Mike Chappell examines the changes in the Colts roster and what their future may hold

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, August 10th

Mike Chappell examines the changes in the Colts roster and what their future may hold.


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We're joined now from like 69 and CBS or by the great Mike Chappell I don't (%expletive) Greater I couldn't be better you know it does that thing what's in the workouts this morning. That the thing that was most striking to me is probably the least surprising thing. And that's the difference between the way Matthew Stafford delivers a football on the way Scott told scene does. Don't think another cold speaker that they want their. Orbit like this sort of after. You out it'll different. Yeah I believe Tucker must've been naked you know at least for the first week in math camp this and so tough fight goes scope up balls whenever I want. And it's you know it's it's it's an outlet or piling on but we're not a meter. This is three yard care for watching and three quarter articles just not literal hard lol. And it's it's it's it's and a low level that it's a little charter. And it's not Scott tolls scenes fault that he is that we as. It's the fault of the colts for channel stacking up quarterbacks behind Andrew Luck who'd just aren't any better than they nor. Anyone want they are not not become the subtleties of conspicuous. You really can't but they they they have met a lot of new receivers after the guard guards Berkeley to bring in guys and but having said Berry and I protester. I'd be present you don't they Jay did nicer. But we're told are those exceptions are burnout to rule on. It's it's it's you're right it's Buddha the one committed team is supposed to do. You're not put players in position to fail. And I'd just party just. Don't go out you were expects. Or an expert to go into a game. Pre season or otherwise. Click and you're gonna have an affect you all Serbs with any of these guys. You know on speed of the receivers at the guy that keeps daylight catch in my eyes bug Howard he's kind of backed gang camp to this point kidney. Typically your Orton for the big guys. You know you had that that you are endorsing it to a vote a smaller great because here it and done a whole lot. You have a little mom Kris so big and when they would detonate truck. Market from about power those guys yeah arts. We're so used to unit he wants Reggie Wayne would probably did you find in search what these guys that are legitimately 6263. And vote Hillary underdogs you sort of have to temper thing because every year yeah there's an art. That just jumped out at it and whether c.s are ready for a funeral to prep for sure are on Carter who ever. It in and they gained experience to reform. Drug policy implant game is at kitty cat and he jumped up the charts. Sister or about records last week. But it but it is fun to watch and to guard hole. Step up in rarely. You don't beat beat sister Roger from lectured. To read and lower rate that team mobile under. March I forgot all about Caesar raise candidates agree Poulter not so distant past. Pay it out on the other side of the ball so we're Watson does the lions' offense going up against colts defense and of course retired Mike Chappell from. On CBS four and fox 59 as well as Indy sports central dot com. And icy Moly cooker and Darius Butler played with a one simultaneously. Safety. They would seem to both be I hate keep the top on the defense type guy can they start together. I would. They do that there are a lot of subtext is I think organist a lot of restraint to really do. When they go to nickel or whatever maybe not. Far and maybe. The areas and Bob Mathias start early. I'm sort of that the one would bullet took her gun gun here for a reason. And it all has he doesn't show in pre season that people lost which. Has just opened that there happened. Thank you put him out there and you just say people local people compare it to the bet you know Mike talked play earlier agree pressure literally. Pops in and of course played once you gotta get healthier as a rookie so. I wouldn't be surprised there isn't it what's bar or and poker but again and interbrew lucked reach safety measures or maybe a rural Revver. Tired of my chapels from fox 59 CBS forwarded. Colts got a little bit younger yesterday with Kendall Langford paean wave how much are they gonna miss lying for. Well. I worked there a lot but maybe not I don't know and Annette and I don't mean it to be. A criticism of general light bird I'd like to win has begun to line it'll all season and keep it might happen out there. Slightly since midseason last year though as they brought into like the depth mister Miller and that not including them. As it's come back from that me issues so. I think you're and he jumped back a 100% and Benoit lows. It or outlook 2015. We interviewed a bit different the ride because a player probable. In 2015. But let me sort of really Billy Graham. And but they doubted that that's the one area you know Cochran MVP award you can find regular someone areas wrote pretty deep. And make it six Skype collection at my signature for those of a tell all levels well. They would have missed him a piece of feedback or it was the world are now. I think yeah bargain barring injury ultimately I think the northern district to top earner. A little bit of good news for David Perry as he tries to make this team and. Yeah different positions obviously. But again it's sampling and knock on it but if you're able to move on from candlelight premier on a very. It in your better right because we suites interiors have been compared it to your brother all that's not the you've got to get better you do you just have to get better and indeed he commuted nicotine as a defense to rule August 32 games starter. Then your your group is better decisions. Brian Kelly dinged up today what do we know about that. Yeah what's. The scene on cricket which you know I'm not a doctor. But it'd never gripping and report on crutches now that's an indication of an injury you aren't a couple of injury or that's scary to look it. You know way off the floor like whatever was. Edit connection is there a position on the operative line work well where you say it's great. It's these guys are helping you know we we think this can be triggered report. Tell anchors gone wrong Clark and and new York and peg him in in where you Gilbert went when used to listen guys respect what were your server. I would put Kelly and top five or six guys. That this team really just can't lose. First it is a good player and second because notebooks