Mark Jaynes

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, May 21st
Mark Jaynes, radio voice of the Indy 500. Jaynes discusses his involvement with the broadcast, and bump day for the 500.

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Early snows CBS sports 1430 beautiful today. Out of Indianapolis Motor Speedway as though there could mean anything else. They're all beautiful guys out here. And the guy who's in charge of the Reagan view all the action describing all the collar. All the pageantry. Of the 102 running of the Indianapolis 500 on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network rape are changed made a mark. Good afternoon my purse at Torrey yet the app pack I couldn't be better I think so yeah it's such a great job with the race. And I think it's such a stellar broadcast in the history of the broadcast. It is to me such a great part of the fabric of the tradition. Both of this place into radio like. Can't tell you. But I need allies and it this year as word spread out in the anchor that they did bloodied before I got there with the staff have put my. Being a good job of that loophole purple they didn't object Apatow so far those day they'd yet again all right. You know that the fix was that it promotes ball down Monrovia India and I. I still keep a lot of the law did at the doorstep dated today about yet not yet that's all that green but that. It's a drink and true literally and that I was just stopped at what Mike cabbage some Adobe guys school that I did you know. In terms of the broadcast itself by cattle liken myself did you immediately now that. Yeah ideally now of course was they did go to the New York Giants and only bad idea that these that they were Spartan doubt that a higher. Tom Landry had been Lombardi isn't coordinators though I don't have. Did that they did they keep it to be out of a bit with the guys that I am able to go with me. Well you know it's a great lesson for broadcasters. Who were trying to get into the business of figure out how works. If you surround yourself with great people eighties showcase them. Everybody's gonna sound great that to me that's. The first rule radio. Yeah a lot of the credit etiquette or network director while Leavitt beak is that. You know these these these assembled this dampened besides that it that year double but he inherited that years ago it. And by that statement that should tell you knew he would you know all the years you've covered sports it. And and around the portrait pistols Dick and balls that continuity is viewed as well but. You know we have a number of debt that was my 23 public our producers that they're for what he or. I would get other guys that have been at their 1015 quality. Of their Barbara ball I think is getting ready Purdue's 47500. And when you and that kind of continuity that a big lead lends itself to a pretty good product. Talk to our changed the out lead announcer on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network how do you prepare for the race mark. Well it lately but more on that today is the matter of fact get up a book Michael Young market reporters. Were bigger the pit assignment out of the box the other side didn't. Back to back a couple of months or so that when Chris public are expected to produce or I'd started at a formulating our. Are pretty ratio it in and going with that. What that means if you will lend and then that we assign different features that the members of marks that happened at that as we get closer race date. We start the lineup been abuse would you know governor Holcomb saw percent to people from Chevrolet and and Advance Auto Parts and a Borg Warner and and and a lot of our sponsors and dump. It it'd take a while the political the other for sure and that week. We would take it all comes together and a formula works pretty well I've blast that have been blessed with Davy Campbell did as a driver yeah a great opportunity to call that. Race strategy return to gamble that carbon racing and and we replaced template that I think it talented. But it broadcaster and again is very knowledgeable and Edgar broad. He's been web warmly. Received at our new analyst this year and and not rely on him a lot but the pit strategy and you know that things of that nature and and you know we have this an outstanding started out just about the Crist did Jerry along that television was the pacers so. In a lot of coordination between all of those guys should be into their side in that. And and we hope to get at all then wrapped up but the safe Saturday afternoon so bad before we go racing on Sunday. And somehow or another you managed to make Jake query sound well prepared and professional and I don't know how you doing. Couldn't. You know. It is is is it not been an overnight process as you well I happen. It's easy to read it Jake tested there that wrote what the bill that they get your. But I. Rattling with a bit out of you well but literate in your. You're able aero bar our travels across the highways and byways of the land at that you know it is not yet taken my children. Ordered Abbott over the years is graduation present to be spotters or Meehan and Andy they said that the after the race was over the city they'll. Added it it. I mean this will all respect the the world debate that it's probably one of the biggest collects this bark at that were assembled. And the like goes on and Mike no thought at all but at the but I think that's what they'll make that work do you wanna. That's for sure we only did shake his beloved men our our love for Jake is well documented what I've got on the tape I just wanna mention. Who I thought sounded great over the weekend along with the use nick yelled and I am I right you guys did great work and index just a terrific on broadcasters well. That next 88 seed that he's really stepped outside of the what that we at with the radio network old years not being yeah. My game will be gagged at the time convicted radiated so racing Joseph woody there's been a bolt stated. You know you'd be typically had