Ryan Phillips on sports media

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 12th

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Joining us as always on a cruise stated core. The great Brian Phelps turned the big lead and from assembly called back come I don't Ryan. Premier again I don't I am doing great let me ask you a question about media and ND you know is is we all do we go on the big lead every day in this is not a piece. That you compiled but it's on the big lead. And it's about Gmail hill from ESPN calling Donald Trump white supremacist. It shouldn't it shouldn't sports media people stick their toe in those political waters went obviously they're not quite as well informed as they might believe they are. I'll look if they want is going to those waters that's certainly up to them if you're company tells you not to I don't think you should because they're the ones signing your checks and that's who you're responsible to. You know I think Clooney's people oh we do assume some people are in form we some actors and actresses aren't informed all that stuff and and quite frankly I think that's wrong I think that it we don't know how important they are. You know maybe there are political pundits split maybe they're just as well informed is as anybody else and they can inform themselves on their own. Just because their job doesn't lead eagle into those fields doesn't mean they can't be informed on it point. Eyes so I don't think it's it's it's necessarily a problem of of being informed or not I think the problem is is that it represents the company poorly. And you'll some people think he represents company great they'll have the opinion that whatever she said was phenomenal and but then you're you're taken off beatle roughly half your leaders. With that and so I think it's more obligation the company where you can't do. Something like that if your company's instant ESPN's command condemned her comments already in and you know said it that they don't represent the company and that they've talked to earn all the stuff. So I think it's more it's more about you know you're representing the people -- Jackson and they can fire you anytime for any reason so. I think it's foolish to do something like that I'm I'm certainly not quiet about my opinions on Twitter in places like dampened their boundaries that might. Mighty work has set for me than all crossed I certainly wouldn't have said what she said. But I'm not you know I'm somebody who's hired and and as jobs to express my opinion so it's kind of hard to hold those down in one area and let them out the other. So I tried to be honest with whoever's following your reading. You know it appeared to Mel Hillary anybody else eighty call somebody and social media. A white supremacist. You better have it documented that that person is one. Or or you come off is completely irresponsible as a journalist. And instead irresponsibility. Then can be extended to your work in the sports media realm it really crops of value your brand. Yeah I would absolutely agree with that I think fit the if you see something you've got to certainly have some proof to back it up and and you know you because you can get the label of being someone who's hysterical and then your hysterical in every aspect and then what do you talk about you know a football player who has political. Issues are you talking of the calling Capra negation now everyone's gonna bring up set about. You know Donald Trump and it and it's gonna affect the rest of your job and certainly I think it pundits like that could talk about you know Michael Bennett speaking out about. You know please you know injustice. And ending inequality. Certainly sports pundits are gonna talk about that but he feud. Go into the other arena and appear. It'd just be kind of spouting whatever is on your mind. Yeah it it really takes away from thoughtful takes you could have on something that is more in line with what year you're jumpers and that appears senator from the state of Texas who's an ultra conservative. Liking a hardcore porn video on Twitter probably equally stupid. Oh my god that was made the funniest thing that happened yeah I was middle of of of you know. Licking my wounds as my former football team was was playing in you know so depressed and I saw that Richard B up to no degree I Plaxico or are there I found it hysterical. Whoever found that is 01 record before comedy is when bad things happen others and that was sort of its. It can happen is somebody else so. But it's not just don't. Did you watch the apple thing Ari you are you iPhone guy and if you are are you willing to invest a thousand bucks in an iPhone ten. No not even close site IA I was a I've I've actually never been an apple guy who put I love the iPhone. I am I among PC yeah I just from you know I mean it's equated that way I guess some people would say boy it. Hired one year I was going to Italy and I decided I didn't wanna have a phone. And an iPod dabble my music on and so I just bought an iPhone and I have a look back I've loved about it for about ten years now and it was the best move I ever made as far as phone goes. But I'm not one of those people waits on line for a wait until my plans up the middle C was available. So I'm not I'm I'm certainly not it's been a thousand dollars on the new phones. Think that's that's just ridiculous it's a seemed preposterous decided I can't even imagine I'm glad I don't wanna donate sorry to underlie that. 08 days and they can't wait. Yeah it they're gonna start lining up at the fashion mall here on the north side of Indianapolis at the Apple Store. Maybe tomorrow and days in advance of November 3 when the things released so. God help every out of myself I've stood in those lines. And they always figured out how to kind of go to a place where there wasn't a line so I I didn't feel quite as foolish but some people just like it. Some AS kind of club. I think it's a communal thing sometimes how those people do you know so how do you consume TV Ryan. I I have cable because of sports column. Is so and I pay way too much sport and it's kind of one of those things where. If I didn't have the job I had there's no way I would have cable I would I would. Cobble together. You know streaming services and things like that an end and watch that way. But I have to have. The only option I have cable and in. So yeah but I am I eight yet it when people start unplug indeed different things I totally get it I think says. You know if I were if my said the situation was a little different I would go that route as well. Just say you know and and maybe you've got package is associated with cable data are not