Mark Minner previews Butler-Xavier

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, February 6th

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The guy he's going to be on the call on the but university radio network the great mark matter I don't mark. Underworld and you don't I'd. I'm Tony I IE I'm doing great because it's a public game night in love watching this team play basket by I just love what Jim big east basketball. It I think the depth the big east basketball's kind of illustrated by the fact that IC that Butler Bulldogs are three and a half point favorites tonight at Hinkle. Against the fifth best team in the country. Yeah how about that the big east Israel have been on the watch this season and dollars spent on a good little stretcher when he or straight. Really good that passed this week for the bulldogs against app but imitators you mentioned and don't don't know on Saturday saw an opportunity. To try and that they got some Big Ten victories were really night in night out big east and part of it to you look at the conference this season you had so many. Great seniors great teams that have been together for awhile and and there are those teams that but it struggled in conference but when you so what can put saint John's did this past weekend. Did you go without having not won a conference game and beat the number fourteen in the country so it's been a fund their policies in the watch big east play it's sure. Wonderful first step by Kelyn Martin over the weekend just threaten dominant you know I mean yeah it when he asserts himself like that. Then Butler becomes almost impossible to contend with. Let's catch it keep you know I think one of the things like Lamar in this year's. If it's possible he's going under the radar and in some way. In the count for insert a guy who's leading the conference in scoring but. Is so station alt sensibly this season and then you mentioned his play this past week and one of the things that mechanic in cherry Kelyn maturation. As a player equitable by it is it is early in the percent in nineteen court the first half. The game on Saturday and caught you off guard by you know many guarding a nineteen points and four. As much in the second half but he's sort of distribute the ball a lot better do we beat yet your hasn't forced any shots he's taken the well one of these also make entry gets units engaged you also at a couple steals. In the game got a deliverable until four but it been on the watch killed this year in just look at the scoring numbers now in twenty points away from moving in the six all time. Pat Butler and scoring in any average over when he came out French players that. It's just got a bit on the watch the year over year is gross at Butler and certainly culminating with what he's doing in your campaign. It did talk to mark mattered the radio voice of the Butler Bulldogs Butler plane tonight against Xavier Hinkle Dag cable started 630. Seems to do a remarkable job in an almost without fail. Of this developing players say I remember. You know you did they shot McDermott's a guy who's really really dispelled TA you go back into. Other players who have played Butler in year after year after year you see this level of development is is that part of the Butler way it seems not to be. Restricted to one coach or another. Yeah I think there's a silent you know certainly John's case I think it really helped him you'd have Richard you're able solo in the program and then. Continue to find find is that's way to contribute to put a lot of work this off season and then you cannot see that on the board take it like every badly to this season. I think been been kept under watch his is game developers and in his offensive game. As well as we are in knew he was a real strong defender but that is a big piece of the system and especially that you know. But you look at the age that that these guys are when they come in its freshman. And just you think about who people are at that age and then how each year can make such a difference and and when you've you've Mary. You know great players where they need an incredible program an incredible style play. And Ballmer is it it's a recipe for success in the east. Players like you Lamar knows that he remainder Travis last year and meet you guys that that are in it for years and in. Get to experience. That the that the older folk on the Barbour it's it's pretty special displays and Dylan. It on the watch as you mentioned on and and and Marines on the other guys continue to include developed growth year over year in and certainly some some younger guys like Erin Thompson and Baldwin as a as a soft or now now what they're gonna be able to do in their Bubba careers as well. Not only what they're contributing today which is pretty special well but at Oregon like you want those others Jim Butler really does a nice job I think a shortened to his credit. You mentioned even that the coaching transition that your coach or one of the things he's really really good that he is it really good teacher. Of the game is really good at developing players he had that reputation. As crier schools as well as an assistant coaches and head coach Milwaukee. Yeah understand the game he understands how to teach game you're seeing that out throughout the season. Easy travel around you watch Butler play all over in the big east and then come back to Hinkle. Is is there a significant difference in the level of enthusiasm and being kind of an atmosphere and hey goal date is he compared to the other places. I think pickles what do the most special places to want to ask on the country. Yes I'm and got I think I think you you you do notice differences. I also at every every venue in the big east is that articulate to you I think the upgrade at all did. By going to win trust arena this year that's going to be our special on happens here in the in the camera as well but but. I know I know we're biased and but but. Eagle is really special there is no place that. I'd rather call a game and and experience the game demonstrated what a little things that you need is not every GM and not every facility not every arena has. The atmosphere some of them are larger venues that. That features 171000. 