Ralph Reiff on sports performance

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, August 28th

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Great Ralph Reed from saint Vincent's sports performance agree improve on the head guy. The guy who calls the shots make sure that everything there is that a level of excellence that will allow athletes. To get the most out of their work. It's been a fun journey and you know believe or not this our thirtieth anniversary. No kidding we go back to the beginnings of saint Vincent's sports medicine 1987. And three physicians. Doctors are cow ski doctor frank Johnson and doctor Steve all felt. Started this program was saint Vincent hospital and the summer 1987 so here we are thirty years later and it's same it's a sports performance and hundred some employees and Emerson on top of the union pacers practice facility so it's enough LeBron changed. I mean a sports science is roughly exactly where it was thirty years ago and that's absolutely wrong yeah. That's absolutely wrong. And it it changes so quickly that it's. It really makes it enjoyable I mean this is conversation we have with with Kevin Pritchard a last week and Kevin. Very kind to spend some time with me on Thursday during our our grand opening of saint Vincent senator and and he followed right through with what Larry Bird had been talking about as the building was in concept and then as it was being built was that. He they look at saint Vincent's sports performance and what we do on the sports science side is really helping. Their staff developed with Josh core build their physical therapists athletic trainer Shawn Wendell who's now the director of sports performance for the union pace surged. A longtime strength coach there. It's really about how do you do you look at the 24 hour athlete yeah. And and how do you have some type of positive impact on those 24 hours. Whereas years ago. Thirty years ago. We talked about all right we've got a two hour practice let's go practice we pay attention to our sport during those two hours. The other Tony two hours you're just sort on your own yacht and and that should that if you just say how sport's changed. It changed from the two hours on the baseball field that whatever the venue is. Two and now it's all 24 hours and how to we've managed that in a way that allows. People to perform the way they wanna perform. Tyrell freeze from saint Vincent's sports performance he mentioned that during the grand opening about the two and 22. And in one of the things that you're talking about that I think can be your profoundly helpful for the pacers and appointed differentiation for them. Is with recovery. Because it's not just the work that you do during the two hours it's what you do during that other 22 hours that allows you. To work as hard as he can during that two hours. Yet there's no question that that as soon as they. Take today put it in real time so the soonest today's practices over or game. You begin preparing for the next one and at the next soreness 24 hours from now 26 hours turnout twelve hours from now. What you do immediately following your exercised about. Of what you eat what you drink what you Wear how do you breast how you sleep. How you mentally manage. That clock. I'm that's it begins immediately preparing for tomorrow and and you know that that first came into focus when we start talking about. Showed high school athletics beat you all played in the same day you know no orgy out you have a morning 2 sessions in the morning of basketball and you have your championship that night and and we still do a lot of that but it's also changed quite a bit because of travel. Because we know that there's. And some hint that there's an increased risk of injury with fatigue if you don't have enough. Opportunity to rest in between so. Recovers a big deal but. So. Let me ask it I know every athlete is a little bit different and the way they process. Protein her electoral played server her do what they wind up being in. Kind of nutritional debt ridden changes from person to person but like from preferred general rule if I go out I work really hard for two hours. What's the thing that I should be most concerned with over that first hour prime rest. I think it's you mentioned it it's what you put in your body and and because during date. The exercised about regardless of length of time that's one year depleting and you're getting into this area. Of and you're the smartest guy on radio and just sit and talk about administration debt I mean my goodness so. You know where. As you get in to this that debt state if you will yeah it's it's how do you immediately reap plantation how do you give your body. Those elements that its most hungry for it might be water could be electoral like drinking could be a protein. It could be just lay your rear end down and and take a nap and and because that's what your body needs there's no greater recovery. Element and sleep it is absolutely. Could never be a vodka tonic. You know it depends upon your age crap and upon what your goals are and how. So Erica there is a matrix of solutions based on your goals yes. So it. And then the fourth floor you've got a healthcare facility and it's gonna be accessible and normal people and then. It's go up on the fifth Paul the fifth floor and deal with you guys at saint Vincent's sports performance well. Talking about the fourth floor and thank here is very busy today I I stuck my head in their saint Vincent medical group on the fourth floor. We've got physicians' primary care physicians they're nurse practitioners and and net coming in September we will have. The heart senator care group. Was saint Vincent medical group they're cardiologists there which will be also the place where the union pacers will be there. They're pre season exams for cardiology so very busy of their fifth floor anybody. That can hear my voice that's physically active has a goal. We can help on the fifth floor albeit sports psychology nutrition strength conditioning movement. Returned to play returned from an injury diagnosis of an entry. And if you were are training for so