Paul Kuharsky on the Titans and NFL

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, August 14th

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And old friends for along time ago when. Back in the day we stamp conversations on 107 it's great Paul Karr ski. Joins us Paul from Paul cars could dot com and of course one of four point five the zone hate football. Our radar here I could not be better. Let's talk about the titans a little bit today as you would guess we would mark his merry go to. Kettering is it what is his is thirty hear it in but coming off that injury is the expected to kind of take a leap. There's a lot of quarterbacks do in the thirty year. We got I mean it is he's been really good guys don't want some little touchdown passes and no interceptions so. Huckabee take heart to take a leap in in some departments. In Needham native sixteen games switch everything back yet. Unlucky more than an injury prone I would argue. Really Smart. I'll run based on offense that. Has expanded and and gotten some weapons they should. Really make offense three dimensional and that's scored Davis who doubt now ensuring. A Tehran Taylor third round pick camp and Eric Decker just landed in her lap jets took really finish off cleaning house. Thank you have a dynamic threats on offense now in a way that they have an analog longtime. And that's what DeMarco Murray and Derrick can bring out of the you know. That's a lie that's a really good the team played like crap on Saturday night at that New York against the jets but there's a lot of reasons for optimism here. What about the defense is is this going to be like OK offensive help and then can the defense play and if yeah if the questions to both those answers are in the affirmative the titans when the AFC south. Secondary. With a big issue last year all skills in particular and a big issue in the secondary. For awhile. Pick up so we gotta order news story and two backs Kevin buyer program last year although. Good ball skill guy nineteen interceptions that Middle Tennessee State. And now and then they bring in Logan Ryan from Super Bowl champion patriots he's won a couple up there. You're not necessarily a noble one corner but he certainly better than what they've had at Deutsche Jackson was surprised a lot of people number eighteen in the social. He's got great ball skills great make up speed. And then that job since the Korean who is greater body by some services as the best or stop and say you're legal last year. Comes in from Jacksonville so. You know those three guys. Got the nickel and dime packages can do better. Pass rush was pretty good defense obliged pretty good. Inside linebackers. You know better than average job. Eight could be a pretty well balanced team and I do think yeah it's itself but the defense play to. Special teams can be a lot better to talk to defense play an expectation. They should be right in the thick of things I think a lot of people are dismissing used to easily as the number one pick until they can get JJ watt back. That'll be great quarterback and majesty not terrible quarterback but. I think the titans should be right there maybe for a first all of it's it's integrated. I get really dreary day and we've got what do these guys are cells with the Indianapolis Colts to ball sheared. Bill Belichick cast offs tend to be tested off for a reason. You know you don't get the best play out of the guy once they're ex patriots do you. Well that just brought and Gilmore from buffalo. I think most people take him over to Logan. Yeah. And here's the other thing. And I don't disagree that it's come out with a lot of guys who have left jarred Robinson the titans general manager. Doubt that Logan run for the patriots during his twelve years as assistant goldfish. And a Belichick guy so. The patriots brought him in in many ways because of Java province in scouting report on him. Comments coming into play practical votes not not as an output cut defense coordinator obviously shock. You know I think we've seen it happen and certainly it can't happen again I don't think. They're thinking of him as a clear cut number one DP is covered the best player all over the field. They're thinking up a whole group has to upgrade a group at Logan Ryan has got to bring them to good experience. I think he'll match up against bigger receivers. And storage actual probably match up against the smaller faster guys generally speaking. And that's a recipe that could work it to pass rushes and getting there and ride it should be noted. And it really helped go against the jets gave up belong passive three catches in the short appearance. Give himself an app so not off to a great start. Brought given what was available out there and given Robinson's familiarity with Ryan. Given that Jason McCourt is game which slipping. You know it if he's an overpaid upgrade such that still. You know an upgrade. You know with the colts and we're talking to Paul cars give Paul cars can dive common 104 point five Zahn. That we learned over the years that the pre season success in the pre season doesn't necessarily pretend. To success in the regular season with the titans how's that worked. Yeah it's it's not a lot not as dramatic as the colts would certainly like much of the lead in the nit. Like to play well and you don't care it would dilute it quite well. In this game by any any measure and they certainly. Protection. Was awful second string outstanding and I know what there would colts briefly. He got buried seven times including