Mike DeCourcy explains why the media loves Lavar Ball and what drives sports journalism

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, August 2nd

Mike DeCourcy explains why the media loves Lavar Ball and what drives sports journalism.


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We welcome to the show the great Mike to Kersey from the sporting news in the Big Ten network I don't like. Oreo. I am grade but I I was not I was kind of surprised at how sad night was to read of Arab Percy June's passing. You know he hadn't been a college football coach he had been the coach at Notre Dame since 1974. It's been a long time. Since wesun coach. But he appeared to be such a classy guy and such a decent man who is also able to compete at the highest level. And it just affected me I was sad to see him go. Well I absolutely said but. I wonder polite yeah. And did some amazing things not only what he did at Notre Dame but the charity. Work that he did. Subsequent in his career. I don't remember exactly the name of the illness but. He had great children who were affected by a rare defeat eat if he worked very hard. To raise money that fight back. Bad ailment I was and I can't and actually Neiman pick type CE. Can have a very bad very unusual name and and not I I don't think it's super common but it's like it's added it's Stanley deeply and and I I he was actually adding golf tournament. Probably 1520 years ago something like that in Cincinnati. Raising money for that. And I got they finally got the opportunity to meet him and he couldn't have been more gracious absolutely delightful. Ers is there a a comparable. In college basketball to somebody who is is that classy but that competitive simultaneously. Are. Think there are a lot of people like that I'm not sure that I'm not sure how many statesman we have like him that aren't good they're trying. Better although chipping I'm closing in election. It is Derek guy out of college basketball today was working into a kind of embodies everything that airport siege and did I. I edit it and I'm embarrassed to say couldn't think of too many. You know I think that they're you know back. It yet there are a lot of people who do a lot like let what he has done Jimmy V foundation and he's been actively in all glad that. Com all the pick was not equal weight culture it was us. Meat yeah moderately successful coach. I'm like Al look what he's done for the V foundation. All over the last twenty years Torre almost 45 now COLT big gala every day. I've found in and out into the saint Pete and raises millions straight back. Works tirelessly. Fight childhood cancer. And I thank you Eric and vs big el Al they pick would be an academy a bit but as big as a basketball goat where the football coach. They aero would bit a little bit higher class. But as a person I don't know that I'd fade and I think it certainly could could go to go to go that far. You know one of the things that the dead for me like and maybe this is the mythology. That I embrace for their Percy aging Casilla and coach since I was like tent. So I ended media whiz who was critically different then you ate you didn't have the same. Kind of and constant you know everybody trying to get into everybody's looking crede BA in their lives and Larry every kind of personality. Not disorder but quirk what sane I know for a fact that Mike Hsu chef ski has a malice like a pirate. Asia I'm needed there is there aren't very few people who employ profanity like Mike she's one. Eight as he has that in the competitive arena I mean we have dinner with might just have your you'll have a comfort you Matt doing. I mean this is a coaching. Tracked big gore quirk or whatever it like it's not somebody would get a fit parent you're gonna Abbott meet your dog carrier white girl. And I mean it's wonderful gentleman. At all. Eight. And sometimes that act is printed in four letters. So yeah that that's true but again it. He I know I have maybe air as bad write something like when he was coaching who knows that you know even though Notre Dame was really covered. At that in that period by you know by by what the standards of the media were banned in the media have grown interest has grown. All are especially during my career I mean I felt probably stopped coaching when I was in my mid teen. Problem. And then and and you know and then and it never came back to it. And yell fight it and then by the time I got into the business I mean it changed it's changed dramatically you know just been Mike are. And not for the better necessarily there's still. Being done out there but in some ways better some weight work I mean. If you're a fan of college basketball. You know what I'm a kid you know you get the streets and that's when it comes out. And then you know and then you get like seven day. It like notre think what you're opting Carr hurt big night in that you don't get anything until like the sweet sixteen of the first. I. Hold it down you know I mean. Every new law. But the journalism. Is kittens screwy and not just in print certainly but eight. As part of fox sports radio and need just scratch your head news same my god is that it has to have we come to this is it just about clerics and is it just about how takes. What kind of world do we live and. It ends. To certain people but it's not every one and Bryant upbeat you'll as they discerning consumer of the media. Could support like you believe. That standard should be and it would people orthopedic article about. Sporting news yesterday. Yahoo! fighting. And I did not agree with the tenor. And I did not agree with some of the statements are made by it bothered me eat it eat it that we were singled out board doing aggregation which every. Web site that is. Or writing what are quick stories sat idle at you is to turn quick