Ralph Reiff

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, May 16th

Executive Director of St. Vincent Sports Performance Ralph Reiff spoke with The Kent Sterling Show on the continued advancements in sports medicine & physical therapy. 


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We welcome to the showed great Ralph Reed from saint Vincent's sports performance. Ralph and I was putt about Zaza Pachulia account but it's and is being but underneath Whitewater speed is quiet water goes suffered jump shot. It comes down any rules is thankful it it this is a native if you'd like to ask you guys bring your ankles over and over and over again that's just the way it is. But I still in this in an effort who sprained ankle isn't anything you can do. To strengthen your ankle as he worked with guys were good basketball players so that they're less likely to spring. Well there certainly are. And it's yet it's not going to 100% prevent ankle sprains we can't do that. But everything that we do an injury prevention is reducing the risk. And reducing the risk of currents. And also reducing the severity. Particularly a sprained ankle you know that's when I was like when I was at Butler university for eighteen years ethnic fair. I taped every athlete on the man men's basketball team. Not to prevent ankle Sprint's. But if I could it get the ankle that does strain of being great one bird the great to go out I say that. Team and that young man valuable time. And it ended painting and then all bets that what do you think it is I don't hit it any he played it now say who wants I don't think you get pissed off Zach com. All right so my son Zack Conner played any of basketball together and they go for practice and they've both roll their rank. An economy is expanding but I said man this is fair and obviously they're like great whose brains. And that means that means like nine days to two weeks with my son you know and any sent not exactly it'll it'll play this weekend as a here's here's what we do. We got a pocket a lot water that we got a bucket full of ice water we put in the ice at Philly can't stand it and it goes hot water so it can't stand it. Back and forth until the swelling talk on. And I sent me that's like that's like ankle injury treatment on the Flintstones and I. I don't think it's that's what I think that's how people doing these days. But it works yeah Abbott Barney Rubble he's the G. And what an actor and we'll ask. I'm a out of can do that and the ankle is it safe yeah. I what you're trying to do and what the what behind family did it works and not everybody is a wrist after that you know it you can take. Chase it's the golf from Newcastle. Put him in the same hot water cold water you may not respond at all it may not work. Well what you're trying to do is reduce the inflammation from staying in the joint and so the hot water cold water here we're really. Trying to speed up the physiology of of getting in technical here but. But you're trying to dilate face out dilate the blood vessels and you try to constrict them. And you create this milking effect between the cold water and hot water. And some people respond extremely volatile that the swelling leaves and that greatly reduces pain yeah you can get inflammation out of a joint out of a ligament out of the soft tissue. Your pain receptors are less irritated so. You can get back on the floor and play. The growth is that the Clinton kit lite like 48 hours later I couldn't believe it. Yeah and but that's act on the proud of senator grove high school and absolutely joining great job it's under review is absolutely let's talk about race drivers he worked with a lot of these guys saint Vincent's sports performance. What do these guys have to do year round in order to make sure. That bear the best they can be out attract because that's about it tree perfection to it. Yeah it really is and and and answered. The number one question why these guys maintain a level of fitness. It's about. Performance at the end of the race you are trying to reduce the onset of fatigue. And if you can reduce fatigue you can elevates. Focus. Elevate critical thinking. And use their four RE higher performer in critical times and the events and so a lot of endurance training. With these athletes. You know a lot of them are well known for our running distance events being cyclists triathletes cannot yeah exactly right and and it. They are really tuned in to the endurance aspect and cardiovascular. And muscular endurance. And then you just build programs around that some guys really want to work on their road course arm strength. So you know we do a lot of that I remember early on with Conor Daly count not a pair each Christian high school when he was a youngster and and he was just trying your very specifically built it is. His shoulder to his fingertips strengths. So we we put together a program for that and so it. Beyond the cardiovascular endurance then it's about dialing in to what that driver really wants to work on so. So way I talk about Conor Daly Ed carpenter who doesn't do wrote Carson is right doesn't. Isn't as concerned about is. Endurance. That a Conor Daly RJR Gilbert ran would have because he's not go on road courses she's doing Noble's what's the answer. Again it's it's endurance and it's also mental focus and so Ed is is because he lives here year round. And Ed from my view is a great great story going back to win. Vision racing fell apart yeah be right floundering around it and he stayed