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The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, February 21st

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Yeah of course there's like hundreds. That's got tolerate this mean in theory yeah on CBS sports Ortiz thirty. Most of its audience remember you from your time with the pacers in the NBA for others perhaps your time with survivor others may be the younger crowd with planet Pollard. Your podcasts that you started a episode sent. Yeah well you know busy. I I I do lots and lots of stuff I think I'm one of the not a you know I've eyes since I retired I've been in a couple small budget slasher films as the as the murder. And I'm I made my own movie called the profit few years back. And you know I've I've been in bad TV shows are our version mentioned that you should compare and I'm. I'm doing a podcast right now and I've done broadcasting for the pacers have done pre imposed game shows for the pacers and and the Kingston who I played for a Sacramento. So I do tend to stay busy. And it's there's been a lot of fun but he added it's weird I was out in Saint Louis last weekend actually affirm my kids audible and once. And Blake. Kids came up to me. No idea about some driver no idea about basketball. Just came and you're tall target how tall are you had and that's normal law I get that. But it vote but. But all players and athletes you know you'd think maybe they watchable basketball but the again and again how old items. So I was like yeah no problem in autumn talking in my daughter's been all embarrassed 'cause these girls are coming of pre order parades they just beat my daughter's team and elect a taller you. And the parents about the growth. He's got Pollard but I don't like gather like what are you doing Ireland what do you do it here you know we're all their phones and resume at Walter so. But that was interesting was it was a it was a unique experience. I don't because it's new for me how does that help on is it just kind of blend in India a normal human for most of the weekend it was an earned it do there was very little of the the uncomfortable stuff from my daughter anyway is not a corporal from even the people coming up and ask for years in a you know we are just my dad yeah they're like what does this disease you know one of the moms. Does this bother uses in c.'s slate uses that she's that don't you love it when people bothered Saturday aid agencies like. It's just life in the community it happens that so. There's an interesting experience just. Did the volatile part of it I've. Grew up playing volleyball but I've never been apart of club volleyball. That's going to be on my podcasts this week the planet are hookah. Look forward to that Downey we hear a lot especially loves the beach volleyball Lyle west Richard Jefferson current players who call Medco to lakers. That's one other a leader weekly exercise that they do have you stayed with that in ought to be done any of that lately. I'm Scott I don't know if you noticed there's a lot of beaches. Don't you traveling all the and it's amaze your liking Kansas a couple weeks ago yes I think Sacramento had you back. The semi recently been awhile time flies they. Yeah yeah we do move around quite a bit but it. Now there have been no reason why I don't know right now body can't keep it it is just that last injury. Smuggle back ankles and I have both Michaels revealed in Boston which ended my career. And that Oilers. That was OK Erica to come back now on the beach and our government back on the NBA to the doctor here dark border locally is one Republican bulls. And he said. You can keep play and vigor to your bracelet that last. And it wasn't just. You're normal ankle brace it was more like Forrest Gump what's that news it was. Mama is a beautiful love the attention to the Clinton probably. Half I thought let me see if I'm supposed to where's that then my body probably won't hold out knowing me. And how hard I played man how hard I push myself. I didn't think a breeze was gonna keep up with me so I decide Emma and plus retired and he champions' hopes. One thing I think about you immediately. In today's Danish growth with social media and the brand everybody's individual brand and then they entertainment aspect. I think you'd be thriving right now off the court in the NBA to be sure lice is there with so many opportunities. You would love to go on the jump I think in talk about basketball everything else you got guys like Richard Jefferson. Having his own podcast while still on the league and do you feel that semi. Alia I'd give of them my personality in the NBA today I would have a lot more. Than I do right now. In this is the way to social media has changed to professional sports in general not just the NBA but all of them. Notoriety is is gong. Through the roof I can put a number on that a mathematical equation to even saying how much notoriety has gone through the roof because. LeBron James can tweet and get paid 200000 dollars just for tweeting something one post ten. If that's didn't exist when I play in the NBA and there are Twitter was just getting started when our tired but it. And I used to be on and on a different name. It was me but I just didn't have Scot Pollard 31 restaurant gym burner counts is that what you're Kevin Durant I didn't go to wondering now that the budget. But it was something that. Then I thought about and and I remember one time when up to Toronto and I got to be on this roundtable thing and it was a lot of fun it was with a guy from Russia believe his caddie. From rush. And the band and it is so wasn't just a sports show I got Libyans roundtable there you know what this is the future this is like the crossover. Where is just about entertainment you know yes this is an athlete yeses you musician there's a host and there was another couple people that weren't sports ormat athletes. And loses a round table and I thought at his boss. And I think that's all we get now