Mike DeCourcy joins to talk Jeff Washburn, IU, Tennessee

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, November 30th

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Mike of course he joins us from Big Ten network and the sporting news Prado might. How are you know I am well and dog I was said today is so let's let's talk about the loss of the guide that I'm dude just to look at him until this past Sunday. And then fortunately I get a chance have a nice conversation would chip Washburn. And in kind of vague it gave me perspective today's people discussed what a lovely man he was. A great sports writer from the mafia journal and courier did some other things but just a lovely guy. And die York post on FaceBook is really how I heard that he had passed. I didn't I want I'll be honest with you any Jeff is someone that I've known for more than two decades. Again somewhat similar to the way you knew him for awhile legacy minute attic even say hi and anxious a little bit about who sent. And it was my good fortune in moving here to Indianapolis. That I got a chance to that's next in the a lot of mental especially cold gains we end up. Still each other and keep the colts PR team and offer that we that they actually each other for a lot of cold games. And and I opt eighty east from like one of the loveliest people like government you know I like just. He'd like I put him in the category of people out say he's the one of the five nicest people I've ever met in how I mean. It's incredibly bad delightful person and he loved to brag about it's on jade who is a sportswriter as well who went from the Syrian. And doesn't work Freddy. The only way into the business and love to talk about that in a lot to talk about sports in this Purdue experiences and and I you know I I I got that chance and unfortunately there with a with a way to cold season went in the also with the way their schedule went back hadn't been to any games this year it a lot left side yes. Believe that one of the pacers playoff games. Back in April. And a little different but in Iraq until he said he was fine and I don't know whether he knew it was illness and just what sharing it. Within share with me and that's certainly fine but I and the important thing is I didn't I wasn't even aware he was ill. Until I read. The comedy parts post. And on Twitter last night that he stood and such to read Greg Doyle's wonderful column about. Out. About market analyst glad that they get which are redacted grace I even took him out really appreciated to eat he was able to do that it. About somebody and not rob Bartlett Japanese. It so essentially he's such a lovely person and it. Not take a little more Jeff Washburn in the world you know this would be a lot nicer place to live it's pretty good now but. And be way better with the with more of them. You know you mentioned to be on Sunday and and again we say hello but on Sunday we talked a little bit. Andy see it on fighting can concern and I said yes. End and he said but I'm fight it and I feel really good. I saw that's great. And then three days later you hear that he he passed away not twelve hours I guess after recovered the Purdue Louisville game doing what he gloved right to the end. I'm basing its asset that was the amazing part of great story was that he was still plugging. Right up to that day before he passed away and I guess I've that's attributable poignant than that and and he did love forty did he really he really did. I love what I do I don't know I don't know whether I can say that I loved it's much achieved. You know he read it. He really was passionate about telling stories and you could see you know the people who he covered. Really respected and appreciated what you brought to young. Dynamite accorsi from the Big Ten network and net you know what debt. That's an underrated. And under sold and I think under instructed. Part of the deal. You're right absolutely I don't know what to act it eagle have to make friends with the people you're covering it's probably not a good idea. I'll buy it could be if they don't respect you then there's probably something wrong Tom could be without. Did they could be bad people. But if they don't respect you. Then there's something missing and Billick said every now and then it going to be on them but sometimes that could be on you it it. You should we should be able to do this job and how and be respected by the people you're covering. And and jet that was universal like I don't think I ever encountered anybody who didn't think he was approached problems. Marked accorsi were talkative from the sporting news and of course from the Big Ten network in the Big Ten. Kind of taken it in the out in the shorts in this Big Ten ACC challenge they've lost eleven times. They've won two are you surprised that the ACC's been this dominant. Dominik yes dominate no lead in for a couple of reasons I mean I think it even if you just take this challenge itself that was not well designed let's say. It took the matchups were at the faster it excited I mean if they ended joked maybe might be strong. Tom but there was no way that they were evenly played. But he died and so opt in even concede. This is the way to America has built up until yesterday evening. The first two days of the challenge. It looked like a whitewash but it really want that at that point is essentially all the home. All the home teams to that point at any peace between. Where the whole deal really ruptured. Was in the window. Where it. What we did this affect windows last night when you had Nebraska playing at home. US TV and playing at home. You led Minnesota playing at home all at the same time. And when Minnesota goes down. And tapped in about a problem win win Ohio State goes down in the earlier window that a problem. Stay at east on the way they had played their first. Seven games or so. Given every reason to believe that they could go down interstate and be right there and this. Clearly played the same way against. State that they did against Texas saint and they should have won McCain but they were nothing like that he played DNC state game. Or was it they compete level was lowered the cooperation level was lower. They were not connected at all on either land just a beautiful setup like their second play of the game and is not a team that has traditionally. A lot of cooperative pop cents over the past several years and since there was a police putting hired Jim Carrey. From duke eighteen. Fact