committed to himself and to his vision and and now he's got his own club and and organization and and his level of dedication. To his fitness program is. Very impressive because not only see a driver he's running a major business organization and so for him to carve out the time. To dedicate to his personal fitness is a real testament to the athlete that he is and the mental tough. That he cast let me ask you about your business at saint Vincent sports performance. Obviously there's sports training. Kind of business has blown up. Over the last 1520 years but probably. Moore at the last five years right is it because. Of the great work you guys have done it as it just kind of been a self perpetuating model. That that caused the explosion. It is because people have seen results what what caused this. Yeah it's a great question and and I've got an answer but it sounds very sort of self centered and arrogant but. We were fortunate at saint Vincent's sports performance. To be ahead of the curve and we were ahead of it in 2001. Where we began a sports performance business. The only other one in the United States that was of any scale was athlete's performance. Marked for state and who's a strength conditioning coach build an organization today goes but it the name of acts those. And but mark approached it from a purely from me strength and conditioning perspective. We approach it from a medical perspective. And and that's a different that's a different lens to look through yeah and and so we really wanted to develop. The holistic opportunities. For anybody who's physically active and has a goal to walk in off the street and get the same type of services. That Paul George gets in the NBA. That answer you don't have to be of the talent level. To get beyond the velvet ropes. To get that type of service we. We hit the ball squarely. We were on target with the idea and division habit. Our hospitals and Benson has been incredible with their support. Of this community has been incredible with their support of the services that we provide. And I was speaking with it a gentleman from a major university. Just yesterday who is they director of sports performance at this university. And six years ago there were no directors of sports performance a major universities across the United States so we were ahead of it. And now. That model is being reproduced that at Purdue University Indiana University University of Maryland all prospect and the southeast conference. The University of Nebraska. Jack rants on a good friend of mine is the director of the athlete lap. At the University of Nebraska. That brings together all the components that we have sports psychology nutrition. Sports science. And strength and conditioning and and health care the medical component. And so I feel really really good. That. We were on the right path and and we still hold true to what we've always set out to do that anybody can access those services. You know I'd say it but it's interesting to me when I when I think it's brilliant about what you do. Is that door evolution kind of has smeared him. The way parents tend to look for like parents are all morons sports parents or are idiots we all start like to whet our kid is nine. Seeking out a little ports and a storm that could cause or did have a slight advantage right. And the we've found surrounded easily find kind of what works them and you guys are what works. And and so as like it's my son physically. Not needed to build strength quickness you guys were great about helping him toward that end. And then I was like college sports psychology what's more important and have a great attitude when you've taken a jump shot or you're attacking the rim. You need to have a finely honed mind is thinking about the right things sports psychology is now exploded. As a part of you athletics as well yeah it. Has as far as date in two ways yet. Sports psychology has exploded from the standpoint of giving parents. Organizations coaches and athletes. A tool kits of how to respond how to listen to one another out. How to manage performance anxiety how to how to manage. That conversation in the car after a really bad soccer practice out and and knowing that you've got homework to lay on top of that. And and your boyfriend gave you a bad text on a phone today right so how do you manage all of that. In today's world and and the sports psychology. Has exploded from that realm. But also from the mental health aspect of it and doctor Brian Kane line the head of the NCAA sports medicine and science group here at Indy Indianapolis. Doctor green line's been tremendous job of being a champion from mental health on the college campuses across the country. And and starting to institutes. The responsibility of each university. To really look out for an add value to the resources. Available to their student athletes from a mental health perspective it's up. That it's as you can imagine it's a it's an amazingly. Diverse world. And not everybody not every student athlete on every campus has a good day. And and so how do you manage those aspects. During a very tumultuous time in your life and so mental health resources is a big part of that. In a row free from saint Vincent's sports performance at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and let me ask you about sports Eric as you mentioned something that we. Like I think every sports paired at some point regrets a conversation that they've had been there Kitna vaccine you're in the front drive