181000 people and what's special about Nicole. As its size and its and combined with its history is how loud that place skiing yet I think it's act like and I going to be I'm already getting goosebumps. Thinking about how much fun it's going to be what when the ball get thrown in the air tonight and when you have a special game. Sabre Boller and you rapid Villanova game means you know there yeah like. There was just this sort of this. Is this different atmosphere that was inside the building itself like it was a different Eric on true. All the fans the players in in that venue and so it was it's all the replicates racket it's it's special was electric college basketball game. I think the one thing that that happens besides he'd be a crime lab this year. Is you you marry just history and you see what players walked in coaches walk include schools for the first timer even that bit in their war. The audit they have the venue and and the appreciation they have. Or what it means the game it's it's it's pretty special but. That's certainly it should be jumping in there tonight and it's it's it's right up there stop account for such Turks. Let's say. That's a good question I think that. There's there's there's several different there's there's been dealt one clear favorite I think. It's a fun atmosphere I know all when you out there that they're they they always wanted to top. Five and placed in the country in terms of attendance. And then it always seems to be dollar beer night to how and when that articulate sound so there's always a a lot of energy out there. In Omaha I think. Honestly that there would trust arena that was just built in Chicago. Is it really cool venue for college basketball at 101000 seats. They cannot they cannot packet on top but it's got all that. Based in his state of the art of features and there's well I'm excited that dogs have always played out since since when he countered that those without billion. In Villanova that get an upgrade. See what that's like next year but of them excited of the seat Wells Fargo arena as well and two without amateurs like on Saturday but certainly it's 12 and three in my book are ankle field house. What does 21 of the great things about Hinkle fieldhouse and about Butler basketball fans is the way they treat opponents that they really respect. And tonight you've got Xavier bringing in tray bomb blew it for the last time implant it Hinkle fieldhouse. He went to high school blocks from Butler university in in I know everybody's going to be very very respectful and and and really that's kind of wonderful that did that when opponents come in the eye could Jay Wright and Villanova as you mentioned. There's no hate towards Villanova there's nothing but respect for Jay Wright and his guys Jalen Brunson and and those guys. And and I think that's part of what makes ankles special to have. Yeah I yeah I think if if if fans don't respect what Jay Wright and Villanova has been doing now. And they're not watching college basketball because it's it's it's incredible and then you're right there's. I think one of the things that the yell all the fans are always will continue to do is. Is have respect for whether felt that programs like that another other competitors and obviously want your team to win. I think in you know businesses there's some local connections today to be sure with with Xavier Agassi match trailer blew it. Up from Indianapolis and eSATA and incredible career and Xavier and you look at what he's done in the all time scoring ranks or 2000 points. As a must appear and that go through his last Hinkle field house all grungy guy also who's younger in his eight year career which helped ward. And an and and you know this Butler Xavier it's always around every game. It's a rivalry game when they play at 101000 Cincinnati it's a rivalry game play it a cool. In Indianapolis so it's it's about should just add to the we have the spirit and make it will be more on but you're right. That they all the fans certainly. I've got the see a lot of really good programs in the end Indians to match which you write and Villanova come through and hopefully it's it is it's a good ball game tonight that. I keeps her body into it and it would be a big big win for the bulldogs to be able to get. Another top five win this season when they already had a I'm really impressed or Russian resonate Butler. This season's seventeen and seven yes seven import output is what this is one when you get so lucky in that back capped the cap and schedule these of the game they can help. Polian higher spot in the seating for. The big east tournament bonobos continues. And dominate this conference right now they have in years past but. The big implications certainly for the rest the big east season as well as come march with this game and I. Lexmark preceded have a great call. Can't appreciate it secure the great Mark Miller radio voice of the Butler Bulldogs Butler tonight 630. On fox sports one as well as they're normal radio home which occasionally is this very radio station which we liked we like Butler.