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The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, February 21st

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In the afternoon assists against sterling show on CBS sports 1430. I'm Scott Agnes now joined by Mike of course the on the phone lines of the sporting news of the Big Ten network. And Mike let's first start with the news coming out and probably the lightest of news. As it relates to Mark Cuban fine 600000 dollars for going on doctor Jay's podcast insane. He informed his team that probably in their best interest to lose out. Nine and in if you wanna use the dirty word of taking that's in their best interest we make of this large fine. Cent mark Cuban's wife. It appropriate for our. I guess though. For all. Whole notion of a in the modern NBA. Is. Oversold as they did tactic. It it certainly can't be. What productive if you are in the right speed and their baby here and we think that Eric a buyer. But the right there on purpose is if I can edit. Not with the game it's supposed to be about. And I personally it. Situation could get them sparingly. The 08. Should be circumspect about it's not that Bart. It. Yeah we're in what we've seen rarely is there hadn't been too many teams necessarily as I would call at 1018 we've had Philadelphia. But there's a different type of strategy in that plane the young guys seem like you have giving guys from the geely get try. I don't necessarily view that as taking big geared more towards the future how value. That's absolutely right you'd you'd find out at the players stay you have are capable. Thank you certainly didn't. Can get experience for them. But the one thing you don't want to do its bit eloped at that you'd bat. That destroyed their culture. Out at you at that sparked the rockets cult that wants. But if you're selling off maple or who are expected today. Do you think that you were spared their where you better the reality is never it rarely ever get better. I'm not you had died but believe that. But if you look look how long book that it voted yet voted out of state but they created for a better. Back commandos killed the debate good scheme that didn't help it a lot. Basically for decades. But it's affecting our victory here is that any. Yet it's not that simple solution and Mike lets him we'll give you call right back in dirt the lines just a little bit dirty. Right now mom when it comes to all this though I'm I'm not surprised to see Mark Cuban get hit with a final like this 600000 dollars for context though. It is a huge. Huge number I believe it's the largest fine in NBA history really say I can recall the top of my head while doing the show. Magic Johnson and the lakers sit with a 500000 dollar fine. During the summer for what they refer to calm as having conversations with Paul Paul George and tampering. A little bit and then use just recently Magic Johnson was hit with a 50000 dollar fine. Torre in this and I didn't understand is talking with Amazon data compiled. Part of me though. I think it was just poor wording more than anything when it comes to Mark Cuban. Because there are looking for their playing you'll be fair older plane a ton of guys and Mike rejoins this year. I think he was just up probably eight or use of words by Mark Cuban might. I have done that word he says he's been educated and then. He's he's been. At least successful business person. And he's you know he's on you know these are public. Broadcast. 088 you know it. I think that. That's at eight that it as late as blatantly a peek at all I actually it will cap on tortuous work. Mean he basically admitted something that your vote at its and it's an academy. Pretty cold at what are match. Do you have a problem with that. The transparency though some value that actually. I acting couple tickets you're at it even if it were not be used to it and it started intense. Comes across to the public as telling your players Luke's. No no that's true I guess the other way I also can see it as. I wanna be transparent with my players I want them understand what was the whole thing you're you can never tell players that lose their competitive and especially so many guys on this roster. There either plane for roster spot within this team north in this leak so it's not like they'd listen to pay go out loose. As if it scenario here it is disconnected from the Cuban situation. Is a bit older. A hypothetical older all of his players that the best outcome was. Was what defeat. And then the players rejected that. It is not possible that that theoretical order court then. Good good seek retribution. For the fact that they didn't Obey that instruction to the possible. So I don't think that's trying to that you talk about with your players. I think if you if if you talk to your players and use say. That it expects it to the sure whatever how we figure we think we're positioning ourselves for the future. Get it you're saying basically that we are trying to loot so leaky air. The people that don't think they know not go convict the air quite they'll be O. You know I I I don't I really had a problem with taking this approach I just don't think that. That that the way. And owner of a franchise. In Italy it's something is as valuable that pressure that post for debt branch I wish I don't think that's the proper port. My accorsi with us of the sporting note this news in the Big Ten network last night Indiana I don't know if there was a lack of mental focus or what but the constant turnovers. And I have I haven't seen Archie Miller releasing this time in Indiana so just frustrated throughout the game and visibly upset. With the way is that his team was operating in conducting themselves on the floor have you. Well I mean I think you go back Debbie Indiana big game. At fort away in May he was it that disappointment last night was rooted in the big debate so much proper. And it played so well. It's. Like they split. I think probably. That they are at. A little bit of congestion. You know they beat beat beat gains coming very quickly. And you know and not really a great opportunity for them to get a reset. And so that was probably part of what happened that me playing 1 of the better Eastern Conference and they did. And they did they were competitive for a long time in decades. I would and that he was frustrated because they had made so much progress since somebody areas that have been problematic. Especially with all occasionally with no direction from the point and and then flat rate went a step back at. If you skilled. Eddie was not respecting each week's date at no point you are going to. You're gonna it all out blitz especially for Pete it's not even close to being all the way there. All it's it's very important that they finished the regular season straw and then go to new York and take their best shot at it. Because they can't. Do believe that they and expect it but I do believe that they are capable of making some people who Alf who either have seen double minor bit on line they know. No absolutely in the room with high you are just seemed like a weather