New Albany coach Jim Shannon

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, September 11th

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Economic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430 racquet has spent all day. Talk about the Indianapolis Colts in the 46 to nine shellacking they took it bans on the rams yesterday. College basketball recruiting the open recruiting period begins today and that means that a lot of eyes are gonna be a New Albany Indiana including a lot of eyes at Indiana University basketball fans. And the guy in the midst of one of his casts and aimed it maybe chaos it is not chaotic maybe it's very orderly. Because this guy's a part of the process a great Jim Shannon the head coach at New Albany high school I don't champ. Your great parent her. I am doing great I would imagine that today you have a lot of very very well known college basketball coaches roaming your halls. There's nobody here yet but there are some people come and there's no question about. Indian has come and then tonight so. There are definitely be here and obviously. The other six schools that are involved his recruiting you're going to be here at one point are not. Now be honest it is it limited to those seven schools or is that like lefty drew drew Zell said a long time ago. When a kid narrows his list I'd just get I know who I got to beat. Well apart and I know that's just those seven that's what family as indicated so. You know I it if it changes hopefully they'll let me know that but as of right now those seven school of the ones that are Harrison have. And those in the schools and his interest. Has this had any effect on the kid I mean rodeo Langford for anybody you know Zimmer knows those who know him. They know almonds are humbled team's first kid as this notoriety changed him and anyway. No I don't believe that it has so my eye if anything I think he's even become. A better person who has four it just seems like his demeanor is always the same. The futures school really liking. He doesn't stand out and believe it or not he walks holes just as an average kid. Porsche everybody knows who he is. But for the most part and you wouldn't know cute as well returned calls that. But even here he's very quiet and unassuming. Patent during the work counts just procedurally. To make it to talk to Romeo or or away it like if they want to Romeo did they just set up in the bleachers and kind of audit. And showed that they're there urge that they get you know kind of a meet and greet with them how does this work. Well in the in the past that pretty much just watching Paula you know there might be a quick hello and I do ownership might step but there's no prolonged talks. I think he sometimes I have to go back thank the preeminent one you know this is this the first visit to war that. So sometimes I have to kind of think back to work and they do want can't they do so. From from what I remember there's not not a whole lot of conversing between them although he. You know I think back. There were times last year when. A school would come in and they would. Watcher Romeo play. And our. They would what can play and he basically afterwards the family and I would meet with coach. So you know obviously they talked so I think there and ended as I think back on the appreciative they can't. Heard Jim Shannon head basketball coach at New Albany high school where Romeo Langford currently metric relates member of the class of 2018. A five star recruit. Indiana and North Carolina Louisville Kentucky's Vanderbilt others. According Romeo Langford his parents are really running the show aren't that. Absolutely 100%. No question about that. And ten and Sabrina and analyze what's wrong we know we don't want to make this decision. There's no really outside influence. It's that involved in this situation so it's been wonderful from that standpoint because you know I think it should be fair or not. If these young men in a position more. You know he's with a single person's purse for a single mom notion they ask for some help Yahoo! should I get a little bit more involved and I certainly do everything I can't. When they ask me Obama so that's so why am I communicate with. The colleges and coaches and head coaches and assistant coaches were trying to more. Family is on both dome when it comes to his home visits. His visits on campus when he takes his official visit so I problem upbeat. Targeted Jim Shanda India head basketball coach at New Albany high school down just across the river. From wolves L. So hey you've also got a kid named Shawnee Steve's got other guys who people Ehrlich and Ed is this good for them. Romeo is notoriety is that helping the other kids get looks. Well. You know you would think that it that it would some of that can be true and announce some of it's not so triggered lie. The schools are looking Romeo. You know are pretty elite what comes to college basketball. It's not a not on the other schools are certainly elite schools and a commanding Merck know or not he's seven so I'm not trying to say these you're the only schools out there. From the standpoint of those schools that are looking Romeo. You know most of my other kids can't play that well you know they're not gonna play it at schools that are permanent look at him. That being senate doesn't mean that they can't play some more division one discrepancy it. The proud are not gonna play at this level so no more than people think well it's really gonna help the more it is you would help and certainly if they real well perfect template that. Really doesn't. I have had. Some of the college coaches come in and make some calls for my kids I just helped us out with us some other schools without maybe that could play so it's important. Talk to Jim Shannon about Romeo Langford his recruiting Jim of course is. The basketball coach Romeo is high school New Albany high school I also graduated from New Albany high school. Pay it's so. He has his Romeo is game advanced over the course of the last six months or is he kinda still the kid that he wants. Well it is typical for me to ascertain the Oscar worries that simply because he hurt. So you know the times and I even got to change those seem obviously I didn't go to Italy when he played. I didn't go to Egypt when he played. Eli went to South Carolina to watching and I went to Vegas. And watched in the want to Kentucky and watched and so you know I got in that match ups was good. And