OSU coach Chris Holtmann

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, February 22nd

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Economic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430 big basketball game tomorrow night down at Simon Scott assembly all the Ohio State Buckeyes playing for Big Ten championship potentially. The Indiana Hoosiers try to find their way to the and I team we welcome to the show the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes the great Chris Holman honey don't coach. Doing great great bwic yeah you know I I don't mean to call you loud that you were one of the great all time sand daggers. If if you and I ever played golf and you try to sell me on you being a 22 handicap and we're playing a five dollar Nassau. I'm a cult nonsense and you're gonna have to show me documentation. Well it wherever playing golf and money. Money is in play you're you're good change to see my golf game you're you're gonna be all right can't. What's been the key aide to you guys kinda out taken your coverage in general we talked to you thought that this is going to be a challenging year. There's been a lot of fun story. It has it has an obviously. I you know I wasn't the only one that brought that I think you look at. All the where we were practiced is you know I always laughed as I go into the wall ashamed here Ryan p.'s office. Hung up all the all the prognostications. And it was pretty much a consensus which went eleven of fourteen. Force and you know life. I don't know we knew at that time how good Qaeda was going to be. Can't. And and I don't know you never know how quick your chemistry is going to be. And I think those are all we each question marks especially when you're taking a world where new team. And obviously case has been sensational and our chemistry and really get. Hey yea you mentioned Ryan didn't end when he took the job and Ohio State Neil left Butler you took the staff Ryan Payton Terry Johnson might try to eat. Yeah how big a deal has it been to have that staff. Connected to one another for this a long period of time and not you go to Ohio State and trying to cobble together another staff. Yes and it's been really in its stated people can it's been. You know in some ways what are at stake in the job fighter known I was going to be able to take a good portion. Of the stat I don't know because. It makes everything seamless and I think it's it's a blessing to have a land in interior Mike Sharkey. That really. Do incredible work and if it's. Has set the tone for a program and obviously it'll recruiting is so important in those guys have done done a good job which. Our our social recruiting class. Here in the end. There's much anything having those guys kind of buy side. This is invaluable. Those recruiting changed Chris in that you know Butler we talked about the Butler way a lot it's recording to a culture. And there's kind of an in place filter the kind of weeds out guys that you wouldn't necessarily think of as a Butler guy. 'cause it changed in Ohio State for a don't. But not that significant way acting I think at least I I don't want it took to change in terms of who were looking for in the paper pusher when looking forward. It's part of the reason that. This was attractive well as. A B network recruit to kind of young man that we we were hopeful should be able to recruit that we have. And time recruiting and you know beat this. To that and making class we brought in them and a lot of those guys were guys we began. Relationships which. While at Butler show. I think for Taurasi you know we're looking for guys that fit how we wanna do things. That have a passion for playing. That are obviously really talented players. But understand what wins in what loses. And now hopefully we can find those. Or Chris Holman head coach at Ohio State Ohio state of course is going to be visiting Bloomington. Odd tomorrow night. Big game for both the Buckeyes and for the hoosiers. What's the difference resource wise IE eight you came from Butler big east school and in a place it it it you know what Butler is beautiful. But what's the biggest different real difference resource wise eve had to get used to it Ohio's. You know I tell you what we're Butler scheck now and end. There there are very small. In I think that the differences are really insignificant. In a lot of waste yeah I really yeah I think she. You know what you would have a Butler is. A program that is re shall worst. At the highest level on a chance to. I think compete compete at Chrysler where your act like that that was there that you could get back to file or. That was she got to a sweet sixteen. I'm deet deet the scope of maybe that universities in in the sense. You know I. Ohio State has a larger alumni patient. In in bearish. A little bit more you know nationally people might know. A little bit more about while state terms that label. Oh reached courses you know weeks. Flew privately Butler would like privacy here are the pride recruiting. I thought that we salute we told. I'll let pride this year. So they're very similar in a lot of ways just all you know one thing publicly and one being a prize that. And one being a massive public it's just it's that seal is a lot difference. I'll tell you what else is different when I came to Columbus for the Ohio State Oklahoma