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Friday, December 8th

Ryan Phillips of The Assembly Call. 


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Oh. And welcome back into the can sterling shows Scott Agnes filling in. And a hotline we go joined with Ryan Phillips of the assembly call and the big league dot com how you doing Brian how San Diego union. You know looking OK out so well all. All. This is certainly on high alert for that now. And devastating you're an adult or luckily we. Oh. But yet keep those people who Butler come out so now I don't audience yet. That's one of the hard things I think for a lot of us to understand here thousands of miles away it's is just talent packed full or just how serious. Those sorts of things out there are because we can't feel them directly. And he is looking seeing what happens is and Al we can coming up you're here and will not get into this hot. Good outlook who win common to all of desert. You know devastating Eagles won and I think and sure they're. Oh and who are. So quickly it spread out over a word you know certain trials and huge deficit because. Totally totally that could stop. Just got hit utilities burn themselves out so. You got a situation Al Ali declared an emergency slow hopefully people look at how big loser but. You know it's it's it's really. A couple days here Coakley did it enabled you don't achieve this. I'm curious you cover a lot being on the West Coast for wanting gives you that ability but IU. Lot of NBA obviously the NFL what do you tune through last night winning would you give your significant interest it was of the NFL. Was that the lakers Philadelphia game. But refocused. Each student now lakers go to Egypt to the scene at collected order to the last two draft. Which is really channel that at all. You know it and in not out there. You know. Which are expected it to play each other played it ain't. And look at it a lot like don't stake in their fault. So yeah a lot. Lakers should development of the free line at turtle or call it a we still in the moat that goes so Alltel all. Look at that nick and those genes at one here. And it seemed that battle for the next. You know setting year. Notes due budding rivalry be considered a mark helpful didn't know oracle though yeah. Really didn't and I'll be logical way to an individual to be played there. Or entity to deal game last night. In Belgrade an acre let up went really well. You know our local wallets to the locker uniting you repeat that. Inning. You would be shooting in that's got to get used in the Austrian. You watched have been in the week down or the week basketball. You are at the courier New Orleans can be superstar I don't know. Well legal analyst players all get out to watch. He Atlanta. The Olympic game and pellet actually you know be released. A game but a lot. And shot. Sean Payton possibly yeah shall rule it out and it's. It's not a that would now features a rivalry. Low scoring game not. You know it typical third it was a clean game. You know a lot of guys you left field injuries so. First triple or just popular media to get excited about. The house and they didn't sound that all too interested in that football game wasn't more for work related in May be having it drives and content at the vaguely or. Where was that something you're just check in on. On quite frankly for the show's allowed have something else to talk about nationally. You need you are probably aren't. If it was I want to work but. I of course that it did it or yes go on each. Contenders you know and they're division rivals and rival in general so you can edit check in in. Moved along and I mean you know there's not a few outlet New Orleans had a lot in Italy and at least up first down on nine at home yeah I mean so clearly there was. So mud there there's officiating issues going on there ain't happy you were there and and the idea that opinion and outlook headlight coming out and also look back he. You know the seats at. You'll tie game locked up in your brief strike force that Iranian and intercept the a lot. You know and so yeah expect that from him. An and I didn't feel like you're on headline that I game played at Hewlett it was the Canadian. Contest between Thursday and X hope audit that she used to be pretty typical of the person and this year. And even before. Drew Brees threw it away Dan Quinn declined the penalty so there is a couple there's a couple things and that late game situation on top of that I think they're released. Three saints offensive players that were injured in like the three minutes I was watching. Yeah there were a lot of a lot yet to get off the field immediately after the game. Even look at our data that that it vocal work I help you but it is loaded full week to prepare we don't you know. It's it's still look the I'd thought thought there's cynical all the disaster for oil companies. Out there essentially shouldn't LaBelle. Yeah he's or are recorded. You Tuesday putting it into play and you just two days he'll I mean. That's not. You know conducive to good football which is it an end and so it's usually flop because you know currently the ugly. Game only got a political orderly if you look at the niners played. A fantastic eagle but it just kill. Very efficiently send a clear technically it's a little urged it. Is it damaging the product to have that game you know until the week in prime time at a little light. I think it absolutely is the rhyme nor talk through