Terry Hutchens

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 5th

Terry Hutchens of on CNHI Sports Indiana talked with The Kent Sterling Show about Indiana Hoosiers football heading into Week 2, plus what to expect from IU basketball this season.


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Yeah back up against girl shows CBO scored 1430. And one. After losing to Ohio State Ohio State really good. This Saturday big gap Virginia we we go to the phones of the great Terry hutchins of CN HI sports Indiana height don't touch. Scenario I couldn't be better paid that game Thursday night but it obviously forty good minutes twenty really bad minutes. Was that just a matter of Indiana's lack of depth being exposed. I mean what really jumps. It is. It tumbled sort of Waltz I'm. Planning got a little political push early content. Receipt for the most part. Very the muscles and back there and and wait for that. So third receiver. Who didn't he just across the middle make it regional Furlan and and most and they and they were able outrun defenders. And east and on the other side. That's certainly. Leo did. Good job in the first. But playing with he would like to board's attention. And an advantage is something and and it you know I mean is there to kick around corners. And especially early in the second half. That's irritated and sleep over and in some well. And then into the that the big thing there was is that. Just the constant pressure and forced yeah well a little and a intimacy and some mistakes you know and and we kind of saw. The bad leg or that we had seen last year I can stay there in the last quarter and a half. You know he looks like a guy who just doesn't want amok and never. You know he always thinks there's a player out there to be made and sometimes third just isn't and it's time to either take a sack or throw the ball out of bounds. Yeah and that's kind of sports yesterday in the U. In the weekly press conference says that you know when their back there because there were five play and get it. Really stood out kitten that. Richard and Matt are on a decision on. And and talk a Lago and and now on the things he talked about throughout the preceding campuses that. In the hot seat and he went back and and watch all that old and he really focused on those times when he. Didn't take the right decision and wanted to get better in the decision making process and I think your point. Yeah I mean he did there were times that. That either needed to attack or find a way to get rid of it. But not fortunate in the coverage in one when he does sports in the coverage or or try to make a play that is and there are some bad things happen and and that was certainly we saw a lot of last year that we didn't necessarily seem averse a person. Conscious is kind of a nutty question. Dot. Is this a must doing games for Indiana if they wanna go to a bowl. Funny but that it him. I. So I'm. Catholic come out tomorrow and sort that is I mean it seems ridiculous to say. This you know must win game certainly let you know when you look at it and you look at the scheduling and now you look at the schedule. And you know you look at Maryland yeah are you did you did a week ago and yeah I I I and I don't think it's. I don't think it truly a stadium at all I mean. It became a target shall target Virginia hitters community. That play. We're in the Marion and be quashed and mean none of them over the you know that it doesn't get too excited either right at the same time bar. You know when you look at Indiana and you look at it's you know this well at the line. We've talked over the line play with a line play. And say what was that because just. It was those cars up because few weeks later you know for sure look at the running game which was nonexistent or that because. The remote has safety and lions tigers beat your optical and didn't block well enough right because. You're running back by committee. It's not they don't. Sort I don't know I mean there's there's a bunch of different things like that. And got things. Maybe he's true measuring stick it isn't Ohio State but you see the true measuring stick would beat someone like urgent. Tired of Terry hunt since his work is syndicated and thirteen newspapers throughout Indiana writes about 8080 university's football basketball all things IU let's talk about basketball for a second. I'm starting to see some of the previews come out the national previews like Wendy's. Andy ultimately want. I don't understand. How you could beat here's my thing I I I know we don't know what it's going to be like with Archie Miller's head coach. But I would guess that if Tom crane was the head coach. They have been picked like sixth or seventh and with Miller it's like twelve. It's a talented team I know that awesome guys desist justified. It is it centers at all. I think Lindy says well right. And and so. I mean. I don't know. But it took that to your point. I mean when you when you look at match. The returning nucleus it's not that bad right there's it's it's certainly Big Ten caliber team it's not. You know Devin Doumit sin. On the stick or use them all the guys that tried. Two and follow Sampson green's first here did this is immune to it or lose your guys who want Morgan I mean. The drug of its east looks bigger and stronger and Robert Johnson and now I mean I was so I was surprised well when I saw that. My game if the Indiana isn't. Yeah after the Big Ten. And he knows competing maybe even for a little bit higher than I guess of bureaus approached. You know you lose and Adobe Blackmon and Bryant but really Blackmon was kind over the last couple years help the occasionally. Not help the other times in a no B they lost. The entire second half last season him Bryant. On defense he was lost a lot of the time I I really I I think the backcourt is going to be just fine. It in the front court is gonna be a matter development and I I think that with. Like 88 coherent in simple defense and offense I think Indiana could be. Q&A and I think you're really comes down to what you say things that. That Archie Miller stresses and I am and I mean from what we've heard it. And seeing. You know it well but I mean that's defense and and valuing the basketball keep things that. India that didn't do particularly well in recent years the media to think that. Interest and see how yeah it's I mean been insults. Into college point guard. How he's disabled bring guys like. Dovonte agreeing in Curtis Jones announced guys along try to take the next step because. I mean that you'd you'd had a feeling last year. That those guys that he knew that that person definite. It talent there that. Needs to blossom and developed and that kind of thing out there that's run. Most important scene is this. These guys develop and then introductory guide you talked about Blackmon and in Albion and Bryant. The black and a little addition by subtraction. So in terms of our viewers. I think. In the clubhouse and and you know what to do with that. He had and pollen Hartman who out and hit the X-Factor here's a guy that. You know gives you instant leadership and then you two guys that I just anti he'll be able to do look. He noted a lot of intangibles and then you're a minority. Some who didn't get a feel for just plug your coach Hughes can be confused turtle last year. You know after a year and it clicked and state. In February but. And I'm Bryant. I mean his players so. Up and down. Saying right until the end that. I know people think that. That he uses a you know what you said he's certainly NBA pick but boy. Wonder. I really thought Eric could you want more your post Mittal. I appreciate your putts thanks very much he got ready singing gigs coming up. Couldn't opening up things boats. I'll have a couple more books. And a lot of words that you go through its own general. And all the guys that tried to follow Obama nodded and yet another beyond October. Outlook Florida that they touch appreciate it you that's Terry Hodgins. It went up and saw him sing with some other people up there at saints saint. The world wasn't a holy spirit Geist. Is what it was a great time Pettigrew did to Roland. They did these guys sing and it was really is singing some Crosby stills Nash and young America bank kinda think a lot of Harvard Ian and there was touched. Senator great I didn't know we had a bit and is terrific. And does so next time they're holy spirit Geist I got hammered to be there right there alongside of not sang and of course but. Certainly a a couple of Beers listening to people who know how to sing harmony perform not run that.