social media where we get. Cross promotion and a brand but that that can exceed for an individual as opposed to just being paid this is. Stop already MBA players this this cup or who also knows these people and get to interact with them and watch this because this is fun. And off the court stuff. That I did when I was player. You know there was NB AT funerals of those a TV shows. But it inside stuff inside stuff I did a couple of those Saturday morning yep and but yet and yet exactly Saturday morning as well who's your target audience and that's the little kids is a result Watson to feel good morning there was no DVR ring it no. There's OND channel back then. Where you can just go boom or Andy on demand though I can watch from my phone knowing no one had a phone back so it is different for the players nowadays and and the guys with personalities as you mentioned Richard Jefferson is one of them. Guys' personalities can Cisco through the roof with stuff that's just outside of basketball. And I got to think there's some guys it might be a little too much formed handled does maintain their professional. Focus to be to maintain night so I should be spent about 67 hours in the gym. Maybe they're not rather than and they did out in there and they're not are now maybe. Spent as much time as it should not not pharma Richard but maybe some of the younger guys that might be an adjustment forum as that notoriety and you know in a few 100000 followers on Twitter just as your first round pick. Nowadays and and that's that's a distraction the world is full of distractions now is like caller to my kids all the time you know maintain a focus is. There's always some to distract from homework or whenever. Yeah I can just imagine those guys that are fresh snow league haven't proven anything at the next level they might be didn't. Mentions. DM and then there's also people worst player ever I can't believe Eckstein drafted him I don't like this guy he's a foreign player don't like cam it's like wait I haven't done anything yet. Yeah it is used you get your picks can quickly because. Of the best of society as a voice and they always have. And also the worst of society. Through social media has a voice her and that's the part of the you know you always have to tell the younger kids they remember that that's not real. That somebody behind a keyboard on a phone or whatever with that space they're not looking you in the face and telling you that. And the cyber bullying thing is real bullet. I elected I'll call them because quality of those people that much credit and just think if it. If I always try to save their Spain that much time thinking about you or what you said were you did. How bad is airline threat play it's it's a sad way to think but if I mean no. What are they Dylan does actually those are the Twitter again or member of that segment on your podcast podcast about it you know and the bottles it's like what is wrong with you to spend that much time. Devoting your time of Europe precious life we don't live forever. You've got them on non mineralized ago hunt somebody down on social media and say bad things to them. Which you think are actually gonna hurt their feelings when you are an anonymous account like coats trees C dabble in so many different things whether it's TV shows. Movies now podcast. What do you see your short term goal here what it won't be next for you ideally whether it's in sports or away from the yeah I'd love to be. In movies I I think that would be I would in the rock our lives in LA ten years. And I'm not trying to knock him or Sam anywhere near as talented as he is now all I'm saying is. I'm a big ugly dude that could've done a lot of those type of things that I've been playing for the lakers example as opposes Brookings. Ten years ago fifteen years ago and it's not not wistful I'm not bitter at all. But I just don't know that about my personality that I have been in involved in and enough movies to know that I'd love it I love the process will be available sake cut. I didn't do that well let's begin. Flock takes seven yeah Allegra now lives there's little more pressure he hesitated a little bit there's little more alms and goes in you knows. Because you got your thoughts together and you don't want him and property words that you don't say. My news but I will say when you are alive there's a different element different. Eggs idea that's almost better because it is recorded. I have the tendency dope didn't do that exactly right when it's just find it had to let me make sure that one inflection and anyone redo it again and before you know he's been in fifteen minutes on something that's just not worth the time well. That's the downside though a lot of people get dis of disillusioned with movies a lot of athletes specifically because I've talked to other guys that I knew that were in movies and there'll never. Because of that. Because that they'd seed they'd be with the other actors the other actors. They thought did it perfect athlete would say. It was perfect it was amazing almost are cranked and are now didn't like it do it again and an eight hours later you filmed maybe ten sections of of actual movie footage. And so a lot of people do you discouraged by that but I enjoy the process and I and I think that it's it's really cool to be able to. To watch. And to be a part of filming a movie from sort finish and then seeing the final product. My movies started the comedy. And open drama and that's loads of the magic of the process of going through it. Pass it out with the other people who were involved them in the movie the director of the screen writer I was the producers so you know. On some are going hey I want to be displayed on the star and as my money on them on the line here and I wanted to be this way but then also we're watching edits and edits and it's and then we're adding footage of of B roll and then the music gets in their hours ago. In Atlanta is down allies that drama that's just how do you know