Ryan Phillips talks the NBA Lottery, and the Robinson Cano suspension

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Ryan Phillips talks the NBA Lottery, and the Robinson Cano suspension.

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Fact upsets early show live from Indianapolis Motor Speedway courtesy of your Citroen DS Chevy dealers can't the American Dairy Association Indiana. Hoosier dairy farm families remind you that wonders frank bell we are at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and it's gonna rain here in pretty short order. And so it yellow flag has flown it Marco and ready quick. In this practice session at 224 point 217. Sage care second quick I always root for sage I'd say it is colder and and always a great story he's a hard charger. And I like those guys he takes no time off during the race he's not just click and collapse. He's got his foot of the for the whole way around trying to make make a run to win the damn thing. And I like guys who do net. Another guy who does that it does it journalistically the great Ryan Phillips of the big lead and assembly call I don't Ryan. Our great debt. You know at the Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and now your patents in San Diego but is there any level of interest whatsoever. In this event or this facility in San Diego come this time a year. Yeah I think it's one of those places where everybody has it on the port counters that they wanna go all forty. You know just check off the list. I think rubble loading motor racing I was different a lot of people out here. And I wanted to period starter ever growing up until probably like freshman in high school which is a legitimate. He'd desire might not you don't wanna be firefighter agro when I'm five but I legitimately wanted to theories starter like all your current sixty period it just doesn't work but. Think it eat it there and so. I guess romanticism. About the Indianapolis 500 here it's nowhere near as they did their course and and it's not a that in itself to a place like that put. Do you think it there was interest especially city it would Jimmie Johnson was carried out NASCAR for years. There are groups of interest out here in and I think kitty this handy donate them and I think they were surprised that. At the same time it definitely wanna move that today Indiana and lipped out there if. It it this is a different world and when he get within about fifteen miles of Indianapolis and people start tired about the Indy 500 they talk about it with reverence. And a a respect that like. It what I was in Chicago while it's not hey that sounds like funny go there break eighty million Beers and watch cars go 200 miles an hour. And that I got here I learned that it's a little bit different and that this event is held on Memorial Day weekend for specific reason. And if that it it's kind of like this that the deeper. You sort of get into it as they fire up the pace current pace car rides the deeper you kind of scratched the more beautiful at the comes to me. Yeah I loved watching this kid I was at the Emerson that a poll the fan and I Easter hymn I it lightly you know I don't know why. It was you know young enough but I like the color car. Good day and it you really you know it's following articles. So it was gone Al Unser. Army security. Michael injury to and I'd get really you want uploading it and and I do think there is something. There's there's a beauty to an end. Something very fascinating about what's in its port hardy didn't do on the circuit are liking it always call. Where. It may not be for everybody excitement wise this is what what you sort of what's going on underneath and it really locked in on. This strategy. In. You know how it's really chess match and you don't get far more interest in any and it really draws people into the problem is getting past that first. Wall where Wallace's car going circles although there's a lot more going on there at that makes an interest. Ryan. Builds from the big lead and simply call it is a guy who appreciates. Indiana style of basketball like you know motion offense may have debate defense movement without the ball moving the ball. And is is you watch Western Conference finals game one last night between the lawyers. And the rockets. I couldn't stand watching the rockets do what they do is a guy who's now on the West Coast. Do you watch basketball the same way and see the rocket is just like this abysmally. Ugly style of basketball. Yeah IE. I grew up playing sort of an Indiana now about an electoral on the West Coast and and really appreciating it collects. It's. It is really hard watching isolation out well especially eat it's been exposed to what can happen to spread the war and yeah utilizing all the pieces on the floor like. Warriors do end and like we're starting to see what in the capital ready success against the raptors they were spreading the ball around I mean yeah what will brought change show. But he was that the thing that made then or now rockets years fact it would excited to meet its shops. So I think there is there a lot of other kinds of offense going on and it'll out of spread the floor hit shots. Involve everyone stuff and so watching the rockets just basically defer to James Harden really really hard. Like in Tony was one of the guys to revolutionize. It. He used to the three point shot and spreading the lord using everybody and to watched yeah he's an offense now. To become a one minute show really it's it is difficult to watch. Ryan. Phillips of the big league what do you think about the yacht and it is simply call of course. What do you think about the draft lottery night what's the most interesting kind of buyer why did sidebar. That it is it that. If the cavs get a top three pick it makes LeBron more likely to spank. Think Padilla and I think that's the story. It's incredibly deep draft and and I think the fact it. You can get that opportunity and get a franchise changing player eat and eat that's huge for Cleveland because the next. You know try to till now so enormous to see where they've been lineup I think another story that the lakers. Goes to the Philadelphia any experience. It landed it one or statistics stick I believe so political fix it for the Celtics. So two of the top teams in the east as far as the future looks like. We'll wind up with the lakers ticket just depends who and where taking. So I think that's pretty fascinating those teams just indicating he gets stronger about that. Trade chip I don't know. It is the fact it got to point out the lakers a wide open 1 of those 2 eastern and Eastern Conference schemes. To Google or you know and also like not one not so it's fascinating especially deep. Loaded draft. We got like yeah straightened and advocate on out that perhaps less game