Mike DeCourcy on signing day

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, November 8th

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Accorsi from the sporting news and from the Big Ten network it's the beginning of kinda national signing week Mike I do on. I'm very well how are you I am great this is say I. Basketball operates differently from football with football it's just that sort of announcement. And basketball Qaeda get all it in no pun intended dribbles the news cut it dribbles out done. I think it has to do it to play the basketball players understanding their power better than the football players to step football players are far too easily led in all of this. Cindy. Convinced. They even the lead if they don't do what the coaches want them to do when they count and do it that they're not going to get what they want the spot. In the program that they want and that doesn't happen a lot in basketball mean. Sometimes you might have a coach who got two point guard. See he really likes and he'll think the first one. Bite that did for the most part. The players understand they have a lot of power and they have the ability to say. I'm going to wait and see. You in the best position when it's time for me to play. This site I give them a lot of credit that I think that's what some somewhat what's gonna happen with Romeo plank first. This team to beat me toward spring. Just spray commitment and I think that there's a lot of intelligence to that because it. Jason just we've seen that little you know at least seeded Ohio State things can change suddenly and sometimes even after the fact. And then until NCAA changes its rules. Yeah it transfers. Are gonna have some problems even if the coach leaves. I think you wanna be sure that this the people that you want to commit to are in place. When it's time for you to arrived and you know I will say this. Those are very many coaches are going to be happy when I think it is but up first unless that it. I'm elite prospect. I would never sign a letter of intent and there's just too little. Promised. In exchange for that signature. Too much demanded once you do you can get everything you need as a prospect. Without signing the letter and frankly if I were no other than a fringe player if I were a player. And I told the coach I'm coming for sure and a coach at what we need to sign it and I'd say well I'm not signing that I'm coming and they said well that's a problem I'd say you know what I'm gonna go somewhere where they trust me. That's what I would do. Terabyte accorsi for the sporting news in the Big Ten network. Is it is you talked to coaches. Posed the pitino fallout and the indictments and all that stuff is recruiting changing. I think it's too early to say that it's changing generally. I'd certainly think that those people who were engaged in. Anything similar to what was described taking place with university six and he criminal complaints. And anybody who would engage in that sort of activity. Is now. Get these rethinking that at a high level because he did take as I said before. The consequences have progressed. About the NCAA but not so terribly worried about it too now as I do this I might wind up. In front of the FBI and so I think there's a lot of people are having to reevaluate. How how they do things I don't know that the numbers as great as some present it could be. But I do think that there are certainly a reevaluation. Mike accorsi again for the Big Ten network and sporting news if you were coach of a college basketball team and year team was going to fly to Asia. Which you not coaching kids up as to the importance of adhering to the letters of the law. And did not cross a line and get involved with the police in any way shape reform. So I wouldn't not just flying to Asia you're flying to a country. In China whose laws and norms are not the same without are not even similar outlooks. Would the why anyone would want in that circumstance and again we don't know what happened. Mean it's true things happen with the authorities some time here so it's quite possible that that happened there. Let. That's ever happened. They wound up in a very bad circumstance. And Darren drilled area and situation where it's not going to be easy. For them to extricate themselves from this admitted they had gone from. Southern California. To new York and I had the same episode. You can be on the plane home today right. These you know this as it stands now we don't know when they're going to be able to return home or. I think eventually. I'm actually updated at you know but I think woo and win and he is a greedy you know there's a lot of stretching that word. You know I read a thing 'cause I did some research about I was like I wonder what happens in Chinese prisons. It's no fun it's I guess the cell. Eight in one place I wrote this account her read this account from a guy. It's like a racquetball court size is cell with thirty guys in it and they go to work every day. Inserting out light bulbs in Christmas trees strands. And they have to do 6000 to date a piece of or didn't get beatings it didn't sound like it's any fun at all. That is not to take any ideas I had in the west would. Probably about as close to heaven on earth as we did you get by depending on your team. And they're going from bad to disk would be quite a culture shock. Guy doubled troubles courts in Beijing today but I don't think he's gonna exert any kind of political influence or use any of his capital. To get three shoplifters extricated from their you know potential demise I don't think that's why. Would hope that he would and he just you know just dead in this certainly even if you if you let it play. From back there what 23 months after the young man. Tom Kite from Cincinnati. Who came home and and said basically. Passed away. Almost immediately as I remember correctly he came home but then died not long after he returns so immunity just. Sit there and dole and any effort to get them back. I'll eat eat eat you know get them back safely you don't know what happened to them so I would think that the federal government even though. You know they've been charged with what offenses. And I think the federal government has a responsibility here to try to protect its citizens. And I