Ryan Phillips on head coaches

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Tuesday, January 9th

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We welcome to the show from the big lead it assembly call. The great Bryan Phillips hi Dylan. Are pretty. Goodyear actually recorded a little Indiana weather here a lot. I know we're going in you know whether upbeat about it you try to rainy so. Yahoo! probably try to go right. It's a terrible Enron and the worse straight party getting through it whether it it did Dave did they have to have umbrellas caravan din from. Vegas or or from LA what do think is CBS. And it is CBS this morning. Are they gonna come out to San Diego to talk about the plight of the saint the reagans were facing rain and 55 degree weather. Why pregnant should have been that way. Way more winner jacket then there should be perfect by. You know I'd. Enter the hoosiers they got Penn State tonight. It we saw some things over the weekend against Minnesota we kind of like I love watching Justin Smith like. What do you think about tonight's game against the Nittany Lions. Huge opportunity presented to get over 500 and covers or it I think after that caught a lot of it. We need hardly ever get overall. I was really impressed in the second half of the Minnesota game at her opportunity she. Will it affect you play. He did not they kept fighting kept battling it Oakley is. Like hey big concert with the game. And I blew that out. But he finally got a and you know it will be no bigger couple stops got a couple scores jump that it really. Clutched the heat. It didn't really expect from him into the game they open it up really well. Coached. It's our job title and finish in the end we'll be all due to the right thing it anyway. Eight you get a road win and accomplish the end at. You know again bringing in Bill Gates will be tonight if you really like back to back. Good performances against yeah conference opponent you know it and so I ate. It's a true that the issue aperture you get a ball 500 conference. Missed eighty circuit built some of them sort of built to win it with the way they're playing pumpkins last sort it all starts and stops. Well and it that's exactly right they get a win in the crossroads classic against Notre Dame and then they host for Wayne and they get beaten and beaten badly. You know this game against Minnesota you feel good about hopefully with Penn State had Simon Scott assembly hall it's gonna be mortem feel good about this is what happened with Tom Green. Where and there are fits and spurts that build expectations and then crushed them offered enough that he just couldn't surprise. Yeah I hit a lot of people look at how do you handle adversity we also have to figure out how to handle success. You know and it's a you're going to burst is it all the ports. That have happened it'll pop that. To gain the whole foods you know game. Well I went to game. How. Bounce back and who attended poker or. Just kind of settled. In at. Shorts that brought the equipment for them we finally saw some emotional or late day. But it we have at least this year and it that's all. So we do not take any fuel source to build momentum that's. How to handle a whole lot about the will be out the first state to come out looking or. Take advantage and get another win. Or do they kind of expect to be playing at home it's. You know great. Talk to Ryan Phillips from the big lead and assembly call for all your post game needs after tonight's. Indiana win hopefully at Simon's got assembly hall against Penn State. Assembly called icon they got you covered. Last night the national championship game for college football everybody's talking about Nick Saban and I think in some respects rightly so. Because you know what he showed some balls and he did the right thing and make connect quarterback change. On on plays at that would've been huge momentum builders for Georgia. Just I I think was absolutely wanting an and really cause that came to fall on a different direction. I cables saying that the Big Ten officiating problem. I don't believe it. I don't tell the big kicker last night yeah. I don't. Wanna get into whether it changed game but there are a lot of geeks ladies Tibet issue that. On the at all he changed the outcome because that receive it just still. It's still it's still totally you know and outcome. And should have moved out Alberto backed by York 88. To kick field goal it's oh we're down. There was it will make it Eric can't come off side at all the things. On the block party mr. delay of game or on it now militarized two. You know eight. It really is hosting a great game. She got that ask her out there are a copper and we'll be keeping. Just go to rotate issue yet discomfort in you forgot there's out there and connect those you know belt too and got called out as well. Apple appreciating me quite frankly I don't know what to call not the call got the point where. People don't know the rule and he'll try to adjust Colbert in the way they call the game and I you know that. That cultural all the talent in it felt it you know. I just think it yeah there were so they are simply isn't there any hate to do a great game. Being played really well and it's exciting it was to true freshman quarterbacks out there making plays to get their movement. Into the situation when the game and EL. I I hate to totally disagree but I certainly were out there were some really big misplayed it and you can't have that in such a big game. Ryan Phillips is that of assembly call and the big lead. Out what are Eskew a cluster because your cut a dispassionate. Between you have no allegiance with the Chicago Bears nor the Indianapolis Colts. He used to be chargers guy 'cause you're out there but they moved LA's so here in your anti chargers. Which is fine for the purposes of this question but if you're a guy. Who has presided with exactly the same terms. To coach either of the Indianapolis Colts are Chicago Bears which job do you take. I would take the colts job. If bike again it guarantees and Jim Irsay would back out of personnel decisions yeah and and it's just due to be look. You can't come in and try and make splashy things happen like that in the past. The trade portrait Richardson Marie told her Twitter talking about how they're gonna make a big movies like a meat. I don't want the older do we now appear to be older and GP US open discussion seats for the hire people you trust and let them run. And enacting it that would be my big. You know England for I still salute. Nobody had to sell it to block. Is that healthy is gonna come back healthy that's the job you want because. You know that's. The US at your quarterback and I know mr. Christie and the quarterback in Terri Mitchell eagle like ointment Beijing Mitchell. Sure does he know the good guys Chicago. And deal. I don't know you that you get it via a great quarterback Utley certainly ask also work with. Evil you want to coach. If you lock in you wanna get in there and the first thing I would demand is a bigger than that offered it on the coach you are built at all or it can. Because you're see what happens