Robbie Hummel on retiring from basketball

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, October 4th

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And another one goes to the dark side great Robbie Hubble retiring from basketball and joined the Big Ten network. Become part of their basketball. Cadre of analysts tight don't Robbie. Are you can. I am absolutely fantastic odd number one congratulations. Number two why age does network for you right now why retired now. You can sit there it has been covered for awhile I think this winner. Just going through the season I was in must go. Play for a team that should continue to pileup there at the senior product team that. He's fed where they were the Minnesota Timberwolves general all of a couple aren't Germans have earned actually we them. Really. Really good American players but it it just you know or to our our coach repair. You do for activity there was there was speculation and if you look. A legend in the European basketball and let's just our our every time all walks of huddle right lie like this. You. Always it was comical. But just from for perspective of street the way he treated people. I'll let players coaches record this and people are loose doing the work policies. Capone Mexico artsy recruit these ago. In the playoffs. It was his atrocities and so. I sent nude I was gonna do this I want about it where it hired an agent. Com for broadcast during. It's obvious that about agents so yeah democracy here total vote. You know I'm not sure what I'm gonna do if you go to work and you can split view which are I'll make a decision there. And we'll Sandra has some pretty bureaucracy all black series terrible person in Jerusalem and register and turn it down Spain. Won't see that is the opportunity to play good. Immediate just wasn't worth it especially at the TV set to materialize into the history and it because now our situation. Soul I thought it was the best time. Remained in talking to my parents and some people around in the streets a mile coaches. They're very good point you know how would you feel it and into your into play in Europe law stopped. On what you have to be active and I'd like beat it more upset about it this year. So it it was just too mean it was the right time and obviously. I look like vast all right Ali is well. Problem is that the toughest part is walking away when you hold still can't play it's an opportunity to play you ask me. You know. In school would you be excited about this career if you pick two years at a local or did you really excited me. Constructing your club display and opened the Purdue. You know I had no idea that I can play an MBA but I think once I got Kook. This particular change my first year I'll know all Robertson freshman and started out way better you know I had the the program may that you're a lot of respect for the disk or yes. I'm guessing that your health is good which is great you know you get some battles at Purdue with health and and if you go out on your own sword. In this way and it's not a health related thing I'm really relieved to hear that. And now I can still play Monday and Wednesday and appeared Chicago. Yeah. It's. It's OK now I think it's just again I would have thought I'd play for ten or twelve. I just a helpless struggle with the whole European deal to me. Upper line to play in the fortunately burn in the it's silly right so I want to play in the NBA that the only conjecture. Mean even though that basketball at our level and it's good. It was difficult for me especially upload them MBA here Spain that our rookie year I was building to the NBA I doubt it means to get there so I was. I enjoyed that probably more so than the other two. And play in the NBA. It's like I was playing junior worked basketball you don't really did it because. You're currently in games Russia where there were terrible teams that were really bad and Natalie. History. I was armor plane attempting to myself. I hope he would crush the tees way way. And there was army to go from Garnett got through. It. Not on mine I'm gonna get torched every dude league really. And you know on shows like I can legitimately and try to federally sand beaches by. You look at the top there of the Chaka. Artie is camped. Locomotive mostly people here are. It's like soccer. And I have about financial standpoint those two teams that have nurtured. Yeah did talking to Robbie Hubble of course from Purdue and Zell prays always have spiking and then back before then you were Zell pulled out of viper of course. And our a an NBA veteran as well as some guys in your high school class a members of that Indy an all star team from 2007 Zach Kahn John Ashworth. A ban bots of one of those guys have gone into coaching why broadcasting and act coach. If your question end those all that successful. And so I just think it always scared. Enjoyed. Like messing around as an announcer elect Mitt alerts. Visit the senate select crowd in Italy I get bored make these state announcing that he doesn't look very early. Like dubbed voices over on some of the stuff