Mike DeCourcy in favor of abolishing replay

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, January 10th

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And that we have news. And I don't really know where to put this. We have news about the Indy eleven. That the Indy eleven are going to change leagues. And that newly. Is at the US self. So there you go. Let's say say it again as Sherri your excitement that's there tweet for the 2018. USL's. Season by becoming an eleven for ever season ticket holder I don't know how these leagues work. I don't know which league is what I know you got the missile and I you've got the hustle and you've also had the what's another one. Dean nasal right the North American Soccer League. This is the United States League it is based in Tampa Florida. And does so there ego soccer's hikers gonna continue. In Indianapolis that's the important thing does it matter what league therein. Do we really care I don't know it doesn't matter to me the games the same. The wait is a little bit different let's bring the great Mike to court C a big soccer guy. Mike accorsi from the sporting news in the Big Ten network played a Mike. Lowry you I don't great. The Indy eleven are moving to the US cell does this mean anything to us. I did you have to remember that the NA FL. Is in some apparel to the point where. And could begin their season in 28 keen on the normal schedule. They are placed it fit begin their season. Presuming it does in September. And obviously that would not be ideal for the in the eleventh. And so I'm I think it's really significant. That they find a home in in the US fell because. The US still has been very stable. And you know I mean it's not. Really it's not the MLS site. It's a stable. Certain division league that. Seemed to have a good idea of what it is. Solemn note some teams have been very successful and especially in the region it. Local. One lowly last year. There's a nice natural rivalry there Cincinnati may be semi finals of the US open cup and has been. One of the best attended soccer team in any. American League over the two years of the existence. So I don't know how much longer since he will be in the league has the chance they go to MLS in this. Near future but it at that time do you get the rivalry there are so I think it's great. For the first in the eleventh of the end. Heading into the US cell. Deny us the right guy that was a hell and answered just opt. Get off the top your head about the idea wasn't related to give myself thank you very much Mike he's called me up from airport to. Day to get at with a win last night to run Davis going on the cell for the rest of the season it seems like. Despite intense second college couple missed dunks and empty possessions. Indiana is maybe kind of figuring some things out slowly but surely. You know late last night they played a team that was more talented than they are you know I think that day it in the right circumstance. That most like locked in and Howie Carr can be NBA players I don't think he'd either want going to be MBA star but I think they can play in the league. And eight were able to. Silver com the disparity there in terms of raw talent. I I don't think there have been many occasions in the history of basketball. I'll win Penn State put more talent on the floor. And in Indiana but this was one and the hoosiers you know really they were the circumstances given. If so does. That she would personnel availability. Yeah and India and Penn State's. The fact that they were on the road and had not played great on the road. That idiot what the circumstance where they kind of needed to win those two games coming in which it was a it was an opportunity that was there for them and that was the one thing that interest efficiencies that you don't wanna do not take advantage of those opportunities you get. And so they did that so I think that was very positive for them to be able to go through that to being stretched to be able to get UW. And not northwestern coming up this weekend in northwestern they're one and three in the Big Ten Macintosh. Is is that correct so that's a bit of a different scenario that's still that's a winnable games for Indiana are. Little Leo pike and they are expecting more on the road all the holidays did. So let's row hold circumstances are great for them right now with. The refurbishment of while trying and then playing games and Allstate arena today it would be more difficult to win the game on the road again you get home atmosphere and Indian crowds have been good. So that the game that they you should go into the game feeling like this is one we can get it. Again I don't think this is eight a leak clean but if you win that game that toward two in the leak. For good start any conference. To. Act accorsi from the sporting news in the Big Ten network access in and game last night because. Up my wife with a minute seventeen left in the game said I'll take the next minute seventeen. Obtained clock time and I'm gonna try to get my feet at number I'm gonna try to get as many steps like hand. Over the course of this minute seventeen little did she know that would be five stoppages for monitor reviews. And the last minute seventeen was gonna take twenty minutes. She did 2400. Snaps while waiting for that 117 to go past 1010 coaches. Can they just like Willy Nilly request monitored visits to check time. You need to change that. The rules would replay review I am and at this point. And advocate of re moving all Reid played. From stealing it that's nice I think it's just gotten to the point now where. One thing that bothers me about replay review it that we didn't content. It thinking that but we're getting perfection. The reality is that there are I don't know how many calls that there's if there's a 120. Played in the football game probably half of them. At least half their have to be judgments made on whether an offense was committed. Do you think that there catching every single one is doing