if you get injured for the year already so Packers as well if you have a great quarterback. You'll see your whole team is built around quarter. Yeah Rogers you lose a lot what happened and that and that's pretty Greek team compared to keep each successful. Without their starting quarterback and and so that would be my first movie I was like can be brought in and it took the man. If I was in the final builder at builder can dress it created. I don't care. Protect the quarterback and then build out from the air because that's what being called that just failed to do over the last year. Talk to Ryan Phillips is assembly call and big lead it so I'm reading the big lead is I do very often and it debuts 34 times a day outlook for updates at the big lead because. The people of the big league yourself included interesting takes on stories that I may have messed. And so there is a story there about Lavar ball Jeff Goodman. And Rick Carlisle and the NB CAA the national basketball's. Coaches association. And Jeff Goodman is going back into the media and kind of hitting a volley back. Toward Rick Carlisle because of the letter that he wrote the statement that was made. Unkind event BCA. Stationary anyway. Eight it it I know where does this end where where is their we're Google bought the varsity ball stories. Finally come to an end it's what Barr says says. And then Carlisle says that and now Jeff Goodman says this and it's just does story it's just wind and there's no storm right. I agree I mean there's very little subsidy are all this they will all also and hey you know the problem is people treating it like. All of them have come from local ball when it certainly would if you're actually paying attention what has no control is ought to know who. You know it aids and pluggable he'd make it all the scores are about almost through policy local news and the great Jim. Coaching and front office that way. Shut up. And yet. You know and that's the attitude and it they think he's a great player all that saw you know in some explorer until. A lot of the debt. You don't even that the only decision don't players based on what I think it comes to the lakers. Are just hoping that people stop paying attention arsonist to get you spoke to had a terror. That it. You know we call them the team which are illegal and legal issue. There are young and not finishing. Order record when it is competing with some of the protesting in the UK. For you know forty candidate that looting the last state you know and and so. There's talent they're they're sick routine there there's a good philosophy their you've just got to finish games and oh are all talking you know. It it just out of his eagle wherever and it's a it's kind of audited them. In Egypt Egypt the pop it into an. In the same thing expecting it to be at the frustration. That. Ripping a coach you full disclosure I grew up with so I know and add. And let's get a lot and if but he Britney nickel to get in the view. Coaching in the coaches association by. Will it be an app the local court all the people click when he says that he thinks that there. No one game and that this is will people stop caring about or all finally know. Well the call right. Cause I mean we grew up together so I did not yet you know. It was guys and what people thought about it. Selena and now they know you can could be a guy who goes out and it doesn't would be done incredibly Smart practical mind. You can go out and just do what he doesn't it doesn't mean the lakers the history. And he's got it and he does not care what anybody. Gesture and it came to look at. So question and answer. You know solution. In February oh I decency he'd take that into account what. You don't guy and Luke or eat at you got to figure this out. Politically you breach arrest Erica. Let me ask you a question about last night at let me go back to that big is suddenly is said I I thought was interest thing and that's that he doesn't care what people sank. So a lot of people are giving nick Sabin a lot of credit for making that move to change quarterbacks saying man that shows stones. For me eat if I've got all that money in the bank. If I've got the job that I've always wanted knives won four national championships. Having that job and I'm so mad today and that job. I would feel empowered. I would feel like I had nothing to lose in making that decision. Not like oh boy you know it's. Did this really takes guts I got to put my name on the line by Dylan as I would think I made my bones I made my money. I'm go to with what I think is right down all of. I agree and I I think it'd be you know very few coaches are secure enough to make that decision and I think it. You also have to look at the fact that we don't know you don't want it. Iowa pretty hair that. Looked like regardless yell out go clearly right away it was clear that it. He was the better option. Yeah I think we're giving him credit retroactively a little bit for quite a bit. A quick order 23 series and I think it worked out. A distinct talent right to take out a guy who was 26 and two starter he's taking me to the national championship game in jeweler. I don't know. Yeah I doubt that's gutsy I don't care how secure you are but I do agree that certain coaches. Very fuel our secure enough to make back trying to move any certainly the guys in that issue. Okay let me put it this like let's say they're getting paid three and a half in this is an attempt changed to say even. But let's say strict contract it's gonna pays three and a half million dollars over the next four years. Whatever you've got the bank you've got that plus you've got another fourteen million dollars does that make you boulders fell. In your decision making. Get. You know the ball well our idea. Last night. And you go up into that they're going to be shaking their heads or not because in the late third early fourth quarter acre plot accord actually it its short. And and pretty much shut down the passing game and then. You know I know we true freshman you don't want him to make a mistake the front of gay he was making great great throws for the most part. Yeah the two interceptions almost Oki went out and about player's helmet. I'll let. You know they took the ball out of his hands are utilizing the fourth quarter and that funding needed to eat. He also looked out of rhythm and having to you don't trying to get back into it and you. You know what the first record fuel to Russia to Italy where they got to go back and I think it'll. They made that decision to go conservative. And it didn't work out so I don't think you know I don't think we can not a couple crew college will bought it it's it's which gained a little you know typically not pollute. Nickname the needle going with is this true freshman quarterback a guy who if you follow recruiting everybody at an ever looked at everybody evacuate or take. You know. It was gutsy and and I do agree that I seeking heat or that Opel because. You know the talks. So not so fortunate and. I appreciated thanks so much Ryan. They hit it to the great Ryan belts from assembly called dot com the big lead dot com as well.