on this first happens it that would let you might not amount to gain. Really took a beating so. You know pass protection with the first streamline its strength of esteem and they're built to protect Marcus Moore go to. Pop vocal at all so. You know I don't think that that was announced Saturday night. There's a harbinger of what the titans struggles might be. We know where they weren't good last year's victim worked very dynamic at receiver. There weren't very good on the perimeter cornerback in my quick disgust they they that your best receiver and quarterback. In big plays in the offseason so. If they don't approve that saying they weren't good at last year not from lack of a changing of the personnel. And I've Bihar prior have a hard time seeing them not good a good thing they got got that right out the gate. Which starts with the run game where the two very good back and align its very capable rumble. Mario out it we've talked about the injuries a little bit now and and that being kind of bad luck but we kind of do we experience padlock what we do is wrong thing too often does he need to kind of tone down the mobility a little bit and learned to dump the ball. And and not to take somebody chances views and his legs. No not at his injuries have come as a change of you to play I don't live much Malarkey. The great that you're actually less risk with what your run out of the pocket because you're not susceptible the same kind of hit I don't buy that but he hasn't got hurt or running it. And actually haven't run it or not. First get a proper deployment stall and he he took two hits to the needs to separate the injuries or open terrible protection. And then last year he was estate they're in the pocket from pressure. Got tackled from behind on the same weekend that happened because I know we're not Chris he. And broke Atlantic. In which is pretty ugly injury but again you know just kind of wrong place wrong time hit from behind as she is. Dealing getting away from some pressures so. You know again I think it's some lucky he's chosen to play a little bit lighter this year they can that be a little bit more. Emphasizing his agility and ability to get away from stuff. And you know both shot you know some people wanna be lighter and get away from some of the people wanna be happier so that when the inevitable it's five. You can withstand them batter. There's no definitive better way to go on this. So we'll have to see what happens there. But I think it locked gates is due to change and he knows that staying healthy years. It's partly skill you know I've learned that from govern pay Manning a little bit oil Tom Brady. Think injured luck we'll tell you the same thing. You've got to keep yourself out of trouble by throwing the ball away. But making quick reads and and he he certainly has the capability to do that. DePaul cars gave Paul cars could die comma 104 point five zone. Yet. In national media they look at the colts and let's say that Andrew Luck is more or less healthy Andy's gonna play the openers so we don't need to get lost. Kind of in the gray area of how many games Andrew likes gonna plays I ask you this question. The national media they look at the colts and they say five and eleven. A local media and local fans are saying nine and 710 and six. If you've covered it you looked at colds closely for a long time we know this team as well as anybody who covers things nationally. Aide who's more right. Quite afraid of writing with colts on. I'm not a huge pro gun a believer but I like Chris Ballard a great deal and yeah. He was a candidate here when John Robinson got the job he's got a great reputation not unlike the moves he's made. Too many problems the soul and one draft or free agents PH the agency period. I hope that he's gonna dress the office or in any big way that's the trend in the division that the titans have done it the jaguars are trying to go that direction and and be Iran's first team that is why can't that luxury. I think it because I come out in the middle I think that there are 88 dish. You know with the wrong wrong stopped and took a lot injury maybe it goes on there. And and what the right stuff maybe it goes up you know it just at that magic for so long where as well as a quarterback was good. No matter the other deficiencies they found a way I think it showed also that a little bit. Because it just so many positions can talk about their being problems you know with the offensive line and and certainly in the deep search of truck and where the sacks pass pressure get a couple. But I do believe that there's still some details of that and I'm a huge injured luck guy. Nothing's changed in has about it is it is ability. But whether he missed some games or not. And listen to the titans can't get good at what they overcome the septic it's collateral lost co op ever taking them. Then beat the colts. Fans and that tightens up no path to winning this division. I think getting to the last doesn't include the big substantially better in the division that means it can no longer continue to split with the jaguars and they can't. It's what by the colts have. They keep Paula appreciate it good to talk. I am absolutely Paul cars ski. From Paul cars did die a common one of four point five zone. Worked for a long time for ESPN covered the AFC south covered the titans based stand there and always really ignited talk to very knowledgeable. I get kind of lost in the weeds. Understands football etiquette basic level and so we like talking to Paul Karr ski.