated from North Carolina later in life. And and what he had to say I I thought you know kind of filled in some of the holes. Of not academic scandals the academics fraud scam scandal down in Chapel Hill. Where that the school is appearing before the it committee on infractions today. Down in Nashville. Where do you come down on the subject of what happened at North Carolina and academic fraud just desire. Duck concept. Academic fraud as the worst. And they eat eat eat and have students not not doing their own work or cheating or. System basically cheating unfortunately it's not confined just athletes. I try to clean about the people. When people outraged about stuff about this student athletes. They keep plagiarized or that sort of thing. They've if you Google on. Com it that you do if you go to do a Google search on. Term papers for sale he gets sent no more than seven million hits while so I mean that that's not just Bradley. There's a lot of people out there that are doing it unfortunately. It's re if there's nothing worse than that in college athletic that the number one scene for me number two would be buying your players. But the number one would be that. And you and Carolina case is really complicated it's much more complicated than people believed. Yeah I think it was first and foremost the police for their accreditation board and I wish there accreditation board had some mechanism. A punishment that was greater than probation. And needed because Carolina's deserve more than Matt as the university. It's of people lost their jobs and that sort of thing that. It was pretty egregious that the university level for the NCAA there that it really struggled to make a case on this because. It doesn't fit comfortably into any statute and let it heal the same compulsions. Media pressure to do something about it. And it got in the Penn State case which didn't get handled very well and they end they paid for that. In some ways and then the Taylor case again I hated it people want the Eliot fix everything. And you know what there are some things that are best. Eagle by the courts by law enforcement. At the same dusty peace you know what I wrote before. The NCAA ruled. That they should allow this to be adjudicated by the courts in which sandusky appeared. And then subsequently by the courts state settled the cases against ten stated setter. Found it was a matter for the for the courts not for the NCAA something you know the NCAA doesn't have to fix. Something they can they can just let be handled by the courts that she would. You know blow that should be compared and in the conduct case. The court Siegel have done well on both the civil in the criminal sign. I couldn't agree more about the same dusty case here's where I differ on the UNC deal. Is that I think somebody has got to represent the students. And if not the NCAA. Then who and it gives schools are mandating. Not just allowing kids to take paper courses which is egregious an awful anyway. But it their mandating that kids do that and I think that the economic model of college athletics. Comes into question because that is the compensation. For the kids that education and a bad education at dame provided. Then what do the kids get if the kids get nothing to kids have to have some kind of measure of redress and him not through the NCAA then threw home. Through the southern association of colleges and schools that do battle that said before that to really. You need to deal with this first and they said they put Carolina on probation. And unfortunately that you know the next step beyond that is take the accreditation. And then edit disaster semi and its nuclear so. They needed to be nice if there was an intermediate step in the air I don't know sign some then. Oh exactly what you do but. Dead unfortunately all Carolina got out of that what was bad because their reputation. And I don't think it's read you know that that it really. But it is the level of what occurred here where you had an entire academic department. That was sort of doing it don't deal in some ways. Which is one thing but if there's if they're funneling athletes through it isn't that then an NCAA issued because. Day and I mean there APRs there're there are in the NCAA is dipped its toe and academics before. And and I think that it would be appropriate that they do it here even though is he said that there's not a statute where this easily sets. Tenet agreed that they could prove that players were funneled through it absolutely but if you look at the case. A lot of that there. And it patio we saw something and await the report. About presentation that were made two advisors and that sort of thing. That seemed very problematic I don't know whether that showed up in the NCAA case I didn't read every page but it is not in the in the in the major you know in the major charges. There's not there's nothing apparent heir. So ideally if you can prove that what that athletes were. Finally these courses with the people who were doing the funneling having full awareness. That of what they were doing that absolutely. That have to be punished. I don't know that that's where they are in this. I guess we'll know a little better in six weeks or so I'll win. When the results of this hearing. It could be it could be as few as six weeks it might take longer the one the result of the hearing are now we'll know better but. And I haven't gotten any indication that's where we're headed. And hey who we talked to Mary Willingham periodically and I have over the course of the last six years and she was. For lack of a better term the whistle blower in the deal and and talked about how kids. Are going did North Carolina particularly athletes. Are reading and a third fourth grade level and they just are ready for the academic rigors of the university like that. Do you think did a university. Like North Carolina with high academic standards. Would be justified in creating a curriculum. That would accommodate those that are not ready for their traditional curriculum. You know I have advocated were gushed more than 25 years now. The creation of an athletics major young. That would allow students first of all beat the react like I went to where I went to school at Point Park University are our largest major aside from what I took which was journalism and communication the other largest nature. And the most prestigious probably the school now. Is performing arts and if you look at the date curriculum. And what they do to get a degree and then you went to basketball practice yeah what they do. I mean a lot of wasted Stephanie. On the allow I I I want to protocol or I pointed out that where the Internet to go to from point a to point B point C. And the assault on up for them in advance and they have to do that and that's how you perform. Get credit the basketball player that from point to point B to point B if somebody's trying to tackle