Nate Dunlevy on the Colts as a franchise

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, September 11th

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We welcome the show the author of blue blood the history of the Indianapolis Colts great Nate Dunleavy I donate. Yeah well are very different I'm great at the big game yesterday what did you think about the future of chuck Ghana was the coach of the Indianapolis Colts. I think the only question is whether he'll lat. She's an out or not I mean I mean it clearly it is but it means he's walked around. Like ambient beaded I think receipt and I mean you can hear this is only yeah he he looked like someone who knows but he's not long for the world needs just got apparent ticket. Passport many weeks and give mercy out things happen in port. You know dead as a crappy way to live your life I tell you that you know knowing that you're going to be putted. And just not knowing when it is really good because he's seen here you're trying to figure it out. You know trying to figure out how okay hideaway negotiate this. Terrain. In a way that I get to keep this job they clearly. I'm ill suited for. You know it it it if you want some encouragement if you want a pattern out easily. He should look to its predecessor Jim Caldwell to catch on teen playing hard that higher seed and that was a complete train wreck. But you know people forget though that 2111 call steamy original game and the play heart warm and all well maintained dignity. He got another NFL job at a big win yesterday made it back. Well. And like after Indianapolis. Even for a much maligned head coach but. You don't have to take a lot ownership and really keep that focus the plane that's really been something that means that you well. And there's you know the matter of clock management game man announcement does all the non challenge yesterday. They caught against the patriots. All that stuff that you you've got to be able to have coached the fans and he has. He absolutely epic you know I wondered that first field goal that he kicked on fourth and short and got the goal line it keep them warm we. You know what the only. Game. Your point Mikey he did he call Wendell wicked and apple. Why would they were down at what was the score that had been nothing at that point yeah you're gonna win. What appealed boldly and that was gonna help. You realize. If or when the game we need to get back my every. Up point that we get adult wouldn't of mattered no indeed it's been good enough to make it matter what you got he would give away points. Cut down on the goal on eager to not counting on and by kicking a global addicted to. Do you think that the colts roster is as bad as it looked yesterday. That means something's happened to the COLT a lot I think this is the air and lost by thirty points or more. Or by by at least more than three touchdown. In the step five plus years the Obama but around so it is possible that it. It is just the thing happened to put on a coach to write to you gate chalk it up. Two times a year they're gonna come out and get by somebody and Clinton they may not be quite. At bat but. They're pretty. Close did it. Tired and make Dunleavy the author of blue bloods the history of the Indianapolis Colts. Does this. Does this hearken back to any period in the colts history have they ever had this kind of decision to make. I think date is actually very very similar in a lot of ways the 2011 obviously that's the most I the most salient recent time this thing that that really. Vote similar to meet its the fact that it went eleven the coaching staff. Really believed they see what's gonna walk through that door. He didn't actually Ol we acknowledge and own the fact that he was going to be gone you know for the season and at that I'm possibly. Here. They're coaches still kept thinking well maybe you'll come back some when they let. And that is why get up at six. He would accept a lot against that the saint right even seeing the occupants. Kirk Curtis Painter their like like bill on the road in treatment say that work great. Because it and wanna change that could be because it was gonna come back and much had that same kind of feel too bad habit like. I'll just keep this ship afloat that we can keep things stable you know but percent of know that a playbook yet so like what just. Let's not change any pain and hope that it looks a lot through that door and say about. I don't know that I don't know that he is at least not anytime soon. It's it's a little wonder being out similar that the situation. Bad chambers say decided during that season as it unfolded. Two and fourteen season which really. Kind of allowed the Indianapolis made definitively allowed the colts to draft Andrew Luck first overall in the 2012 draft. Didn't fired Jim Caldwell. Until the season ended does that bode well and I guess it depends on your perspective and doesn't bode well orally. For chuck the got Al as you feel like you know this series released kind of the better for him. Well Ers they never. Jim Irsay has never fired coach. Middle seat now you. Know the game once but yeah. It's not done. That and then remains to be seated will keep rates that you don't just want to establish a pattern. I think what endeared me a little bit about McDonnell is he has junior and Nina was never really taken ownership he's shown a proclivity to opt. In their that potential that. The locker room it's our you know that watches C into the hole and say hey look you know you bought it in Eugene and he brought these players. And that you can try to somehow. Make him that set himself up for his next job before each one if that happens. Then you know the owner may have no choice but to make a move but I think if she added druthers I think he would rather just write this season out. And Edna may change after. Where's this franchise. Is is this is this going to be an extended kind of period remote play is kind of you get how. A late eighties early ninety's type thing or is it is Chris Ballard he's going to be able to rebuild this thing quickly. I think it was a little bit beyond just crisp dollar because. You know maybe he's going to be a great talent or value or maybe he's gonna Nick Lachey and like some of the moves that many Easter week. I. Seemed to be a straight shooter in the apple off. The larger scale this is safe franchise without direction and change we talk about all this team needs eight all man to. One that the entire program. Not just fit to run the traps and that which GM doesn't want to draft signed players need a unified vision app offerings. And that until that simply. And I don't think mister Irsay at this point does like is the course to provide that you beat there's been no evidence of that last five years that he's been able to do it. Until. There's really cohesive unit that kind of it's kind of it. It cookies in. Just the way the whole thing is gone down when he got surgery he knows why. Donald saying why I'm not even seen him throw whether that's true or not I don't know but yet they take note saying why haven't even seen him you know worked out couple weeks ago. Ad that shows that but it unity at this continuity. Within the franchise until that inflates. You know I don't I don't know that things are really going to do for any good organization on the bottle in order to win in the NFL and right now they don't have. And if not you didn't need an order who's willing just to sit under his desk or play golf all day. And let your guy you're president of football operations run stuff like Bill Polian did. Absolutely and then that's absolutely the way to go. You know if if your owners really gauge sticky feel like they're appointed by his career we can do detonated very much. An intense kind of standing. I'd bet. I don't see any indication it that mister up tapped it. At this state spelled it with that barring that person and you know we all know we all know that go for one account would look as he beat that person. I just I don't see any way forward for the franchise no matter how good ED given general manager or any given coached maybe. Do we do we have any idea let's say Jim decide some point to step aside. We have any idea what the wind a succession with and the family's going to be. You know I think it's one of those things he's got you know is daughters are ball machine but they also have their own interest. You know they also have it'll be gambling that I don't know how old. Betty one really knows how much how old. That would shake out. And I think that's a concern everybody you know which which daughter that a lot how how much control. Any one person wants to have. I don't know of anybody else that right now. Target date Dunleavy the author of blue blood. You pick it up at I am I would assume is that it stores. You can find in book sort of crack down any read book black dot book but angle I has copies the united steak medium has copy. Gathers there all over town in the armed great map and I'll publishing dot com. Other great place to get a pretty much anywhere that there's books in Indianapolis shall. Thank you very much Nate appreciated. A fact yeah and that's made Dunleavy the author of blue blood history the Indianapolis Colts and it didn't just a a terrific compendium. Of the stuff about the Indianapolis Colts are very very interest things franchise. And the evolution of that franchise from its move from Baltimore to Indianapolis and through all these kind of errors the bombers say era. Jimmer say air repeat words spend their for the entire thing. Are brick. Venturi was there for the first ten years of the Indianapolis Colts. Coming from Baltimore with a team other guys. Of course what amend it did did so we are embarking on yet another.