Mark Montieth on his book

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 12th

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It was fifty years ago. That the pacers. Started playing in the ABA. In Indiana Indianapolis. And the story of how old professional basketball came back to Indianapolis is chronicled beautifully. In reborn the pacers and the return of pro basketball to Indianapolis by the great mark Monty I don't market. During will get a picture of me on. Now you visited the book didn't come out until October 5 two which is well timed for the beginning. Of the NBA pre season and in all of that stuff but we have an advance copy. That we just got today tell me. How it what makes this a great story and how did it happen that the Indiana Pacers came today. Powell first let me say that the book will probably be in stores next week we're a little bit ahead of schedule and I know. People who have ordered it on Amazon have already received. And there will be though right book signing a book while in Irvington on October 7 and then one of the Barnes & Noble com. October 14 and there will be others later but those two are certain down. And so anyway. The what makes it a good story in my opinion is that. The pacers were really lucky you know to get this thing off the ground that regard then. An ongoing effort to at the 1960s to get a pro basketball franchise certainly catapult franchise stirs a group. Called the great Indianapolis progress committee and they dug themselves Gypsy. It's. Because of Jesus. And I. End and you know so a lot of community leaders well meaning people who wondered at Macon now bittersweet but there have been in part of that. Was getting April sports franchise baseball NFL anything. Conclude clearly you know we had the in his Symbian and beyond that it was high school college so. There's an effort to give it in the NBA expansion team ever get that key markets its world to move over nobody had that kind of money that would've taken you know million dollars so. I DBA stormed in 1967. And you can get in that league for a lot less than 6000 dollar down payment then later at 30000 dollar share. In the course across warm it and that that you went along you can get a franchise that league. For a lot less money for the pacers of people who pulled the money together. And they're joined BBA. And there are just so fortunate to get this thing off the ground because you knew you'd think about it Iraq brown at a factory in date they get Mel Daniels. Thousand dollars they get ready Lou it's a bit aback at the state Oscar Robertson nobody knew he was at my store and the first GM who did a really good job. Was looking for the war also used the pacers are the group Pearson second sourced PGM. Which is very cloture because you have the right may have just he offered to lose. To give botnet of acute third round draft pick out of Drake second keyboard koppers order so. So many things came together you think about the second year there are off to a bad start mostly glitters erode in Kokomo walker Jones so I'm graduate supplies keynote in Hammond. So they came men and do the job on new heroic part time basis the head back in the evening because he's working at a stage. And it altogether and go to ground and that cute picture. You know to me we're tired of mark Montes of pacers dot com and mark Monty dot com also the author of reborn. The pacers and the return of pro basketball to Indianapolis. That what they eight it they're Credo of the city of Indianapolis or this area should be. You know it Indianapolis we're good things happen to good people. You know eight it seems like like dated a built hut not builds the RCA dome are the Hoosier dome without attendant. And because it's got loose seats Bob Irsay thinks well do we need to move here 'cause they didn't they already built at forest. Didn't build it for Bob Irsay and the calls I mean just over and over and over again. Really really fortunate things have happened in this community to make Indianapolis what it is. Instead of a place like in and I love the city have lived there instead of a place like all the. Well you know there are a lot of cities are about the same side Indianapolis and they don't have in the air an adult franchise you know a new you know somebody's got to take a chance. And somebody is that try to do things the right way you know these people can afford to pacers nobody was. Expecting to make money also but they were really doing it as kind of a community service thing taken inside the ten grand here in there to keep gone. One place in the book have got. A copy of the memo some okay I'm sorry but we need another art that's out. And you know that's kind of how aware that that Phillip got off the ground you done nobody. Yarder and yet there have been different groups of owners and I don't think anybody ever made by the the pacers including no sign so. It solid then got a lull do this for the city and the city's been very fortunate to have people like because certainly there were times when. Yeah it could have been sold through a group another place so. Yeah discuss bill and you know dated day rarely if you are now almost a release dated paper certainly. You know fortunate that we had people like