right and harder. Away. And it could be just the intelligence and activity. Like it's an outlook six. And when you put it kid who you know who may not be as advance academically into an English class or. A French class or whatever. Yelled he's had he's only got two or three of those and put term as opposed to. I six. It become baby could be become able to concentrate more on the class at that they do have because they're getting. So credits or whatever per basketball. What what is been the argument against that as he presented it to people. People just don't personal some people think it's it's giving up capitulated so no I I I had an argument with one of the well people on the Drake. The great council whoever they call themselves and the and they endorse is that the personal so dismissive it was unbelievable. I mean he hit it the old Brit that the the that answer is expressing themselves the athlete is just playing your game and I had that wow this dude did you get an I would I. I still outraged by that response I think it's been nine years. Wow that's it that's undergo a borderline unbelievable because it really at its core. Dance to share music I mean unity you know it's your piano major. It did to me that's no differed in it's a vocation. And and why shouldn't payday I think that's a great point. Let's talk about Marvin Begley for a minute Marvin Bagley the third whose gunnery Klaas what do you think a re classic yeah happy with three classic and into what's caused it the one and done rule. I think that really what Scott and I mean what Scott did a little less fit into its bid to. Bennett existence forever I mean I had. A classmate in a decade ago or so. Who went to college early. And and who took Latin go to college classes pathetic old high school and then graduated from high school the same time the comedian and what a year ahead in in college. And that's why can't just walk through that. To what happened is first of all that over the over the course of those decades. More young people are going to school later they've paid their parents don't put them into school as early yet mind if I I started school I was. Six years old my wife started when she can't when she would still. You know sort the first pick it up first six birthday. I started first grade are you and yes sometimes it will start cold over seven. And so they're gonna get that ice going their older and and they realize that maybe they don't yell my arm back but it needn't he's not hurt. He needs another year of high school basketball like I need another ten counts you know like this it's it's completely useless. Tom slowly see what happens is the difference is now. App that aptly Dalton can accelerate. Their course work through on line. And when I was in high school I wanted to take an extra at I would say that the gimmicks are you glad I had to get it featured a decent in the I find you know I'd and then and where we how we get it that all night you can sign up for some online classes. And do it on on line at doing your own pace and and ill I think Marvin is from what I've heard took several classes this summer. To complete his degree Soviet and so a lot. You know I think get at that point. Very nice degree that diploma. I think at that point it makes it a lot easier for guys to do it already eighteen your soul how he would have been. Nineteen entering college and twenty at the end of its freshman year. You don't need to be that old. He's a very good student he's a very good player. I don't see any problem with this at all. But he's I get everything your saying but he's three classifying in order to get to the NBA. At the same time that he would have if there was no one and done ruled all bodily did the same thing. There and there are plenty of people would do it there there're a lot of the a lot of people who every class for any number of reasons but these guys are specifically re class and whether it's a good idea for them or not nice green Marvin Bradley's case it's a fine idea they're re classic because the one and done rule exists. I need it it's possible if that's true but I've seen guys do it the war necessarily. That full one and done I mean we've seen him in sometimes in football. I think that the what ends up happening like it said it. That Mark Bagley turned eighteen in March and eat before you know it was my tape you'd you graduated like three months after that right. That because you started school when you were six. And that's not but you know that's happening let them again not without sleep side I had people that I know very well. I'll look who loose children were not athletes but they were advised that. It was better for them that they worry if they were. And he entered school year later calm and so that's what happened and I imagine that what happened in Martin's case. And he started school a year later and so pat and took it like it said he could be wasting a year. It see if he went to high school this year can be obviously has been been able to finish the academic work. And from a basketball standpoint he's certainly doesn't need another year high school batboy the number one prospect. The minute he switch classes he was the number one prospect in the police seventy class. So eight KET is much basketball development at any young player does but he's certainly doesn't need anymore. I appreciate it Mike thanks so much for the time thank you Mike to currency for the Big Ten network and from the sporting news as well. It is for me it's what's what's the hurry Murray and it's like it and Mike's right it used to be they yelled kids back. Hey if you want objected to succeed athletically or the kid was may be a little bit undersized or the kid. Was a kind of on the cusp. Sort of toward the deadline. By did not quite to the deadline and the clusters of people right around the deadline were the oldest and the class both academically and end up athletically. Makes you think that hold the kid back might be the right answer but then. You get to a dedicated like Marvin Bagley the third and it's like okay well now it's it's all worked out great so let's have a graduate high school in three years. So we can get to the NBA on time. If he had started school on time it's just. India let's take a deep breath. So fine you go to college. But it what's the hurry Murray I don't know. Yeah I I I think to college is about more. Then then preparing to be a professional basketball player professional football player for these guys who were gonna be able to play professional. Professionally. That didn't know when and they can enjoy themselves and they can learn something and then they can make millions of dollars. And they're gonna be in a position understand what to do with it and how to behave with that. Ended beat a position to enjoy their life. And and enjoy that money. In a way that maybe they wouldn't otherwise I antiquity hurries through things too much.