guess council it does some things as far as attorneys and getting me get a English speaking attorneys. And making sure that the family is connected to to that person. And these guys are are out on bail now but it's a it it is not like dealing is he said. With the legal system in the United States this is fundamentally different at almost every level. Talk into law might accorsi of the Big Ten network in the sporting news how closely do you monitor all this trying to figure out where seventeen year olds are gonna go to college. The attention to it up probably not quite as close as I did that when the decision. Was a little bit more acting. If you chose. School if you were probably going to be there for three years Tom bell from war and Alex. Oh it's solely determined that the media doesn't feel quite as its consequential. You know due to the one apple a lot of great players. And Kentucky don't want apple a lot of great players. And everybody else is going to try to build a program. And would you know with with pieces its stated all that sort of thing. I still don't pay attention. To hoot who goes where are certainly I try to go out and see as many players as likely end. India this year I was able to go to USA basketball NC players like two little reddish is going to do can. In the annual quickly I think is going to Kentucky and obviously some Romeo there. So I can try to stop trying to see a lot of players and they have a good handle when they do commit. And what they might be worse when they arrive in college. What do you think of northwestern and the strides they've made both and there there on court play and in recruiting it seems like Collins is doing a great job. Terrific coach and and yeah I'd. When Jim Phillips is a very good athletic director didn't really nice job at northwestern when he. When he got to it was the opening. I didn't think that he could get Chris Collins because. College world war on those rising star that was going to. It went went there one day major program that was willing to hire a coach with a zero and zero record was going to happen. They'll either going to be near the front of the line for that program. And you know I I eat why would you take on a program that has had literally never made the tournament. And don't Crist stopped possibilities he saw. You know great location great campus. You greatly obviously. It was his home town more or less and he's he played Glenn brook north. Chicago's suburbs and saw a real chance and an obviously he yelled you you get them to determine and do something that's never been done before in your hero and and rightfully years. It might cursed the sporting news in the Big Ten network how about Josh passengers beacon of Spock. Of China the Georgia Tech team is over there in China as well with UCLA. And he gets branded out big time by his pal with friends like that who needs enemies. Great cause that to create a great way of putting it in you want to share that. So he did didn't it there's a lot of documentation and it demonstrates it. This gentleman. It was it was it was presented gifts or whatever today it took to Georgia. Ratted out his comply it necessarily that part of it's real I'm sure that I'm willing to go that far. Because if you're asking me to believe. I have to think that apparently because it's gonna get a player. Yeah we know what price could adopt our mayor and now don't we I mean if they're they are available to be pot. We know what the price tag it. So I found that part of the story a little bit difficult to abide. From different from the heat from the help of the gentleman. IPhone I found that part of it really hard to buy it but you know the idea that he was doing these things. Well that that's fairly well documented and I think Georgia Tech has stipulated to a good bit of it. And so you know obviously it's problematic for Georgia Tech it's problematic for Josh. It doesn't reflect well on his judgment. And to be associated with this person. The guy I think that's a reasonable thing to say because. Donated LTD radio he he made it quite clear on multiple occasions that this was a friend of his. And like Sam did have some to be associated with someone. I'll list that background who was willing to then they'll present. The story to Gary Parrish at CBS that he did. Ideally you've got to pick better friends. You know what and you bring up the good point because anybody playing for a shoe company team and indeed his team Reebok team. Get on a day to. Under armor team whatever. They get as many chooses they want dated their shoe guy comes in I've seen it. Comes in with a big giant rats to shoes the kids triumph on the walk away with repair and every time they allowed a pair what they need not parentage has called the shoe guy. Any shows a word shoes take all the shoes they'd like yeah. Most singles players that have all the issues they need in all the years they need for. Oakland starting in you know maybe their sophomore junior high school and continuing all the way and hollering they have they are in college. I don't didn't buy that part of it. Did I had a hard time believing that Josh. Instructed this guy can take care of those guys because again. Tom don't you talk about the kind of things that they can easily purchased for themselves. Now that here now that your dealing with the cost of attendance stipend. And scholarship check stated. Really all players stretched beyond. Ill oh this is they give me a thousand dollars went on the go get a thousand dollar A month apartment I mean that's I think. Happened they get together any tournament out of five million get thousand dollar apartment together and then each of pocket 500. That's how it works. I yell I have a hard time believing that. This looks. Some. Big enterprise that Josh was directing this and to do so that he could be more successful at the culture that. Did Josh and Josh need more help on the base that he needs. And getting players I can tell you that. I think the lesson for all of us Mike is that what a friend celebrates a birthday you better damn well remain. Isn't that the truth that you. Who knew that there were such great consequences for him to say happy birthday. But I'll take you bike I appreciate it I can't thank you great stuff for my course is always.