possible. With PlayStation view or sewing or something like Debbie get all the ESPN's. Now I get the Big Ten network anchor of fox sports once fox sports to fox sports Indiana. Everything that kind MLB network. NFL network NB ATV. Everything that I needed from a sports perspective I've got. Yeah eight in it's one of those things where it's it's specifics. But my apartment building is a certain way and stuff and it's I don't know it's it's it's it's it's probably all be aspirins when they feed you when you move into. Yeah but it's getting the boy rich so expensive after this football season the most are investigating other options so Indiana gets commitment last night were tired of the great Ryan Phelps from assembly called like come in the big lead dot com. They get a commitment from Jake for Forrester who's 69 kid from Pennsylvania. Number three ranked power forward in Pennsylvania I'm a believer number three player overall. Yeah and they're all in so Indiana and has now got the third ranked recruiting class in 2018. This is obviously a sign of good coming to Bloomington but are are we on the precipice of great again. I. You will do what I love about these kids that he's bringing in is size and length and and you need that the Big Ten let's face it. Our I tell people every year that Indiana's goal. Should be top four in the Big Ten ever this is every year not like a specific year where they're good it's every year she top for the Big Ten sweet sixteen that your goal of your top your program. And I think that the goal every year should be to win the big tent I mean that's the ultimate goals to win the big tent if you'll say oh what about national charitable there's so many. Things that have to go right for you win a national championship and you luck with seeding and things like that. Vick the you know. You'll fall into that if you consistently when the Big Ten and I think you'll you'll get and you'll get a good road visit to the final and yet there and and win a national championship. But I think that Archie Miller is building. This is a sign he's building a team to compete in the Big Ten he's getting size and length and he's loading up upfront. And people worried because is Dayton teams were smaller and coyote you typically when it was much smaller players and that's how he's doing it Indian he is loading up with some size and length and that's something that Indian a sort of missed over the last year's united individual. Big men but for the most part the teams have not had a lot of size they've relied very much on guard play. And I think to win in the Big Ten and it when he called ask what you need good guard play but to win in the Big Ten specifically you need size and you need guys who can go with the ball on the boards. And can finish in close and I think that he has seen that I think he knows what he's doing and he's clearly loading up some size length and versatility to a lot of these guys. Can play inside and out but still have that size do you really the big tent so. I think he's billion team to win the big tent to compete in the Big Ten I think it if you do adapts. You're gonna eventually. Win a national championship and you're gonna sort of you know you get a team Mickey compete in the Big Ten in any ad let's say Romeo Lankford type for a five star you don't big name NBA talent you add that to a team authority to compete in the Big Ten. That's how you win a national title. Ryan fields from the big lead and assembly called dot com. So the big game on Saturday Indiana and Virginia as 3417. Hoosiers. And so really you had about two and a half quarters of real good football against Ohio State. And then a nice win against an ACC opponent on the road kind of a good start for Tom Allen. Yeah Ryan and you know what I will say I I thought it was really Smart of him. To decide to go to. There's something missing with him or it felt like he was a place holder quarterback. And he made too many mistakes for the team. And I know that they're saying that at that Lagos to gonna start all that stuff but the writings on the wall papering diesel special and he's going to be great quarterback and I think that they should go with him and Morgan Ellison the freshman running back and Ohio I think that should be your backfield I mean just looking at the offense when those two were on the field. Is so much better job and and makes them so much more dangerous and you don't what that defense Tom Allen. I don't know what kind of magic he worked last year when each team and put it is the best you last year and this year the best defense is we've seen at Indiana in decades and they continue to be an attacking. Really tough defense. Played very well on Saturday and then ill Ramsey I think I think he's the guy you've got those receivers you've got to get a quarter racket can make the right decisions. Maker agreed to get the ball those guys. And and he did it in and I would really like to see eat and Allison played a lot more. And be the focal point of that office about that offensive backfield I think they're they're both outstanding gonna have great careers and Indiana. Thank you Ryan I appreciate it thanks for the time. Always good target thanks great Ryan Phillips from the big lead dot com and from assembly called dot com and you know. There's something that I test meant and and we all know and that I think is part of the discontent that we have with truck gone well. And the guys over on west 56 straight as we watch the pre season games. And we saw Stephen Moore is why. Always said we liked that guy. That guy looks like he could win football games in this guy looks like he can't. And then in the opener Scott told scene goes out there throws to pick sixes we say he seek. Sometimes. I I really think that it's kind of better to me like if you go shopping for a TV. All right any talk to a guy who knows everything about TV's. And you say well this picture is better. And that guy for 25 minutes tells you about why that pitchers better or why another pictures better you like this one. That's the picture you like. It doesn't matter I don't I don't care about pixels. I don't care about dynamic contrast. Any of that crap. Either Stephen Morris looked at matter. I don't care what he did know TN's Stephen Morris looked better Scott pulls seeing did not look better. Who gives you a better chance to win until Andrew looks back. Is it Stephen Morse is it Scott pulls in sometimes decisions are just dead easily made. And that Jacoby percent. We like him what we do because he used to it rainy threw that ball up in the air through a long way and Dante concrete came down with a always say hey look at that offensive moment.