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Tuesday, April 17th

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They don't stays under prime Mario can I could not be better. How do you like to cancer gonna respond. To what happening game one. You know there's no adjustments are sometimes lose that game mean and and frankly I mean believed that. Call me in terms of X and O types a strategic up and particularly. You know defensive. The only culprit a pretty Arab problem missiles opera game in which they give up only 98 points for Cleveland that you know significant. Our improvement on the other hand yeah he's Corey and you know let's let's Austria happening missed a concrete corners. All they did some credit to the Indiana defense and they also helped and just good looks. Com. You know I think what I think what I expect the Sears reward Grasso gone in terms not true so off terms. I expect may be an all to see him push things a little bit more on an attack via the pacers. Are you all to dribble post up. Home probably a whistle some of that work for him and now. Our blood he he has a point guard chores would torture a lot second half a second half. And down so they were trying to be attentive to the other guys. Get on so I think the machine you know that could. Well it some debris from scripture and more LeBron. You know it watching them on Sunday and watching them through parts of the regular season they is sometimes they just look like they don't enjoy the game. You know I don't. Upfront season they've had some fun moments where were they sort of started to feel good about themselves and I think things are gonna change and things did not change and at least not within the opt permanence. So while it's been. Real slog through down this year and expect that would agree approaching that goes from people in the finals they know that there would be judged on I'm OC some. But this suppose this is crazy and that sort at all obviously with the carrier ring quest for trade. And they just never sort of got delayed some of them are. Already many people all sorry for them outside the land. But all feel it's been it's good and the kind of season from which it's hard to all the sudden be this. Eastern Conference juggernaut again and I and I think they were earlier. Hello I'm the first round even the second round to. It is setting themselves and and prepare for what they face our final two rounds are now that they're not think beyond Wednesday night well. Try to Steve Nash for reform NBA dot com do you get the sense that people enjoy playing with LeBron James Kerr is he just to guide that you kind of tolerate. Because of where he gets. An interesting thing effect I pitched story than that I'm gonna work on over the this playoff on here remember I best not wait too long. About what's involved in being a LeBron team I mean because you know it's got to be in Kabul it's sorted it's. You're gonna have nice playoff shares lost most fearsome and opportunities in the postseason with a lot of players. You seem to Korean. All the money license their content to be a good thing you might have an end up getting paid in the next contract more because I. You'll you'll look good playing like some. I didn't hand you do have to defer I mean. People. Don't remember what it was like a betrayal also being Michael Jordan teammate. I mean he would bring. You know some of those reserve guys to cheers in practice by going at them bowl. Physically and gain and on gain settings scrimmage I think practice more. And even globally in just abusing and humiliating his own teammates mean the end and seeing bad and so it back in and they incur was up and up to. To sort of survived that. Blind there ever been or had four players who did not survive but they were traded or won't pass back go to over president. And when you got that dominant player with a strong personality and seems to have. Control beyond that you know his playing status in the organization. I think it does have something 00 teammates call on the court and and just you know day in day in and B traveler. You know locally as we've watched the pacers for 82 regular season games and then that in game one of this series I think people locally have. Ever really kind of since fallen in love with enjoyed that these guys play wit and I don't know whether that suck. A creation. Of our locality and you know in some of these people know what a guy like Dick curl a deep well. Back to 2010 what he's a freshman at Indiana. Is a national guy who's been around the game for a long time can you tell the difference. Between a team that really enjoys themselves and do you think that the pacers are one. You know summit. You know which comes first chicken right you're kind of thing I mean if a team where whip out. Real Paramount superstars. On perennial all star type players on and has success he says a lot of what a band of Brothers you know and they they really are not together and that. There's a lot of chemistry there and everything if it where you know if if that team doesn't win and the but it sort of like well we got to upgrade the talent if there is also an achievement they where news and William. The NBA's star's starter Ervin late night and if you have star on the team and a team that whoever has trouble oracle racing this season. You say well there's so much chemistry there are you know there's some dissension and so you know a lot of that is what we read in true. The situation I think it can be any of those those things. You know I think that can't had a good feeling about the you know Paul George David West Floyd over on George Hill. On the pacers and and now they don't have