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Wednesday, April 18th

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I don't like. And how are you I couldn't be better you know what it's kind of good for business have people all all of a lather about where a kid's gonna. How to commit and then signed. And but it sure does seem to be much ado about an eighteen year old decide where he's gonna go to school. You know it's something to get excited about I get that I like the NFL draft. Except that you have less even less control over it because that's. That team is making this election on a one man and it's the player with the power on the other. I think it sort of similar. College and follow recruiting in the same way that some. Are some college say it all the recruiting in the way that some prog fans follow the draft. They get it up there's a whole lot more I do in this then there is indeed all the outlets. Lot trapped in the obsession about NBA draft I wrote about this a year ago. I don't change that much. In the draft. He did for the most part in the NBA draft day. A long time authority to change in the NBA and last you go into free agency and you side yourself. Someone like Le bon. Order or someone like LeBron and Chris Bosh or someone like Kevin Durant. And lets you do that you that you can sell a long while to change. In the NBA where it is Romeo Lankford. Goes to Indiana. And 21 Morgan decides to stay at and as you know competitively eat you know from. Supported development probably should if you put those two players on immunity that much different team. And if you had Chihuahua mix and the rest of the group that has already been assembled. Tired of my two cars in the Big Ten network and the sporting news. I. I I I've tried to see you do you are you a guy who kinda gets into read the tea leaves and trying to figure out please join it hadn't Indiana high school is still didn't add New Albany selling it got to wanna stand up there and sort of 5000 people. And declares intent to go to Vanderbilt. It might you know I've seen guys do all kinds of stops. You know maybe even now I mean where they used to beat some. You know some sort of a decorum to the process. He died like duke fake out and things like that yeah I mean so yeah I am I don't expect a Romeo will do anything other than evil is with whichever school he chooses. I walked into the with anything other than class I have seen people do. Some of those other things so I would not it is they would not surprise me if he stood up in front of out of people senate go to cancer Vanderbilt whatever problem. Also ideal I don't get into that means. I don't think there's any value in that it's light you know I mean I wanna know who the Steelers got to pick but I don't try to figure out like rice sitting there picking through okay who's gonna stick it. This guy so that Mike I can get that guy and it tonight about what the efforts. Now and India what are you gonna do pore over video all of a cornerback from lights Central Florida to figure out. You know how it Weathers hips are flexible and can actually go to large. Odd title Mike Kersey the sporting news in the Big Ten network. Let me ask you like in vague terms about the Indiana Pacers but India a lot's been made. About the pacers and their affinity for one another. Can you tell. As you watch it team play basketball whether that team the five guys on the floor like each other. I think generally can I would say this a couple of years to go the final fours in Houston. And Mike not by Bob Bob and asked me to do this year to stories about guys who were in their first year in the NBA. And so did one on. Just any person from Virginia and make it and so the final fours in Houston and Iraq are playing out there that they night I think in Decker who I knew from. Which content with they're so I waited for the day. Iraq could play in the old I think a lot of com. And and I would into the locker room before but for the game today Houston locker room and we'll tell you. That. I was in there for a little while there was the strained think there's nobody there I mean. Like you know that there are always elderly if you go to the pacers now for the demon that I don't think zone and back know exactly how long a period lasts 45 minute cap I'll whatever it is. All twelve guys are sitting there waiting he'd come document but they're usually like maybe 45 that are in there. And it did does the locker room in India instead of waiting to see if I can get safe am I had arranged anything at a time. And so I believe in am waiting around and I mentioned do let's look at 40 he'll be here. On this and there were never there would literally was never more than one rocket in this room at the seat mile. And that was true before the game and they actually and that didn't say I am stopping him in the action taken to target the games like popular. Both for the locker room opened the heat content in the hallway before the so that Michael in the locker room afterward may be talked to couple he made the bottom. It was one I would come in do immediately. When I come into the media lead it was again never more than one rocket. In the room at the same time that is what that Dwight Howard you're so that tells you something. I mean so. It would be as bad as everybody said Iowa. I've never been in I didn't you know I don't know I'm not quite shocked ebony I don't know a lot of NBA locker room I've never seen that before. And the what I would do a piece about one and done and I went to the scene that out. The pacers back in the late January early February like I said fourth five Hillary in there they were you chatting it. And and players you know joking with one another don't listen to what he's saying you know that kind of stuff. If there's a real affinity there. Get you know when I was with the in that rockets' locker room I have never felt anything chilly here and I felt that he'd. Does liking one another bring success or his success to get a faction. No I think that what I think liking one another and being you know being a successful team it is really hard. But it's not hard to win games and you've got great players and they don't like to just gonna win solved that you've got great players right but it is hard to win at this level. I'll have to win playoff games and playoff series and championships. You don't like each other if you don't usually play with one another rebuke think that that I can output you know and not for everybody. It can chemistry is extremely important to their a lot of people who try to minimize it. It rocket learned something from that exercise when they had Howard in the and they had that. We can locker room. You know they always been the real laugh it's all about math and all that. And I think they learned something that year that it's not just about match I mean you can try to find inefficiencies