here like act. Why Eric sort of basket or author I don't know why you're playing not put it these breaking balls get a certificate to bat all the parents. We know better we feel like we can help kids through our council. Yeah and that's not always the case sales what does a great sports parent look like. Yeah political ploy. I only can say that through my lens what a great sports rant looks like and and I was a sports parents three out of our three children even knows you know. At some point in their lives and I think that that from my view are really good sports parent. Doesn't claim on the coach that. You know in that car conversation. You don't pass the blame on to the person who has volunteered their time. Yeah it was getting paid a little bit to be there. But you find a way to be supportive but yet. It's the support your child and support the coach and find that middle ground half conversation don't jump. You're an emotional conclusion. Because your modeling for your child your modeling. For. How you want them to grow up and be an adult. Horror and how how you want them to handle diverse situations. And so. But that's hard when you is apparently are in the emotion and I've been apartment. I was talking to our youngest son is 44 not coached his eighth grade basketball team traders point. And we still laugh about that season Indies won it four years old now. And I asked cumulative deficit coming technicals tonight yet as the coach of that team and he's that I think too. I said I. Well I. I earned it both of them I I salute you aren't both of them. And I just look back at that and I laugh about it but I'm thinking why was I so wrapped up and and the reason was because. Because you want the best for those around and you wanna do as good as you possibly can. And so the ideals sports parent I think is someone who is and you can count I have before they react you know try to be. Sort of thing prospectively how old is look. What do I learned from one I've done it. The wrong way before that I really want to feel like that again right and and try to try to find this maturity of balance and it's. So my goodness I mean. You know not only in sport but in every aspect of life. We we try to model try to find the right models and mentors to. To do it quote the right way re better at it with your youngest child that with your first. Yeah I believe I was I believe and I caveats I think got bitten I think I was pretty good at it because of my mentors. We're O Billy latch that Butler University bill Sylvester head football coach at Butler Bob Bartley mail. You know. Barry collier Thad Mata I mean those were guys that. I work with every day and I saw them as coaches. And I also went through a coach's office after they had a conversation with a parents. Or they had a situation that they learned from. Either good or bad and I had a great passenger seats. For eighteen years that Pollard watch that and and you add on a couple more years I was around slick Leonard in nineteen. What was that 197770. Airline and Jack McKinney and his first years they had coach you followed slick. And so I I had a really unique locker room learning opportunity. To try to. Pass that on to my children. Give it Barry collier that product does Butler University. Create great coaches are they hired great coach it's. I think they hire people who are able to get locked step whereas the administration the head of the board of trustees the president university. The head of the faculty pro votes your director of athletics and your head basketball coach there's a long answer to saying. I believe that the leadership at Butler University has contributed. To allowing. The best of each head coach to come forward. I think that there's been a lot of openness amongst those who have taken that head coaching seat at Butler would be. To be a part of the legacy yeah out that they. Know that they're not going to come in and and wants it changed the name on the field house or change the color uniforms. Or. And not saying that that's bad when you get but at Butler. Before they would change it I think they have a conversation. And they'd they'd come to this realization of okay let's do what's right and and by the Butler standard not by what. Somebody else in the big east is doing the rise like so I think I feel and I've been asked this can't buy. By staff members of other university's basketball staffs coaches who have said he Ralph what's what are they doing that Butler and and I believe. It's it's truly that that commitment. Sue one another through the chain of command that it's and what I saw really solve change at Butler was when. Dean not revenues boards. And this goes back to. Really the transition from one very harder. It'll later in his years public Leiter took over I started deceit. The tennis coach and the volleyball coach and the track coach. Cheer on the men's basketball program to have success. Because they've understood the value it brought of their programs. And that. Is pretty unique and so if you're ahead best coach walking around Hinkle fieldhouse. And you know that. The other coaches and building. Want you to do well. Even know your word. You're per Diem might be a little stronger than the baseball teams per Diem and again and there's there's three needing in Manhattan. With the basketball team than there is with a baseball team in the place saint John's there's. Those differences are there they're very real they don't feel good at times but when there's an understanding of them of