Stephen Holder

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 5th
Colts reporter for the Indy Star Stephen Holder on what to expect from Indianapolis in Week 1 with no timetable on an Andrew Luck return.

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I underpin sterling shows CBS sports 1430. Hate doing this afternoon as jelly. When now when fall comes it comes where they a bit of inventions. Goes from high of 882. High of 71 anyway. It's the Indianapolis Colts are getting ready to play there their first game of the 2017. Season this Sunday in Los Angeles against the rams. The ram's not a very good teams so this he would think under normal so it is circumstances. A a winnable game for the Indianapolis Colts we welcome to the show would degrade Stephen older from the Indianapolis Star paid on Stephen. I could not be better is it right in good to expect at the Indianapolis Colts are gonna find a way to win this game. Expected. To pick it certainly in the rubble possibility and it's a very winnable. And what that we should not. Or cannot overstate is the real hard now without their best player out there that's where. People appreciate. Because we know overdo it people Lyman of the people appreciate. It what are wrecking ball that is. I mean he is all that JJ watt level in terms of ample ability OK this guy is. The force to be reckoned with and he's now between the complexion of their defense now just go look at people of the personality. But look you. You know it the ultimate team player and and look bad right so. It matters and that's why he knows he can hold out because you know. Stephen holder the Indianapolis Star Chris Ballard went and when he talks to the media. I tend to believe exactly what he's saying dear do you think that I'm given him too much credit MI do what needs to be a little bit more cynical about guys who stand up in front of the podium. Com look at them to them lower body and so people. That are. I review and an outsider I look back today. Between a bit earlier because. That really happened but. I think a lot of time to worry we're so used figuring stuff that that is maybe. Spun or did. Almost all want to hear order might be over this sceptical over the general that's somehow it'll look carefully at the work and I look back I looked at them yesterday and I thought Chris speller. And looking at the transcript I want to the transcript I. Broke it down in particular vehicle looked up. He could not have been more clear or more are so at least August. And he made the statement that I overlooked the department they have looked at any say very clearly. We we wanted to look at what point where he can it's every day. And and not have to be missing practice and air freight and he says it's gonna pick up a little time to get them to that point he's not there. That's keep he's not there yet that means camp practiced yet probably would be out there tomorrow that's pretty clear and feel that things are serious when he doesn't get back to correct that because look we've already. That was but he needs time to practice when he gets back. It's gonna take probably a couple weeks yup so let's say he comes back next week of practice. Keep played against beer and partly to pick a two weeks three type thing and that's just the thing we come back actually which can pressure so. Double secret ballot try to sit there and and then they'll look that into what is going to be. Under senator. Look so if any that you respect that and he never said anything that could be construed. The only question where I thought he gave an answer or very kind of an eighty you know what what the drillers have me ask question in some guys they look away. And they'd they use get on some kind of like space filling lying wage as their brain kind of can Cox what their answers going to be. The only question that I thought he went there. Was the question about how a truck the got a when the staffer going to be. Or were going to be evaluated he said he had good point good point. And you could tell that he was kind of his formulating the answering his head but other net I use really quick with responses. That we're very specific in immediately south. And then I would say even on the question regarding potato. It answered what I consider it with my previous conversations with them and an attribute and aspect in the past. And he says he has an end and said again yesterday that he wants the city. How they develop these young players they've been coaching staff how the other so these importers. And he acknowledged I thought rightfully that these guys are doing what a lot of change right now elect. Other welcoming even though Kyra coach Howard here. What you would do a lot coming here and we have no idea how is gonna go we know who knows them well. And enable the Chris Carter and the expectations either so. I think it's fair and it's the right thing to say well look what are dark and violent mob wanna know. If that he progressing I think if you look at this team over the course that your. You're going to know whether it was yeah two years it has been pointing at best. OK or anomaly OK at that. There's not been pointing up at all. And at no point in the that you're so California so it's got this tactical point where that arrow is pointing up again where was. Onto the first year so to our problems at all our epic that's in regard to the beat does it in so. What is he sold immersive those first three years ago. And the other thing that I thought Hughes really consistent with almost the reported being tedious. But if other colts player I would listen to what he said yesterday and I'm sure it's being reiterated a million times during camp and and during practice. It's that every minute of practice is precious whether it's OTA's rookie mini camp. Whatever. You better show up to work really really hard every time you put on the uniform or your ass is gonna get cut. Yeah I know it's so funny. Are they I think that retirement and it probably some months ago but you know I complicate went into lock. Back I would say eighties shortly after. We now illustrated and I remember that interview he says to me I asked him about the renowned treatment that