Marv Levy on Frank Reich

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, February 13th

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We welcome the pro football hall of Famer. Where the greatest coaches in the history of the National Football League a guy. Who and worked with frank Reich when frank Reich was a backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills for nine years of great Marv Levy I don't coach. I have great they would be doing now although good bands are tuned in. Hate oh what to think about higher of frank Reich is the head coach of the colts. It was just fantastic movement that night submitted. And it's very strong recommendation that they do the older of the golden. And general manager Chris Ballard to do just studio owner. The outright if he is that he is the ideal guy. If I had two billion dollars in product immediately got with a tired to tell you the truth. Here. What what is the thing that makes him an effective leader. Asked what. What makes franc write an effective leader. Molly's dad and and members of my staff. Three. Great three qualities that every good coach have. Kamal won the ability to teach to convey to get across. I'm telling you that Jim Kelly who front and back down up and told Maine I would have been the quarterback was a pilot and bear with strikes after days. It has diligently get across to have people understand the believed it was certainly speaks and total stability to war what everyone in the organization. From secret that the Buffalo Bills look to build impact smaller Ralph was. Once it is great go to have a great quarterback and isn't. It's total organization that Williams in front wheel works so well with them. Just straight shooter he is the play or not buy into what he says. No he's not yeah how bunch of fluff piece that he's teaching and well being from this study preparation. It can even be doll that this is a guy extremely high character. Of and it works well with the others and did you to be around. Got a good sense fielder. I did and the boundless and all the bills but I'm of the bills have to call them. What kind of quarterback was he for you for nine years. It was an excellent quarterback in just about had a great Jim Kelly yeah even though he knows that a list something unusual happening was gonna get in the game. I was blown away by the degree of operation that he dad. Talent a lot of talent even wasn't tonight say maybe is. Intelligent Kelly but I think yeah. Most football so this. Wasn't in the playoffs since 1992. Jim Kelly was injured and couldn't play. Doors are great running experiment doesn't. One of our great linebacker Cornelius Bennett in some. Parts into the greatest come backed. Just tell the Austrian were down 35 to three early in the third quarter. Brought us back. Two win that game and over 4130 days. But I'll take that a step further. In college frank would go back out to another great quarterback boomer aside some young duke Maryland. And as a back up to boomer boomer was injured. Further Orange Bowl game and it fueled solid play in front step then he led the greatest comeback in politic. Football history as well all of those are pretty good indicators that would guy is great resilience. Persistence. Intelligence. Caring about others great the only guy great citizen I can't stand up about this just through Albany's. The new coach. Talking to Marv Levy pro football hall of Famer one of the greatest coaches in the history the NFL. I'm ranked eight era in telling this in neck comeback win against the Oilers. I I've always thought that to engineer great comeback you have to ever really really calm demeanor and not get real agitated not get too high. Knock it too low is that frank. Yeah yeah. It's it got a bunch of raging pep talks but what he says resonates with his teammates who went into the place and captured with. The play still be culture now that they know it's just do one and I don't pretend to know at all. She's got a great starter and you know last coaches who supposedly have the reputation of I don't she taught guys really want. Who want to have Bill Walsh it was preparation. And chula preparation. And that's a lot on now what humanity is all saw Tom Landry. Bill Walsh worked for use an assistant coach did you know that he had the stuff to become the great head coach that he became. Well. Trying to hit over the head go to university California. And I try to hire a coach that that was its Sunday's state. Although they didn't know what we're gonna promote the exodus summits of the I don't recommendation as a global virus. Coach in high school football and didn't survive where you tell wasn't cream on its rally fueled. I was really impressed with the guy who really impressed. Them that the university California right that school. And the restless addresses history build on to become. One of the greatest coaches ever without question. It ain't as you hired assistant coaches was your tricked because they're coaching tree. Is legendary and it's deep and I did virtually everybody has worked for you in some former another or people of worked for them. Who worked for you. The way where you just a great high error or did you teach guys how to become great coaches. Well I say. Trying to look there was no one. Great equality like introductory crowd and an ability to teach work well with others in the organization. Straight shooter show up for work every day. You know war bounce back from disappointments. Yeah you know and intelligence helps and that's yet sent I'm very proud that I could have hired guys like. Like bill Walters on the brink of sharing. That's different a lot of they admitted junior colleges system. When well and will Callaway and elsewhere but this mom and Bobby Ross so out of high school. And some from other guys who want to become great coordinators and assistant coaches in the NFL problem and up on the yeah that that. How worried Dylan. How does life go on for Marv Levy. It. I told my size of the hour every day have been written five books and three terrorists meant. I stay in touch with early gains in security don't know like I did. When I was coaching. Now you should