game. There you and your family were out at midfield the Internet or have to ever before the game I gotta confess I was if you like patients and so I'm not sure of the exact sequence of events but odd man I was like well don't Hershey's got to be a little bit different foreign. Well you started early to that was that was early in the first quarter just curled up on that. This. That yeah that was it was an amazing I mean that was an amazing experience and you know one of the things that. I've been so impressed with cheers the passion. I'll war athletics in general but the passion fruit from the football team and you were trying to get that back. Four or basketball I think we've we've made some strides this year. You know I think. Are weed is being excellent targets Philip. Every night per week we looked hard. Are to try to do that and I think winning is helped. Public the passion for for the football each and every game is unbelievable. Talk to Chris Holman head basketball coach for the Ohio State University how dangerous is Indiana tomorrow night. I think it really good I think they're playing really well can I think there. They you know you look at him in in early in the year each day you guys like Morgan is gonna have a break out here which he passed. He's an all conference guy and then everybody knew how good shots and is and I think people looked at both those guys and say those are got two guys that. I can can you know can be O'Connell all Big Ten team and the way they're playing and now it's hard to argue with that. Greens given a really good minutes I'm actually restore a lot of good things situation do you look at how they're playing right now and and I think they have I'm sure have the competence they can go that you Chilean and when the whole thing because they they can do that. You know what's weird team in that one game they're gonna turn the ball over seven times in the next game they might turn it over nineteen. You know you just never know what you're gonna get with Indiana. Yeah I think actually you know obviously they states. I think Nebraska they turn it over a little bit but Nebraska has a lot. You know had a lot do with that we just don't work against Nebraska lots well. The brass gets defense is really good their personal they're all. So they're not the only team that does that India has got to commit turned over. There are things different for his senior night you guys just had your senior night against Rutgers Indiana's got there's tomorrow night against you guys is it different. I think there's a more more emotion. Invested in that area is. Yet to be more focused on kind of the task at hand and staying in the moment. It'll play by play moment by moment. The crowd has typically different energy. I it's always a great camp ground there in Bloomington at least I think maybe one of the most passionate stand basis in the country they love. Their groups. And I hate I would expect it's gonna be you know on fire while. Speaking to senior night is yours was just the other night against Rutgers and the Big Ten network was nice enough to include. The live coverage Evander dockets his comments if you hadn't given him the wrap sign which he still be talking. A yeah I should shocking sure things were for all of those outlook is spent time in Indiana. That that occasionally. Jockey Martin let. Yeah yeah actually head. A couple assistant coaches. I yelling at me coach gives him little hook guess. You know Leo we wanted to keep mineral law. Perfect we'll see you tomorrow night thanks coach I appreciate it let's agree Chris holt the head coach at Ohio State University take a little bit of time. Talked about game tomorrow and I would really appreciate that Chris hold on one of the really good guys in college basketball. And for all the time that we spend and and I was guilty of it is it's not so you're guilty of maybe it's just something that you. You do. For all the time we spend decrying a guy like Rick TL we need to spend at least one minute talking to her about a guy like Chris Altman who absolutely does stuff the right way for the right reasons. I would have no problem at all no reservations have my son play for Chris hole meant to rip the guy. Great staff Ryan Payton Mike tri gate Terry Johnson. We miss all those guys have Butler. The Val Jordan doing a terrific job we're just happy for our chris' success and the success of the buck the Buckeyes program although it tomorrow night we're not going to be so happy about it. If if they beat the hoosiers we go into tomorrow night hoping for a win. For Indiana because a win tomorrow carries Indiana to attending record in the Big Ten. And virtually locks them into an N ninety dead I think all right maybe I got to win a couple of games and Erie city to get into the N ninety I don't know. Chris mentioned that Indiana is the type of team that could win it all in New York City a ticket that's a tough putt that you're gonna have to beat three teams. That are kind of New York equal. If not you're superior you know I mean I like it he got to play Michigan or Nebraska. You know those teams are a little bit better on paper than Indiana. And if you got to play Purdue Ohio State. Or Michigan State that can be trouble too anyway really really nice Chris Ullman to spend some time weather's always appreciate the conversation.