and so. I do enjoy that process but right now I'm in Indiana I don't live in LA and so what I'm doing right now is my podcast. The planet are his invention and I'm doing a whole lot of stuff from the community forward not just the pacers but other things as well have been. Pretty involved Julian senator lately when an appearance at at the all star game for them fuel hockey programs are also our. Came from those fuels lead. And I do apparent low bullet was shot are yet again it's. A hundred or so but I briefly. I shot apart from set horizon and I didn't look like it would in every thought it would and then and apparently they're but it didn't go all the way through so they brought out the attorney and no I'm not just did indeed and then go all the way through and sells did you pay off you have a Jewish senator and get the 50000 dollars but it raised some notoriety for the common and some people donated on behalf me in ways because the public should have counted anyways and so that was nice and it worked for everybody you know the fuel got the notoriety in the and more importantly the Julian senator notoriety in and actually their partner up now. The two of them to do smokers you just myths and made their marriage happened and I'm feeling good about that because it's something that's near and dear to both my wife and myself having been in. Relationships in the past that both it was a violent partners and survived it in and operate from that because. As silly as it sounds of people say that all the time the answer is sounds good guys it's empty all 300 pounds. At a partner it was violent and this thing about that is my answer always as well what if I hit that. How would you think about mean you know maybe that's a thing as if I'd have been the one that was inciting the violence. Why is why is that different. But it just because I'm big just because my size and so. It doesn't matter how big yard is now small yours here about a relationship you get a can out throw. Nobody nobody should be taken beatings on the daily. Just because they love some and there are too scared away so. Anyway. Not done well I digress north. Got Pollard here in studio CBS sports 1430. I was gonna ask you why why that was so near and dear to your arsenal let's let's go to Julian senate didn't. CIA and having gotten involved with them at all but I have seen only from the outside do all kinds of great things from them which of Tor for the place of the place and it's. Obviously is it's difficult to get into. Just because you know violent people and a make threats and try to do things so it it is very difficult get into a very good security. But we did to its workers a beautiful place and and the thing I thought that was moat more most impressive about it is it's not just housing people and taking care of them. Like a shelter. But it it there's there's classes and there is. Wheeze out these days they hope people get first month rent and get them into a new situation where they're getting back on their feeding getting in new start. Away from their former partner and obviously it's mostly women in their but there are some men in their as well. But but to me of the best part about it is is that the they don't just hope people. Stay away they hope people get back on her feet and that was me the most impressive part about its next year movies in your interest in that. How much CO passion for the creativity aspect of the the screenwriting the diagram mean what does the settings and those sorts of things as well or just the producing aspect you know the producing aspect is the least fun because all that means is your. Up all the money 'cause I think that's not a lot of fun because independent films don't make any money. And they told me that going to argue always gonna make any money we do ultra low budget for that reason is an important moments money in the movie. And to do what I originally envisioned would've cost low blow a ridiculous amount of money so my friend Kevin Wal-Mart. Who's a professor in the school theater at the receipt Kansas. Wrote me a gripe I agree screenplay based off my stories and so it's your points gaga creative part yes absolutely it was my stories. He came up with a plots there were several problems plot lines in there I'd never even considered. That he put in there and we dated for really cheap casinos a lot of people are actors and Kansas City area we filming Kansas City we filmed in my former Condo we found in his house. You know formed and we've we filmed in friend's house is in Kansas City. Make it look like it was in Cleveland. We did a whole lot of stuff with that movie to make it cheap and it was just because. Kevin and I both knew a lot of people we can rely mostly Kevin in that area. In so yeah I love I love the process of getting it altogether. I loved being in front of the camera. More than I like being behind the camera. Because I've giant ego. But because I want everybody to steaming hole it but also it's just it's it's just a lot of fun. I've always had that creative particular personality worry I do like perform error. And you know I'd I don't mind you made fun of because I make fun of myself wow more often than I should probably but that gives me the right I believed to laugh at other people's. And that's what I've seen from some my favorite. Hi in the AF police behind the scenes and everybody in my time working as a whole bush Virginia's the first question who's your favorite or who's your least favorite right away my favorites jacket same idea why Howard. That's 'cause in the locker he makes fun of mean they from and his team made it make fun of himself. I was just on good time and it was a lighthearted mood and again remembering that sports is supposed to be fun it's supposed to be entertainment. Yep and and that's where. Some players get it. And some don't summer there and they think I'm here to play basketball and I shouldn't have to deal with fans at all I shouldn't have to do appearances on behalf of the