Sam Beishuizen examines the Hoosiers football roster and the expectations for Indiana basketball

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, July 12th

Sam Beishuizen examines the Hoosiers football roster and the expectations for Indiana basketball.


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And we welcome. To integrate and I. Began to run I don't am. You couldn't be better. I. Heard today that were. And we are we about a week ordeal her again on memorial stadium did it might be pretty good IP on. Think about it ought to be ready to. Why he's no reason not to be you don't need anymore motivation between you know some little some contact. An iconic. You might be former coach an app. And you can talk about the new coach Alan do you on it. Everybody here soccer and I think it looked at. I. Mean on your shoulder all that kind of I mean where you. Should pay. Now I gotta agree. Again. With. Should I say. Well yeah. I get good at being out there. Our our Altman and you're like that. It's. An Indiana it. And no we're not good. What were. Really. Name. Are on. Exciting and I'll. I'm Alan Cohen. And here going I cook and David today and head coach at Indiana and he kind of you. Are like what I did it seem Tom Allen head coach didn't. I want to I T really. Are over and over again this. Early oh hi all. Getting ready to coach. Here are. Ready we've seen that. I don't know. WW. I. I a lot in the deal. I am. And it sure about him and I do believe that culture com or. And you can't do you believe in yeah he do about. That I see ya in Iowa called. And laid out all the would gimmick that Al Arian. At a hotel. And had a special in what level the way. That. Only. They're. All about. Her. You know I. Couldn't do. You know if you look at Tom and senior open. Bright and early and I got everybody like I'm. In that everybody who like yeah he ran a drawn to and a about Tom Allen find you and David. You get nothing but blowing her word that he is going to be a choice to get it all without them. That we re really have no idea. I. Well I'd Kyra. I need. Good or coach or. An outing lap where I agree and will do you know. You. And Alan nobody yeah that guy or. A grand idea at all. Yeah right I. Malady. And her job we. Knew we are here you re a little bit of a combination of I think. The guy that used. Am I I. Greg recovering Indiana right network. Actively kept firing because you mentioned haven't liked it and we know things. Firing. Seem to me. I. Am. There. I. Would. It was possible that and I could've gone another drug and I. Know we don't know out. Didn't and I early I'll say he should. I don't buy it at a little higher and it would never really higher. Or whatever it may all nobody ever hired an hour now. I know. I don't know what is it we're clearly or any value here. How to eat at last like her that your IR. Where our like. In the right. Early what are. I think there. Are a little. You are out a lot. Surrounding that I can't even Powell. I and we're nowhere. On. That. Yeah. Well and it reality and. I really good. Way Urban Meyer hired him to be the and right like wait we got. A hand. Or are you well and work here and we. Don't know. I the court. Are. They could. I. Tell you what the economy. Anywhere you want and he had cracked. A lot of right. When I heard him. Admit they realized that it would be again doubly protocol. Have the media it a lot of coaches. In our another it was I didn't. On her noted that that was there I can be a matter of Miller coach. And yeah well I. Didn't let go and work or a month and what do we now. I like about him that I go up again in. Your pocket old leadership and our leader with apple on. Our. Need. Our. You know why that. All day all day long and why he's back where I come out here. We realize. I. Heard maybe only a talk about leadership anymore on you'll. Agree that an hour. And win a lot of talk about our. I. A year. Like that are. What you really make. It hard up. And how we had. We're here last year we would. You're. Here and how. Are you are. Other bush right lighter note right. I am I and I are talking out. To them like they're. Neighbor. Out on. Why are you are. Like. You know. And I can't thank my butt and are. Well. And my guy. How are and. A lot about it I don't even guard accolade. There are really well. You know. I haven't even heard all. This happened oddly and it. Probably does need opera. RR EE I think political team I'd really want an end. I like they did it and I don't think. You are painting he did when he got. That. It is it in me about the Tom Green dragon and amend it. A team of in Baltimore got it wanted to go to a game. And then it was not Harbaugh you heard it was a Jim Harbaugh. And I'll be eager product I didn't realize all. There like. Eight. What Dan and come in and talked to them I I. Like. The her at all or team that would in my brain or upper case and and and did an all in that. Arrangement. You guys gathering their own now. And it at the end of the college and I realize that on I'm definitely net. And I. I. Don't. Get money up. All the eight. Yeah and right wrong and being. And different and I. Feel I'm. College. Right. At our college. A solution. Year campaign you read million dollar. You're going on eight and then you're you're kidding you make sure your guys get paid. And they didn't find. Well I thank you end. Where we are. Ron Kremer international. Are we talked about how great idea. I do right appreciated are you there. I.