every single one perfectly you're kidding yourself. We'd been conned into thinking that older judgment call and the other things aren't. I'm sorry every time they go to the monitor it's a judgment call. Every single time. And to act that may be more easily this started and others but it's still a judgment call and so I I don't pie. They're making things better. I know they're making things slower. They're stealing the drama from sport to remember in 2008. The Steelers played well exactly tech and guess who's two and 2009 it lets you play the cardinals in the Super Bowl. You scored three touchdowns what you had been week to figure out what do you happier and yeah let's just do it. We continuing to do it. Supposed to score celebrate and go and brought back away you know that's where it right. Sports right now have been all over everybody else and nobody sitting around trying to figure out whether they're happier now. To my two cursed the Big Ten network who's got avenue boss have a amber Silberman movement over fox sports might. Yeah. Many thought what he tremendous. It's a wonderful person wonderful executive. Greg I dare say I can't say enough good things about him. He is a phenomenal person and a phenomenal executive and fox is lucky to get him I mean these old Jimmy from what I'm and I'm saying that. This beastly right the need to act and that. They taught him and he's great and now they got mark and I'm. Really excited for her the mark I know Jimmy's very happy. Nelly would bet with that group been. Yeah hi I'm so excited about this Mark Silverman it's just tremendous. Not to get all like wrapped up in sports media stuff but of all the things that have happened to date. About fox sports and trying to kinda chip away at ESPN and all this stuff. This this is a tectonic shift in sports media management Mark Silverman going to fox sports is a big deal in Bristol Connecticut. He gets he and effect a good person and such a good he's he's he's had so much to do. With that with great success that happened at BP and and you know I know that I am biased on that front today in terms of the fact that I work there. But I can tell you that you know it it's obviously been a successful enterprise or there wouldn't be dealt for other league they're trying to copy. It might courses sporting news and the aforementioned Big Ten network let's talk about the Purdue boilermakers a big win on the road last night at Michigan. Michigan a really good team pretty lucky to get out there with duct. Absolutely and Michigan is getting better all the time I think delivers. The freshman it's going to be a star in the lead and right now. In the end I think that's his third consecutive great gain for. The Michigan and they are different team with that weapon that they have now six foot 66 foot seven overall great shooter good athlete. And now he's Melamine these DN developed by John Beilein who has developed more than this year now the NBA wind. So I think that that definitely continue to escalate. Don't think broke right power Purdue down the stretch they did a great defensive adjustment that even John admitted. He he didn't anticipate. Cost of switching all five positions. And they and you saw Michigan's offense absolutely didn't. In that period when they are doing that. And of course they got the break with the review which I mean. The reality is that I probably on. 80%. Of the flex and we're defense knocked the ball out of the opposite the players and it still is going to cut the offensive players and last night. Time for a hundred years in basketball but how can get to. And thank you Mike I appreciate it have a great weekend I. Great Mike accorsi from the sporting news is the Big Ten network that news breaking about the Big Ten network losing Mark Silverman for fox sports. That is a really really big deal. BTN. Is terrific at what they do. And Mark Silverman is a really really good executive. And so you've got ESPN. Which is had to change at the top. And now you've got fox sports a change at the top that is you know what I think it should there's. I don't think there's ever going to be maybe generational he may be the generation. There's gonna be parity between ESPN fox sports somehow. Not in the near future certainly not the next decade ESPN has just monolithic. And taking them down. I mean it's like doubt was independent stay right you got the big giant alien spaceship. Firing all kinds of all kinds of things that you get all these little fighters. And he got to get exactly. The right eating dinner audit or is Star Wars and the death star. It feel the phone or city hit the button and blow the dust star blows up. That is what it would take to takedown ESPN at this point. But Mark Silverman is a guy who is going to odd kinda calmed the waters that fox hire. Intelligently. And in bring that some journalistic focus to that series of networks that will profoundly affect. The balance of power in sports media nationally so interest to hire Smart hire good for fox sports. And hopefully Marc silver and you know I've I've always been told us and I absolutely believe that. That given competent management. Change at the top is not really gonna be seen by consumers. For eighty minimum of eighteen months. Like a year and a half you just don't see good or bad. You know the change is not going to be perceived by us furlong time that's good news for us. Because BT and is terrific at what they do. Green and hopefully. Mark Silverman is put in place a line of succession. That allows PTA and continue. To beat what it has been and that's a great place. Four out for us Big Ten fans to figure out what the hell's going on in all sports. And gives kind of made up an entree into sports journalism at the university level I think it's been terrific and kind of activating. Students. As journalists in hand as purveyors or conveying yours of media content I I think it's been terrific so. Congratulations to Mark Silverman I'm sure he just got very very wealthy didn't.