Ryan Osborn

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, November 10th

Ryan Osborn, Head Coach of Carmel High School Boys' Basketball.


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Back applicants throwing shows CBS sports 1432 game day for Indiana Indiana taken on Indiana State we're down here at Simon's got assembly hall. Looking forward to see in the hoosiers in and a couple of weeks. We're gonna look forward is seen some high school basketball and really it's a little bit less than a couple weeks. Today we continue our tour great high school basketball programs in the state. With the karma grey hounds in their new coach Ryan Osborn I don't coach. I'm doing great carrier I could not be better what is the biggest difference for you between the cherry used to sit in over there in the chair you're sitting in now. Cook. I don't think I can lift that the couple it it's it's been and it's definitely been changed for me. The idea. How how quickly everything has gone. I decisions that have to be made on a daily basis is obviously a little bit different. So little that he used at that chair and sit back and say hey let's get that irritate we can't do that right when you're sitting here and you can hear that you're the one making the decisions is. Get a lot more things the second daughter think about things a little bit longer. It's all the different. And you really don't have appeared group right I mean as an assistant you got guys that you and the other assistants didn't go out being talked when you're the head coach Andy he got you got nobody. Think nobody wants to talk to nobody wanted to go have dinner and nobody's afraid anymore now though they're. You donated and it says it is it is a little bit different to that we do you have a great staff and Lou Lou we're pretty close yeah we think we all understand that this could take all of us to be successful it. Talking to Brian Osborne di do head coach over it. Staff that they're used to this. You know there's so a lot of I would say the intangibles. I did beat around 46. Years. It as a coach you'll really put in the forefront he's really don't think about. The flight. Practiced composed and how how quickly when you get things little detailed in practice. When to stop of them and when to hold accountable. Disappear out of veteran coach like Scott. I've had a lot of success who is different places. I could have did better on the news. Is not called saint. Had some success himself. It was. Invaluable Italy. He is quite a salty fellow sitting up in the bleachers yelling that the tentacles that yes it does like why. Did a superb never look. Have you ever looked up there Bob and exactly why that is there like a big great round of that. How scripted are your practices begin your practices. We try to keep him pretty script and we we try to dig deeply held we meet before practice starts coaching staff since. Teddy Teddy and bring up the stuff that that we need to work content. On the transition girl quit and he felt they got started didn't collect I think he did hear that the expectations could ground work is displayed. Are we try to continue that. Are practicing trying to state that faced. I love the same time trying to get a lot of stuff and especially early season. You know what it's I've always found this hobby is it. Tell me funds followed dean sir Earl Y by an organized practice means there's an organized coach. And because you've got organized practices you're gonna have an organized team. I hope so that's that's our hope absolutely do hold accountable we do that stuff it has to get done. Let me go back and look at our notes every day for the last six years and I try to come up with a plan where we feel like Decatur going to be challenged. Eleven mile put into things that are going to be useful for us it's beginning of the year. Irons and those who want to allow the staff full look at me like a crazy or change something that he and they really do that yet. And that's why we have. Quite important and do we have guys that we do around here. You know it's interesting bit the difference between high school scheduling in college scheduling. There's no tiptoeing into the schedule for you guys Susan are you guys are at this time so that at LC Pendleton heights. They can always I mean guys just everybody opens with guns blaze and any hope he gets ready on November 21 strike. Hit it unbelievable moneyweek we go to practice and we shall go to most days about our effort and how we practice in that kind of thing and then. Uggla he's some pins in the and they talk about it into the area. And the points they're coming back for each team and it's like thirty point here in forty point there are important but you just put you can player here all the Al. I go back and look at our stat is a completely. We lost our leading scorer and our leading rebounder and while remembering back and poll point. Kicked. Back so that within. The the competition in the area of believable. Don't that's a great things for your kids though you're kids come back and they say hey. We saw a sixty point somebody's gonna have to put the ball in the bucket that's going to be made. He was accurate except they can also be a problem yet again we're we're trying to. Well its own won't talked able. He's. This one person thinks you're gonna replace those points in the league we have another day on the and so far they've been pretty good. I have zero complaints. On the day's work feel like. We are a little bit more selfish than others I don't think the practically goes well. I'm Brit deep down they understand. The importance of of what was done in the past and how it played in an outlook horrible that played in the heaven some success. To Enron and Osborne head basketball coach at Carmel high school they opened the season and it signs bill on November 21. So let me ask you this question. Is you sit on the bench if you watch your team are right in this obviously this translates to when you're an assistant. And if you got a bad shooter on the floor. And he knocks down his first shot from about 22 feet the victim to cold shivers go down your spine knowing that their kids get a jacket up another time it's. Didn't get that but I think you have somebody on the silver. But this guy I take a minute are you excited that this. It's like everybody turns it it not to throw this guy under the bus and everybody turns Adelaide Stephenson right. I think you had to make what you think you're gonna make it all you yet it longer they don't do that if they don't. I think one of the it's sort of a double high school doesn't expect a fellow world are you optimistic we've got to. Keep they got a horrible. It they have competition in the Tucker but he keeps a lot of