bakery to draw around too much but we write stories that people. Actually out that they want to read and Lavar ball being the obvious and easy example. Right you stop reading what are false stories we'll stop right lead. If you know we did five what barked what are false stories in a row and nobody click. OK it's over good we can go back the real deal there doesn't have more and stop at the orient toward the gate but we're not we haven't stopped. Doing this stop. That we considered to be good journalists. We that we still do that but we also have to have room on the site for what our ball because people are going to read it. So you're not in case you may be whence for a minute as he went down that road and and what you're talking about my mind was market driven journalism. Which really bothers me and I don't like it at all but what you're saying is that. You you have to present. A menu of items that include what people want to read that you know they're gonna wanna read. Along with the stuff that needs to be covered. Absolutely and I got to be honest with you I'm not sure that that's any different in May be I think the difference is that we know. The difference is we know your reading all of our ball. As maybe. You then he's going to end 1989. And if there what they similar. Circumstance that the ball. You get the ball phenomenon. Com we would have decided they keep we're sick of it so you're sick. And you might still have read those stories if if they were in the paper. But we were sick and it's so we're not putting it anymore but I guarantee you whatever the equivalent of Lamar Lamar ball once in 1980. I guarantee you we were right. They edit and edit any bought first based on the page. With that being that we were happy and proud to do. Tired in my two Kersey the sporting news and the Big Ten network I just don't wanna get us. I guess you're right army go back to William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer in these guys who published newspapers. And it was ZE you know he did give me this and I'll give you the war you know they there was yellow journalism was everywhere and that was more a hundred years ago. I'd just I'd like to think you know here's a here's Ike compared with says that this is no good and it's gonna get me in trouble in this building. And and it's gonna get me in trouble with the state fair people. But the day that what. I this state fair is always disappointing to me because of the people walking around and it. You know what I mean which which is an unfair characters you should the people go to the fair. But I I don't wanna get to the point where we are aware I'm disappointed in journalism because of the people read it you know what I mean. I think it Alec exit though I mean you know like you see in the musical Chicago. IE I've seen the movie I didn't see the shout at him like Adam that movie musical Chicago so rock art is all about. Becoming a celebrity Rasheed whatsoever. Well machine murder somebody. And so. Yeah and she would do it all it so the guys that Chicago is written it like C deputy three out that ninety quite Bellwether. It was like predatory or not I don't know what that group that musical written like 3378 or you know error. So I mean the idea that. That people want to read salacious material. It is as old as the plant. Any kids on the typical or let's try it you know you go after the front page right hand and yeah you know honestly I think you can probably go back to. I hear that go to when people started putting words on paper and by you know it's up to the consumer to decide. What is important to hammer her out and and where if you're all of a sudden you know everybody decided. That you know that they'd they had no interest in. And her but it isn't just are all I mean what it's worth what it's written and read about it in the NBA or carrier ring unhappy ya mean. Oh really I think that's a big deal. And they and it's all but two weeks Lorena. So it is is it are we talking about who's going to tell us we're no record of any child warriors we're talking about is high re unhappy. And I I think that's just the same if you can try to dress that up you know like basketball story because. You know because we created this and that but at the end of the day it's just personnel still it's just that if urgent. We get to the point where the games are just kind of incidental and and we just like talking about all the drama. I have been fighting against that for as long as I have been in the business. And one of the reasons why I always loved sporting news. Still appreciate being there because that's what I've been writing about 22 years. I have been writing about big gains first. You know what goes on between the lines is my first. Concern yup and my readers. Have appreciated that however many there are. And my pops have never said the meat could just stop writing so much exit the nose stops. Couldn't stop talking about who's a great coach and lightest person a great player no one has ever done that. I would love to see more of those stories yet more collection. You know meet Kelly you YA for instance miles bridges is a great player problem yeah I got I did pretty well with a story we go. About why I'm miles bridges hastily college basketball player and there was some discussion in there. About why he's a good player and how we bit player where in a bit in Michigan State. People still clicked on it so like they picked I picked are certainly. In a place for good journalist and I don't think there's a place. Or what goes on between the line. Body gut it does sometimes lose. Yeah I'll do it sometimes get elbowed aside for the personality drop. Why is my as bridges still accounts basketball player. No wild riches I had a nice long conversation with him and I thought it mother and I talked with Tom