North Central basketball coach Doug Mitchell

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, November 17th

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Economic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430 are high school previews continue with the great Doug Mitchell. At north central Doug does your 25 or my goodness how do you down. Omar work rhetoric. I don't know. How do you live there year after year after year I needed to eat you know it's there's a constant churn to being a high school basketball coach. Keeping yourself motivated I mean is that ever. A question or or is it just something you love Dylan. Yeah you know get the point here order. You you gotta you gotta keep them on the purple some are yeah that. Poll showed what happens you get bit you get coached as a drenched aren't you look at that seeing that. Low there unless I didn't ask about that worry about. Those are new challenge new people. You know in this profession you're never reward. You. Can I do know that sounds terrible to me to. How kids changed since 9394. When he got to her central. So well as. Well like so long time ago starts. Yup saint more than the kids. But it can also change you know you know the daily business in the entire dome and you know. And starting to think twice about it don't think things are wrong works. I'm going to be a practice for a couple days you know or and to you informed them that that's not the way strangers and they really don't understand that until you tell. Because we've reduced they're entitled to things. They you route. You know here you get to work. And it's really the key I mean sports are so important at the high school level college about whatever it teaches accountability. It teaches that there are consequences when he failed to meet expectations. And it it it's it's kind of it is safe place. So early you know again I don't actually you. This just a different animal there's no. You know sort of accountable. And mill summer like they are where they're here right so. In it's a great chapter I attempted suicide culture or basketball. You know it's given me so much but really the games so it's not a big deal. It's what I could use the gay. War and that's helping people helping kids understand them. My part to help parents and Kidd finished in the way they liberalize. And if you can live that way up the court. And you do the right things stand with talent we have here generally will be Greek should. So what words in your route Doug. But I want you to explain the mare and in Egypt at this along tired 25 here again and give 1421. Games. But I'm guessing that your career is going to be defined by the kids that you've touched and not the games you've won. I would hope so. You know I mean that's that's what it's all about and I was doing it just to win games that have been done along time you know. You loaded the structure of place you look around in the late in the game and the Tuesday. So he's he's governor and it. And go back and join the racers and young DOJ Jason Gardner down you'd be like get Nick Carter are the areas socket. You know didn't the teams for the the bowl votes you get grammar golf throughout the news media players come back you got guys that have so AMD's. New jobs and their lives are going well. Past that passes by select man you know should I give it yourself. Somebody else and I don't know what what lawyers worked. And I saw Eric and bankers life field house on Sunday night claimed that the rockets and you looked like Eric again which is nine. Has so. Well yeah it's all right so proud that. On TV and watch him on cougar did you look at us economic level watching you yeah. I love their people talk about I've love to watch that they have. It was a late game two as we mentioned earlier brought up on all. So I got my game. That. Targeted Doug Mitchell head basketball coach at north central high school he went through senior in their position. Tim looked so far this year. Superstar also floor week you know every match that's route or is that we roster of people and they walked out of the one as well commando. On the terror Rivera will use simulated nuclear Gavin universe so maybe and it didn't do it well Altria. And you know we don't have that but I think we can do this thing by committee. And that's kind of army and you talk about this to get stale coaching now because there's always some new challenge and that's of the new. We've always had a quote unquote superstar. To top talent character but these guys if they do what we asked them to do and they believe they buy into it. We're shocked a lot of people. And that's going to be really. So. I would love Donald Lee is a senior partisanship forcing here is offered by navy and army is generated opera Drake and you know we get other guys that have started various arms scaled packet. Tyreke Johnson and David Bradley doubled tendency of battles so it's not like we're gonna come in here. Totally clueless. Right and I. Will be five Detroit history. Is it tougher to win a state championship or win the married Kennedy turn them. You know. The Mets and I I don't know why did this is David Stone there's. We want or can't point five years in state so this. It's about gossip man. It's just they stopped because you know you get some great coach you yeah a little on the talent go back and look at all. NBA players to come right out this area the last seven or eight years yeah yeah. And then look at the coaches agree. Gumbel look around a little bit of what it. Group we've ever answer your. That know what you're doing that apple. Is it what am I. Jack Kiefer has been doing what you do for about twice as long as you've been doing it. I. Was probably the toughest kid to scheme against that you played. Amateur bouts government to tell us are Smart and he used just slowly well Smart defensive line. Maybe he was and I just didn't know that. Now I really didn't because he's so low key yeah and he would not he would not. You know he would slip to the gear and tell you need it. I mean now what time we're up six or some seconds to go and cap interment. Industries and regions. Look what about a played down the stretch in the last play too sexy. Yeah you look at it any easier so quiet man assuming. The man snowman. Actually get. And then you look at what is in the fourth overall pick in the draft yeah. Yeah. What a great guy gets spent time with the mountain San Diego that the European basketball team really got to know him and owed. And what a great couple guys that you can match of the week. And you know why you see your for a guy to as the golf outings you've got every races a lot of money and does a lot of good and endured just terrific and thanks for spending some time. Thank you browse Turkish port area. And it has about all we love doing don't. Still operate our operator thanks thanks very much Doug Betts Doug Mitchell head basketball coach at north central high school what are the really good guys and you know you say when the really good guys. That would kind of lead you to infer that there are some knots over it guys but there aren't. You know that I I think that the guys there are any coaches I think in central Indiana high schools. Who coach just as well and as our. Like positive minded is anybody doing it in college basketball. And you know I didn't just some guys they did at the high school level and so that's what they do. Doesn't mean that better subservient to the guys who make a lot of money due to big time. And I Doug Mitchell one of the really really good doesn't really good coach at north central high school nor central opens up next week against Indianapolis metropolitan.