Ryan Carr, Pacers Director of Player Personnel

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, October 3rd

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Economic Kent sterling chose CBS sports 1430. With the director of player personnel for the Indiana Pacers great Ryan Carr I don't and doing great. What do you root in Jew who is scams really interesting to me. But I don't like I can lock into a gym and watch guys and I think that that scouting but it's a little bit different. Well probably depends on. What you're looking for do you know what level as well so. I think dangerous team part of what we do is taken a player you know period talk about the draft. While he's playing you know collegiate Leo or internationally. You know wherever they are. And trying to. Trying to you know project how they'll do and an NBA game which is totally different than either one of those two settings so. So probably more than anything. That is is probably the biggest challenge. How much is physical attribute measurable physical attributes verses psychological makeup. And what that they fit culture that you're trying to build great which is valued more. All of them. A hundred you know hey if you could to have that they're all a 100% important. You know there's no perfect player there's no perfect person so. You know you end up having to compromise. Here or there. On those different things you know. That skill level left lettuce schism IQ whatever. But you're trying to you know you're you're trying to get the highest. Level all of those just matter of weight given take what you may be looking for what you need. Is you go into a gym or your scouts go into a jam and they're evaluating a guy. There's an evaluation as to whether they're going to be pacers are not that there's also an evaluation if they want to paean opponents. How early on do you start building that kind of evaluation. So we can they're certain high school events that we can go see where we get our our first looks internationally there's. Little lower age tournaments you know under sixteen is probably about as as young as as we go and see but. No weakness as early as we are allowed to go see guys play we go and start you know start evaluate and start. You know finding out about them Mother's Day you know there's evaluation on the court but there's all the intelligence and and kind of background that you do off the court so. You know it you're trying to build that as early as you can't and you know the rules are nineteen years old. You know some of these players may go to college one year they may not go to college here. You're really having did to try to get as much. Both on and off the court as you can and you just can't miss an opportunity as soon as you are able to do it. As the years the guys are mandated they need to spending country go international does that really help your process. As far as evaluating these guys given that extra years data. Absolutely every every. Every amount of time that you know whatever whether it's a year two years whatever it definitely helps you feel like. You can make a projection with a little more certainty than. You know than doing. You know. Nothing so every little bit that you can build into that. Database. Definitely helps him try to Ryan Carr director of player personnel for the Indiana Pacers had to get into this. Well. You know it's it's catalogs or give you the cliff notes I was really fortunate grouping in Seattle. And had some great coaches whatever. When it came time to go to college. High school teammate of mine his grandfather actually owned by basketball's. Had a relationship with coach Knight. And I will I was tests for sure done playing high school. And but I want to coats I had reached out to all all kinds of college coaches. You know write letters and and trying to figure out where I can go to school to learn to coach. And through that connection and ink and the manager. Program that coach Knight added Indiana. Ended that worked out was able to come outside UN workers astute manager for him for four years got done with there. Did some. Did some stuff after I graduate trying to get it GA spot in college to work out ended up a year later Larry Bird gets tired as a coach with pacers. Denver is looking for video and turn self. That's a big part of what we did it value was video breakdowns and had a chance intern there I got hired full time and then actually got to go back to college. Whet my appetite for coaching as an assistant at Texas El Paso for four years and coincided then Larry came back to run the team and Brownback and that's where the scouting part of it came in and where I've been on since 2003. How much of scouting in your world and haven't played high school I've worked with coach Knight. How much is eyeballs. Looking at stuff and how much is kind of money ball stuff and politics yet you know they analytics grows and we have we have a couple great. Guys on staff full time that are always always look and analytically. You know baseball. You know the money ball they found one specific thing that they can block on. And baseball's a bunch of one on one yet the pitcher to hitter the hitter it's a fielder fielder Philip so there's there's probably more. Kind of one on one things where