dodger pitcher whatever at the top. Q just changing type guys so. And then probably about six more players that can deal. He struck in a long time and so there's really a lot of interest in this slaughter. COLT would eat the top two. Where they believe that blues those relief the protection dangers. Does the idea that they drag this thing out Bernauer. Yeah of course it does mean. It's dirty and you know jokes aren't that. You know it's just we want our brackets and in this we just want the wanna be courteous person presenting. You know that the very team is on the lottery. All over the air I don't really care. Need you know the owner's cousin who's there with lucky charm they're really don't care about that I care about knowing a lot. Numbers and I care about when that you lists some. Just the whole thing don't wait till the top don't wait a top breached the old. Major League Baseball announced today that Robinson can know is going to be suspended for eighty games because of some thirty. Drug test. Is there any franchise. In professional sports. Less relevant than the Seattle mayor's. Well bullet. Well now probably is an eagle pottery and fortune and a lot chargers. You know that just made that out there. Look you're the others and that's or ad like that are. Dan. It will be great commitment that. I. Actually played pretty well this year and so the real stinger and and it's weird that Kaymer is you know got injured as well play it. Yeah yeah it's it's tough out there I mean did you go to games up there there's a really great and being there and there's a really great. It will agree and support in Seattle all the routines. That team as you struggle and every time they spent money on guys and if you want to come short and and not living up to the expectation. And down. It's been rough especially considering how good they were first stretched therein in an idea in early 2000. The gala teacher a little its success and he capitalized on it and and you know win the World Series ever. It is an early run and this is converted even more I think it can no. It was ordered by most as a potential hall of Famer and discreetly. Harnisch is that who knows what else will find out about this country anymore come. You know in U was suspended today they started directing his blood of the you don't get suspended automatically for direct it this suspension means that they are able to prove. That the masking agent that the tire Redick serves as. It didn't do its job completely evidently and they they found the the PET. That would lead them to believe that he's taking TDs of their ego they can ride appreciate it. They get every day idea that your absolutely. Abbott's so we go it stated if you couldn't call the Indianapolis Motor Speedway your office that's exactly what you do that's a great Ryan Phillips. From the big lead at assembly call assembly called radio that Ayers Friday's. On this radio station at 6 PM and then Saturday mornings and 10 AM all about Indiana basketball we care about IU basketball 52 weeks a year. And the guys at assembly call. They just keep churning out great continent and we found out today we didn't talk to write about it because out of really. The only thing that we would say about this is that McNabb at games which pits. Big Ten teams against big east teams Indiana. Well there's Danica Patrick right there. There she is she's walking walking with purposes is what Danica Patrick does she's diminutive. But de Indiana. Will play against Marquette. In the debit games in those in the two previous employment. Sites. Of of concrete and so what I would like I would like a painter to be created because Tom Green. Known for his welcome banners with like the profile of Tom Green. On the banner. And the leader. Up that dame as the saying that banner from the rafters of their arena well you can do it at that assembly hall. The game is there we have room for another banner at the top green. Banner up an assembly hall this end so what what color. Do we have Tom green is kind of that very varied tan. Or do we have him as crimson what color with the Tom Green banner V. Split. Let's make that top navy in goal. Yeah let's make the bottom cream curves but his face has to be an outrageous and lesbians and because he's got that it just means that anybody I've ever seen in the world but he was not is yet to march. How do you maintain its like. And it's not bulbs is that it be weird but the taxes in motion. They were almost invisible on the television if you handing them. And your hand. If you wanna make sure that happened. What credit decision making is that he probably figures he's a little more attractive when he got a little too. Which classes in which appears now to use the hairstyle we're kind of the wings came down and sort of curled. Woody got sweaty or is that the hair. Knowing you ever really get the back so much rain. I'm pleased the way it was that it wasn't like a red light users activity that was it now let's shooter flat. What is now and it is do you like reasonably good work at UIC evidently self. And that was cut out and I don't know our anyway we make a lot of time Korean Y because were very very yet there that night though there too. Hulu. Is very nice presented by Dido. App after app after app after app yeah. And of course the mouth is open because I don't think he ever stop talking and still has. Up next we'll talk about the NBA playoffs or run down the speed chart. It is the cars are off the track but the rain there's been lightening detected so that we that well and I'm looking at. Look at the radar so we know least the thirty minutes from now it's somehow this team thing. Just kind of swung to the north out of nowhere. And I think we might get some light rain that has that Blanton Pepa. Who did not treat us with great generosity kindness a few years ago we're back in dale Coyne was but that's okay she is focused try to go fast. That requires bandwidth that might otherwise be utilized. It DNA be that generous experts have that was back when we year old opened their garage even this cat app is that comparable for everyone did you have tight she does. Better yet not to talk. NATO now bloopers. All right. Well at least your direct about it. So it we have not ester sends you to not tell us now. In in that way more than once because he'll not be invited said it's like they would like to come to my house for dinner. No. Are right I don't plea Polanski can't anyway we'll run down the speed chart and talk about the NBA playoffs coming up next on the we. Now let's do that on the kept sterling shall live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway brought it by your central Indiana Chevy dealers and the American Dairy Association Indiana. The Hoosier dairy farm families who remind you that winners drink milk.