Mike Chappell on the Colts, NFL Owners Meetings

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, March 26th

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The great Mike Chappell from fox 59 and CBS or hide the Mike. Our. I am great at the did this group of 32 and this is an interesting group of people and they're gonna vote on some roles. And in it seems and did they usually just kind of rubber stamp what they cut the competition committee authorizes or what they propose. Wouldn't you usually but I think it's a good. Earlier in your gut the competition committee in place for a reason that they're sort of finish out her. You know construct rules in order to decide are we changes so. Rubber stamped no but it certainly lead. Leaned on the equity inequities. That are players or so our speakers. She is able to what's been recommended just regular. Let's ruled that it has been proposed that you really like him there's redefinition of catch do you think that cleans things up. I don't think so but it's still subjected to a variety do any do what you need to do. Some like it would be its October record not a survived a ground. I think what you are gonna have an official looking. Duty to repeat extended duty what is distort three steps could take you put all move well. It's gonna come down to. Do you guys on the field which you hope politically that he McCormick Comedy Central. Look like a jets right and in particular. So whether they won't go that Barbara. Well I hope to greatly improve what we're told the Dallas. Mr. Big play hasn't been overturned that brightened. Jesse James over have been touchdowns. And a whole lot for the future years ago. You know deny its size and so did the ones could be attributable scripture and how they handle. The National Anthem. Needling not dealing. Here are some voters. That he needed to get an old score one on one. They would look at man and it. Player stand. For the National Anthem over as a bucks. And go that's part I meant to rally. Find some compromise forgiving place. Prefer to express themselves. But students are actually sent him to talk compromise. Where and our first example players. It's just want to hear so where were recruited nearly certain that there's. You grew up in the sixties do you have a problem when that. But the problem is running slipper slope what write your fuel also. Guess. Are reasonably certain there are dealing now. It's. What it's not restrictive alternatives for. More on. But my Ortiz and it and it and in. Boot polish and that's where it really ever this year. But the problem once you allow that. What you were stopped it's one reason they had that the you'd. A beautiful uniform rule or to hear. You can put your you gotta but a sick remedy tipper. And disorder uniform yet it is produced. And how do you Rick regularly what's appropriate what's not used all also don't normally do. So on your own teachers are realities are two motor vehicle musher do not appreciate. Players. Using their form a senator mean. Right form. 22 interspersed individual. Descent I don't know you compromise some and go to work. The united Timmy and this is more sociological obviously than athletic. But if you mandate the showing a respect what. What does that display even mean it just means that they have to lose so they are. And in so demeaned in standing for the National Anthem at that point becomes meaningless. Didn't just put it. Into art right do do do you. It's closure I mean were where'd you go and I amnesty at it and have. Anderson people get upset with this. The disrespect and it and you had to utter use as well but I don't all on both extremes to know hell. Do you well. Freedom of speech all this certain regards in a row the deferred different terrible elaborate. On each extreme. You know what it wants to Indonesia. The locker it was into Europe. Or topic to tackle well aware of it in the stimulus. Yeah unlock or start the tunnel right right right and it's an industry guy who used his former military. So I I just don't nor hell. You legislate. You know restricted free I don't know. Enter into ev owners. Mean it will amount to children any room told shape what are you don't. I'm I am. I know turn from what you read or no. And ordered to summon arbiter really don't. You know make an error the owner of that Texans Bob McNair says there are fans that are upset about it fans or customers. You camber or replace the owners in the league would survive you refer to replace the players although the game and beat won't be good. You can't replace the fans if you don't have the fans you're dead in what I like is what. What the cold to Don and the colts have had players meet with the police and kind considerate is sit down and discuss things. And everybody's come out and writer for gone through that process and other colts don't have that issue I think it's just a matter. Of education not the rules not mandating stuff but just put in people in the room and have a number come a little bit wiser for the effort. You're Marc Forster. A real doctor Walters just a lot of markets zero tolerance. Or that type of expression and I understand. So again patty do