Bryan Phillips simply call on the big league dot com. I think it absolutely is damaging it's over saturated type market but it's hard argue with the dollars and from the lead. I think that's the reasoning to it exists right because your didn't additional money from NBC from CBS. And on top of that Amazon. I know it it. It probably a money issue and it's seen any game in prime time. It'll be and I liked such and those. Oral argument are you reaching game commercialized. A ticket on point and I think we we look at residential got a weight difference between. Imaging. Products. Two getting an extra money and what is enough money you know money. And if you're actually. Rolling down the product and make people less sixty senior product so broke out like a bottom up got those decisions because it certainly empathize. HM I was gonna say I was I was because that's about forty million annually. Exactly it that's our point and if I. There's you know there is the battles that struck there. And tonight paycheck but. But the same time the teams are awful people lose interest yield big circle of interest on Sunday to Monday and we're real. Bryan Phillips of assembly called the big lead dot com with us one more thing about that. Lakers Philadelphia game which has like we did last night I was incredibly surprised by the competition level in how much fun that game actually was three months ago. I was making fun of the NBA for Clinton these two teams on national TV. So often although I understood the brand of the lakers that they post anything to their website it's the number one click thing across the leak. As it relates to the lakers. Alonso ball his decision making is obviously the big question mark because when he's rolling maybe not over thinking he is brilliant. But then there's times like with like 22 seconds left last night where he came down and threw up a three pointer that went even close. And I used caught between. You know I've got a competent at much hotter not go in and a key issue right now so what should she you know he's being pulled into direction they're actually. Right yeah is that he's not thinking you know it just reacting to the title game winning play where it. Yeah fatal stroke of the rim equal or he trooper after an anger at wide open for three and it'll it'll all. Yeah you don't you hoped to get on turtle beach it just turned twenty he played the mini is where you never leading scorer and the current orbit the trial the old. Oh because. You know typical route that inning with a shot in the ought you've got to retool I think it's important to do coming into was a year. But now I think you know if you look at what the lakers it would bring any shot they fixed that you know it. He's there at least he'll look much better. Do you or pollution is just gonna take time and effort from him. If you look at the oral skills that you could do it oh well I'm telling him you don't want to wherever you want to recount gators this. And where you deal scoring. Particularly from the outside or considerable. You know it just jittery go to your sister. You know he's been fantastic in those two areas it's usually that has been an issue if you start to get to the hoop. And it football you know put the ball on the group. With more authority I think it'll be fine at the rest the year. But yet it is a big adjustment for him and you're starting to see from time to time we are starting to see him really get discouraged and not play particularly well. This same time last night. About after the game he saw which he can bring an end why people are so excited about it and then you understand where the potential is and why he was good. Seven assisted two and a half turnovers per game not too bad for a rookie now let's turn our attention to by use of obviously the primary reason how we wanna have you on here and rule tomorrow and it's. You know it's a big game just by the commentator assignments. That have been dished out Dan Schulman. IU and willful. What kind of atmosphere Percival or are you expecting with. I'm part of this series and number two what do you see as the important mom tees Friday tomorrow. Out in in it now at night occasionally sent analyst with tumble and so right now is on top of that so I delegate. Billick and age are up there so there's they're upcoming season. And down. He it was really because billet action at the united you guys think you're right I asked about her right side. Actually sit there really just didn't I'll global India immediately it because. Q do you coaches. Knew that you know. Reeling. Tough situation for a lot of players. Dictate you know jive with the new culture to current and now let's go around. It will be used to get to thinking that we took it because it's a little. Glitter crap you are. You get and then early age didn't threaten in you know a little sort of Berkley and yeah title on the schedule that the local tribal. Out of conference on the schedule so I think it. They'll be in it then there will be obviously a little Pebble Beach and and loud and they always arsenal obnoxious but I will membership. I mean these game and it'll. I'd be needing it lost its best a date based in in Purdue and end all. Just let people come back on them and they look at the end and it looks like it's starting to get it figured out under virtual local and or. It would with Archie in an anti and it can beat up and down situation or seek. Is it wrong to think of not only every IU game now moving forward this