socialists. Our objective realistic again. On the roster and you liked. You know we have we even had some better. We will advocate that we lost some key players from last year good news headlines we've got the job Michael. Mullen extend. I'm looking kid it's just been silent increasing and even go back into this summer he work has gone off and he wants to be good and now that you look at often must be good but he great teammate. He's very unselfish. And that it hard to find. Stated date probably hardest worker. And then I think that makes this better. Other outside we have really good group of seniors. I'm closing could start force last year it's pulling content also been very good try and step into leadership role. Below the more vocal practice. Rounds and in. Jalen lack crew started also started force last year. Moves I've looked like twelve or best defenders in. That one of those guys you know he can put somebody lineup and you feel like they just stabilizing. And in he's one of those guys were evil Google to the other team's best player he'll make extra pass and he's not that he's not a big guy. He takes a shot to get into on the rebounds as the he tries to make plays for other people and he's not afraid to get dirty on the defense is that he's so. Easy he's. He's obviously a very important. Wolf for us this year to look to other seniors and Eddie Gill and and Alex Jackson who has been critical or. In the dugout and seeing the junior class and Lou kitty. Who came in last year he did a year thought. I didn't phenomenal job filling in started only getting that shot in the term this game and he's just one of those players and you. Gotten in your own Bobble in life you learn how to play yup learn how to do a polite way in just another. We're currently eight. And try to make other people better but he'd get that he understands it and we've got into relatively non Jews who grown who's going over the summer. He actually. Broke his elbow and achieving high gain last year. And didn't play for the rest of the season. But had a good summer and it has gotten older and stronger and I think I think he's not quite typical forced him. Tiger Ryan I was born head basketball coach carb high school they get going on November 21 at signs though. You talked about leadership and every time I talked to a high school coach were set around. That leadership almost always comes up and we'd discuss whether you can teach your kid to be a leader or whether leadership just emerges from some kids in which do you think. I think he can learn it I really do. In in being here with. Some some pretty good players and really good leaders have always felt like. Of the younger kids can have been very fortunate. To play with those guys and I mean you can go back. Five years when I'm big guard earned in my global equity and what we've seen. Vocal guy he's been in the guys in. Held people accountable and more we'll pay you talk about that that leadership and and what do they do hopefully those guys on the floor that can be an extension of you. And in those young players who were able to play him at that includes England on the line is that equal opportunity right client who. A place with those guys and and they understood and learned how to leak. And then when you come back to it could this year and sterling brown who was in the group leader for last year at Malcolm in the next class. Well yes and basketball players to understand the game and wanna be good in and they work hard to. And so that leadership is trying to fall for a sweep tonight we work to try to capture that. If that makes any sense. We would try to keep it isn't in and hopefully those guys pickup on and so far. They have in were pretty happy with Prague. You know Michael bullet Vick was a kid who I watched you guys play in the state championship game against cathedral. And it's so my kid was helping out with cathedral at that point. For her and I thought it so I'm watching you guys warmup and I watched like the first two minutes of the game and I thought oh. This is not going to be good for the fighting Irish because they're I don't know whether cardinals got the best player on the fourth but they sure as hell have the toughest. And Hillary if they're gonna win this game they're gonna have to do it over the top of Michael Bolton accused just a tough as nails kid money. Yet you're exactly right he did he was one of those kids that you know you are very comfortable. In any kind of game situation if he had the ball yup. In that he had a couple breaks out for a earlier that year. And I think maybe one year before where did he talk about learning something I'm not sure that's learned. Trait that something that Michael old I just had it and we could have and who can't hit that ordinary year. It's eighty you know what you invest all their time and effort that kid. And then I think well. Andy and you think man I sure would like to like Pettitte got back what we stuck it to their kid was really good stuff and if he could just come back and let it be great. Right you yeah. Even at that you don't want to come back a couple of players just a couple days off pretty and interact with the practice with a little bit. Well from the rubble. No he lose the media I'd be even into the great kid and unbelievable that school player and that in that. Additionally success he's blowing left here and the successes he had afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys thanks for taking the time Ryan. Great thanks so much early on I really appreciate it absolutely great Brian Osborne brand new head coach McConnell taken over for Scott heady who's now the coach at Mary new university. In tanning cardinals always fun to watch because cardinal. Is always well coached under Scott Eddie always while coast I think Brian Osborne is gonna bring a lot of that same mode Joseph to the grey hounds. And severity. There on Friday night out if you are lucky enough to have a wife. Who loves high school basketball. Carmel high school as a place where you wanna spend some winter nights and one in particular. Is going to be December 16 when New Albany comes to visit. Romeo Lankford New Albany we talked Romeo instead yesterday ten. Found out some things about Romeo I know him a little bit and so it's gonna be fun to watch the entire city of New Albany. Caravan optic horrible to watch AK the last time. What was it two years ago right New Albany came up to carnal. And Mandy is like half the gym do Albanians how about them apples. But out Ryan Osborne really did do did not day you looking forward to watching him. And in his team. There's going to be I get all goose bumpy when I think about high school basketball we're only eleven days away. From cardinals opener at signs they'll.