know every assistant equipment manager in the league take into an orbit and the coaching staff as well. And around it's that have been fortunate that want a good family and good for them. And if fortune and great system. So those things. And our cubs won the World Series just a year and a half ago when they signed Yu Darvish last weekend which is taken by the cubs acquiring Darvish. I cannot say that's evidence that it is so much our reliance on them might think that. People in the organization are doing a great job in you know I had just and it I can't say that I know everybody's batting averages. And I'm very I don't. Now well order to have I did here in Chicago so. I hope they're right you don't have to be Joseph Maddon you just gotta sit up in the stands and enjoy yourself. Is he did for the 1945. World Series which is just incredible to me what stands out what game do you get to seek. In the 45 series. Well in the world war to a just and it about two or three weeks after the World Series here. And and they called it army air corps that air force back and hold on for a lull in the cover in the World Series against the tigers were down three games to the home. I decided on the radio with a plan to minors no television. One that should the united rushed over to Wrigley Field we could buy tickets for the seventh and the line was out of sight. But she moved very bloody uniform popular front. Step by an external World Series and so whopping ten dollar tan. If you're in uniform back down. And cubs lost that. Yeah all of the nativity Detroit Tigers. And it along and after that but slim 46 and they want it and I got the global World Series game and see the cubs when one. Nice thank you for spends so much and stay out of the snow for goodness sake. I ate up about fifteen inches of snow over the weekend injured. Yeah data. Her fight could be good. Nice coach I appreciate the time you let let the great Marv Levy what a nice is guys in the history of people. Just a light Kimi Bartlett Marv Levy I'm Mitt. At the 2012 Super Bowl here in Indianapolis right now and so. You know it's radio row and guys are between stops they just stand around talk to people and Marv Levy could not have been. A nicer guy he is 92 years old. And it is still sharp as well today coach frank Reich for nine years how about that. This is a good way to keep your job at the NFL as a head coach as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills he had Jim Kelly. From 1986. Through 1996. Marv Levy was there from 86 to 97 and frank Reich. Was with the bills from 85 to 94 or so for his first nine seasons he had Jim Kelly and frank Reich. As kind of you know hall of fame quarterback and really really good backup quarterback. And it could he be more right in how we assesses. Leadership and says that the three. The three traits of great leadership the ability to teach. And ability to work with everyone in the organization and number three being a straight shooter. If you do all three of those things meant. It you almost cannot fail. Really really fun to talk to a guy like Marv Levy just riff acumen being. You know it's really funny. How it terrific coaches wind up being terrific human beings and net. Why you made it I I swear to god Tony Dungy. And he's big and frank Reich and think that things that frank is gonna be an outstanding coach for the Indianapolis Colts. Com but meeting like I got a chance to talk to Tony Dungy for a bit. On the day that he announced announced his retirement Kravitz and Eddie did their show over the complex. And I don't lock Tony. From like the podium where he made the announcement back into the media room where Kravitz and Eddie were joined their shop so it's a great this way coach and does so we hander just himself which I was find amazing. A guy like OK EI am Kent sterling there you go. Com and in so I told Tony Dungy I solicit gay you're doing some that like nobody does it's I do. And you know who Rocky Marciano. How many people get go out on their own terms kinda visit champion. At the peak of their powers nobody does what you're doing. Any stopped. And it is stop watching and that was not my intent and all we had to get we had to get him dual microphone and he said tell me about that. I sent OK and so I did. And die he said that's that's interest staying. And he listened and I'll tell you this about great leaders do they are always great listeners. Their mind stops. Accepts information. In good you know elm. Enterprising thoughts and feedback. And then they began right it's not just like every every every year I work with a sales manager. And I won't mention this person's name that would hold three hours sales meetings where no one else talked. Holy cow you talked about the dissatisfied sales base. My god vet staff. And they wanted they want it eat bullets for God's sake another another three hour meeting where they just sit in our lectured to. That is not a high elite. How you lead is three your ability to listen and your ability to work with others and your ability to tell the truth and it doesn't take three hours to tell the truth. And your ability to teach it doesn't take three hours to teach and I'll tell you. What frank Reich this is going to be frank writes my entree to the quarterback some of the Indianapolis Colts. Get it out quick and be accurate. Every video I watch of frank Reich weigh in there are there are several. Where he's coaching guys and try to teach guys he is like big quick. And throw it in the right spot. Quick and accurate quick and accurate quick and accurate nets that. Anyone I know I'd nick pulls who's really really good quick and accurate you wanna know why. Virtually everybody that frank Reich did Philip Rivers talk about quick and accurate my goodness. The bug in Carson went quick and accurate. If you're quick and accurate you got a chance to like. And that's really the kind of feedback the Jacoby Brusett needs and Andrew Luck needs you gotta be quick and accurate get it out. Because if you get it out you're not gonna get hit and if you don't get hate your careers gonna last longer and that's what we need. From the quarterbacks in the Indianapolis Colts.