season is trying to get everybody on the page under new coach and also. Agassi as a little bit of approving point every single game for a meal anchored the only guy they're really going after hard in this 2018 class. No I think that's fair I think it would you wanna see it disappear crew like like Romeo. Do you wanna see a team improving under new coach I think if you speak about it. You don't care about the record you don't care about. Necessarily the result you wanna see how to act in there and how can be next year or like kids are getting better if he'd. Making those guys that are that they get better when I show up and luck if you look at the Indiana State game and then you look at the Iowa game and you look at everything in between. I think it is this team that demonstrably better in that exponentially better and they're really only missing one thing I think that's outside shooting. You know you've seen a lull in the air against Michigan obviously the first apple all fall date immediately repair at a much better second half. Duke game they were told until duke who is I think by for the emerging in the country. A rhetorical than the entire night. So we'll see I think it. Yeah apple for Romeo at this point is of any situation actually in Portugal can make guys better and their ilk. But the guy like wait for that or reading you don't go to college get better and you aren't sure what the special idol to order these people on. But you know the main element for a guy would back a futures can I get better and this guy. And your humility I can't make guys better work. And regardless of where he goes if he continues down that path. We all expect him I think to go to the NBA. Dot Bahrain where he goes it doesn't really I you know because the Kentucky because the Kansas he goes I you. I think he's going down that same path regardless but we won't see him I wouldn't expect at the game Saturday because he has his own game. Part of the tip off classic. And I you know I think that Romeo. He did the recruiting he. He did measures to area it'll. Eat right get the sense that you can sit back well. Maybe not chill out and he did it strike you got to want to deal yet but getting all hope for people. Constantly. You know he's top editors. He beat Purdue and you know I mean because he draws so much attention I think we'll outspoken and she didn't and they sit back or potential gains. How they do and and see how things happen. This weekend the colts are at the buffalo and right now the bill are looking for. Fans or anyone dealt shovel snow and giving free tickets and money. If the conditions are what we expect Ryan say 25 degrees. Snow following maybe snow already in the seats do you have any interest in attending that game even if he can get in for free as I know I don't. Absolutely. That I aside I think it's great to watch a couple bullet beauty. But I like being able walked in my kitchen and get the victory. Org and it'll be co triple. And I think it. Everybody should do that I've done it before the outsiders though watchful or I. I've done it force so I I I feel like that in. She thought I did that tonight one I do not. Yeah I'd I don't ever want to do and it was without alcohol didn't help that situation quite. My I I have no I mean I think if rubles are all. If your our policy particularly game yeah I like going to games and it's well but. It's much more of of her inexperience on television anyway 200 priests in the world when the weather's like that. Yeah no doubt at all that's that's my preference I rarely go to a game messed that there. Through that very reason right at presage join in the showed today in the other good week and what can we expect coming up at 6 o'clock with a simply call radio. Well we are weaker global game of course we actually had or leaders. All right let's O'Neal on call. That they yeah I got a bit of about older conversation about on the battle the pack line defense what do you do this constantly etiquette and a lot of three this year in our. That we should expect that to promote here soon. Eagle the constitutional post and you know how Indian and is working much more to post and what are doing to make apt. Sort of teaching discussion if you care about older I I had a lot of follow it. And then also eat take out listener question where shall your outlook are an extra that. Assembly call on Twitter about the debt in question date on the weekend we will literally here. Have a great week in Bryant. That's Brian Phillips of the assembly called simply call radio and the big lead dot com covered at all lakers daily NFL. John Payton when he did out there what he maybe didn't do. That was questionable and that of course IU facing rule tomorrow afternoon down in Kentucky goals five in two. I game all air nationally on ESPN. Dan Schulman Jed analysts on the call and Farai use this is their fourth game over a difficult. And extremely difficult five game stretch duke Michigan Iowa little hole Notre Dame I said as they could come out with two wins out of that stretch. Considering down this group in under new staff and more to would be good. And this is a good opportunity for them ahead of next week's crossroads classic where Indiana faces Notre Dame and bankers life field house where for what ever reason. I used this not played well historically or back a decade. Something about bankers life field house does not gel well how would the hoosiers at all despite typically. Eighteen about 70%. Remain current some.