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Tuesday, November 7th

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Let's talk Ryan Phelps in a place where it's never over casting cold night and Ryan. Pretty good it's X it's about seven BA but it's overcast here I'm I'm shocked we actually don't have something in Kabul sent I know humanity. What are my ping it was a rental. I Indiana's can open up Friday night against Indiana State BA Indiana fans would hope that they're gonna be successful on Friday. What are you looking forward to most about this game. You know what I really like it's. Did I seen so far from the steam as defensive intensity I. You know the office he'll look a little disjointed it's a new system it's radically different than the old system so it's gonna take them. And we start of the wars can take a couple of weeks for them to get is going may be mid December you can start nitpicking yet. Putting until and it's gonna it's gonna be rough on offense for a little and I think as he's got to figure out their roles but defense of glee you're seeing them. Place so much better basketball that help is there the recovery to shooters is there. You know and so with that pack on system that that Archie Miller wants to implement and they are. There's just a commitment on that and the we haven't seen for a few years and I am looking forward to that animal can afford to EO David rebounding really well as well I mean you know tap all caveats to the opponents and everything but. If you can tell by the way the guys are moving and the way that they are committed to it in the way that they are attacking. You know. The defensive end at stopping your borders and stopping easy buckets. That this is this is a real commitment to defense and it's definitely a culture change in Indiana and I think people are are really gonna. Falwell when it I think for now so mama reported seeing that translate to an opening season regular season game. You know those students that are there the people from Indiana who reported Indiana as fans of Indiana basketball. Have watched Tom cream teams back to when they were like third graders. Right and I wonder if as they watched this team they're gonna say what the hell kind of Indiana basketball was this the old guys. Are gonna say man this is what Indiana basketball is I wonder if people who work. Funny 2225. We're gonna look at this and wonder who is it what is this crazy stuff there's a do what is all this that this man to man defense going on. Yeah it's interesting because I think the new style about a school is this up temple offense and you'll high scoring games and all that but. You know if you can't stop and when you can't win big games I mean that is the big race line of basketball is you've got to be able to get stops and we you know eighty NN has seen that in fits and spurts of the last couple years but this is this is a hard core commitment to getting stops and ER I will say I think it did a good defensive stand can be is as. Good is hitting a Big Three pointer to get to get a crowd energized. As long as the offense moves the ball and and these guys trying to find each other and spread the floor in you know. Play fundamental basketball don't turn it over which they haven't been doing so far. That I think will get people energized because if you get shot clock violation you're gonna get a big cheers assembly all times I think people are Smart not to. To recognize the commitment that takes. And we seen that a lot early in these games and Indian die it in the scrimmage at Hoosier state area and and things like that so I think it I think fans will accept it it is gonna be different tone it's gonna take an adjustment to get used to. Hopefully the offense opens up as they move along this season and as they get used to the system but for now I think focusing on that defense is the way to tell where this teams that. Ryan fields from the big league dot com assembly called icon. Let's talk about China for a minute. One team in China UCLA that got three guys who have reportedly been arrested for shoplifting and the other team church attack. Has a coach who's got a former friend who risk or credit him out. Or you know providing literally hundreds of dollars in impermissible benefits. How unhappy are the two programs that are Florida over to China to play some basketball. I I mean you know it's at the top of mileage don't do list is is is to get arrested in China asked its. I mean that right there it's like don't get involved a land war Asia and don't get arrested on China. I mean. I don't know what you can possibly be thinking it shoplifting in China I don't I don't I mean. That's the thing shouldn't shop look any time just to your listeners out there just that heads up. Note to be in a foreign country and do something like dad is the height of stupidity and these can she beat I quite frankly I if I'd UCLA. I throw him off the team I yeah you can't. You're on and if you don't you're supposed to be ambassadors to the team over there you're