that's Smart Alec like the view that are. So I've also noticed that. Been drawn to a couple as a cold and really Jordan watch even my YouTube video so. It was in the NBA I did the sportscaster U. It's like it should per program they have worked course. And it's Syracuse university for two days. And use it and you know two days. Bil of they went about it I'd really like I really enjoyed donuts so that sort of edit their second tier or third NBA players so that camp and chart of Virginia. On the university Purdue is camp this and called those games. Does that really like. Milan got hurt there are less room my shoulder dislocated my shoulder and had to call into the Camilla every step out. And I got to the studio and I really enjoyed it it was still is you know. I think playing at the ultimate thrill if you look up that Tom. You you come up to an arena like a year or something or whatever marriage. 60000 people are going at bat of the draw rush you know that's some of the ever be replicated. But if you're doing TV. And now like goes on. You know there there could be a million people want to get out of you can do your homework. Or you do your or. Some pressure argued there where did you kind of feel that it's not the same it's never going to be the thing. Did your Russia. Our play of the game and covered last year where I counted there of a hundred Ortiz. Well. I come in here anyway. One of those deals where like you know. I think coaching there are still an opportunity for me to do stuff on the road yeah always an interest in broadcasting. But you never now I think McLeod standpoint. Obviously with the game right now you're seeing that there are some things happen that would be difficult to deal. You know all about more and more. Some weeks a month by. But from recruited standpoint there's some there are some tough stuff going on there any group out of the way. From NBA perspective I think. Trojan is a pretty good deal I think if you can get it whether there scene and do it it's great but also. You know first global catalog at Indiana and he's not the coach in the right. Oh right a lot. Mentioned there's stability and it went over but I think. For right now Iowa really wanna give this TV thing shots think that I have a chance to be pretty well it. Tired Robbie Hubbell who is now and he's retired from Basque always taken a job with the SPN. As well as with the Big Ten network and in Canada analysts like here's what you're gonna do great. And in this is why Dan dockets and has always been great. Is your going to be. Verbally adroit enough to be able to communicate in eight to ten seconds. What normal people would take like 45 seconds to describe injury you're gonna be you're going to be positive got a great sense of humor. I think I think I I can't and it'll take some time back with Dan. Always thought they had a really good announcer just because he'd make complex. Basketball as you as he breaks them down and he can give them to a few words it's now eight to translate to went there. And it makes sense you know he explains why they're guarded ball screen that in that situation in late in term. But also make it entertaining. In front for the viewer to lift and do so I've always really thought there is really good. What he does so it'll be interesting it'll be an adjustment. I'm sure it will be some growing pains that but I. Roy do report to your work or still in the game of basketball and the look talk about sport due to do it at a level warrior in the accent also gay so that's pretty awesome. We do last year. Not a great question yeah. I. I think it's that time an adjustment just because all of our current way that August. Either go to the beach campus or to oversee these. And at home. Luckily I've found that indeed you number ten door oh yeah time he's got a great guy but he got me in the week. If smoke like Shawn Marion play is. Sometimes it's about a guy either way the MBAs someplace divisional about all of it's picked apart but they went and I had some good Matt would join this group first mile like the play. Being like you know the little ways you can still employed realists. Play. It's it's going to be one of the things right need to yeah that right now I would actually go out Bristol two days of this and are. And I can get ideas that the governor try to go around and be able to the teams in the big here slogan McCall. You know just trying to get to a practiced. Meet some of the coach in the Big Ten because a lot of under the turnover. I've of their backers Altman I don't know Brad Underwood. You know Chris how are humility recruit those you know. It's cool you interstate problem so. Need to meet some of these guys in and do some homework so it'll it'll be of the different it's you know as a player you have so much free time to. But it sort of saved recite your resting to go to practice warrior resting for the slate you know the other so they'd figure a way to be productive. You know what talked today's campus. Yeah our studios are any idiot because you could do radio in a minute. GM I had a look there are going to be