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The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, February 9th

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It's going to might agree. Back now mark last night on CD author of reborn paid off mark. You're okay to be written it before we talk about what happened at the draft or trade deadline yesterday let me ask you about the colts thing in this context. Have you. Seen it in the NBA or go on back into the ABA have you ever seen. An NBA team kind of bugger up our hiring of my head coach like this. I had that'll stink so I can't pick one up to cup my the pacers but not. It reminded me how careful by Walt was eager to be situation where you're like trying to free agent in the summer. However standard. Situation personal situation and everybody would know that it'd happened it was going to happen and you would never comment on it. Orders issued a release about it until it close on paper yeah and that's why you know this is why do something could happen at less men like remember. One Davis summer if this would have been a 96. Somewhere in 96 peace sign both dale Davis and Antonio Davis to contrast and went over there and there's a press conference should build their everybody knew that Antonio was. You're close to being Greece signed. Nothing said about it in a light. Treo or later we got called back to market. Where can do the thing for Antonio on a true why didn't we just do this whole war and they've fit well and putting and trying to get in on yeah so that's why they're. Because some that it happened at let facts. You know in this day and in this situations are a little bit different when the pacers signed Larry Brown as their coach. Like Larry Brown's kind of a mercurial dude and and you're never sure the money's gonna show up or that he's gonna show up and he's kind of act guy. You know it and so the pacers. I'm sure that Donnie Walsh waited even though those guys are really good friends. That deeds they played together UNC right and so they have aided and did dig was like you said on the paper and then they made the announcement you don't get onto it the other way around ever. Now about your server to back out of the contract Larry Brown. Better. And my hand kept sudden death curse some think Larry Brown a lot of people don't know and I mentioned that from the tweet. You know first coaching job. Or at least contract with Davidson College. Second the late sixties early seventies he'd been playing he took the job coaching Davidson. Bike and made and then a couple of months later. Data will be back playing again and I asked him about a one time they didn't deliver a number bring their prom George Kirk felt. You know he. Yeah he backed out of a job after a couple months summit Cha says you can go to cape. You know Davidson plays tonight against Rhode Island Rhode Island ranked in the top when he it's on ESPN two. If you haven't seen Davidson Bob the killer is a great coach there are really really fun to watch I'm glad you brought that up. It reminds me phenomena after record that launch and after I guess go to high school game tonight. Do you know Rhode Island. Not us and it's the others earlier database called tank. It's funny you mention that I would talk in the state trooper and former pay extra but it FaceBook post up on yesterday it yesterday it was a burst their cult steep tuition happy birthday 74. Probably the most popular picture of all time and time. Would you traded at anchor defense more than any other trade and feature history still to this day in a row and I haven't and so we were talking about dirt came in Rhode Island. They're truly good literature so that should be a good game. Re surprised yesterday or talking to mark Monty the pace is not common mark on T dot com were you surprised that the pacers kinda held pat. No no luck go wouldn't have been surprised by case so called minor DO you know future round pick something that. I really didn't expect this thing dead. Keep my ears perked up boy does that. Kevin Pritchard has always great. The deadline deal this for years and Portland he may want every year were all minor. I think you would agree good he did something every year so I thought you might do some. But he didn't contradict had a lot of conversation. The doctor Walsh. This afternoon. Winter days and he's dead and a meeting on though there are discussions going on bird. You know this team doesn't need. Certainly the expansion eskimo likely still vote in the perpetrate outlined. Well. Only may need. Or trade deadline deals in this history. As the guy and they all occurred in losing feast when the Bruins have read make it seem to tread Chicago the broad. Our tester Brad Miller roller deal second middle like kind of think well good made one. Deadline deal that was to Danny Granger the Philadelphia trade or Kevin turner which I still can get a good deal or. This could work up as well alt. And so glad to know what Kevin Pritchard was tendered. And forget I wouldn't have been surprised to get something but I certainly didn't expect anything major. Everybody agrees the best time to make trays sit in the summer more relaxed atmosphere. You know your situation and you have. You know earlier the greater likelihood of trading at draft pick the people know how to turn taking down my account at bank so I was surprised. Mark the odds game tonight against the Celtics I mean yay you did this is one of those games it's at the fleet setters so we said well you know you lose this one it's okay. But that nudge the pacers have a running games where they could it take its maximum winds. And get to the point before the all star break where they've got as many if not more wins than people expected him to have throughout the entire season. No question that got thirty now and you know I heard people make production from what thirty deceit and the consensus seemed to be. I think thirty maybe 35 that kind of thing that seemed to be reckoned with the pictures so they are. Certainly ahead of schedule make you look back at individual game and blue murderer you make sure we could've played better that cannot think that Kate's hair between the and your gold states having games like dead now so. Does that worry every year in the NBA and the pacers though they have a lot of road games coming out. And they need to make up for their missed opportunities. All maybe law you know quite a few old game surely they did not. Week dead heat of the timber like they should that's what's easiest look at this season and they went said the debate. And they've got to try to waste to make up for that. Stay in the playoffs great because that we're seeing now it's becoming. A logjam there it's gonna go down. And last week left days. Injury or rather play your role of who makes it through doesn't. And so for the pacers even though they've got here there they had pretty good luck with self. So they gathered by a road win that make up some of those from port law that think they finish. But game so let letter like they are now they're going to be a couple of certainly but they've got. Did to win on the road to maintain that takes there's some team like Detroit coming up from the other it and you don't know what affiliate go to do. You know there's a lot of team tries in the middle there that are about the same sort could go down the end. You know every time I think that I figured out this kind of back to back deal in the does Celtics they got to win in overtime last night. And look at the advantage at the pacers have. Every single time the rule is drew Griffin balls and and the team that had three days of rest winds up getting their ass kicked. Yeah and you know the record so that. Results are not that good at the back into the back to back certainly bought them at any team overcome edit them I remember game. Glad to hear the year before. I just hear field and the Celtics have played the night for the pacers had tight end it had not in the pulpit amid a one game or will it do it. Florida hadn't from I guess Boston and then in overtime gave up but it wasn't easy games and they still can't get on a really good so if you're a well constructed team. Disciplined team you can come over you could overcome. A lot of that back this year. You know I called at the Fleetcenter its TD garden now in. I agree keep up pretty accurate I can't why can guard whatever. You had in my god DA got deer creek that became Verizon Wireless and entertainment clips music center and now it's the rule off home mortgage summer other. I'm go back to deer creek I'm just read plating and I'm McAlister Corey canal with a they were can all agree on court and there gal hey you got signings coming up for the book terrific book yet. Thank you you know I'm getting really good feedback that truly gratifying. You don't have to think. They're big but we're going to be up to get the airport actually that never done the book signing at the airport place. There's obviously a lot of traffic out there in the book is available yeah and 345 placing the airport terminal so. I'm going to be out there before too long and be sure to ledge you know but I I am getting great feedback on the boat all leaks. They believe I'm hearing is that people are telling me can't that they are loaning this book the oh look to a friend and I can't get it back. No loaning out of the link to. Are your diet for your friends forgot exactly clear on that album. Important could support our Internet opened the door to let go of their own loan book maker by thank you mark appreciate it. Thank you get bigger degree mark Montes from pacer dot com mark Monty dot com the author of reborn. We featured every morning on the Mandel during breakfast with Kent.