for him personally. And I could you know what is or isn't and what did it sort of and I did play in the locker room was kind of my question and I thought it to a game. For him and incredibly honest answer. Any good you know I can tell I don't work in her apple saw them in the weight room and certainly equipment the kind of time out there or. And there were the biopsies and work but he says you know what I think. I think it got so little pep in his step. And he says I think you put people on the old. And I think that stroke that is that would mean for the past several months when it looks at that bad stuff with me because. Settle in outrage about what this sort of straight for example you know there or locker room look that trade I think a lot of got what they're really. A bigger also reinforces what date it was language to get together. Or we have the opportunity to make Turkey better. We're not going to be won't sacrifice or are going to be that in effect crises if you order. So I think the message has been better served and I think it's been clearly understood. You know it well it's a it is there's a saying in business like when he take over department. If you got somebody who represents all the wrong attributes. You you fired that person to get the attention as everybody else and they college are now hostage and that percent trade. I saw it should not hostages at a little bit strong. The little popular little element that you know much about other canal would shooting. I. I've no doubt expect that we'll accept what that was because. Now where Madeleine are the tape the majority of money so look like are you caught that money back side though there. Other than ever repay most of the money so. Literally you could make your argument that well at that point out to my people right. It was really a top and center for Chris dollar they look like you know what this guy a lot to tape you can document done and we can't have guys coats. Cures that can't happen and so that's going to be in and our people in the building company. Chris Ballard expressed to them and it was basically look at the compute big money guys are going to be a guy who's the cornerstone. Then you got to play like. Brutality and do it so what would still source that it was less chilling Arctic and more matter. Okay. Movement during this guy because they instigate this straight from her and her step children are offering just coated percent. They want school or set. And we're not getting what we want outdoor set we do like recess so we'll get him up so that's really what it all down to a book or set. Been a more productive players straight never happened obviously so they're a little bit less of who put out situation but I do think. It at some of the same affect in the locker room terms. Giving guys attention. Tired Stephen holder from the Indianapolis Star does a great job covering the Indianapolis Colts for all of us that's what the media does. We serve as emissaries for fans that is our job and Stephen doesn't really really well. On is there anybody on the colts' roster happier. About aired Donald continuing his hold out and Tayshaun bond. Probably not know who their ability to open armies. Guys epic Bartlett. At the open a couple of surprises here. On the offensive line a Capel won the starting right tackle right now is the diving germ whose message we may record perhaps. So training camp never knew I never needed to quit happening right I mean I've had a spell but it circle in not productive but now. You are right tackle now like by accident because of lurid and Portland game has done an hour or so that you get in and try and all the sudden. The guy actually starts to look for a little bit so they're gonna give myself. Look there might be wrong bodies to get done until the same sort of apply here. Senator. Ryan Kelly it's first and Bryant slinky bass trying to hook that seat back up on the top line in the spring. You've spoken back when our rights so they put that kid in their undrafted out Cincinnati ward circle is you know. Equipment there and and bully in Britain of course okay. And I hope out there and put them at all. And sometimes that's how it happens America we've seen it time and time again. Give opportunity and want to they're gonna happen to him you're exposed. Or you're gonna step up and your initial some. And get it done and a cup on or about him because in the thirteenth friend Kevin nice slow running neck and and go back and watch it used to pick some bond. His guys to the ground and just completely global this guy. And I certainly did seem like all oh yeah oh record what you are at lit up you know because. So I appreciate that man an executive at stake in the spring. And that's on them some guys step up and do that so it looked rather wrote that cute. And now we want so I was in the past. Death growth will hope for the best for Scott tolls inside equal hope for the best especially Donald. Decides that is holed that which doesn't look like it's gonna happen techies Stephen appreciate it. A proxy out there tomorrow that's even older from the Indianapolis Star entered Donald knows that he's one of the best offensive football players in the NFL. And he wants to be paid like it. The rams they hold his rights for this year and next year Connecticut franchise and heard Donald wants to get paid and he looks like a guy who's Trudeau's word that he's willing to hold out. Yes they don't get an extension done. So there ER you know what it it's here it's here union salt dude. It's not the rams fault it's the union and its neck cracked BC BA that the players agreed to because who's not in the union. The guy is who are about to be drafted art beauty net. And its union needs to make concessions. They do it on the backs of those guys. In the aging guys who have retired the retired players and then the guys in college at that moment there are always disposed. And they are negotiated. Away from. When the CBA is crafted it's all about the current union membership. It's always about that and so learned Donald he wants to get paid. But she shouldn't ask Kevin demo offers staying cranky for that money he should ask DeMaurice Smith for that money.