Leno some of those names that are household and I am spot all the you know the corolla peoples on his part to make himself that I think they I think they are good crew when we walk in the locker room and match. That's often at least there is some sort of a sign of how she's got a long. Are you the fact that they seem to. All you before wetlands and we laughable is a light kind of player. And the guy you know when he was inadvertently team it's almost like you know the big other sort watch on public they kept him. Under the global it now it seems like this crew. Really sort of tolerate and try that happened to the controversial plan Stephenson without being derailed by. The negatives and most games we usually people. It's not easy yeah it's like Nate I think he's done a really good job on of kind of Colin Farrell the second that Lance gets really antsy and and I think it's at that moment that he starts to kinda gallop around. What he starts to get around it's like okay we gotta get him and a lot of other. Yet they act out some economy to keep the key adult bear in in going up against LeBron James and I could say he's gonna get LeBron had a mean that that's probably you know that's the task of too much at all. You the bronze in troop pretty much all that. That's that's not gonna rattle him if he's willing to go you know total total guy like that aspect can be a good thing and landlord goes well a lot com. First believed the whistles or. You don't want some and then you sit down and began late. They sort of tremendous job that it would that really should get credit. That's also route reveal our votes because of the bush Q awards show that the NBA put on at the end of the finals. Bought all of they together that you really strong consideration to on the corruption here. He's a pretty good coach and has been this year and it's kind of interesting because it seemed to me at least locally it seemed like. He didn't necessarily sit at roster last year but this roster re absolutely Fed's. Can't or it seems that way and I I take it right though we'd based on the results we tend to create her own merit and up. That's. And I am fine I mean you know values club fans ought to feel part of a particular team and what's going on in the me. Look at. The fans excited and sort of got remind of like Cory Joseph after the game on Sunday when I thought it was an old wall where I'm. Really underdogs we don't think Parcells as the underdog is what he said and when your five team against a forgery and it's terrible well there really isn't an underdog anatomy of the hand I mean you're talking. To restrict finals forces a team that. Most of us expected would be lucky to grab the final playoff long and most likely would even do that so. You know but they don't credentials away and single people on and chemistry may serve. You know career win this thing a matches because the NBA's schedule. It was Sunday kind of a fluke the aide Tim I 'cause I look at that and then I look at the like the Vegas spreads for. Game two and it's eight and a half points in the direction of the cancer like okay. What's changed except you think at least over the first six minutes you're gonna get a really focused LeBron James. Think it can be both I wrote that it wasn't a move that it was a sign it was a it was a they're showing by the pacers. How good they are how solid their game plan was and how. Well executed it means not Luke Scott looks up as land. You know the other team favored team this is totally blot SA and and not really insular triggers I can switch. The game got away from them and console and then it can be ball because I do think that you will get a different cavaliers team and possibly get a bit of LeBron James in game total and and that might be enough you know medical. You know pinpoint wasn't representative title thanks so you know Google Chrome several points down in a losing situation through two winning decidedly. I mean could easily happen and that wouldn't be that the pacers. Warmup for the competition or somehow got lucky in game one it's simply. It doesn't agree to square one thing. That restrictions no Caspian hall before this season began and I do expect that chicken at some point. Thank you Steve appreciated. We're out great Steve Nash Bernard from NBA dot com my tickets right you know and and that's why you talked to Smart guys say I think that. They do we do we create our narratives like last year. Because of pacers what were they 42 and four year whenever they got swept in the first round by the cans you say well Nate McMillan what a good fit for those guys. We don't know that. And then it remember with Frank Vogel when they were winning it was like he had this great fed and then they weren't winning no no this terrible thing that. You don't all of a sudden Frank's coach and for his job that they don't go to Eastern Conference finals it's going to be fired and all that stuff that Marc Stein of reported. Andy get I these same guys same coach. And the roster is different. But how drew bill might be it's only because he won 48 games and then beat the cavaliers by eighteen the other day. That we don't always reviewed earlier in the way he's clashed with these guys we don't know exactly what Dell's going on gorgeous sand what we see. And what we see is a really competent pacers team rule like Steve said did not look location. In game one and I think that they left a lot of points on the table. Blame Madonna bitch didn't shoot well Darren Collison didn't shoot well. They missed and foul shots lots of things did not go well at least from shooting perspective for the Indiana Pacers and yet they won that game by eighteen points.