team. Despite fact they're aiming millions and millions ours. And in those players tends not last very long because they don't get that community aspect of with the entertainment aspect of it. The U or an entertainer at that point where professional athlete doesn't matter was for yours you learn in an entertainer people are paying money. To go see -- take a couple of our break from their realize that's and that's just like going to a movie that's just like going to. Some you know driving range over any other hobby it's it's paying money to be entertained and be out of you were. Life your regular day to day. And going to see hockey gamer best ball game the same thing in unity in at that point so that's why I think this because players with the duke. I I can somewhat get there I what I've always sad and maybe yeah who won't we'll continue on with this doesn't take a break but don't stay here since you brought it up with that whole subject. I almost feel like that's it's so limited in the number of people that do impact but I I concede being best. Allowing you to capitalize off your name your number your Jersey those sorts of things so for example Yuri Kansas they sell your Jersey. And you go to local bookstore and sign that Jersey sign whatever. You can keep that money whatever verse is. Pick a number 151000. To 50000 dollars every player on the team it's 50000 dollars and that's that. You're saying there is food because there's so few people are cap as opposed to individuals. What I'm saying is there's so few people that are worth anything. Depends on what school you go to chair. And that's where the people. That are opponents of paying college athletes come into play with there argument of well not everybody is like Kansas where it's honest up on the court and this when I was in college. Twenty years ago. We made nine million dollars every time we step on the court for a university. That's easy to spread out a few 1002000 these player. Evenly. But your point yes you walk in the local. All the apparel stores in Lawrence Kansas when going to school and there's 31 hand up there nodding your piece of that. I should. An and I think I can agree with and maybe if anything for those that wanna don't mess with the integrity so to speak of while you're there and they don't need to see you. Allen driving around an escalade maybe put data of an account they can't touch till they graduate. But I don't I don't necessarily hear that too because if you're a golfer and go pro it. Sixteen and that's all different conversation. That's where dude the proponents that are on my side the players are sitting there going hey there's baseball players they get drafted in high school. That are making him minor league contract wherever they happen to be a college athlete as well. Wonder amateurs that. There's going to school they're not play another college team with they're making money. Playing ball. But yet they decided to walk on the basketball team has the baseball team that are under contract is OK was because its offseason. They go play football we're never. You know those things happen all the time as some big names you always know of and are not gathered Jersey a local apparel stolen. But they're amateur status shot right because they're under contract with a pro team but they're playing a different sport. I just I think it the NCAA needs to go away and I don't I mean we can go into this for a long long time. Because I believe it there's going to be at some point 45 super conferences and their breakaway breakaway from the hole NCA incivility go away we don't need you were a form our own tournament we're gonna form our own conferences. This isn't in the middle nineteen hundred's where it's hard to get from. Syracuse, New York to Miami Florida everybody's a private planes and especially if you limited down. I'm sorry to sound the leaders but it's a fact because he's big corporations that are called themselves colleges. Universities nonprofit or are you billion dollar corporation. And they can afford their own private planes and making it from. Times' own designs on like professional sports teams do. Just as quickly and not saying this academics are important because they are. But for the but over the amount of four years if they do stay for years you're thinking Max and most school two schools are 2000. Meanwhile there school has made millions off of even the guys the other bands doesn't play east part of that team. And the school is making millions and millions of dollars often every player on the team even football and football's ridiculous I'm just our bass awful balls even more so. And if you can get the NCAA out of the way. And take these big schools even like kansas' state school take away from the government and they're like well what about title nine no less well if you turn it into a private business. And all that stuff takes care of itself doesn't. It all takes care of itself because then the money is not going to the government or from the government. And in the corporation will balance out our round and every professor at the university is gonna get a raise 'cause there's enough money. Every television contract for those 64 teams if it's four conferences. They're grown to sixteen teams at 64 teams are there. And every single one of those universities in that 64 team. Group. Of a new force super conferences who. There's more money they can spent and every one of those private billion dollar corporations that was called themselves. Public university or whatever. Every one of those colleges can take every single one of their athletes fund every one of their sports. Male female are all going to school for free and probably you know little money in every professor at our universities and Hillary's. Why is it's probably still in existence is Tori eighteen was unchanged. Let's hold that thought take a quick break here at Scot Pollard. He's in studio here on CBS sports 1430 or take a quick break and continue that conversation. After this.