to work it. It immediate for quite some time before you got that opportunity that yup audition while trying to pick out what to do it and that. Believe this year number nine for him and then he anchors are are Indy Lights presented by Cooper tires and yeah I agree I manes. He's been outstanding broadcast very end and we were lucky to have got in early in his career so someone else that didn't steal them away and that. Yes he has a bright future and I think he's going to be department. Work for a long long time. Target a marked change the up principal announcer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network that ought to great work over the weekend covering the walls. And maybe most interesting story other than Ed carpenter winning the pole is changed inch class. Not making the field and sowed now you know that there are negotiations around here as has always been the case. Or at least whether they work hard driver combinations. Then there have been 33 spots in the field. At what do you think happens with pinch. That's always had that that the angle that we covered yesterday I mean we we talk that this did dale Coyne racing we talked that. That Michael shank about about his car. We talked to a couple of drivers most notably Jay Howard goes up but figured that the spot where it would Landon down right it only been ordered Daley's name came up and all the lipstick Gary. In it I think. Zain since split is. Is resigned to his state whatever it may be. And dad he would you know get that off that that's in pro sports now days here has added to allow. Young people to pay much attention to it because but the wrong example dissolved that that but I could tell you in terms of motor sports. There's no better example Burke class and how to handle adversity. I hadn't been no wonder it's been displayed by Jane it's clip over the last 48 hours in my opinion I mean he was. Quick to go into the media veteran they don't like that but mental blank ballots all be put the blame on Betty I didn't get it that we didn't get it then and he said as far as the negotiations to put in another car. That's out of my hands I'll do what I'm told to do it at that being disputed Apple's 500. That's that's the way it is it's going to be and caddie said something yesterday about but the very point. And if you go back to that near fatal crash that he had a couple years ago. It looked tricks where he had he did you know Jakob at workspace at Indianapolis Motor Speedway event out all the bad and the perspective. Now. Date let me ask you you're eager or fair minded than base all reliant use for this went nipple let out. I do that at this card didn't have the speed she had been noted that discarded at the speed dale Coyne had to know it too. And yet she went out and she took the opportunity away from hint. And I thought yeah and I've seen things like that happened in the celebrities but not the not so often. It end it really not so often because we haven't had any popping do you think that that does bear any of the responsibility for this. If that car doesn't have any sponsorship stickers on the tour. It's not relevant bit but radio you have an obligation to buck. It'd be you know he's not or make the race she's gotta have about their as you possibly in and out about it Doug if the roles were first. That would have been very understanding that she'd been the one setting up good wrote that way I don't. And dubbed a bottom lighted this old what do we like that way and bold it or not we agree with ample. Nobody did anything outside the scope of the rule book is written by the rise IndyCar Series that met that well I'm gonna go with until they decide they want a change. You know what that's a great point about the sponsors and that kind of stuff that she did owed them. And so see this is why we rely upon you mark this Mike Preston he's been validated again. Thought that there naked I appreciate. I don't look at that went remote dirt. All right have a great carb diet have a great race broadcasts I can't wait to hear you guys Sunday afternoon. Our our brother owed to Britain a pleasant thank you. That's our chains. Of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network does a great job mentality at eight if you're young broadcaster you wonder how to get ahead. If you make everybody around you sound really really good really really Smart you're gonna have a job forever. And and that's what Mark James does despite FAA and in addition to not despite but in addition to being a really really good. The broadcaster and a horrific play by play guy whether he's too high school football basketball. Whatever he's always a pro he turns in a great product always. As the lead announcer for this radio network one of the longest and biggest in the history of radio. I'll tell you man make it everybody's sound good. Because you are orchestrating you've got Dave Wilson back in the health center. You've got you know query and Ares I element Donald Davidson you've got assets everywhere. It unique day need to beat not all your performer in that moment that you need to be the conductor that a orchestra. And nobody does a better Mark James and I was so happy for him. When he got the opportunity to beat this because he is flat out earned it and earned it and earned it earned it. And good for error or out while eleven. For realizing it put him in that position. We are at the pace car garage courtesy. Of your central Indiana Chevy dealers have brought to you by the American Barry's association Indiana. Measured dairy farm families reminding you that winners drink milk what we come back we're gonna talk to the great Scott Agnes about the NBA draft com bind which was held. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Scott Agnes was there. He talked to a bunch of the participants watched the thing unfold will get Scott Agnes is perspective. On how maybe stocks rose or fell. Over the weekend based on measurements based on interviews and scrimmage is that coming up next on the Kent sterling shows CBS sports 1430.