Sean Deveney discusses the possibility of a Paul George trade to the Lakers or Cavs

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, June 19th

Sean Deveney discusses the possibility of a Paul George trade to the Lakers or Cavs.


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Economic Kent sterling show CBS sports 1430 you know people say what you talk about central Indiana. During the month to Joan how do you keep a sports talk show go on for three hours a day every weekday through the month of June while it's not very hard. Especially when Paul George tells the pacers that he wants to move on. So there's a lot of chatter about that we wanna find out where he's going to let the pacers are going to be able to get nobody better to talk about that with. Than the great Sean deafening from the sporting news I don't Sean. I don't know what an area I cannot be better engage you wrote a little bit earlier today about the Los Angeles Clippers and I've wondered about that. Because of all signs gravity is more geographic. In going to LA near Palmdale worry worry grew up the and the clippers might be a great place to build some. Build a market for his services and get the lakers to pull the trigger on a trade order or trade him to the clippers and get get value back. Yeah. And then that that's something that there. When you look in the what. Pacers are doing and and and some of the things that I'm hearing and AM others have been hearing. It's pretty clear they're trying to amp up market a little bit. And the more that they can ramp up the market. You know bill but the hope is the better that the package can be in return you know any team that treats were pulled Georgia's going to have to take a pretty big risk. That that that he's going to be willing to resign with them in any need to clear that he wants to go to Los Angeles so you're a team like Cleveland or Houston Austin whoever might be. You've got to have some faith that Europe. You're going to be able to put together enough of a powerful. Even with him. On her roster that you cannot. I can admit the mistakes. You know what equipment that the little different because they are in Los Angeles and then and so there is not. Some interest there the thing is they would have to do is sign and trade improbably got to bring in the thirteen itself. I get a little more complicated that's not something that can be done this week. Which obviously the duke case is we're preferred view. But in the end you know I think that that they can get the lakers star bites. And perhaps get a deal from from from from the lakers and and pain keep this thing samples that would probably be in the best interest of everyone. It took steps that that's proving critical. Look at the scenario and correct me if I'm wrong we're tarnish on Germany from the sporting news. It is this scenario is most likely that this trade will be consummated. On draft day or right day I mean that the pacers want to build some kind of mania right. And and that would probably peak I would guess on Thursday. That that's right that's like say about sort of creating a market and and and you mean he can get teams involved and and possible sign and trade possibilities out there. Then then the hope is that okay and make the lakers at least. You know get a little antsy and say okay we better do something here because. If there's another deal out there than not the need a lot of risk. A little lower risk called George say. Going to Houston and then discovering that he was calling from Mike and Tony that oil leak Houston. Cellular give the lakers not. That that that sort of what you keeping an eye on it dissipates or you might create as much of that atmosphere spot. Tarnish on seven a of the sporting news what kind of return. Can the pacers what are they hoping to get out of this deal. Another certainly one. At least one first round draft pick that they could get a lottery pick and that would be ideal. Ideally they would yet. You up to first rounder is that they can't get one that that that that's up in the top ten or something like that you know he'd like to get 21 round is back. And probably a player as well you know he starting quality player at least I rotation player. But you know that that's something that there. Given their situation. It's going to be tough you know they've dubbed the through February has a lot of us. Our suggested they really are you know doing then then the then it might not be in such desperate position but there. Given their position if they can get a player in a couple of picks and let the count that as the winner of this. Boy did they screw this up should they've pulled the trigger February. Yeah yeah I and then you know this words. What we're seeing right now and the reason that this came out when it did. It's frustration on the part of Georgia and his team. That that that that they did send out these signals earlier in the year and the patient didn't do anything about it and they didn't seem could be two. Into active and doing things about it now and and so that's lazy does that leak out in the NN will be no here we are. And then now you're in this position itself. I think that this is Lou if they taking care of this in February and and and sort of taken George. Seriously band. Then that then there are positioned to get a much better package in return. To the pacers need to take his stand of the studs say 88 you hear stories about Cleveland Cavaliers and maybe Kevin love's been available. Kevin Love that is it not Paul George and it's unlikely that the pacers would win a lot of games next year. With Cavanaugh but they'd certainly when more with them that without him. Did need to take this thing down to the studs and rebuild from scratch. Think we should I don't know that they had the appetite for that you know that stepped up and down pacers if you look at their history they haven't had a a lot of willingness to. You know what color tanking because. You know rebuilding and tanking and a fine line between the two things let. But but certainly you know dumping. You're you're more established players bringing in young guys. And understanding that that that you going to need a couple years. To get