Pacers President Kevin Pritchard

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, February 12th

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Pacers basketball operations chief Kevin Pritchard joins us Kevin how are you. At rigor are you happy way agers standing pat with your roster during the trade deadline period. Is that because your happy with your roster or was that a matter of lack of great deals. A little bit of both sides you know we went into the trade deadline and should be canning and the general manager animator. A very strong point I mean these like you know. That if we don't do a deal that for sure makes us better than we probably shouldn't do and we didn't want to jeopardize. We can't take it also contracts some bad contracts. Well we we we have a good team. We have a team that's got a lot of growth because we're still young and we have flexibility in the future where you know we could have. Com. Space at the draft you can still use your cap space at the draft and then a law caps space. July ones so. We didn't want to jeopardize. Any saying. Or short term fix plus. Our locker room Kent has been the best I've ever seen main. Dirt don't marks follows. An errand I mean it's just been often comical locker room and can wanna do anything that would jeopardize. You know losing that end. Coupled with the fact that multiple players keen to be. In don't wanna see this thing through we want. We know that we were predicted thirteen or fourteen or fifteen and he's right and here we are sitting in 045678. Give us give us the chancellor let us see this thing through when. I like the team that sort of given enough emotional credit to the organization that they deserved the opportunity isn't it through the last point expand so that was powerful for me to have a really well. But was this did you reject this I mean is he'll look at guys how much does behavior and kind of fit within an organization matter. I mean for us that everything. They would pass on players left and right whether rear seat whether it's draft or whether it's trade. Because we know that they just don't read us some were willing to do that as we've messed font towel because we ask because we don't feel like. You know dare our ethos the pacers eat so you know when. And we delivered career as well like we we we. We can you know talk is cheap with that kind of stuff but we really do we find ourselves all the time it's only how many times jets were sitting in the room. Were debating players and the all the science somebody a look at me and said. Say what is that a pacer. And confirming here at stand sir if they even ask that question. Already know what the answer is right right and slowly past saw a lot of players that maybe maybe. In terms of how are so those but. If they're not start out and that's what we we've we've built our foundation on and something that we talk about we live and we created every day. Today you mentioned yesterday toward that end that Ryan Carr kinda stood up and patted his table on behalf of Tomas sabonis a few times. How your meetings work I did the exchange of ideas. Is he guys presenting different trades different draft possibilities how does your meeting work. Well you know that that was back in the draft where we were low and to try to move up. And we really didn't have a lot of options move without being really pro evidence. And losing player of future picks so we really couldn't do. It. We got back around to the trade just this past summer we're all in one of the things that he jumps zionist. Are really principal owners and the special player. And so if we're ever look at that anything with Oklahoma City which we work. With stricter. You know get things so bonus would be the cherry on top. And so he sat there and every discussions sank delegates Somalis that we so. Give them a lot of credit. You know it was interesting in that. Sector error. Peter. And Chad really pounded the table on elements and that's our guys were to pull the trigger and then. Really you know. And boy those were some bonus so as a way to look at what we wanted to and we knew we have to get those two players on the. How much to his potential as we seen Tomas. Maybe just one year old. Again the truth is fixed peak at 282930. Or. Eight year old. Bill Clinton has bounced back out on it wrong. We haven't models they complement each other social well one in relation. One can really rebound won't come blocked shots. One is very physical. We think we have to fix that come play a lot of minutes and improve you know that's that's what we love about this team has. We're playing well and we we really do have a thus far a guy that's a difference maker down the stretch you know Victor really is a difference maker and there's not a lot of and you know approach Victor all the times they'll let you know he's as good in the gut player now but we want them to be great so. We stay on him pretty good too because. He contagion number one but he watched greatness and we will we expected out of them to. We get out two things about Lance and zag number one really obviously good basketball players. But it so easy to read their faces and so easy for fans to kind of fall in love with him you know what's in their brain every single moment there on the floor. You you know and and we've talked a lot about that. The one thing that we wanted it and bringing in players. But two locked away and you couldn't no doubt our ballclub the plate sometimes. He doesn't play as well he wants part. He's at 21 year old big and he's gonna get a lot better but he loves to play he shows enthusiasm. In the games I mean that's Paramount and today's about school we can play an 82 games if you don't love it it shows where it. And it giggle of your teammates it shows two and in speaking tell us one of the best guys on the bench have ever seen. The blast he cares that Belmont is playing well Ali he likes Atlanta disposal export of his great people are. And he you know he either Olympics I was early happy from you the big shot against Boston. Just ask you know and it was good to see all his teammates get as excited as he does it. And to me we watch that brought on in the the bench as close as anybody in. You know they went crazy when he made that shot out of there so. Lot of fun this year. Talk to Kevin Pritchard president of basketball operations for the Indiana Pacers. I'm a day of flip side. To everything that happened positively this year it you know it it seems like you guys made deals during the