basketball you guys not only the ten players on the court you got three officials you've got a lot of different. Lot of different variables but we're we work really hard to see if we keep you know what can we say what can we do and how to mesh it. You know the days of saying nine analysts that are are long gone. And it's it's him valuable valuable tool we use it in the draft to try to project certain things we'd we use it for free agency and trades and all that stuff every. Everything we do. You know important part of it is analytics and but it's also very important. To see what you see you know and and and to have and to be a decipher that and fit that into what we're looking for here is Kevin more or less analytical than Larry. You know I don't think it's it's. You know at least early days of Kevin here hasn't changed much I think our processes there in terms that are gonna stay pretty. Pretty. You know the same Kevin. Kevin has been a proponent of analytic since he became general manager here you know 56 years ago so. As we go forward I think it you know I know it'll continue to reach a huge spy added it's it has been and will be an important part of what we do would you learn about basketball from Bob Knight. Geez. Is like taking a doctor class every day I mean. You know I just I was just sent home in my parents house says look conferred. Like notes that I had taken I'd love to go back in and Steve as a got to find those but you know every day to be at practice with. A guy news. I mean that what he could see on the floor and recall. Our members are images where guys would be going up and down. And India and he'd stop that and he'd he'd correct something that just happened right them but then ago. You know I'd go back to the before then them trip before that and you know his his is the way it what he sighed retained. Ms. something that I'll never I'll never. You know BO to do that is you know he was he was a some bond he would you know coaching and and the good bad whatever he was you know the basketball. Remember the different coaching clinics you do and we'd be demonstrate their do whatever I remember going worthless coaching closed on you know why would you do what he says like he had. Such great reasoning for differs motion offense in the way he set up his defense and in all that AJ I mean. You know he you don't win that many games by accident. And it was. He was it was a gift to via the spent four years there it's kind of a shame that what people remember him as his brain and doesn't necessarily equate with a left of genius. Well like yeah I mean now all that's well documented and and you know nine Gannett. You know give into on as as as a you created. Who really was in love with basketball. And wanted to to coach and somehow. You know figure out a way to have a career and it as a five foot 700 whatever pan kid. It there is there is. There is no better thing that I could have done I've I would argue it was it was better for a future career in basketball than. It would have been playing. Just because. You know I've wasn't worried about myself I was just getting to watch and learn you know as he as he coached those guys and and a lot of those guys were guys there from. You know continue to be you know great friends and and others definitely. You know brotherhood and camaraderie between a lot of us that. That is there's really been a huge huge part of my life and you know I was fortunate to be a part of this site to site here I mean it's been the same thing have been. In professional sports you don't opting get a chance to be somewhere so long and I've really grown up here. And you know from Larry title. Kevin in a different coaches that have come through Rick Carlisle and to Carter and now these are these different guys that have come through. And just trying to sell everything I can't out of them I mean I don't think there's anybody in here that thinks they know everything. The great part of it is. You know other great bass while people come in and you learn from each of the moment and hopefully I've gone to a point now where you know that I can do you know. I can contribute to that and not just the you know not just the young guy anymore trying to soak it in now now I have guys that I'm. Overseen. You know that I'm trying to develop and teach just like I was lucky enough for these these guys. You know to do Meehan and it's really important. Was there a moment when that switch flipped. And in instead of sitting there at the conference table and pick one out. That's really cool okay what Donnie said that's really cool and all of a sudden you're like okay I'm here yellow it's interesting because when I was a video intern. I'd put together. You know trying to cut ups and highlight tapes not just highlights the breakdown tapes of of all the draft guys and so I've. One night this was probably like in nineteen there's would've been like 1998 draft. I go up and I just wanna sit in and listen and Donny is always in his always great about. Latin people in and listen and whatever some sin and Armenia billing Daiei Menendez. Mel Daniels Donnie different scouts. And and their talking about players and he looks or his right what do you think acts my response was. Donnie I'm not sure that I could give a great opinion