passers your school your answers to your for your country. And you do bats. I mean I know it's kids being knuckle heads but still that's that's not the time or the police you know it's a full round and as the George tech stuff I mean. From what we're hearing the guy he ratted out. Josh pastor because it did each unit received happy earth I mean. I I mean that's the funny thing it is at we wrote it on the site a big lead that that's up and how to Curb Your Enthusiasm you know you wish someone happy birthday backed by election that. In the longer and I it's it was agree he's by Stephen Douglas if you go to the big lead reading it's hilarious but. I mean that's. Due to stupidity all of this is just unbelievable. An and you know ice I don't know what to say about it but IIT believe me that's going on you don't. Clearly the big guy it is built character. It is he would had this in mind for quite awhile and and had taught it and I think send instead Josh passed her. Hey you know things ever get squarely I got. All this written down that I got the checks I got everything I have everything documented ever turn on me. We got problems Connecticut subset. Over a aid non birthday call he didn't get it happy birthday wish over the phone from past her. And he rolls over I'd never heard of such a thing with friends like that my god. I mean what's next he doesn't like his latest instead Graham photo does matter and so has I mean like. What are we doing here like first don't provided drizzle benefits anyway but then you turn a guy in for that reason I mean you're always gonna be that guy that was embarrassed that you get. He was upset that he get called for Ebert I. I don't understand it I don't mean you shouldn't be writing it impermissible benefits anyway and a coach should be aware of that and not do anything. Put on top of that the reasons this came out or just hilariously silly I mean this just as silly as deaths. And then a little let's go back for a minute to Steve Alford the UCLA Bruins if I were the AD. And I looked at this and and I didn't get a real good answer from Steve Alford as to the level. And an infected by the university president I was targeted Dan Guerrero. And insane okay. It did these guys go through any kind of symposium or any kind of meeting where it was explained to them that they are no longer. Like this at about you know hey you're gonna get a slap on the wrist and be sent home. This is Chinese law and order and that is fundamentally different from American law and order and if I didn't get a good answer is saying that these guys were explained. Are headed to explain to them exactly what happens when you play break the law there I it'd be somebody's ass. Yeah I honestly I I think the excuse. Dan Guerrero and Steve off ruby you know we didn't have a meeting specifically about Chinese law because we didn't think they were possibly that's stupid stuff like I I'm. That is in my opinion that's got to be what the excuses we did not think these guys. Where that they clearly never seen a movie you know rightly. It's I mean I I don't know I don't know what they could possibly have been thinking and thought that was a good idea. Com you know this isn't it dies you know. Messing around in their hotel room in knocking over a land you know I did this is shoplifting. Which everybody knows is a crime there's no there's no there's a gray area there. So yeah I don't know I. Like I would be so angry I was university president or the athletic director I I don't care how good these guys are I'd throw him off the team I I know there's old a number Romany Levy shorthand for the year. What might have witnessed Howard you dad I don't do it is down eight you're exactly right helped launch broke down palace. The movie and how things were she's a drug mule and has to go away for like ever and in she the other lady. She's released kick back and sale. And that should have diet that would take care of it right. Yeah probably I mean I would now again I've seen some of those movies and I'm never getting arrested in Asia and eight you know I now try to avoid the police at all costs at. Midnight express is another and yet another report. Hey how all of our ball he he's not happy. Yeah you know and again and I think it's. It's Lamar was out of that was out of the headlines for a couple weeks so he had to interject in and the day after your Jackson's son gets the astute in in China fresh out out out app app. But you know he's just he you know and I don't know if he's upset with with wants those playing terminal to death. Possible because he's wants us playing a lot. I think he was he's upset that he's not playing the entire fourth quarter. We just realized it the NBA substitution patterns are much different college or high schooler whatever. You you've got to give those starters rest at the beginning of the fourth and half of fresh for the finish and he he wants a wants or please our fourth well. I can tell you this right now lakers don't care of our thinks they're gonna do what they're gonna do you