slime you like its original owners are like other people. Used to connect out introduce some good for the city. You know the pacers disavowed the book but in 1983 you know there about some are on the table from a diet Sacramento. And mr. admit it's mother's gutter slime and say look you know you gotta do this search. Well we're going to be booting and Ruben Beltran stepped up so. People all that you didn't get mad at the pacers can be produced the feel grateful that are here. Yet this is really kind of ready fire aimed community. In that you know we're we're just gonna go ahead and do it now we're gonna trust that we figured out and off we go and yeah yeah we just say yes to stop it in a way that to me is is that kind of the way out live your life outward talking to mark on teeth. The author of reborn the pacers and the return of pro basketball to Indianapolis. How does the pacers managed to make the migration from the ABA to the NBA as other cities didn't. Oh well they were deep best franchise mediate the best attend that state won three championships you know they were the elite franchise in the league ma'am because they had you know the talent and they direct coast recliner didn't. The city aside reports showed this to place all the guys wanted to play again. And the Lindy. ABA died I mean BA BA discount that died a slow death in 1976. There were all these fourteen sect came up with the secrecy 3.2 million dollars to get into the NBA. And you also give up your first round draft pick that first year of India's first pretty dumb early and taking advantage of the ABA teams. If you want a league to be solid from top to bottom you know you don't gain anything pretty NBA by. You know stripped down these fourteen sub the ABA. And making that terrible for a few years that's pretty much what happened and the ability to. The money came up a 3.2 million dollars to daily atrophy and the NBA in 1976. So. You know the pacers. New York and Denver San Antonio. God then and you remaining orders. Mainly herb. Murdered Itar vibrant global and so the brothers' a little little bought out sort of speak for not going into the NBA. And it worked out that there was really touching Gaudin as well. You know there those guys in Saint Louis made series thanks furlong time detonate. Oh it's incredible base trying to deal. And who they in return for not going into the NBA they signed the deal with a fourteen sit dead. Get out of BA BA into the NBA or 17. Of their television revenue. Well 1976. That wasn't a big deal here and there wasn't much television Vivian BA we're talking about the national television right and so yeah okay we'll do that once but as the NBA group. And exploded near Haiti's. It became an international playing. They wound up getting cost twenty million dollar a year and purposes. Or write a check up between fort five million dollars annually to these guys and it looks. You know because a record contract now. And the NBA have worked hard to get out from under that in I think they're they're making some progress that they haven't done it already but. To me that's the most incredible contract that ever heard about it even though can't that you could do a contractor to seek. A better I think about it I'm. Well I'll tell you one day if this is a pretty good life lesson that you shouldn't to a deal in perpetuity ever. Asked. Tired of our Monte the the author reborn the pacers in the return of pro basketball to Indianapolis. You go to Right now and ordered the book and assigning. On. Zoo what is on October 7 and then at the the Barnes & Noble up here on it down a little bit later in that eighth. Yeah yet at first outing will be a book mama for bigger reach an area on the east side and agree on October 7 will be in the afternoon in. I'll get more information out about the exact times and then weekly October 14. Do want to Barnes & Noble com or not duke. Presentation decor and for people all these sightings since October 14 the significant because if you had to pick. There are per day for the pacers would be October 14 because of their first game. Was on October 14 197 against Kentucky colonel with the coliseum. They gave away enough tickets to fill the building. And it was kind of happening you know they're they're patient wan and there is huge enthusiasm for that moment so. That'll be kind of look at the book state celebration on October 14 go to Barnes & Noble Kabul but before that. We will be on the independent bookstore or pretend it really. Wonder do all I can't support the independent bookstores you know look at this time prevent. For them may have also read like the local bookstore now so the book is available at very someone places that you're living in Portland you know. I would encourage everybody go to a bookstore and get that have come to assigning an obvious concern for its. Is he did for both Scott night which was very very nice of you thank you mark. Our work. She did. You guys you have me on all these years and I know what thank you you'll actually read the books so what are the mixture there. I well I appreciate that com eight you know I was too well. And that the pace is this year what are your thoughts going and is this our our we have an arrow with the pacers similar to that