A. Sherrod Blakely on the Cavs and Celtics series

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, May 14th
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down the Cavs and Celtics series, and what to expect from LeBron James next.

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The Chicago Cubs and under their last two outs bottom of the ninth bases loaded and they are now down six to five crisp line. Pattern. So there goes the NBA playoffs continue and and the question about the Boston Celtics is that as has Marcus Moore is capable of doing what he did last night. For another game he had 39 possessions were who's the primary defender on LeBron James last night during those thirty. 39 possessions. The bronze scored eight points and turned the ball over four rounds at some assists also. But it seems like Marcus Morris was as good as word. He locked down LeBron James Maurer. That LeBron James just kind of locked in south American markets Boris stopped LeBron James if LeBron James decides not to be stopped. That's the question it's gonna be answered tomorrow night. As the Celtics take on the cavaliers in game two. Of this seven game series supposed. Suppose that seven game series and we welcome. From NBC. Boston the British run lately I don't. Gary. It's got pretty good let me ask you about Marcus Morris is he always it is being The Big Talker apart in his game or or was this kinda ought to care reform. Oh. Will you ask. It's either campaign you know you know talking smack Boris has an excellent game. High level of confidence and I asked. Eight at the market sort actors say this question that. Competence in the one thing that. When you get all the pluses and minuses that players but yet he's got lots and lots and lots of that are the reader like this the war. You know looking to make it straight short term are in the offseason and all the not only that we needed in Crete and stage op. To certain side Gordon Hayward but also he got it party or I would go to the he had a track record of doing a pretty good job of regular grunts. And itself is a bit it was it's important in this system where there's lots of weddings and lots of versatility act that wing position. Are you are in the user is kind of an initial the sender all the winds change. And then the rest is aghast and certainly do their part and Obama to one man is going to stop. LeBron James and tell you what though. You know you look at the numbers when he was brought RJ well brief attempt sharing. When wars was a minor and so if you are the bosses opened and certainly. The cavaliers. Notre you have to be some adjustment its nuclear work on how he did LeBron going a discourse right now he's got ridiculous and going for him he's got statistic based in game one of back picked up its. Was he successful against the LeBron because LeBron wasn't aggressive or was LeBron not aggressive because Marcus Morris was a successful. Into sending. Out its ticket and a question yet said yes yes I do without government. It I think as ward who are not being overly aggressive and that's been the attitude as part and that and while. Marcus Morris certainly because you're so vocal about wanting to travel abroad and you've got to give a lot of credit well back and look at the so this morning. It has the war and I jump at me was that there are moments and very successor LeBron James looked as though it was ready to go all well and attack. But the problem was that nobody else on the standard outweigh. Democrat. And a significant amount of great driving range to the basket companies that complement having. And so yeah markets were better than a good job when it back to you. This out as healthy as you and they are so what I saw it enters the game itself and it watching it again this morning. That helped me Google's phenomenal and that was and I've got reduced its work. You know almost a decade in that order and good outside beepers and the heat and I seen him play will ever. Saturday Sharaud Blakely from NBC sports Boston does a terrific job covering the Celtic so it's a sustainable in the game two and beyond. Now you're you're not gonna it's a mental grind it got to negotiate the way he did just not be the dominant force that we have come to know him as being. You are in looters. Because that is not gonna happen he's going to be better outlook uttered out whether you win this series. What is it started I think it's not the seven. Oh quarter an into their favorite spot that because it got so many guys that they can grow up on that have went. Stray and athletic athleticism and lateral quickness I've thought they were put it well London this series. Well analog or at least sport guys. They can legitimately on the line in giving it to make it work harder and I think a couple of award in a particularly good staff a year or so. So it will away and now we're probably no mistake about it but don't put LeBron numbers that would come to expect. All of them it's just a matter of you know when not if that perhaps. They hope they it when he accordent Hayward back healthy next year in high rear Erving how good are the Celtics gonna bid. Be very because it is your right Terry Gross here. And you have got to Jason Bittermann in and Jalen brown was pretty significantly more manic it would have been you've got to talk about Gordon Hayward. A carrier ring were so well. Well. Yeah actually it is going to be the year where the Celtics are. Let's doubt they'll be at odds on favorite he'd yet to be in your article goes through it when you look at. They have been able to make the most out of Los illustration as bottle complete I mean