goes well it you know continue putting out didn't you make all these tapes. And I go yeah egos within you've seen you know you've seen as much as these guys you know make an ally brought it. And and so to go from there it's you know I remember 2009. Being named director of scouting and you know. In a 2010 draft and all the sudden I'm the one that's you know mean to organize and run those meet those kinds of meetings and and I think probably probably then it kind of switched or you're just ideologies and then. You know I take the responsibility. You know very seriously and it's really important to me it's to make shear. That we aired as prepared as we can be and in whatever facet juror after. Otherwise. Him to build to make sure we can make the best decisions and and for layer you know Kevin and and it's you know it's. Had definitely. And thankful and honored the dead day. Trust me to do it and you know my delist and to never let them you still love it. I love it it's gotten harder the travel you know with young kids and in all that but this is you know it a great place where if I need to be home for something to schedule around he makes your home deceived you know you're kids there. Or whatever but. Do you mean that the the travel has got a little. You know. Little more difficult over the years are different things but but in. You know the tip goes off at 707. Or seventy and then. It's a lot of fun to be to be watching you know wherever I am I'm watching you know. Great basketball. Do you spend more time watching and horror are you able to watch your own games hurried to busy doing other stuff you have find time to do both it's I mean. You know most of the time all Albie. Watching other games but it's very very rare that I don't. That I don't watch a game that we play though I mean we have great technology that allows us to. Two watches or maybe later that night or the next day on the plane or whatever but obviously for me. And our staff to do our jobs well we have to have a pulls on what our own teams doing so. Yeah we we always finds its a lot of lot. From basketball. Tiger Ryan Carr and director of player personnel for the pacers that is so you mentioned the 2010 draft. Paul George taken tenth rate overall and then lands taken 41. Something like okay. What made those two guys stand out in that drafted you feel like boil point as it drafts going on. I hope nobody else knows what we know about Paul George yeah I mean we you know you. In something like that Paul Paula Fresno state was. Certainly not the players he has become he had so many tools. His blank and atlantis' enemies he's created. He put in time few words. So you know the boxes checked for is it you know his his outward projection. And you know we we don't draft however you wanna look at higher low you know we don't Jaffna lottery often. And so. Would that would the other available guys there I mean Paul definitely had the biggest upside of any of them any. He he fit a lot of what we wanted to do. When it what we wanted in the young players to develop and get better and and to Powell's credit he worked hard and and and got better and better. With Lance you know we had him on the upper tier of talent it was. Yeah it's certainly wasn't his basketball. Talent we had some some vigorous debates. You know in terms of how we shoot how it seemed should use him and him be more. Effective. Oh and one of our stance Kevin MacKey had been at a practice. Where he he saw him really with a ball it was a whole different player than than the rest at time when news he played without the ball. So we go you know those types of things we talked about it have to figure out you know how well Harry use a player in agony use and to restraints then. You know what uses the sense to have you're not doing yourself or him. As you know. A solid so. You know attacked a lot about that. You know there there were. You know he grew up it and you know kinda a U world and there's a lot of and in town that we work that we had done on him we found. We felt like we knew. What. You know what he was delivering to the table and what kind of things we probably wouldn't help omelet and we're committed to do it layer means and Larry was committed to so when he is available at forty. You know for us in the second and we felt like you know that was by far the most talented player on the board. Let's do it like we we knew we felt like we news. You know we we had. That outline of the plan. We would need to do to bring you know and every young guy TJ leave EK you know you take it back to last year. The last strapped with all these young kids need to have a planned for a site and develop them on and off the court. And get him to be where you want him to be and where they're capable of in one day so anyway with plants. Did that and you know he's he's played. Phenomenal force over the years do you have a plan. At the moment you draft indeed develop the plan prior to name and kids yeah I think it's important to know what you need to plan for. You need to have you need to say a Beazer. You know and for each kid it's different by it you know hey here's the things that we need to develop. On the court and off the court we have great stats you know Carl Daniels and Karen Backus and you know player