Pacers announcer Chris Denari

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, April 2nd

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Do at mile high city Chris am doing great. Weather looks to be a pretty nice here and not expect immediate app well but. It the weather's good and just get ready to go to due to crack. Hey good news just got this is release from Wes Kamensky Dick Roland did boat named Eastern Conference player of the week. That's good news. Our great news I mean he can't a spectacular road trip thus far. Captain yesterday by that we thirty point two publicist five Steele being so very well deserving and in really good to see them. Post those kind of numbers now wasn't all just about victory yesterday yet plenty of help but I think. You saw all on display how personable and together this team is in now coming back from that sixty point deficit. Cub bizarre DA you know and not really bizarre. But today and this is just different city Indiana Pacers finding different ways to winning you mentioned yesterday Collison went a couple of terrific shots. Boy am Madonna bench. It was really good too late for the Indiana Pacers and then stick as well but they need to seemed to have lit in their collective DNA and ability to win. Is that that's a great point can't and I I think that's probably the easiest way to say it they they apple will they have a police. I think when you look at their record in games that are decided by three points or less there eleven and one this year. They've got a really good record I think they won sixteen games in games decided by five points or less so. They're very comfortable in that situation and I things. If you look back over the last two games on the road against a young Sacramento team that was hungry to get a win of the pacers make plays down the stretch. And then yesterday. Nearly fell behind by sixteen. We've seen that story for us came back and took a third quarter lead and then trailed 8680 early in the fourth quarter. And got some big plays and it came from all over the place but I thought. The flagrant foul sort of changed the game. Because the pacers got an extra possession out of that then all the people hit a three. But but they they continue to make winning plays. You know it's tough to do that each and every night. But for the most part this team when it gets into a close situation. They have competence at built in the game. And that's a great point Chris because it's not just what the cases due in order to win it's what they do in comparison to their opponent. And what they do in order to win and that flagrant foul was ridiculous. And I don't think there's any kind of place and that basketball under it when guys cheap shot got to make him pay and they did. Yeah that was a heart that was a hard fall and I think when mention how the tablet yet any other player other than alliance. Right now he not right away that you know out strong and Al. How tough minded that Lance is not thought Lance that a bit choppy you don't equally. Could've gotten up and indeed very angry. And you know might have been an incident there he gets in the face of beyond her short I think that's. The maturity level we've also seen with Lance who was an important situation. You know take that out go to the free throw Lonnie made one of the two and then the pacers got a lot of bound to victory at the crease so. Those are game changing moments that it you have to take advantage and the pacers were able to take advantage of that. Last not I think they also learned a lot from a few weeks ago when they worked in position into warlords to land and at we're able to get that job done. But they've been very comfortable. All the road I mean earlier in the year they won four straight on the road they've got a chance for Bordeaux Western Conference road trip that. The last time it happened was back in 2012 and does not happen very often. In pacers history. They've won twenty games on the road for only the sixth time in the last. Forty years since the pacers join the NBA if they can get one more win they'll have their sport. Winning road record in forty years so. That's very significant legal and there is significant numbers. For eighteen that was thought to not be very good this year I mean you're. You're looking at some historical numbers that this team. Has put into the into the record. Crist an area about the pacers he sets up an interesting about Lance that he could've found stopping could've retaliated. And I gotta give laid some credit I I think that when he kind of pokes the bear. He sees a victory and it is when the bear bites back you know what I mean if the bear tracks him and the team benefits from that might Mac. I think he says you know what I want that any doesn't need retaliate because he's authorities already declared himself the Victor. Yeah I think it was interesting for Lance cornerback yesterday remember he played about half the seat and maybe a little more and half a season in LA. With the clippers after he was generated from Charlotte so. That was an important venue for him to apply and and I thought there at the energy in the the points that he provide early that work order. Well we're essential for the pacers I told Nate McMillan after the game yet. And he's got a really good job all year I thought the wake utilized his bench utilized his personnel. Easy gap but Donna pitched a rest. Early in the fourth quarter brought back he had a couple of threes I just thought he was a maestro yesterday with the way he utilized as roster. And I like the way utilize that technical I thought the technical was well timed. And I thought he got a lot out of it. Yeah that you know you you've got a stand up for Victor. Quinn has mentioned this. Our time atomic you know play. Victor gets beat not a lot and absorbs a lot of punishment and Victor was angry. That he did not get a file but here's the difference between Victor players yet. On that next possession. Means so. Easy big he gets out when he runs back and blocks a shot there would have been a lot of players so that continue to operate and stature the official. And not get back on defense that's not Victor he went down the other way. And took out his frustration on the other team instead of on the official and then they had his back to get that technical side also. This is just great support. Between the coaching staff in the and the achievement. And I think you saw all that yesterday. You know once former pacer comes to mind immediately when we talked about people who might might chit chat on one end to blow off the other end. I'll episode tomorrow night to Denver Nuggets are the opponent. And is solid we kind of knows something about him but they're they're kind of in the same position. That the clippers were in the yesterday they're fighting for a playoff spot they're fighting for their post season lives. They could finish as high as fourth or they could finish out of the running entirely. That the pacers are likely to get the nuggets had their best. Yet it they get a big win yesterday they rallied a stretcher and overtime gets lucky. So early eighteen out of the eighth and final playoff spot. And they've got son's signature games coming up they play a number of the teens. That there are battling with just at the clippers do amid the corporate still have Denver. Our New Orleans. And I think you to all their schedules so for Denver and the clippers that they're hoping to get the playoffs. The Indiana game is very important and the clippers were not able to take advantage. And this is a Denver team that's hungry they they've got to significant injuries pictures native eerie harris' Al. And Wilson Chandler is also out for the nuggets. So they've had to. Adjust their lineups they've they've still got Yokich inside. The other a number will Barton has played very well at all built snapped back. The pacers did not play against Millsap when they rally for. The winner earlier in the year at the game that victory at 47. And they rallied from what a twenty point deficit so be it it it should be of very entertaining night here in Denver. The pacers again have a chance for a four no Western Conference road trip that. Has only happened a couple of times I think in their history so so much on the line and and you know a lot of us are talking about this team has a chance for fifty winds just hit he wins as a huge milestone for. For any that teamwork franchise in the NBA yet. And I really think this team that is is sort of locked in on that as much as. It is winning it getting home court advantage I think if they can get the fifty wins that would be a huge statement for this team in this franchise this year. You gotta go out some place downtown watched the NCAA championship tonight. Well I think here I think they're putting our group together here in the hotel for the cheap for everybody to gather and watch salt. I know a lot of who is teammates are excited for Glenn Robinson watches Mishawaka reads. Have a chance for the championship tonight so I'll definitely be watching. Villanova by a team that's what it's going to be. I'm just talent. Well they are making eighteen threes and yeah they're very capable again nobody can beat Villanova thank you Chris have a great time. I think can't.