Izzo and that story still up there if you wanna read it. If it sounds yeah he decided that he just wasn't ready alien BA wasn't ready but he NBA light. You never east really wanted to delete Michigan State after a single year. And eat your comment or you could ease some others in the last I needed at this you're going to be in India in. Well they had any at wired you're doing it I don't know basically wanted to know and com. You'll kind of felt were speaking like that. Because college coaches are sort of like coerced into believing it's their responsibility of that there can be the player to lead that he's got a shot to be drafted at a certain point in the trap eighty lottery pick or something like that. And we're real it would eat could be is a decision. That. That cup player is comfortable with it be uncomfortable with the idea of putting so you know some earning power risk Biron played a second year. Then each adult. If he's if he's tricked everybody get beat you too late better than a year should go but if you're miles bridges in your like. I I can one I can do better and draft till I can become a better player and react and being more ready pretty NBA when I get there. And I can make a lot more money that way all willing to bet on this thing you should stay and that's what Michael decided. And there's so good to be said for hey I really enjoyed till when I'm doing this is a short window where I can enjoy basketball. Not as a business perhaps for the last time. So that can wait. I'm gonna indulge in what I feel like it is very comfortable and a lot of fun right now and what's wrong with that. I think one of the things that maybe. I'm close but at lake XP is important for crap. And a lot of guys are becoming professionals. And they yeah they make money at that big vaguely know like 888. They were players and and now they're not and and and it all kind of happened and any money that they were Smart they don't happen and hope so. I know a lot of guys are passing up on the opportunity them you know the sort of make that more R&R. Made his mark Yahoo! and and he could have easily gone after his sophomore year it won a championship on each side. You know there was more of mark to make any gate in the now is the name it's. You know it's up recant upping Cameron Indoor Stadium because the NBA is career did not last very long for various reasons that obviously the injury being the biggest. Accidentally intriguing the biggest part of it. I am but he's still an important figure because he decided legacy was important. So I I think that. What do think that mild since it was that the two Tom during a discussion was. You know the bit to get my banner up there you know they're up there with Mateen and great Elster and act. And any that radiation to worry about that and again you know what if he comes back any attached. And they make a big run and they might and he the first team all American and he won the best part or six players in the country. Maybe it's time for college as the start get a cup. You don't have to be a four year guy that be one of our people the young honored in that way I made meet people need to think about. To redefine a little bit. Cool we'll get to have a legacy at a school Carmelo Anthony and you walk in the door and you national championship for the freshman I mean Europe that I. I guess I'm not art should try imagine it by Carmelo if any number should be retired her Jersey should be retired at Syracuse 'cause he did everything. Think you could ask him to do. And it's unlikely that's gonna happen with him for the next. So. Thank you Mike I appreciate it. Can't but that's Mike accorsi can't of the sporting news in the Big Ten network and it's one of the reasons we really enjoy have a Mike on on the show. Is that Mike's one of those guys see he's not telling stories. Because hey look at this you know I got do one point five million clicks that. And to me the commerce of telling you good story is in the telling and the good story and knowing it was consumed. Like with music music that's a good debt to good comparable for me. Like eight is a song great eat because it was downloaded 22 million times. Can a song deep it is his songs only metric of success. How many times it was downloaded of course not. And of course not there are great songs that stand the test of time and that's true with films still. With box office. A lot of really really good movies were box office flops. A lot of were really humid there were box office hit. But the quality of the work is and always refer a lot of reflected. In audience appreciation. And I don't think that audience appreciation. Ought to be the primary metric that we used to grade ourselves. In our work in the media or or in the arts it's preposterous. Work exist. In all art for the sake of art right that was lead the slogan at MGM although at the time what was Willie Mayer Dylan. Willie Mayer was in a building giant. Houses. Based upon the box office of the films that he produced at MGM. But what you what. I have always been a fan of doing and the people that I've worked for at the highest level have always championed is do great work. And Andy audiences got to find. And and that's what we do and I think he got to be responsible what Doug Gottlieb does. Is sickening to me. Because he can't I don't believe he believes anything that he says I think he knows what he's talking about Iraq college basketball but the other stuff. It does make a noise and hoping something sticks and I think that sucks. That's no way to go about your life that's no way that it descended a room talking yourself for God's sake. Can give a damn shirt that what you're saying has some veracity or you're just being irresponsible. And standing the flames is stupidity. And don't we have on enough of that right about now.