and all that. If you've got five guys or twelve I know each other obviously you're not ever going to win what you want to win. Ott is a guy writes and talks about college troops can you get yourself wrapped up in an NBA series like the pacers in the cavs. Yeah I mean I would I very much enjoyed. Watching the first game Thomas I'm looking forward. Ford and their cover team former very much looking forward to that. And you know it. It it easier. When it's the teens in the city where you live and this is the first time that I ever lived in in my four years here at the avert a never believed in Indian city. Tom try to join that. Very much and you know it's a lot and I love what this team has become a jointly they've made the trade. Really surprised and not at all I don't know the leak well enough to know. Tom he's no way to know every single guy entered. But you know I always like Victor inside you know he could be all right and I really like to Obama's and I thought that he was a real asset now so let's trade was made I. I I was surprised that it would the reaction to wouldn't be a bit that it was. I I could never have anticipated victim becoming a league superstar. I'm not sitting here telling you that I thought that was going to happen and that's the difference. Between them being a legitimate threat right now. And they are calm that didn't know what speed it's not easy from here you gotta go from someone who's it's basically like playing in an 89 game in the NCAA tournament. You gotta go to someone who's like you. And then you've got to go from number one theoretically. And so that's hard calm but they're a threat because he you know keep plays like he played on Sunday. They can be a lot of people would certainly they can beat anybody in the east it's not easy to do lead on Sunday and I'm not talking about going out scored thirty every time. But be that dangerous. Job when he is that dangerous they are really significantly. And in my course in the Big Ten network and the so sporting news did she league announced that they're gonna raise salaries to 35000 dollars. Do you think that makes the geely attractive enough to siphon some of the guys who just wanna play for money out of college hoops. Now I think it makes less punitive for those who do chat choose to do that Gary is basically going to do that. Tom I thought I I I'm really glad that Perry is doing that because at least it will. Will help me shut down the the incorrect narrative that players are quote and quote forced to go to college. Clearly they're not no one no one may and you'll moody eight go to college no one making it very easily go to college so that's good. Com I think there should be an alternative. Our route to the NBA and college they'd be because if you don't want what college asks have you. Shouldn't be there and add a bat in big if you if you want to be a part of the college atmosphere and going to collapse and and you know it I don't care how many years you you commit to that as long as you commit to bat. While you're there I think he should be welcomed in the college and I still will tell you that you know. Every single metric and every single rational view one and done shows that it's good for all levels of the game of basketball. And those who go to school. Claire otherwise. Have he wrote back on their side and I will debate anybody. Want to do want to debate the on this I will come armed with all. The shoulder roll. Tired of Mike to curse the of the sporting news in the Big Ten network and I heard Dan Patrick this morning talking about. Who he believes the most unheralded. Really really good the most underrated. Sports media guy is on television and radio. Com KE you're with the Big Ten network so even including those people is there's somebody whose work he really gravitate toward and think man that somebody does this at a really high level. I think I may be told to this before I'm not sure but album based Branson is unbelievable yeah it's amazing how good he is an and I will tell you there yet. Like we do Big Ten and beyond will have a production meeting before it so that we can shop the kind of the topics we're gonna talk about it. In little Italy and continued to make sure we have a good dead discussion you will even go through some of the points and everything but I'm doing and halftime analysis sonic C. And so I'm I'm watching the game and we might chat a little bit but I don't necessarily say you're so I'm gonna talk about they'd be ready. That's you know I watch and prompted so that when I hit and I hit it you know and I might it by the paper will have the tape cued up and everything. I'll go through you know is it but I would say Deon Thomas is sitting next to me because the eight. And I'd follow that up with a put my point it may it's more than likely. About the peace be discussed. You followed up with a point and now they did this in this. And Dave will invariably. Come back with another factor stat that amplifies what I said when he didn't even know I was going to say that. IE it's on kidney. Is mine is amazing he really present the ball on air I I don't think he'd get nearly enough. Attention or applause for what he does. He is definitively one of the guys who with one half of his brain can think his way through the show. And with the other half perform at those guys are very rare. He's he's tremendous and he's a wonderful person to. She can get like every day every year when. Richard died aged that is an annual media awards and he does best studio host site send him an email every year and say rich indeed and that began. You got a lot that he's unbelievable. How soon did I know we have the Bell's palsy imparted his face is paralyzed he come through that. Yeah he's doing great anyway it went it went you need took a few weeks to get through it he fought through it. Since you signed and and he's doing great so you know really happy for him that it didn't you know if it was bad you know it's disappointing that we met them for the 23 weeks he was gone but. You know we had you know great pinch hitting from. From Mike call from Mike Holland from Rick peace so went from mr. on the and they all did a great job filling in. And did notice he was back you know really strong bid and we'll see where all the way to. That a final for the chipped it to be because the Michigan in Ann he'd get tremendous work. Excellent thank you very much Mike tucked in next right celebrate it and it's really debts Mike accorsi from the sporting news in the Big Ten network a week from today. The rice commission is supposed to present its recommendations to the NCAA. I don't know what does those they're going to be published a week from today but if they aren't that will be the subject. Of our conversation a week from now. Gave Mike a week off talking about the rights commission and all that stuff because frankly it wears me out.