Ryan Sterling on Loyola's run to the Final Four

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, March 30th

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Bob I'm doing great hurry during an art that is. The one more week and the yeah well you're right in that what do we do. Exactly. A ticker on the throw anymore I have no reason for your efforts that. Well let me ask you about as well talk about oil automatic but what we've been talking about all day a little bit Kazaa I keep bringing bringing it up. This is sportsmanship the sake sportsmanship pinch take on what do you think these things. I've never liked it and trick or. We're we're we're in total agreement on that's a girl like they're under yours or well or to go out rushed. And at a big fight broke out. 200 public. And go play and report garlic in my freshman year I was a double over I'm in my bank com. And I mean that dream at that point in time that was kind of like a big rivalry game for the old Arlington. And directed him that intertwined than a lot of the guys that we were worse city IPS guys technical plan. And one of the guys use it worked out well as it was updated. What our guys and wouldn't write XML of the top of that what is blocked and then all of our guys look but it adds up. That's exactly note by University of Indianapolis same. And so solidarity and through the line but I everyone sort of credible to back itself. I'm you know I'm on about fifteen year old daughter or don't go. Stand up I would like you felt like when you talk to brag could relate more than like a 155 pounds. So I I go run and it and and fortunately our coach stop me. And what you're what you're told to go get. Out. Yeah beat me to go get people. Thankfully I got nowhere near where ready when was that or are these kind of do you escalated a little bit we were shuffled out yeah I've never liked and replied I'm. And some friends Riviera by the area. After the game I'll buy you an outrigger and but other than that I thought I'd I have no interest and it. I did just it's doing it by wrote it has no meaning other than for people watching duke gutters. Who believes somehow it conveys some level of sportsmanship that frankly doesn't exist. Adrian has never been a fan of like. There I I consider almost the locals or should kind of that like on those to do that right. Like your guys' record him like I don't know where in Michigan quite used electric auto guy you know I had them on the back and the great job and that that I. Like outlook that. But as far as like you know got all done on the war and like it is the quicker team picture there says pick you up are not there to do that. Let your teammate job they'll get it done. And we can move on now but I like our outlook after the game stop like guys put up people and you know it elect did not say not forced to go about but it is real and that moment and then I want that I don't like the other. What do you think about oil is chances tomorrow night against Michigan. I'm not I'm. I'm not very. I'm optimistic optimistic. I'm gonna change my mind. And right there right network changes. I think I think this is just. I think he like six it forty I'm I'm reputed Mexican oil I think they're quite and are or what or. And I think that. Then that's just merely because the oil that's such a great job. Kind of dictating and up and kind of get there before the game to go their way on anything you can tell that by I mean that oil off our game here. The royal we've been blown out war but I'm a lot temple matchup to Boise State apple would you state government out of the jam. And that as long as they have cut certain records and on the board they do a great job of blood dictating tempo and making sure that the game is played their way. I've been here. Gonna worries me is I think Michigan is also very good point out what. And I think they're kind of like oil would almost kind of York Michigan. God they're both have big men who can make plays offensively very talented and look silly raiders and then got a soda cartons. That are Earl query is that completely president Kim really good defensive Michigan team were yours has steroid haven't been malware. And I think I think I think kind of like Michigan is and then as they should be driven nature. Oil was mid major bird bird bird the bird in each of them except. It makes all kinds of sense and I totally I totally agree and I think that the guy is not a starter he doesn't play dobbs and I'd seen him play really well pesky. Is gonna DA guides at Loyola is gonna have a very difficult time stopping. And a guy who's got to match up pretty well on the defensive end so I know it's cut off the radar it's not a direct team it's not like nerds not Robinson it's not Simpson. I think task he is kind of difference maker is these two teams play each other. I agree and I think I think you'll neutralizing what probably does on the offensive then. And I think when oil tries to let them go all that mission control model lineup. There's that would make it very typical you put your short cut government or. Or electorally and you just switch one through war up top and trying to let. Well I got well but that hold open that I think that that satellite called problem list. You can't the state Nevada. All the things or don't like it has been doesn't have. The level of big man that Michigan has and I think that's been very evident throughout the tournament. And then got got one really good. Big men and know Wagner and a guy that comes off the bench is also out there that all we're gonna be what decides to get the game but. They will look at one of them I'll throw and you know that it shot I think oil is got a good shot. On the positive side Dick I tell picked Michigan. Elderly then out of Lockett then our report reported the other direction that's. You're going to be on Stoxx 59 denied talking oil basketball. Have you haven't a lot of fun when I'm going to be on the sport ought night talk. Jeanne some. Chances against against Michigan and there was a lot but I had a blast and. Do you think that it's a bright chance defer sister Jean to get all this publicity and the players are kind of not getting that level of publicity. I think that that's one of the questions that we talked about that Annan tonight is that I think it's kind of it he did it goes it goes both ways I think it is great and that you know at the technical little bit of media pressure up it's all that. It's something they're not used to look the other in the valley days they don't get a whole lot of problems. Because you know gotten the boot time Villanova. And typically used to it you know they go down you know the media days them they do all sorts of stuff the Dutch oil really not used to it. And I think it really helped them to be able to kind of prepare normally. Slap someone who's gonna become like the media darling of the tournament. Someone who you'll like sister. Like you'd think that. You know what it did and it cut the other way and that you know. It doesn't regard these guys really growing opportunities. Something like this happen. And you know you. You're lucky you'll take full advantage of written people to do all the media stuff and get out all the questions. They get into today I mean it as a basketball tournament and urgent focus about on I think that's good. About the shooting background do you think that makes a difference. That sort. I think. I feel like is that what they're going to be planned though about the you feel like because supplies. Go to any. Korean bill for basketball on the sight lines are or act like they're exactly as are exposed to be you don't feel like you're shooting from any further out. Already closer than you actually are and then you get into it and that not built for that and that percent from beyond the basket and gets a little. And get a little liar and you can feel like you're shooting for about it further back in the actually just just from the the current network. The other way you're here play tennis all of them and but Walt really close to the back of the rim and hit it worked in both ways but yeah I think it's going to be a big factor I think the fact that oil has never played. And that can kind of environments. And Michigan. Yup they have and Beilein has coached in Lebanon idol orders and I think that's gonna BO open but the differentiator. Thank you Bob appreciate it go revelers. Or current portrait rhetoric I you'll watch on channel 59 MFLEX 59 tonight that would be a lot of fun.