you. And he about some some policy you're or. Sort. Is it that applies Indianapolis in Green Bay in Austria it was pure which are go to you do there. Well our. It did that it advances slippery slope there director. Chris sometimes you have the unintended consequences. You figured it sticks and that'll let you know. So it is it's it's. It's a difficult situation and that's why these donors give isn't their prisoners are in the audience do. I never bought just never bought into effect early speculation that. That didn't Kirk Kirk viewership but that's where they're ready Burnett are never a little bit maybe. The right thing for the most part the majority saying Britain into the game is just. And you're gonna you're gonna have some that are turned up by the by the neutering I understand it. I never bought into it fixed number percentage Rupert blue a mile in. Under a little bit much more on declining great news and that's. But yen reduces all the rules all the talks. Particularly one that's an excuse and he did you find. Common ground that it. Mike Chappell from CBS foreign Sox 59. The the story about bill bella check. Not address saying sort of the Josh McDaniels leaving for protocol to until the Super Bowl was over I thought it was just a classic. Piece of evidence that Bill Belichick is constantly focused on what's next. And is not gonna bother himself. With the kind of those not those collateral distractions. That bothers somebody and I I thought that it was really an interest staying. A kind of narrative that totally supports our supposition about him. Portrait in you like better but are the results speak for themselves. It's and also when daylight cycle you know your of one what does exist in a world dissent and everywhere on the centenary. Any Wear on people. But that's why he is who he is that's one out works. From my equipment way to gain saying worked out. First time the colts went into it doesn't want to talk from person to talk to your guard. That's that's sort of the patriots. And Belichick spoke so worried don't want it was that was during the bye week. And that's when Belichick could result and we understand. You talked to talk Cuba. And we keep it here which you view your apartment in my in Italy. In and you just declined the interview recourse to continue worked out afterwards. Regain most. And then decide at renders. Acts happened and it's over and done doesn't. It clear the way that it did literally. Played a cult sort of enlightenment the minute it looked silly there were altered leaders in your church straight. It never should have gotten support its circular here. Here all the reports of certain agreement. I would think Daniel armed group dropped into windows securely. So that and again that that's another rule or are considering. About allowing. Assistance to Donald talked to these teams as we do now but but to read too and now to reach an agreement to sign a contract. Both Ford teams. Pop up runners over so hypothetically it rule in place this year. Aside the contracts. You know what were you what is that. And an. Assist Sri changed. What are your side it would it would implement their I don't know. But again this never should have gotten to this point I've put on the breaker. Pretty sure. Mr. from the start. And then now this sort of happened in his turnout which we don't doubt that. The deal that didn't happen sometimes and you should go. Order just muddle posters to work he's nowhere analytical part right. And Mike Chappell a CBS foreign fox 59 gave you with free agency being what it spins so far for the Indianapolis Colts. Is it fair to judge Chris Ballard based upon the current roster. And air. 23. I would think it's fair in June. We're receipt what this roster looks like you know and still be expect to reach settings. All are our dirt not Hutchinson. And all that the 96. Plus who signed. Is an excess roster right this is just his dislike what are your records. Sixty for senator lucky servers it you're very good. So there's so many older we've we've talked about it so don't position. Don't like just ordered that. If you combined. Effect welcome back. This year which probably sit. Been there before and you don't know. Just I just think they still need New York City girl writing it and much can you do regular running back it's a much to do what would not anger to ignore or a top. 49 or whatever it is. But yeah for two years I think. You can only say it order the release of the right direction in the next year or next year when Europe. A few more pieces and really pretty good shape. But he's had these wonder and wonder. 