Mike Hart talks about his new home with Indiana football and what his expectations are this season

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, August 3rd

Mike Hart talks about his new home with Indiana football and what his expectations are this season.


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Academic and sterling chose CBS sports 1430 Indiana University running backs coach Mike Hart. Welcome home kinda right spend a lot of time of the colts beloved three years of the colts and I'm I'm happy to be back in Indiana obviously I'm Hoosier now you up. Got to enjoy Bloomington over the last couple months is great town great college town and enjoy all the restaurants so happy to be here. What was the thing to tree to coach and is the next step in your kinda career revolution. I think just you know the coaches impacted my life you know Roanoke from from Little League to high school and college obviously. That's as impact in my life and allowing him to David number one you love the sport you don't wanna give it the number two new chance to impact other people. And eighteen to twenty year old to make better fathers husbands and sons and you know why not do it. What's the difference between working with the other coaches you've worked for or played for and Tom Allen. Notes Thomas especially. You know I think it would nose and of realizes that easy comes from the I mean he he is who diseases you know and amassing of the coaches weren't that put. He's a guy that you know he he he's truly just a special person you know he's blessed. And that the way he handles that we took the staff when he does things it's it's it's it's awesome you know I have been around them better guy a better person. As far as the way he treats the players and treats its coaches that. He handles things on their date basis is that level of reality and that level of honesty does it empower you to kind of communicate with that same sort of that same devotion. Yeah you know it's it's. I think everyone has their own coaching style. You know but. They definite impact that we do coach. From simple I think everyone grows as coach I'm still young coaches have been I kinda have my coaching style but it does that we just the way he handles himself. With just his lifestyle what he does something that it really does impact you want a personal level spiritual level that just makes you better person. What is your coaching style that that echoes are you know there's no question about that. It's it's been a real high expectations you know from feel for the position. I want to say I'm I'm I'm positive there's no question about that saying no never never degrade anybody but you know I am I coats allow a coach Carr. And I wanna push to guys didn't make them better single day. There's an expectation. For Indiana running backs to be really really good and I mean over the last four or five years. With Evan Coleman and Ann Howard and and those guys. Really good to find renting. Really good running backs whose next. We'll see nothing deaths accidents when does he still has the top five questions training camp but I think that's one who's gonna merge it to tell that this and I can't tell you today. You know hopefully they'll tell you in two or three weeks you know and with that fifty prices and our ability you know number one the guys have to stay healthy you know to get on the field so they can do and we are young guys coming in we have you know the T hasn't practiced so you mean in practice all spring so. We would really get a good chance with these guys to bring to the table known these first couple weeks of practice and get on pats go which images. We look at running backs knuckle heads in the median knucklehead fans we look at running backs we see explosive speed and elusive ness. And we think depends on god given what can you teach. To get a guy from here to there and become a better running Mac I think there's no question about it animals great running back coaches you know they've crew were pretty run of the casino and on this certain things that I can't teach them you know I can't teach him how to seal boy can't teach him really had a break a tackle. But you know understanding defensive schemes understanding where the ball's supposed to hit understanding who the unblocked defender isn't who you're gonna have to make mr. run through. I've seen pass protection and routes those are all things you can do. To help of that role in knowing that just the mentality of that he nothing young guys a lot of guys it just in high school you are and everybody. You know at the date there's a lot of hitting yards on the field that are left on the field. We've answered techniques you can teaching diagnosed at a time brick right or left to get one yards to give back vertical and if fortified yards and so those two to me it's more than hitting yards. I can't make a guy around for four. You don't have to go ADRs have to make what some would miss it's it's those hidden yards that you can really tee to back him. You know those yak yards and those sorts of things that make veterans special favorite memory with the colts. Probably. Live in a bonus of Unita is being we knew we do win it. You know would I think it was experience of a lifetime and he does a little kid you always want those who won't play in super boom when a suitable. And I'd have to go medical care reason and it was just a great experience. When you look at reality TV today NEC like Kendra and Hank Baskett do you think man Hank just hold on to the damn ball. I don't want trios TV earlier right. Thanks Mike appreciate it.