Ryan Cline on how he has expanded his game and what to expect from Purdue this season

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, July 11th

Ryan Cline on how he has expanded his game and what to expect from Purdue this season.


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We're working. Yeah. And I must end their Labonte and all and I think it's gonna get him better to talk about that. The other great graduate of Arnold high school and junior now a dirty and integrate Brian I'm Brian. I'm doing ray you are. Actually (%expletive) or. One of the great things in count as. Grand Ole. Her. I think you would likely otherwise never. Absolutely I'm on record in last year and as well we'll get to Atlanta getting lobbying and they're really going to go to logical place. And there at least not the reps you get to play your alma mater carnival high school again Canadian has seen it like you're on Internet blog carnival. You come back. But I brought it on not a lucky. You know it and it went in another summit cited you know Obama and and I downtown. You know on my outlook. John Ridley college career. Or even a year. I'm. I I'm not. I'll look forward to you know to this tournament and you know went our keynote on people ala. Artwork and you know being hellish about it in my game man. Notice. A lot of like her and I. Ended. I'm a man to score right away. You know to make them much so I'm. On I'm confident and one of the top of the at. That's a party late in the ball analog or. On being on this is not in my. It was able on again you and round. Com. I might say thank you want again and tell me I'm wrong. And make him a really really good problem. What does when nobody bought and he couldn't tell what he does when nobody out and by the way bill body and Colombian. Real early and in can't do and greater into a big part of L hot guy. I don't do that I'm not limited what do our day and that's I don't want to make him right. Yeah actually I. I always. Try to stay I never been around first networks are. And my card is in the jam. Eight hours a day Ali you know working on body around and and a man and no one else do there's no money down. Shooting today and he always great shooter from the time he early like around her aunt and great shooters always great call you Ellen great golf to be a great shooter are going to be at all because I did in Qaeda. And I ordination deal. You're really really counted attic how much and edit in need to marginally. And this is on deck. Well you know it. Up and they're likely gonna get better on diet but do not yet and work. On the I learned a lot from from day yet again on how how it worked really they often do. On I'm and obviously. I I want to. A lot better than RTM and that there's there's those are met and known to anyone especially in the country Michael. Chinese hi hey I gonna take a long long long time and I would you bring movies you believe. Would you brand will you bring a watch on their fight to China I had. As Clinton tonight I really don't know what do I. You know hopefully not done some on the or at what they are very. And I I probably hit. It actually. You're good lead on our our. Obviously we're very anemic auto output anytime anywhere you mankind had a little rattled drag would you. Movie. Do you view had to watch it tonight Ryan you watch a movie. A movie movie would you want a labor movement. I allowed looks a lot older should try my. Got an idol can't fly. Movie I would got a illogical and again I cannot. You Ryan and I tell you get the car hi all there early. On. Like going to be on. Read crime at the time you. Ryan declined. Graduate Harbaugh hi how do during his junior year. College. We don't want college career. And that seemed. Completely or to a remote. Current height and width that he white blood and not Brian cline. Leadership really really unusual high school up.