of the colts where it's going to be. You know what let's be real patient let's dial down the expectations. And trust that Kevin Pritchard knows what he's doing and can get this thing rebuild a couple of years. We kind of I think I think they're going to be better than most people seem good thanks I don't see that morning thirty games that they have decent all these bankers. You know more Alpert. Certainly you know when you lose. Your lone all star player like they did you're going to be somewhat of a rebuilding situation primary. Look unfortunately I think it's going to be fascinating Fiat comes together I think that talent. This defense. About chemistry you know these guys how quickly can they. Develop some chemistry and played together in India that's going to be you know but I think. They either got a young group. I think they got accord recruiting players and I think one thing people there opened due date. Evaluate teams in the offseason the Specter in improvement will traverse certainly should be a better player. Treatment has been the first tier continued improvement sink deeper to all the people think interest opponent. Think they'd some of these other guys so. I think that they're gonna have a real quality but it seems to be a playoff team. But you know the back on the content purchased at the chip we know that nobody claimed bad but I entered the chance to be front seemed to watch. They develop some chemistry. Grade at all or was he was a bit of global Koppel on offense because if you don't want Ottawa resident doctor Trent threw him. US and particularly good pastor ball handler so that did bog down on the offense. So I think the leaders in the U what kind of offense. That they can there come up with this year and that would be more entertaining here period Indiana basketball. Ultimately is the pacers franchise better off without Paul George. That could tell what you know. Only in the war that dead US should they were trying to make a leader he just didn't evident them Kabila leader and I compare him to Jermaine O'Neal into your. Yeah you bet you when your dad is clearly your best player. You want him to be a leader but if you happen to professionals all of these are nothing you can do about it and you have a team. Trying to follow somebody who's just not a leader by their nature it is going to be problems. And with Jermaine O'Neal you know about twelve years ago Jim orders go to some what happened last year. Georgette that it can make like some good. He's just Watson and natural leader now we don't know who the leader will be now Michael Turner you know I get involved beyond excerpt circle for that the guys like. And call someone that young serving can be leaders as well so I think stayed there could be just a better vibe and a better chemistry. Around the players because there's not a guy at all sort of was our picket eagle government waste sometimes. Yeah and that he'd just didn't have all these you want you know we all. Talk over the years star Reggie Miller led by example he was a global leader he'd get that he'd be the first there. Now on game night yeah have a bad attitude or dispute occurred eligible player. Source you know portable player but he does what they ask you what first one that he didn't. You know that kind of energy and work ethic that Reggie Miller and I'm not saying he didn't work Parker ebitda were came from that broken leg. It just didn't have some of those qualities Reggie Miller had. Old sources all of you know we all our you know all of the victims supper upbringing and great chemistry in the genetic personality. So you know it just didn't work out as well all source being nagged us. What needs somebody to step up. You know did you can on field leader. Well maybe it's by committee but I think there's just a chance. That that team what. Better vibe about it and better chemistry. Some guys really like to be liked and other guys really like to win. You know what I mean Gator and sometimes those guys do not run on parallel tracks. Aren't really sort wanted to be like no question that we did like I viewed very interview with the media very cooperative. I think you wanted to be liked by teammates and coaches and everybody and I think that might play into how things went this summer I think he. Let if major. Kind of run things and I really doubt that all sort witnessed at that number they can then I wanna play the world here I think you would prefer could be here. Play up the contrary to help banks stood you know and Kevin access. He told Cuba face you know that you wanted to be here we're talking about well players we might want to try to acquire would summer. Yeah oh yeah certainly get the impression that you want to be here sadly. If they can call Kevin Pritchard says that you are gonna resign with you might wanna trade so. We know we're here another step depression and almost told me this strictly but it my impression that deal that all the PH around things. And I think players need to be reminded that the agent were true you'd young age. Thank you very much are great book I can't wait to read it. All right thank. Are spirit here reborn in the pacers and the return of pro basketball to Indianapolis written by mark Monty it's available at Now.