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Tuesday, November 21st

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I know Mike. Howard you Ike could not be better I take it outside the Big Ten for a second and ask ill what you think about picker mayfield. Whether you think the penalties assessed by the coaching staff with no view was enough. I think it probably not. You know I'm not into that sort of behavior I. CNET suspended I don't buy at the defensive. Understand that he was angry Italy in the player. It. But I think they beat them and then if you want you know one of faith in your post gain eat what they it would let. It was so let's hurry. But why go in but we're not even more. I. Idol by it because I. And it it's really I mean I I wind up sounding like some kind of a some kind of a vulgar stooge. For taking the other the other point of view on this but I. If if he's not a Heisman candidate Kay Everett not him and we don't even know what had how many times do you think that happens at a football game. We're guy he says some that are died does something or horror exhibit some kind of gesture that nobody sees and we're not the wise. I any parent that tiger on their crapping their crops. Out. Point 88. Emirate is I think we note. It just campers on that point and I think tennis I think no doubt. I don't you know at anchor it all the time that we never hear. There's no question about that back. Sort of gesture. I think that's fairly rare is. In all of sports. I would call it a precedent that certainly they're very rare and however. Currently it occurred is bill is apple and one who you know who is playing at that level and want to play a higher level. That you batter. Let me ask you this then that this is just kind of an interest staying closer to me. Which deserves a heavier penalty guy going head to head on purpose or to I grabbed his junk. Our. He mean it hit. Like our leader at an immediate. Talking about somebody could get hurt with that in and it is just. You know like a bit of sportsmanship violation anything that physical injury is certainly a worse circumstance and something like that. Does it disqualify. A baker made field as a Heisman. Dice for you if you're gonna vote for the Heisman would this take him off your list. But I want and killing it on a you're gonna and frankly it shouldn't because I haven't covered college or it for twenty years. I. I would vote. Or say want Barkley is if I upload a bit player in college. To college football unique solve. You know we've become an and I will tell you that I I was there on out there I'd. And begin oh in the rocky mountain is called me one day instead they know that new thing out and watch it. And I edit it in continent with a sister paper for my. Eight crickets perks like this thing yet and young and we wake up I edit. Our. One aspect or college football it to this ridiculous. Quote that hit this week who has a stack. And that's our windup with Jason white note Coretta winning and then Larry FitzGerald and daequan Barkley. To Mike to court seat from the sporting news in the Big Ten network a lot of surprises early on in the college basketball season. But for me the most surprising game I actually get I get I get tricked up. As I'm watching a game and they've got the crawl underneath it and you'll look at scores it thank all my god. What happened but it turns out that's a women's college basketball's market and then I thought happened with northwestern and Texas Tech. Texas Tech beats northwestern 8549. Greece stunned by that. You know I I would never have anticipated. Losing by forty points anybody let alone one. Is not going to be seen apple could say that they don't have that make the current like everybody else does. Mean it's not Kansas we're talking about losing by 3540 points do well we're talking about. It. Not only what it was pretty surprising and that in conversations with little lit with people who bear even. In Chicago. On the date I can't remember who they labor on the table for the cheapest. People came in electric game of the I have made major spy game. And they didn't play great day and I accept some people tell me that big vehicle a little bit the. That they got last year from AJ law in. And him being gone and is in a bigger impact on north western and maybe. It's beat anybody anticipated. Well you know it looked like Maalox that I do it who are they role player. And so I northwestern should be able to overcome. League because it anything like that. So yeah I'm sure bet that I am and I don't think that could find who they are. I mean they they ought to Creighton a few days earlier but it only about worked fixed point something like. Com it is Creighton has shown himself to be a very capable screens so. I think bit northwestern is maybe going to be able go over forty expectations. But I think that they don't necessarily need it seemed to bear the other night. Terabyte Kersey from the sporting news in the Big Ten network do you think Indiana against South Florida South Florida not a really good team. But Indiana played a competent half a basketball the second half to beat him 7053. After being down one at the intermission do you think that this is a step in the right direction for Indiana. I mean they're going to play at company tapped better at being respected and better edit Eagles so awaiting a right to competent apt. Against. All in the first app. I it may be early to competent or twelve minutes succeed me out so they say it. And then they played pretty steadily for the next I've locked in by double digit so. It's a forward direction by. Meaning that get closer to being more consistent for. Coke wanna play or agree that it and the reality is nobody played forty great. Come into it here if you're forty you're at you know I if you're just gonna crew so. Is it culture in thirty to 32 great minutes Urquhart curt bureau and the minute that if you can do that app I went okay. Is heard do a job are are they just benefiting and showing the the advantage. To playing so much over the summer or are they legitimate march contender. I'd like boat to a week ago that I don't think I think the Taliban dale. You say I'll bet ordered it. Gonna stop them but I think. Or seen it could wind up been arch very close to the top of the CD try. You know I don't know they'll be warned that wouldn't be stripped if they already work. I. And I think they'll be seen that when they get and there are there. No one will be looking forward to worry or senior center and consider the deal. India it the other guys the other huge guy my job I mean he's he's another loaded me. I. He's been great. A great addition her for Purdue and and again I think that he gives and the most advantage out is back then went. It comes out they don't have to change their identity. Here though Rick I'm bait and switch their I've got I think street and they are being it would be able want. I think they were not there. It just changes the way quiet and maybe a little cricket and could it be like that. It also is it straight up debate. Can go straight up anyway expect app to. If you'd like it's our quick Q2 because he wanted to chose something different you can do this. By. Is to be able to like forty minutes. 74 in the middle is that bad is it you. You know Thanksgiving coming up so I'll ask you when I ask everybody you what are you most thankful for. Most thankful for my health and help that I like I bet you know app. It and you know be able to MP you know. Young guy's name anymore and be able to move out okay. People around recovered they anymore I mean it they're pretty big Q when yet altered it take urgency away. Com you know and pretty serious health problem at all in and so I feel very big light. Well again you managed to maintain your youthful appearance. Here. It it might it add to your diet before you can say that but. I've been very you know I think. One of the things they I've been very last year with my help I you know. I've never really had any serious scary thing like that in. Com and vote in the interface like that this is the thing that intrigued her deferential. Problem you know I blocked it that's the case the but it can never complain about. I appreciate it have a great Thanksgiving my. I thank you.