development do a great job. You know really fostering the stuff off the court along with our whole front office and we dollar. Our invested in all these guys so. You know whether it's health and its Josh core Biel and and his staff whether it's you know whatever it is. You know you definitely have gone through all that and understand. You know what. What you need to do going forward there's a lot of time a lot of effort by a lot of people. You know. Do everything he can't help but again be successful. Talking to Ryan Carr director of player personnel for the pacers. It is their draft pick where you did that stands out. Is that guy the Indy you're thinking man this cat connections dropped this year and a guy you want a kitten yeah I mean Danny Granger is the one that comes to mind. The most he's he was using cute at that time that we now Toronto is gonna pick and you know I think. It staying back now figures picked six politics. And you know Danny didn't have boo hoo hoo hoo hoo and was there. And now we felt really strongly about him and weird you know we're really excited really excited that he guy he got there and ended up obviously been a great player forests. Is there ever a moment where you state where you can turn it off because I'm guessing you. Got to where you are by working your brain's not working really really hard. In your thinking OK what do I left and done what have I left on done. And and itty eat a lot of people carry a list and OK I'm putting aside the list and I'm gonna go home and unplug. It is tough time unplug and Ed doesn't really happen I think for short spurts I mean if I am. Doing something in my six year old daughter that I need to do like I'm you know drill on her on. Hey you know this strengths and weaknesses he had not and not at that moment but but there's certainly the phone's always there. And yet just like you said like I wasn't great player. I'm fortunate to have to be where I am because a lot of great people. And I'll always we'll be like now like I'm I'm always thinking in net. You know I've I've got to do more because of some of those things and you know so yet and hasn't hasn't happened yet or I've gotten tired of it there anything I just. Nudges you want the team to do well and it all comes down to that it's it's every day during all of that. Plane high school basketball on high school athletic some big proponent of athletics as far as the life lessons that they teach. What did you get out of playing basketball other your love of basketball would you get from playing high school basketball that served you really well here. Failure having having to deal with you know I've I was. You know no good I mean I would I I nobody nobody work nobody works harder than me but I was I was little and all but. You know working towards goals. Having to work with others who who may be different thing you. And and religious I think just failing like. You know so many times like wanting to do so well and just not being able to and having to work through that and fight through it. You know in my mind it. I'm just built this way like I don't remember a whole lot of the whole Lotta the gray like I'm not a guy who celebrates a lot but I do remember. The times in my life where I've been frustrated and felt like I've failed. And and that to me has been more important on how it's. You know how to hopefully do that lesser test to make any mistakes and Chad and Kevin could probably run down the list them for but you know just just try to make lesson lesson never mcsame wants wise. And and so that that's kinda how I motivated in my mind and and so yeah hopefully that helps we'll be organized and I can be more organized in the guide in my job with the 29 other teams that we can be more on top and I can be eaten our guys that are out. We're being more efficient. Then you know hopefully weakened we can be those guys because it's every day is competitive and have a lot of good friends who work in other teams but I will you know I wanna beat them and that's you know on my way I mean I'd be out their score and baskets but you know with what my responsibility is going to be better than. Your sons claim mask on he's good shooter we see amount to shoot and all the time he's good shooter. EED. How would you like his experience. In basketball to be different from yours. But I hope he's not as hard on himself as I was and I had I had you know I grew up with a unrealistic. Expectations for myself. You know I. The one thing that I'll always I find special and I had I don't know if he realizes it now but I. But one that the coolest things. Then I get to experience assumed a lock into the jam and he gives that he gives LA area high five or something hey mister letters and smile like. You know like I would've you know I grew up in Seattle Nate played. You know I went and ate bass while camp as a kid that and and so I remember that. So it's you know just for him says tests soaking in and enjoy it there's no expectations game the great players Mike he's my kid but. I sure hope he loves it enjoys and and learn some of the stuff. You know kind of life lessons I did and then just enjoys silken you know beer around here and and you know and is and his humble that's that's my biggest thing thank you Ryan I appreciate it.