they don't care if he makes noise and I don't think wants it cares either they want us focused on the team and look the lakers are better than people thought it would be either played very well right now. You know five and five for a team that young is extremely good considering where people thought they'd be this year. Alonso has been a nice piece he's played very well at times. He's shooting is an issue and and I Britain and I think that's they're gonna have to work on in the offseason but for now as long as he's moving the ball. Get assists. A grab rebounds and and get other people involved I think that he's been doing a fantastic job. So you know I don't think anybody cares what will mark thinks anymore because now wants is in the NBA you speak for itself. And and you know Laura make noise he'll always do that but I I am truly don't think anybody cares anymore I think did they all care more about the noise he makes about his son's in. College and high schools to. And this is from your p.'s ad the big lead dot com where he says. You've got to shoot the ball he's talking about it is sun Alonso. You've got to shoot the ball you're not gonna make it if you don't take it every dad in the history of organized basketball has said that to his son or somebody. Ate it in this is what he has just go to our bass yelled dad who's and it somehow commit somebody about it tension yeah exact. And and look and he's right to launch a does have to have confidence when he shoots it he certainly hesitating right now. And you know it there's a reason he he's ease hesitating enthusiasm and making them and and I think Luke Walton and and that the lakers as they just keep if you're hoping keep shooting you know eventually you'll get no more rhythm right now your little hesitant. Look he's shooting motion is a mess we've you know everybody's talked about that used UCLA it's different it's. You know it's too long it goes across his face all this stuff it's it's on orthodox. And he'll lead shorten that up tighten that up in the office he's likely he's got them the resources of the Los Angeles Lakers. To help him with that Brandon Ingram is a guy who worked on his shot in the offseason looks much better this year. So I think that again it'll be fine eventually and he does have double count he's got to play with confidence and he's got to attack the rim girls he's not can help the team is much you know so he does have to have that confidence again it. You've got to shoot it and and to what Lamar says a little bit is true. It's more just you got a copy as you shot take shots you can't hesitate hesitate as date and then force one now we feel like you've got no other options. But at the same time. Just knew what that guy says I mean it's you know 88 it's as now the launches on the lakers he has people around him who can give him much better vice and his father. Wouldn't you thank thank you right. Thanks trying to appreciated. Always get their size and great Ryan Phillips from the big league dot com and from assembly called dot com. Check both out particularly. Post games. For Indiana basketball go to assembly called icon best post game gone. Gal Lavar ball is nothing more than a crazy sports dad and here's the thing that I hope doesn't happen. I hope people don't mimicked. The behavior of Lavar ball. Thinking that he's doing stuff the right way because he's doing things exactly the wrong way. This is not how you are good at sports parrot there's nothing wrong with being an advocate for your kid but what you need to do. Is being an advocate for your kid in a way that the kid. Understands and learns that it's hard work that yields minutes. End it it is that kid's ability to deal with adversity. That is going to be the biggest take away for advocated. As tearsheet continues to play sports that's the deal. Jay you give big kid. The tools necessary to deal with the adversity that is always going to come like it's come for a balk rferl Alonso. That adversity is come. And it'll far. That debt if he's in the car they got to shoot the ball you back up make it if you don't take it every basketball and the world says that. Every single one of them. He couldn't say that the card was kid it to is shouldn't go around stated to a guy from Bleacher Report for God's sake Eric Pincus. You've got to shoot the bit just keep it around shot. What's your kid do his own laundry you know what I Maine and now you got a kid I don't know what happens to shoplifters in China. I'm guessing it's not good I'm guessing they don't they don't look the other way. As we do here I don't know what kind of an aide to Donald Trump is over there. Right he's in Asia many Donald Trump can intercede maybe we can send the great emissary Jimmy Clark. To China. To go prevail upon the Chinese bureaucracy. To release these three young lions. I don't know what's gonna happen but man of buzz apparent. I would've stopped a few hours ago worried about my kids shoot the basketball. Not be worried about my kid who has been arrested by the Chinese authorities.