aren't about love love or some of the talk sports are big heavy. And let me ask you this because I mean you know that like I know the class of 2007 really really well. And in so they're high school class you guys that were needed to be exceptionally unique. In that you have basketball IQ's that were crazy good and we talked about this before. But the best high school aged basketball game I've ever seen. Was dirt team what SY asked and the speed size central stars over like we were in central you guys went to Warren a state championship game when you guys heard juniors. And it was like watching people who just understood basketball. Add in the deepest possible level for being in sixteen or seventeen. He eat you guys and I think about that all star team of guys like Matt Howard really really Smart Nate blank really really Smart box. Ashworth how on it there rob uncharted JaJuan injury E'Twaun does Scott those guys. That was just a freak show class not maybe physically but intellectually. And Indy you guys have found a way. To turn basketball post playing career. Into like money. And in EEE you guys continued to love the game and I just find that fascinating. But the best game for you and it's true for sailors it would avoiding it I think looking back at. Are classy it's a game and you're right that Luke wore along we lost it was incredibly good morning. Because both parts. The company currently in the country that year. We a lot of respect for you guys you go Cutler a lot of respect for us good I think onto the Indian all star team. Our members of our practices. Just being like. Almost look at it would be in my area is so much talent our be in these images that. Ridiculous I mean you put Eric Gordon Jeff he E'Twaun Moore JaJuan Johnson myself Scott Martin Howard back on. Then about Nate blank I mean it's like an Eric got have been made it seem like you're McKee very scary too late major college basketball. Mattel level there was I mean it was unfair Kentucky. Player was pressed the goal Louisville he was solid but like let's be real. Where. So in a budget got a player received an abort it rarely get caught so. On I just think. That was such as special. Just as special tests which I go back and watch some of the images and oh yeah coach Miller did a good job coach announced I think we need a lot of fun. And that can't you talk about a group ago I isn't really play and higher understanding. It wasn't just a while one factory guys really understood the game. At Indiana at. Best practice common in a lot of states are really do feel fortunate. I feel very strongly that India tackle ball. It will coaches here any then yeah you could say our age you coaches both of both of the coaches for Esquire and the street and starts. Forget that it. Yeah well yeah moan and wait Brohm both could really coached. So they've they've got to play the right way we were running up and down. And that goes back to all the way when you're with the help of venom vipers and Mike had a great advantage of having watched you and Scott back to like fourth grade. And American like that entire all star team he had kind of watched for probably the last eight years. And so it's not surprising that did that hit a great feel for you you're a great feel for him. And it is just an incredible. And positive experience. And it thank you so much for the time I always love catching up with yet and it I wish you nothing but luck but I don't think you're gonna need a lot of our. Our. Great Roddy hubble's from Purdue. Former boiler maker former. Zell pulled vikings former Zell pulled an invite herb former. Minnesota teen wolf you know and that was there and that's what win when you basketball is coach really well. And guys do it the right way you have guys like I never Robby when he is a fourth greater greater. Jeff Teague as a fourth grader a lot of these guys were really really good and give played almost every weekend 52 weeks a year. And they would go planet. And even his fourth graders and they are like okay how do we figure out how to beat this team so they would learn about the game they would do you go to trainers. The day went and did a bunch of extra shooting. And you know a rising tide lifts all boats right and that's exactly what happened without high school classic kids are a bunch of home. Wound up playing in the NBA and some continued to E'Twaun Moore still plane Eric Gordon still plane to ones overseas. And really a bunch of the other guys are coaches. They just love the game they grew up with that. And those rivalries were absolutely intense and wonderful and welcome Robbie Holland fact I'm gonna reach out to David Caplan. And Intel camp he needs to hire him out on ESPN 1000 'cause. I mean you heard it that that interview Robby is just really really really good. Broadcasters are gonna come out of that class. Of high school basketball players I mean they're all verbally adroit there'll really really Smart. Just stay out a special group of guys Robbie certainly. Among those not just as a basketball player but as a kid. So. Could catch up with Robby hall.