is a lack of focus or maybe they're just. They're tired at this point is he's I don't know it's interesting and more from a general standpoint. But Nate McMillan today talking about their schedule on March today and tomorrow will probably be their last full practices. Until April I know with these college basketball teenager Jamie in so many games and a short window of time. And eaten then you hear about the overseas game where he played maybe a gamer to it week in practice so much it's it's interesting to compare those. Those two and how it impacts the players especially with such a great emphasis nowadays on rest and recovery. You know I think they. That it's certainly better I usual circumstance. In the big amnesty. And a lot of people are wondering about what the week off the week fox will do tool for. The scene that. Post season play available and around. And you know I think it's I think it's understandable because. Think that the garden period. Is going to be equal for everyone that gets the gets buried there at the fans are a player coach or any person I think that. Having been through that and a number of occasions highly recommend it tactic it. It's an awesome experience. I'll buy it it. Dole I think would be naive to say they're not at all costs. I mean it may be schedule congestion as has on occasion. I'll ward on this scheme or that scene. Helping ethnic it was a time when Michigan State went through that I think you'll always going through panel will you know will be true back by the end of the regular season they've had a really. About schedule and you know it it it worked to have affected the hoosiers last. Certainly understand. I you currently. Behind Penn State which just seems on Nebraska also upfront and there's Purdue. Third in the conference just below Michigan State and Ohio State a lot obviously hinges on Vinson Edwards and health of all of that ankle that kept him out a little bit. What do you do have we seen enough from the Purdue team. To be optimistic about their chances in the NCAA tourney because historically at least recently. They've had good teams that just M and able to advance that's my big question mark with the state. Negative last year it made it's sweet sixteen a lot of great and so I would not. I would eat stayed at bat at the early in India but in prior years when they had good to very good scenes. I mean 88. You know they were not want one possession game with. It and he let get away at the end. They. Little rock and seen as you know those that you'd be well on base a lot of trouble with Italy and it. And it hit that on occasion and it bit the part in the N double aid. I don't think they've seen it like that pedal will be problem Graham problem I think they're on eight was really prepare because. Think having it available it's certainly not a ball. It's not being. Available to fly hey maybe he got from rap. I'll which he needed. Com and being able to win. With him was enormous scope it was safe. Poet but both the streak breaker and it confidence builder for the team got players involved in this game who had not ban. Recently played well at my client being you know exit the area that he was horrific Kinect game did not play well odor. Make the shot in that game after slumping or a little bit. But they got here they they got a lot on on her part but if they beat a really petite green I know the name is not basketball league right exactly it's an act. It's really talented. T and stated. I think you're just took note if the coaches thought up game. Well they're neat they're me three or four Penn State players are off the board as quick as old city. Our thirteen reached that figure out quick at Michigan State obviously not quick at Purdue. I'll buy you get that number or are in and bases properly before you got there are stated Eric went belly. Dad just from the optics standpoint it's just bizarre for me at least to see Nebraska up there and stayed out there and you look down their site you Maryland and Wisconsin. In the middle to bottom tiers. Even northwestern their re run. Yet it restraint did it obviously. Circuit yet in the effected with constantly. So I think they were due for didn't get any way in the any injuries really devastated southern Maryland at their injuries that have devastated them. Think that what you're seeing is now that you know the talent is spread out more that nobody wants to be not a player number nine a lot of school. I could only be able player looks up at CC number nine somewhere. Eat it okay wow Eritrea first. Especially if you happen to be seniors in Trey Burke. And then and then went wonder to coax out at capitol. Not only the police also knew that that are out for injury a couple of accounts not receive the suspension the wrecking bridge. Go completely out they pay either either bark out a as a Minnesota have sort down toward you know stay relevant and that the case. Until. Last thing talking in my accorsi Big Ten now or sporting news where a couple of key storyline that you'll be following along when the big to internment. Today's New York's seedy city next week. Along with that's scheduling beyond that what's what are some story lines are keeping an eye on the maybe even write about. The first thing is that you know that they. You'll look at some teams that are certainly NCAA capable you'll hear that from. A lot of coaches who did an analysis. You know they're the coaches are being active people. Can look at and stated that looks like it if you double anchor of C. Bob there's been one that scene that the idiot because I you know it reflects on the program or whatever but we remember his. Like Britney you know you could you could be the smartest person it chemistry class but it'll it'll it'll get past the better. It doesn't matter what your IQ. Can't do that appear org and get past the upper organic. LE. The person who is the slugger and our workers XP here you know they are all right so they make at the age you may get the big story it. Eight it's so. The draft and then go to New York. Vote really hungry. Happens depends they. It'll it'll have to gain in Michigan tonight and then Sunday no matter what happens they're still going in New York really hungry and because they. Locked the Illinois game on Sunday it has no other. The goat in new York and do well so I think that the number one story line for the Big Ten and then number two story latter the number one day. Would be good Perdue at Michigan State. One of the two played himself into one seat incident at the advantage they have in this shortened schedule. Is that Britain changed the Big Ten tournament championship game out a 100%. And you know. Many years we have seen it happen to. Are Asian at Michigan State a couple of years ago. It doesn't go into dare it doesn't go into their bank. Because it would it's odd way it plays out but they are too late for the committee could trigger. I appreciate in my great stuff is always will be fallen along I'm sure you'll be in New York City next week. I am looking sort of got excellent that's like the course the of the sporting news. In the Big Ten network.