that there would be you know an orientation toward more cooperative pop cents. And I can say that second play of the game they ran a beautiful sent that led to a layup or dunk. They didn't do anything like that again and they went one on ones stopped and they looked very much like the team that get to play intense states. Uniforms a year ago except that they didn't commit itself to the defensive end the way they pat yeah so it would be with the worst. All of that scene and that tend to not. And without the best of that scene since it was a very disappointing performance content states' part. Last cited Simon Scott assembly hall Indiana loses by ten but they made a big games for 36 minutes is that moral victory for Indiana. Yeah I don't like an island on the the big show last night on BP and that when you have five to entertain millions so a lot of people are going to say you don't get to have moral victories but yet the thirty games season. And here at the start of what you hope is that fifteen year old or run. With the new head coach so yet or moral victories at this stage. And behold the number one team in America to Leo actually picky about the eight minute timeout ahead. And that's you know that everybody in debt to watch Indians take game. Tom curry and the Seton Hall game and then had watched duke it scheme to get people like Michigan State and Florida. What could be at fifteen point point blocks from the start. The other big rock out and you look at the scoreboard at 820 cannot open. So the fact that they had they competed in the way they did and I broke down. How how hard and physically they played against Marvin Bagley and window Carter. How would you about a different look for Indian yeah I don't think that because that don't even know those guys will put up double doubles and so they had good night. But if they if they had been played soft as they may have gone per you know firm forty and twenty each. Talk to Mike accorsi from the sporting news in the Big Ten network I know this has not to do it's a big Tenet has nothing to do with college vast bulk. It to do the Big Ten. In that yesterday Jeff Brohm was rumored to be. Eight have we ever seen a coaching search kinda go off the rails in this way for so long. There have been lots of coaching searches have gone off the rails as as different candidates have turned job down upload but never. I'll eat steak coaching search that wide deep rail and told basically on the whole key right. Yeah and I had the pockets of people who are you see people. In the last couple days and although I didn't care for the way they handled this eon deal. Because if you go back and you read the story in an incident did the story that I believe the Washington Post did. After the documents were initially unsealed. And regarding what Mike McQueary said relatives that she got out. Not enough there and it did for that could be you know for the yet the initial story that I was pretty rough. I in my opinion journalistically. But I would pretty rough. Did what what what all the way that would at all and then deep and so. Particularly members of the mandate I thought it was used unfairly. Now I attacked some perfectly entitled to be unhappy with the way the search is going to bite lead making the decisions. In the search is that the police strong belief that it's being run by a particular booster. Job and and they ended so they're perfectly hit it within their right that it wanted by the tickets. They know that we don't want this guy I did but I didn't care for the way they guilt for the way they used that tool. To try to get it on done. If you wanna say well yeah you're you're taking your chances with Japan based fury you hire this guy because. We don't think he's good enough and we thought the way he handled between a great job wasn't good enough and and we got yelled and we don't think that. And over 500 pad is good enough but don't look. Perfectly within your right now you may be wrong. Tom the teacher ceremony at mr. dean. OK I just didn't think that the way they did. The way they grabbed on to that. That affect me and allegations. What's there. Have we gotten to a place where administrators are gonna have to be a little bit more thick skinned Burke comes to social media noise. And outcries from boosters. And students Booth who tend to yell a lot but yell and vacuum of misinformation. When we got to the point where the Smart lady. Are going to understand. That they can use social media yeah. Has looked at Miami at two years ago pit hires basketball coach because they showed personal letting Jamie Dixon co was not Smart. But I'll what happened they hire Kevin's going to the basketball coach and they would not a popular hire away you know and I wrote about it the night he was tired and I ripped the higher end. And indeed wise and in my column to a lot more popular than hire let's put it that way. And if you're not trying to you know that if you're really trying to get the right guy for your job. You can say you could sort of whispering out there to see what happens. People can't look at that guy could then go ahead do it. But like all like I'll never go again and then maybe you think about it. I'd be really important like economic people go to Pitt basketball games right now. There hit it like to clinic even I'm not I am not making enough I mean that's like an exaggerated number two literally getting too great for the game. It worked where you know. A year and it and it and a quarter into his ten year. You just fusion the Smart eight these are the ones who say we used to be some people may be Florida newspaper. And sort of gauge like maybe what people said on the radio or just you know phone call came you know whatever. But you can get that feedback instantaneously. I know if this is going to go well for you. If you think you got only two shot at Jeff Brohm. You put it and you sort of leak out there and everybody in it and it is gone wild fourth in May be used another hundred grand into the pot maybe that does it. But if you say we think we're gonna hire Cristiano and and you know just the initial. So it is is devastatingly bad. If you'd like to remember is. If you lose 101000 ticket buyers at Tennessee you how much money that it every year you know you have to get that right. Indy can't rely on clay Travis. Your guy in the field who who is swaying opinion you need to drive store. You don't want that I driving this story got. Like Mike and I didn't like you.