offseason. That would benefit the pacers long term and and gave you some wiggle room with a cap. And it was it really looked like the focus was man if we can get really good by 1920. That would be terrific but you guys have gotten good quick does that change your priorities in continuing to build this team. On in the leg yes and away more no its that's like more of the same right slate. Good players who are good people who put the team first number one but what makes it different it is. Excuse Fred that I am minus say yell at lake effect or changes every because. He's a lot better than anybody predicted. And he's better and awaited effects waving. Hard to say I mean he as a guy that can go to gain in the last three or four minutes. That's part of why can't I mean you just and that's if you haven't you never give it out beer now here unless you tapped him. But at the end of the day with ten being so good down the stretch. It makes us. Open up the possibilities. Of who we can bring in that may be a little bit more mature that. That affects winning a little faster. And for me that's a good thing that opens up a lot of possibilities. To put players around models in Belmont. Hand out terror end Aaron. It gives us options. To look at everybody. Is states. Sort of are you posts. You know speaking of that Al Jefferson is a guy doesn't play a whole lot of basketball anymore but didn't judging by what you said about him yesterday at at the scrum. He really has a positive effect on this team. Invaluable. Most important player on Arctic. Really and vote no doubt no doubt I tell on that note my text some are you washer at the end of the bench whether he plays or doesn't. When Belmont schools then when politics play when they do something well or when it is something orally he's always communicating. That that took those guys and so are there and to me that's. That's invaluable because. Like as. He could comment. Outlook our starter. Belmont was going to be our backups that are he was literally. Or green penny. He was thirteen he could have a worse attitude. You know it's the embraced the role we talked about it we ask them to embrace this role. Any bit at a level that. We can't even. I can't even tell you about corneas they teach you know our rights as well that it doesn't affect I don't know I can't ought. Quantify what I do know is this is. Belmont has improved his post game. So much because he looks and style every single bank works with them every single day out like another coach. And instead of being a negative influence he's a major positive important personal thanks for. You know so that's the kind of a small stop you have to do embrace and be thankful. A couple of weeks ago I was talking now and I said OK wait you get a what are you like your basketball legacy debate. And he played into our team Janie pointed to DK. And he said I'll put announced good stuff in those guys debt in ten years I'm looking at them and I concede part of me in their plight. Love to have rhetoric I've not heard that but it. That's out for at that does not surprise me that they exactly what he says. What do you do during the all star break gay you go to Mexico and just kickbacks for awhile what are you go to college James what do you do. College games but I also go to the games because. You know we of Belmont from the rising stars on Friday. And then. During the dunk contests and on all circuits so I'll go to so all the event. Perfect day you've got you set expectations for yourself and your team awfully high I hope you're ready don't. Two you don't meet that challenge this offseason and next. You just look at a hotel looks to know there is a guy really good people around me and our older. He's been terrific and he wants to when he wants us to peace talks on. She's enjoying this team as much as maybe an eighteen other than when they were all back to the final let you know he's happy and he wants us to be successful and you know we're also Indiana are out now we're all from here. In old. Our roots here so we want this to be a great organization for the community interest rates. You mentioned him a couple of times yesterday herb that you know you called urban did talk to him about things. So it's a hill like he knew that I he's the owners say after run south Lyon but he's actually kind of weighing in on basketball decisions and I kinda stuff. Well he he knows more than you think I mean they'll send me an article so what do you think about this player. What do you think about that I mean. He reached arbor regional or any human being I've ever been telling. My gosh everything every every. And so he has opinions but. One thing I've appreciated worker what parameters. They'll face here is my opinion. Here's what I think you guys should look at. Let attended day that your guys that decision. And so you allows the basketball people to make basketball decision and that invaluable in this that is. Yeah you gotta have silos right and you mentioned yesterday and they did until. I listen to you talked in your talking about hey that's kind of an eight decision I don't get in done you know playing time and stuff. That we talked to Nate Nate was kinda talking about the roster being your. Area and in its eight. Well here's the bank. May not have been through the wars before yeah right and what then. On stopped its the fan. You've got to look around the room and you realize who you really want of people. And that's what I wanna be nice because that he's our and so much emotional credit. And it makes a lot of good decisions and just like getting coached there are some tough decisions try slowly makes good one to make some bad ones. But I trust them implicitly. I don't agree with some everyday but you know what we have a relationship that we can say I don't agree with that. But we both Terry each other and their pen and the work that they can approach. And so for me that's a special relationship it's almost like you're. Analysts saw the look trade the sole wage because. You talk every day your green where you. You disagree. That then that day you view unite in what we're out and that's always putting the pacers are what the pacers are. Well what you're about so far is 32 wins this season which is terrific and far outstrips anybody's predictions congratulations. And thanks for the time Kevin. Creditor cannot absolutely that's Kevin Pritchard the op president of basketball operations for the Indiana Pacers. He sat down with the media yesterday nice to make some time scores this afternoon.