back. I. The question is should day I think yeah I think I think given the position that there in. Ye ye piquant strip away as much as you can then and then and you you know rebuild around mile turner. Then the that I think you're in a position where. Where where that's probably out for the past over the long run here but again you know I mean date that they had a pretty good chance. Yeah I think some bruises and some good draft pick. Back in February and they and it lipped out on that they'll. You know you do wonder what level draft picks are going to be able to get at this point to begin that that rebuilding process. Tarnish on deputy of the sporting using foam on Twitter at Sean d'antoni. Boston they got nothing but draft picks they're not can immediately use all those draft picks are they ALR Horton a storm that might be used by the pacers to move Paul George. Gabby they're still. Question that that that's not been where where where where they could at least be you know a third team involved and had a real estate and if they weren't the team that that line that put George back. But yeah you know the Celtics when they they've made the deal. Got up and down from number one to number three an inning and getting it future pick for Philadelphia that'll come. I the next year or the year after. I believe and they did that. Well as well as well to keep themselves open for food for another trade and anti themselves open for a guy like I have. You need a little of Jimmy Butler or. And he gave this solar or. Well Russell Westbrook into any of those guys should come available then good then the public see themselves as a being a prime spot. I'd be able to let these two to go up on those players. The Celtics just look like a team that's Smart say is that I mean they they look like team its operating a little bit ahead of the curve. In comparison to the other 29 NBA teams even and I yeah I mean the lawyers or of that juggernaut in the camp orders of the beast of the east. But as far as building for the future while having a decent president seems like the Boston Celtics had that covered. Yet. And then I think you know Danny Ainge learned from that hour back and then and then he was. Obviously one of the best speculative and so. Believe you can feel a little bit of debt and any inject it the other thing is any guilt so to go to their. Teen took took advantage of Mateen. That was very dull in the in the in the net and then you look at what the net right. And you know reconsider that. That number one pick this year comes from the net they'll have. The rabbit that pick next year which is probably number one as well. You know I mean that's that's that's a pretty. That's a that's a pretty stiff price to to pay for neither Jason Terry Paul lo puede ser and ink Kevin Garnett. And there and the Celtics are still left Bennett and in front of some except by that it Yevgeny into the very smartly and of this but he also really weak. A team that was rivers. When the phone rings and an idiot is on the other end of the line to business right. Yeah I think so desperate that it wouldn't currently recovering and now now now hey let me ask you about Jeff Teague. As a free agent I would guess it Jeff Teague paean to 48 years old he wants to win in fact 29 now. He wants to win right now and it's the pacers take this thing down the bare bones. They're gonna win and Jeff Teague would likely go elsewhere right. Yeah I think that that's pretty safe to say you know I mean that could be a sign and trade situation I swear word again you know it takes a look to try to get an asset out of that. You know I think she was was excited to play in Indiana and into the come home. But but you know in the public that think winning is probably ducks that the priority for him and so we going to look at at a place where where where he'll be able to do that so yeah I would I would imagine that. It's not they usually assuming Paul George goes down and I think we cannot say that. Appreciate that that he will that not then you have to think he wrote to the only question is whether the page is that a sign and trade in them that that the that they might be able to get. Something in return for the gas. When Kevin Pritchard was with Portland it did he go through a process like this or where they kinda ready build need just tweaked. I can unite even sort of in the in the post. The post. Jail blazers Xerox. So yeah I you know they'd be they had some good ads at them and ended and they turned things around very very quickly. They apply a lot of bad luck Mahmud Brandon Roy and ending Greg Oden and all that sort of think but but but yet you know makes the big you have to go down or a year but but but I think it was only a year before our other quarterback and competitive again. Thank you very much on really appreciate it great stuff. I can't thank. Shunned event deputy from the sporting news and hold on Twitter at Sean dampening. A bit ahead of the curve himself talking about the Los Angeles Clippers. As a potential suitor for the pacers is they try to move Paul George prior to the NBA draft night they had that coming up this Thursday. These are interesting times for the Indiana Pacers. They easier it did decisions made over the next couple weeks to a month for the Indiana Pacers are going to a large part determined that kind of the the wrote that this franchise takes in trying to come. Either immediately relevant again. Horror. Built for the long haul and try to find a way to in 2022021. May be beat that team that could. Inherit the medal of the beasts and the east from the Cleveland Cavaliers is LeBron James. Either will in the interim. Move on. Horror you know gather a lot of dust and and start to age in a substantial way he got to feel like with a number of minutes said that that LeBron James is played. He's got a limited time to play at the highest level possibly Scobee 33 years old. And by the time he's thirty sexy couldn't really expect to see him kind of degrade a little bit. And at that point maybe the cavaliers can be gotten if he's still with the cavaliers. And sodium build. For that season. Instead of 20172018. And do you is pacers fans have a stomach for that kind of action.