we have an athlete in this morning you did a hundred kilometer race over the weekend running race over southern Illinois. So that's a lot of miles that's that's a lot of I'll anybody it's a high kilometers but it's also a lot of mile. And so so it. She came in purely just to help promote recovery. And so on we've got a full. A raid of a recovery items from. From compression boots to again. Guidance about hydration and nutrition and and so we did some assessment with her so. Anybody again that that is looking to improve their human performance. Be that that. Hey I need to just some help from up we call the mental toolkit and and learning how to. He more organized learning how to deal with the performance anxiety. Route returned from an injury. Those kinds of things that can haunt people on how do you how do you overcome that how do you how do you manage that with two sports psychologist search for nearing. And so. Any person and it you don't have to be elite you don't have to be. Extraordinary you don't have to be. And Ed carpenter race car driver that came in this morning and worked out. But we welcome people like Ed carpenter because I'm and we get more elite athletes because they understand. That the that assets that we make available to every person they really help and so. We as human beings don't do a very good job of pulling ourselves accountable and and so weak we know everything there's. There's a lot of Smart people out there that know what they need to do to improve their human performance. But we aren't very good at holding ourselves accountable and that's where being in an environment like ours it's the greatest compliment we always get. Is that people are inspired by the environment yet saint Vincent's sports performance the other people they see the journeys that people are on. The comebacks that people make from injuries I'm seeing somebody that doesn't take incurred under again who. Do you know opening laps on Saturday at Saint Louis and all of sudden his car's gone backwards Sunnis flip and and and he's had a card when the race he really did. And he's just totally bombed out and he walks in this morning like a soldier and gets back after it. I'm because he knows that that's sport and those are the things that happened but he doesn't give up because he's inspired by the environment that is an. Turnaround free from saint Vincent's words performances saint Vincent center downtown. Opened up last Thursday we got the tour were gonna find out who were. If I wanted to ask you about sports psychology. Because it's all about and that's what Ed is doing down there today is trying to find appointed differentiation. And and EU need to work harder. But indeed work smarter and you need to develop the system is self belief. And in if you can do that you got a chance no matter what the sport is so at saint Vincent's sports performance you've got the fiscal activity that will yield. Better more efficient. Fiscal activity you've got nutrition. Nutritional guidance he's got sports psychology and I'm really interest had Ralph in sports psychology because I think it's it's the most. I I think people learned a like physics. Bodies physics. And in now it it's kind of like okay how do we get the brain in the place necessary. To be as competitive. As successfully competitive as we can be wet in net debt continues to move forward doesn't. It certainly does I I love listening to our news sports psychologist doctor Casey join us and doctor Chris Carr when they're addressing a group of of athletes are parents or coaches know they'll ask the question. How much of your performances mental. Yeah and and you get these varying. Answers but it's usually pretty high number but it's not like 02%. Now it's usually like. 90%. 80% a 100% in my performances mental. And so then it's a follow up question asked so how much time. Do you spend on your mental preparation and and developing your mental tool kit and usually that's the small number. So you have X number of hours to work on. Your development as an athlete. You'll spend the bulk of that on skills development and on x.s and nose and physical development. And but yet when you answer the question how much of my performance. Even human performance state Ralph brief in the workplace how much of my performances mental vs physical. When it's a lot of what I do and the dais is my mental approach my mental attitude how do you respond to people huddle and listened to people how to lie. My date together in a very positive framework that was her mental tool kits that you acquire so. That's that's what Chris Carr and and Casey join us do and that's sports psychology from my perspective is how do you. How do you have the right buttons to push the right accuse the right control of yourself mentally. And for different guys write different things for different not a question and when when I was continues sports. We had guys. Who could get really really emotional I mean to real wage too emotional. Did strike out come back to the dugout and Indian tears. And what I always tried to do his coach a lot of that and see that you should you should be process oriented not result oriented. Think about what's coming up but you know what every one of those kids. Who was wired that tight and was way emotional about results the L wound up doing some then. And in wound up making money doing it athletically. Yeah there's there's certainly this great balance right of athletic achievement. Of the various aspects of toughness she can put all these sort of farmland terms to you know be in mentally tough and haven't grit ya let us talk and Bret Stephens copiers going first went to Boston and he was. He brought in speakers. To talk to his team about grit yeah I looked at him and I said grit. You're bringing somebody to talk about Rick I mean he would laughed about it that they can. Here we are yeah I'll talk about the Boston Celtics he's talking about grit. And and so what on earth is grin well there are people now who study. Grid T Al and and who who who write books about grit. It's it's it's managing your emotions it's managing your attitudes it's managing your