you know when I got to same players back. Sometimes you didn't play at all. So easily be mentioned is CI TI he comes out he's gonna play an open gym tonight this will be the first somebody's plate. Probably several weeks ago we just wanted to give him a break after. Because even in addition to all the eight used to he was doing he was also look at these so. He was the city was back in Aruba I believe he's been to Houston and Aruba to greet. At times schools started so. You know this will be the first actually that's in place in night court sometimes so. I think when you don't have an outstanding senior season. All of you know is summer was good. I'll be there were times when it wasn't great just because of his back I think it was really bothered him and I could tell he wasn't the same kid that you know this it injury. It was a very difficult to go under percent to be that would lead player that you. But you can be when you're healthy so I look forward to get him back tonight watching him play laureate under present help in Oregon and ease into the scene where you have. Abide by it now which airplane in November Thanksgiving I looked for him to be in. In great shape to be ready to play and I think this going to be as this year by 430. Every couple meetings within. Told him so much that I I really believe that this will be as great as he played the press I think he'll play better because you know I'm gonna. And demanded of him but I'm gonna. In on them approaching and a little differently in terms of scapegoat because I think he's Capel warm up another rung on the ladder. So the bank injury isn't like you chronic thing era thing to projects toward being a long term problem. It's a short term problem water rest and he's gonna be good to go. Correct he told me today. He feels like it's you know he is dead and I wannabes and things and condi you know word open here in the forefront of play. Sixty and we'll walk and play maybe half yeah he's wanted to play all. You know he is dead are still decide those kinds of things he does get to decide. At that point and being good in September right. What no pointing utility you don't fire your bullets in September let's wait till you play and shaft for Plame Providence for God's sake. Yeah yeah exactly when you're you know when you're seventeen. Did you hear a little inflation he just washed Portland here. As old news as Tim and I are you sort that would expand hysterical and patience is very important especially when you know we don't want to take this step backward we don't wanna do now they're golf full bore. That's all the so no it is back bothered again so we got another retreat to a lectured us on an open. He's working on it ease of meeting with a therapist each week. So he's doing supposed to be doing to rehab and I know I do not think this is that lingering injury I think all intents and purposes it will not occur. And then you're going to be busy tomorrow night RT you're either going to be the focus of attention you're going to be the athlete on the floor. Yeah I guess but I am going to be. Involved in the fund raiser for cost burst which is a tremendous organization. And have a professional dancer that I have been more unless we practiced. 22 times and Michael commercial today and showtime mark so it's about two and a half minutes with the answer isn't. Is this song is no dignity so you can. It's going to be a trade I'm sorry camped Huber is tomorrow night to watch. Albert Jerusalem an act. Naked chip I appreciate the time good luck tomorrow night good luck with Romeo and end up. All you're senators are gonna command over the next couple weeks. Yet again one other thing is real quick. We get season tickets are sound like hotcakes around here. So you know people or Harrison and seeing are wrong and I was just on the daughter didn't get season tickets goes. I don't think your own being left at the divorce or just trying to get that word. And house leaders not around anymore the former head of WNA as he has my guy can call Jason he'd let me up on the catwalk watch whenever I want it now I got no contact. Well you and you know that. After the end of the guys that you and thanks Jim appreciate it. Thank our nets agreed Jim Shannon head basketball coach at New Albany high school rodeo like birds open periods everybody's open brigades starts today. But Romeo. He's gonna look committed to getting university is the first Souter who walks in and gives them a once over and really this is more about them being seen. Really then den sitting there watching and auditing Romeo Lankford everybody's gonna want receivers backs healthy. Brother and that. You know easy you know he's going to be hot who's really really good he's ranked in the top five in his class so what would you expect and then Jim Shannon also. Invited to take part of the deal this celebrity. At Dancing With The Stars deal. That's gonna benefit prosperous. And that that'll be it here researcher and winery tomorrow night up in Floyd snobs and if you've never been there like Dell have. Every year they've got Archie Miller adds basketball coach football coach whoever they may be. And they're down there and it's like 12100 people and it's a great time really really fun. Its neighbors is a terrific place in southern Indiana anyway. Romeo Langford recruiting in earnest starts today with the opening of this open period beginning of the open period. And we'll see what happens movement orbit Jim Shannon really good dude. In the head coach at New Albany for about the last twenty years and I ticket guy who preceded him and that jobs is boss. As the athletic director Donnie under. So there you go into all demand volatility if you got New Albany and he's sit around. You go to wicks downtown dale what is that I it's like kids state and marketers some Micah. Anyway you go to where Nixon he said at the barge is like keys to its standards down there. And you here local guys end up first thing you'll hear them talk about is New Albany high school's basketball team. And within ten minutes you'll hear somebody talking about the guys coming up seventh eighth ninth grade. It's scribner junior high and Hazelwood junior high because that is what they do. Down into Albany they care about high school basketball first. Then they care about college basketball. And then there's a big gap to everything else down in southern Indiana especially in New Albany thanks to Jim Shannon for spending some time when this.