Mike Chappell on the Colts

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, January 17th

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The great Mike Chappell from CBS four and fox 59 I don't like. Ritter I couldn't be better these are busy times for Chris Ballard is they're going to be in his ten year. As the GM of the Indianapolis Colts are more important for months or five months then those studies looking at right now. So are. Really be. I mean elbit this. There every step that that is unitary. All depends on the mix from being. Successful are the so long words you missed any injuries. Ticket can't spell. Doom but it's such franchised. Or certainly impede courts' clawed and coach amendment coordinator prisoner and if so are giving Andrew Luck and sort of matters poll. Did you get free agency that you've got a draft so. Or five sayings and in you can argue that. If you miss on any mr. it's generally purchase so. Sure a lot of a lot of pressure desolate Aurora. Significant over the next I don't know two months. Do you feel like at what it's a necessity I guess we don't have to trust. That Chris Ballard knows what he's doing and Eddie's gonna execute all these. These hurdles in in some kind of responsible fashion where the Indianapolis Colts improve although. It's almost impossible to consider that they wouldn't improved somehow or another especially federal looks healthy. But. EU do do we have reason after a year to feel really good about Chris Ballard. It's a departure I think we're eager reason he's got some credence to this day. You know to get another year or trust arcs or rings and bases. Trust and it gives its UTQ Rick what's over the last twelve months. To me the one. Very criticism that. I think remains at like six alarm get. You go sit here. Yeah would stick it to secure work its owner and a tiny bit. But their main street for the most part free agency was. Well served a purpose and it didn't. They mortgaged future hall on greens which just seemed as if at least a lot Dominica where here on some cash they were done. So I think by an argument grip you know and agree to wait surely. City gooder read the written immersed object or yeah we've seen some would receive some glimpses from other players and you'll hear cute going to be important so. But just sort of mention earlier. This sort of the the trust me it's. Look at early but also increase and they have no other bit this to trust what are goaded right. You know in that end that's the way we've got to feel about Jim Irsay to write it you know because there's now. There's no it is he isn't Greg sent you can't fire Jim Irsay Jim Irsay is going to be the owner of the colts. And that's the way it is so we'd better learn to live with that we better learn to embrace. I'm hoping that they can actually just. Too big an actual folks speed governor Arnold factor yet your mercy is quirky need to as a certain other and is not a you know sometimes leader of the prep star are exactly flattering. For people for anyone to question. His commitment and willingness to do. One or two states. You know just apart resources. Is going to be a problem rerouted. We talked before overspent. Right which was which just. Is in the in Allred made a bit finger but at least I don't you know. Chris our terms of your Irsay corporations and so I need a wall it's. And it didn't get fumble sort of get ability to simply bid which is so open and so I get that did a piece deserved place. Super quick turnaround certainly don't expedite. This team back to work aged pretty. Bert you'd have to and Chopra explores. Every year tribute to trust that the piece is it employees Thursday. And Greg sort of armed groups and ignore it and our debt and it has been having you know there are questions under Daniel yeah. Questions on whoever brought it here certainly. B group. Harbaugh but can you imagine. If you wanna rip on forget it that's fine and it didn't years. First true didn't go well. I can imagine it did so on on a Mike Vrabel right or two bullets into an assistant coach for Terrell or try Biersch. And it you know in the guys who will we deal with Josh McDaniels and we'd we'd do a little bit of investigatory. Work. It's not quite as weird as like Denver everybody blames mcdaniels for the Fisher that developed between. The Broncos and Jay Cutler but to date didn't mcdaniels had nothing to do with that other than he got hired. He never coach Jay Cutler and in so there's there's a lot out there about Josh McDaniels both good and bad some of the bad. Not necessarily earned some of it definitely earned Bartlett what do you think about that higher assuming that comes the past. I sort of cautiously optimistic. But again that's based on. I don't like giving you options. You know and right and sure maybe I don't get in and he was. Easy it was sort of not successful political although I can win in Clinton's in all English. So so. I'd just think this was we did we talk or slow missiles a bridge year. To me. Talking needle also league. People here because you're you're sort of investing in in some Aaliyah and no wonder you didn't let Eddie and Chicago April comparable decent. So based on what. So I just you any Ingrid. Junior had a billion dollar early I mean you better be right. Or orient people like to elect Obama to a contract guaranteed good over Turkey contracts are guaranteed. Whoever they brought it here. Was going to major question reader question marks because if you didn't. A blessing and a group nursebot. That talent pool and a Jews don't read people liked it. Wouldn't that would approach here so. We went from thinking that there would be sort of boy are we shouldn't approach because of the people don't speak well sort. Chris were charged by like right to be in sort of split. On the included in the truck from the main issue it's an annual computer talker and fertilizers. He's released he's had no success outsider going. He has. So much that a military collected as Brady. I guess she would argued in which Internet system. They excelled. Here the Brady. A variety of different play are predictably they're as they progress that the personnel. That certainly or there will core element. Don't regard to stupid that they cared. Feel very very few upper cheer players all red all extremely well obviously. That year too so. By and large very they've done it works. The middle of the road miniature players. Which is encouraging. It to endure it and do it. What are we think about Matt Heber lose it and the other guy Jacque pizza I know nothing protecting outside nomad beaver lose a little bit by reputation but nothing. About the guy coming from the raiders. And at that that's where we are units are what they. I would I'm more conserve more X in the deep into guys. We're pros because he's remembering I would suitable for where he is it will surely good success developing. Linebacker. Sean Lee's in there and all our daughter and recorder which you will be sure and certain. This will be his defense to. To build informative and with some oversight from this sort of coordinator. I fully expect judge this judge did a lot write. And edit in the AM. In Watergate peaks that will he be more for quarterback turned pro leaked. What he revealed I don't know I danger when you when you and prior judgment did to me. He's he's sorely the opposite sort he's open to court or like (%expletive) or touched like copper and corn here. And Serbia and see how much involve much room for awards. All the other social pockets ever trust. Our dark beer yes but to be your coach. It took to oversee mold to grow up terps. We've got to it whenever we think of Bieber flows as a potential defensive coordinator we've got like that his wife. Is willing to cut cut out of the bag on social media right. Just realize their protocol and Canada. In Indy in curbing things and restrictive. To be there at the street outpost of early light but he. But he speculated coach is not only doing a bit. Of autism doesn't go to the player grinds. Grabbed a Miami organs like sort of where. Over the top will work with social media that's woman that. That's are telling it and went when she posts. Picture her hubby and it's a colts will go on there that's that sort Jordan on the commitment statement in Oregon sports editor. I like her a lot. Alicia Florida. Dealer that somebody's gonna have a talk with her to bigger. Some because they are your. Thank you very much Mike appreciate it.