goals and expectations and interactions with others and how do you. How do you react you know it's it's there are consequences to every action that we have there's consequences to every reaction that we have to somebody. Social justice continual aspect of it and and someone has wrapped. And I'm not making front and it it it's very valuable and wrapping the term grit around all of this. And as just stay. Something that catches your attention because it. It dries back to what. I think we all sort of think about in sports is that to be really really special you've got to have. You've got to have a bit. Mental edge you know whether that's the Michael jordans or the Peyton Manning's or whomever you wanna put in that. That category the Tom Brady's that. Yeah I watched him play the other night and my goodness just you know I'd I'd turn net TV on every data watch Tom Brady in just. There's there's something that he's got dialed in mentally. That's. Yeah whatever you want on grit toughness. Mental sharpness. You know whatever it is but it's it's something you can develop that's that's that's what I think a lot of people give up on as I wasn't born that way I. I'm not I'm not good enough to go to saint Vincent sports performed I'm not good enough to play division to basketball I'm not good enough to be a division one football player I think that there's so many mental limitations we put on ourselves yeah you have to be realistic in this world. But you can't beat. Unrealistic. Under the line you know that's the self esteem aspect of things are so important as well. It hit it is some kids do not deal well with failure they use it as motivation. Some kids don't deal well with failure hopefully nobody deals well with failure but some kids don't deal well with failure in crushes them. How party yeah I mean that takes. Oh like in your guys have to be cognizant of the personality type they're dealing with right to get them channeled in the right in and kind of in that bright Darian. Yeah we spend a lot of time with with our own staff of trying to. All the all the aspects that we talk about that are available to those who come to us we met to make sure that our staff is utilizing those skills as well. You know it's on and that's what I love about training elite athletes. Is that they will hold our staff accountable now make them very good strength coaches and our athletic trainers physical there as our physicians. Are held to a very high standard by the clients that come into us. And and to cause or Royce challenging them and and to be able to be a physician or strict coach you can read the athlete and understand exactly how to manage that. Are spelled Z athletic trainer when I was about university arts felt one of the best assets that I had. Was that I really teamed up that your the athlete with the right. Health care provider the right position because there's a personality. That's that's correct for the athlete and for that parent and for the coach you've got to really match that up to have a good outcome. Turnaround free from saint Vincent's sports performance same fence in center downtown. Right across the street from our bankers life field house for the pacers are gonna train where you can train to. And you don't have to. But its exact direct people ask me all the time. Yahoo! who'd do UC YouTube take care of that sequence of sports performance and and might very simplistic answer is if you're physically active. And have a goal. Then come through our divorce and and we will. We ball plugs you into a class what we will do as we will find a solution for you. And and that that's solution. Can be a a single. Entry and should a dietary program wet with an a turner and it takes care of the about university athletics and and a number of other programs she's outstanding. And Lindsay Lankford who takes care of the Indiana Pacers from a nutrition standpoint they're. They're gonna sit down with you also mean the same people who take care of those athletes. Are available to you and we're gonna find a solution so. Or might meet multiple last Mitchell might do body composition because that's part of what a person wants to accomplish is changing their body composition through nutrition. Which also need the right strength coach and you need the right person helped me get through and improvement in movement and and strength to. To go about your daily activities. And so it's. If you've got a goal. We're we're a place that that can help you and it and being medically based. Is what really I'd love that differentiates us from the us from a lot of folks as. Having the ability to do it in a very safe and ethical environment. Something that so I'm very proud. What's your validation. It in their semi is some people are validated by money. Some people are validated by a claim in plaques and stuff what what validates view and the work that an end. The facility. In and I'm not. Talking about just bricks and mortar but is saint Vincent's sports performance. Kevin Pritchard talking to me last Thursday and sand Routh. What you've created here what you have here at the asset she have the people that you have. Can help us via better basketball organization at the highest on the national bass balls. That's validation that that over the last eighteen years we've created the right. Matrix of people that we pushed. In the right direction. The validation that that we have people that come to us on that. We're having success in their sport to. And we were able to. Breakdown a barrier. So that they carried out perform in their sport better. I'm that we can find a solution and in the rehabilitation. Process. That we can find the root cause of pain. The root cause of difficulty and and throwing a certain pitch in baseball. Not to work great. Pitching coaches we are but but being you look at it from bio mechanical stamp but to answer your question. It's it's the ability. To when people ask us for help. And they come to us very sincerely with that request. With confidence. That's the validation work on the right thank you for coming and I really appreciate it's my pleasure I get smarter every time is office.