23 agencies. That he's done a good job thus far. Putting. Piece in place and it could be princes and most are also people believed. To recovery and in. The middle. Of this year and Simon and it in Wall Street and can use on bit. That went into use Klein knows. Reader or special players. You you're always so much you can do they don't have that difference maker on treatment and that's why. Television number which W you've got to find as treasure ya know we knew we wouldn't want free agency. Daughtry not a guy he's he's mad maybe you're notes. But chips outside to press for a trigger got to find another receiver. Dropped into right needs help here and still or New Orleans. It inside linebacker now. You know major Robert your record. Every time you know but there's so we need help urban about like where he's headed. They're not very. I was really stunned that hankins got waved in the wade did because they don't need the money there's no way they're gonna spend the cap. And he's a guy who has really pretty damned good last year and I know it's a different scheme. But still good football players are good football players. Yeah. I understand he's okay not a he's not a cookie to look or reroute a little people or ten to China's. It's in and were shot Miller one reason and then impact is considered. War starter played more zone. With support Rivera I understand all. But it employers complain pristine it is key right Arctic. And here they are because so many needs. Create another one budget rent and can Bertuzzi bird or player or law wanted to contribute Packers visit. You book or did he he was due to airport or have million it was based our guarantee. Sort of these so maybe that and more to play there then they're on the he just goats don't buy too much in his pocket pitches. Trousers to point now work. Realize perfectly it's like the old bit about getting some employer. Position right now. To get rid of all people Hickenlooper to play 100 are. Lara and argue. Each week amount Mason junior all the at your interior right it is strongly too tall I was asleep and players. Which took arguably best. You could attract a lot of burger. But get this goodness what are will increase in order. Which is simply kept in an immediate. We have to trust our own right has not been termed September. He's wearing old Arnold dress and that's where you can say well. What do you do ordered and go on. Where the criticism comes and he's got in on the rapids as. Yeah it's approaching query to meet you don't burn. Do we know anything new about luck. I mean we say it stopped and get a good play certain. Daunting as you want and is different. We'll give bonuses. Ballard bridge was so it is accurate. Which you remember last year never lost secret ballots or that look at we reduce September he started it later on. Jimmer says the only one markers and really what. They but are given every indication that in just under any. We have worked access April 9 when our season up pro war starts. I would hope we talked a lot that they don't know. Seeded team on the field sort of text written it yet they're 20 thanks so. Put into it and until. It gets that the discipline meted out there and I'm an electric car wreck on. A question that's just. Reports from what we did last year. Or you can simply don't blindly. Believe you're saying actually so until I see. The colts quarterback you know playing quarterback. Our reservations. Our cynicism I think as well learn. I'm not no question do you need to get cancer trust which. We get a big core parts of the increased pressure and it happened. What spec it is and a lot better. Work if it's not easy to watch. Or compare to what he's an appeal. But it just you guys wrote like a result and growers mid October. And teach them. Ordinary or more and thrown balls. From some taller corps ball or whatever I don't know. We need to see what my diaries. Were sore and football. With some you know expert TC and you'll see what is. Just say it amounts you know you'll see much of nazism boy at some pretty Internet directory. To report so we'll see where this terrorist. I appreciate it Mike thanks so much. At the great Mike chapels from spikes 59 and CBS for. And back to the National Anthem thing you know ended due respect. Needs to be earned. And then reflected in our days you're right I will always stand for the National Anthem. And it did is there's just I I don't. I I would never choose to protest anything that I felt deeply about. By not standing from the National Anthem but that said if that's the choice and others make you know what we're all gonna get why we're all gonna survive. It's going to be okay guys take any guys take any. That's that's a way cozy wanna get all agitated about a glad to get all agitated about it. I didn't and I won't. And if you guys want to express themselves. In a specific way because they feel very strongly about something that is a purely American thing to do. Not standing for the National Anthem is an absolutely American thing to do. And that's one of the things that makes is great and that we get upset about it. That makes this great turn and it and so Big Dig Condit is what it is and we'll see what happens I hope. That they don't pass rule mandating. That that people stand because at that point when damn how do we trust that them standings. And and showing respect for the flag and for the National Anthem and for the military or however you wanna. Boom whatever level of respect in deep view who is believed they are choosing to convey through their behavior. We're back and know whether it's real or not. Because it's been mandated and end it there we get indyk kind of this authoritarian. Kind of swamp that I'm very uncomfortable and.