what's behind it. I think that contributes to butler's overall success at sea is not a a force for good president and athletic are known I I don't I think that I don't think it it's allowed to exist I think that if stiff envy or. Any kind of tension either gets. Modeled. So the beat correct and and not fall in line to be a part of them yeah be part of the journey in a successful manner. Borg we'll move on you know a thing if it doesn't fit go find another bus to sit on you know and it's it doesn't fit you can click here. You guys say what tells the matter with I think I think so I really believe that you know it's funny Jim McGrath who has a lot of times sports federation director Butler. And I would he and I were hired the same time way back in the way way back in the eighties you know. And we say grand when Butler started winning in basketball we would we would laugh at each other sand. Jim let's say hey Ralph. You and I are really good at our jobs now I. Yeah used to be very yeah you know and when we're win and fifteen basketball games a year and never winning a holiday tournament game or post season conference game. Winning a game out in those events. We work very good athletic trainers and SIVs but when we start uliassi turn all of sudden O Ralph and Jim got a lot better out there. Let me ask you about the building across across the street all around bankers like fieldhouse it's taking shape it looks like it's it looks. Now now I can skeleton anymore it's gets scanner looks like us ready to go. Yeah I certainly use bumps. Now we're about sixty days away from opening is that right and the Indiana Pacers the city of Indianapolis the NBA has to just be. So excited about that building when it opens people are just going to be really really. Amazed at how well it's then put together how well it's been thought out. From those service to the people who work there and that. Saint Vincent Lockheed by the top two floors saint Vincent medical group with primary care and cardiology we'll be right there and what a great assets of the union pacers Nina fever when players come in for physicals. That they can just. Just go upstairs and and get it parties you know cardiology examined. And soak in the general public I mean that's that's the beauty of it is that. It's it's the top two floors are going to be open to every one who wants to come to saint Vincent and seen its sports performance though. We. We are very very excited about what we're going to be able to do from that facility were adding in a sports performance or sports science component. So we're gonna increase the amount of research we do but also. Helping athletes. And and those around them. You know really solve problems you know why why aren't I running real well why is my elbows still hurt when I throw. Baseball. And so the bio mechanical lab in the science component that we'll have the air that will be a real time real application will be very very unique. To the state of Indiana. And then just the other services we have there but I have to say this because when I said. Getting goosebumps about it. You'll we were invited to be in that building. And and and someday I wanna tell the whole story. But it it swung at times it's one of the greatest moments of my life truly. I got a phone call from from Brenda from Jim marshall's office. And went down and met with a mr. Morris. And I don't I don't regularly meet with mr. Morris right now. But the fifth and and so with great respect and somewhat. Intimidated. You know Jim Morrison route for a build up practice facility for the Indian pacers and we'd like for your organization to be a part of it. And so it was just this. Surreal invitation from someone who I have enormous respect for. That. Just sort of hand picked us out of the basket while will. And so what do great effort made it it. So. Soul we've got to live up to that you know went and Larry Bird. You know mentioned and has had several conversations. Even keep Evander way from the NBA office says. Expressed. Excitement. About. See it's a sports performance being closer to the NBA. And I'm willing and that's just. I just really can't believe that we're from we're contributor in that manner s.'s. This city and and to that sports organization or congratulations. It's on a very humbling and it's we've got a great team and you know it's just. It's something you just never know where your journeys that take you. Well let's see it before opening night you can shape the 25. Hands off the physique Al Jefferson it's like a bill that Veronica. Well. Will. It. It will help you know Shawn Wendell and Josh corps built doing amazing work. In the sports performance and physical therapy for the Indian pacers and and we hope to be an assets and Ammon and but here are the voters be aren't you know Saturday last Saturday. We had we had our hands on sixteen car driver combinations out of the 22 that started it and and we're just you know we started at zero. In 2002. And we're just climbing her way up the grill that's. Very exciting was working with you guys as well you got it right we talk to kids about what you guys fertility and it was. Driver after driver after driver joining and it you know and it that's that it did. Well obviously you guys do what you do it the highest possible level and I could. I could be more appreciative of the company's Simon's. With a great kids sterling I act act act for Birdie Putt broke free from saint Vincent's sports performance thanks for all that really oh my my honor.