all upper income disagreements. You mentioned the guys who were being replaced on the defensive line which makes us think that those guys are going to be better than the guys who have the jobs. Then you look at inside linebacker and you see two guys who were at their planes for the colts last year it inside linebacker for the thirtieth ranked defense in the league. And there are still there are I I don't know what the that's good that those 'cause they improved. Or whether that's bad that nobody's taken those jobs. Part of the last few days who has done about expect out he record of finger right and a plate inserted. Which it's it's funny that you sort announced that by we elect or your you get to know that we've had no. So it is today in an Antonio Mora some of their out of there I want you talked about college you've got. Edwin Jackson and Anthony walker during a lot of reps will grow to get a lot of reps so that's another position where. It's not it is not people will not emotional spent bridge which is never good then. But it's it's an area that did that there's not a lot they don't care projected starters and that's why it would when you dig what Tehran Sunday its alliance could render at arch. 1213 guys not playing because of your. Serious injury and a I don't know investors in and out but but some kind of an interruption keeper malware problem. You know outdoor sets part of the gore civil blood I'm probably not to upload your take as a requisite reporters. Bostick who applauded. Sort guinier you're year fury call on your death. In your first precinct and then that's great to get our guards did ought. But she knew it was it was not so great new start on these are these guys need to play. Is excited about being accurate. A like cup past sold to say you know what it's good to get the injury out of the way early in the in camp and not during the like for its fifth week he camp. Or begin over ID you know what I mean I can't bends but there before that opener in there or am I just knots. Yeah water is you know OK gonna air turned to lay out that that miner training camp. Current paper that need supplies don't work that's fighting for roster but yeah. You need need compliant. You know fortunately. I guess we'll let them know Ryan Kelly but fortunately these have been sort of I'll keep things in the net and it appears to be you know now the anchor rolled an ankle or central now back out there that's encouraging. You're yet you're under that have been answering Gregorian now through all of it don't turn into something that cute and got two weeks I'll let. We're seeing it often turn again we're about promise to bid for where park Jones. Austria when ankle and drink import appears that no longer yardages terabyte of there one injury isn't there 100 park. You know what that's reason to pursue alternative care. Is mark embrace his chance to stick with the team as a member of the special teams returning kicks he didn't look like a wide receiver to media day he dropped some balls that were easy. Oh yeah and it. Save and maybe make due to return yeah. It or are RDR I would doubt that it does to me. According to protect planner and they'd go run beat them you know run by our caller. Minutes later and by the way if it's a moderate their government to get creamed. Now I think that's to me to be apart turn to return it just takes a different. My interest you've got you've got to understand. That the coalition of violence. And it just takes a special guy I don't I I think you're either return or you're not I think we kind of make her Turner's. Your super girl. Tired of Mike Chappell via the CBS for fox 59 Indy sports central dot com. Let me ask you said that about media if you could go back in you've had a hall of fame career great career one of the great success stories in journalism. If you could go back to college and replay would need to all over again. Mean yeah. Bridgeport. Know don't know apply I. It is a sportswriter I mean you're getting into journalism as a college guy you'd think OK I want to write about sports era if you could go back to do Ari are you happy. Wits with kind in you know some guys have regrets some guys embrace what they are which are you. Yeah I talked to people but not directly on the correct. Divide in college now. I could not just aren't going and getting a major and it can be like these yell just because it's such a changing thing now. Team beer something me or more it's six more of that and every you know outside your newspaper not because it sort per you know apart or. But no I've watched in person I've done this for. Thirty some years I was struck earlier while. You know I've so that he would elevate people get up their readers. In the Asia as a circuit that data they they they bitch and go all the way to work they're good guys and our partners are where it. You know the company you know now I I enjoy a tight budget you're outdoors so the fact that that a cable when I did it. I really enjoyed newspapers you don't center premier elect were to do well. But but I'll do all over here and just beautify. Under agreements and in college now on I would steer him totally away from. Mr. Christian critic of dying. From what I know debris but you know I won't direct marketing. Perfect all of that thank you Mike Ribeiro that's my chapels from CBS four and fox 59 Indy sports central dot com I forgot to say later on. I'm trying to I'm trying to broaden the way I say good bye to people I've. And the guys it is Scott and Logan and they mock me for being a little bit repetitive the ragged in the way get out. Of interviews on trying to say later. Or you not just saying hey. And I appreciate the time is that whatever. Saturday to remember what I say but I say these guys appreciate it and Matt. Which I do so I don't think there's anything wrong with expressing gratitude to somebody's taking time out of his day. To suited to school us all up and listeners up. On what they sought after being eight in that position really this is like his 34 camp. And as a guy covering the Indianapolis Colts always been there done that. And but this one are now you know I remember watching things in 2014. And really ceiling and that in 2015. Going out there and feeling like you know what this team's got a chance to do some special things. This team I feel absolutely like they have no chance to do special things. And I don't know I don't like that that's not the way I operate best I like being an optimist I I like feeling like hey we gotta win now. You know we got a chance here to do some special stuff. But I sort of got I just don't see it I mean it in your eye goes nowhere.