you evaluate it. It if you haven't read it and that curry all of them were awful the waters between James hard and Chris ball. Awful the rockets and you know and I think that it would hardly a devil of opera cavaliers. Believe that the rest so that means to galvanize this help you to the conference finals. I don't see any one of those in doing that are that the credit to the players and they develop machines that are in part because of India had. Well also progressed it was an example you aren't in fighting guys put it in the right places at the right moments were they in the big sent. What's the thing about Fred Stephenson we're all really familiar with and he went designs still high school he played college basketball to walk right down the road and of course he coached. At Butler. But what's the thing that he does best for this team. I. More than anything else. Eat into me. Here in it's called under fire. Just level and that's when everything is going haywire. I think that is one of the things that term used to out this roster and the other thing I would say is just the competence that he has and building guys up. I mean he does something this year that left all kind of scratching our heads I would they have was Brad bacon on Netflix player and a great part. It usually works you know. I haven't I haven't heard foresaw a great example of a guy goes sort out there were no huddle and grab rebel flag. And evidence is a critical look at erupt because no way to go work. A terrible along would go back that would gaga and that you can imagine outward. And what I find guys figured out that you know he went beyond what you already understand. It yet. It was good being back and that really wanted to comment threads that has really are I think in all the Brad either coached and that ability to gate got. It be their best when they're needed India. You know it day everybody here likes him I'd like him personally I think it's great giants like the guy evaluated mobile little bit differently but every time he calls time out. It seems like the Celtics off that time out. They score you know they effort off that out of bounds play is that we just like in grant a lot or does that actually happen. Actual statistical data backup your opinion of that are there is a group of us started just erupted and Brad. Up is that the highest support is so low percentage. Calling out of silent plays in timeout. I don't play out so. That's when I was correct and to me is what makes this so extreme and very very human cost is. One of the best I when he knows there's going to be part of that. Because of Brad ability all the rights where the right. And one of the things that he this is may be one of them under appreciated aspect of what Brad does match x.s and stamp. Perhaps they haven't organized and the call your number for the where again when he shot. I you don't have to you know be having discipline problems and you have to be Max player. In order to you know Max player opportunity in the closing seconds of a tightly contested game. No there there were currently serving on the floor and it called players for jailed out. Or they called it retailers. Are all about the matchup they eat and to be maximized in that moment. And there's players credit our main more often than not step on that challenge. Thanks rob appreciate it great stuff. It. A shrine Blakely from NBC sports Boston does a terrific guy I'd love talking to. Not the summit site like watching the Celtics apply. And it's going to be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night and then figure out whether that layoffs from Tuesday to Saturday is gonna be more beneficial for the Celtics. Or for the out cavaliers and I think that that's gonna depend. Upon what the outcome tomorrow night is in that game I think if if Cleveland earned a split. Then on Saturday the cavs look pretty go and if Boston goes up 20 tomorrow night. Boy and it's it's really really hard. I I never thought about it this way and anywhere tiger is back in the day like back in 1998 right when now. When the pacers play the bulls. In the Eastern Conference finals and a target of Vince Welch who's a sports record WI BC and I like it college it was two games in Chicago. You come back he got even at any Eagles less. If you lose the first two games in Chicago that series is over because there's no way the paces can beat the bulls four out of five. And in so that's what the columns you know after and be ready. Almost incorrect. Because the pacers really make that case they should've won game seven at four point lead with five minutes left the next game. In game seven makes for a snake game seven game one ever wiped it might having game for a marketing game six as most exciting thing I ever saw. At market square arena. Anyway if you got a neat LeBron James. Or if it can't LeBron James. Beat the Celtics. Four out of five with three of those games in Cleveland in two in Boston including a game seven. That's kind of an interest in questioning you're gonna hear all kinds of like superlatives. About Boston historically in game sevens but a lot of whose gigs yep Bill Russell what does he eighty. You know 82. Bill Russell didn't got a white old number six old number seventeen. It have it checked they're not gonna come off the bench for the Celtics in game seven history. And it really doesn't hold a lot of water because where. How many of these guys were around the last time. The Boston played a game seven and it did camps Boston it didn't go seven last year did it. I don't think so I don't think so. Anyway what are shove it coming up next on the Kent sterling show.