Longtime IU reporter Terry Hutchens

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, November 21st

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We welcome to the shell a guy who I never mind listening to whether he's singing harmonies or whether he's talking about the Indiana Hoosiers a great. In the talented. Terry Hutchinson I don't know much. Aren't I am great. You know what what are the things we're just talking about tracked down Al. And how ghetto it's just ridiculous is stuff the comes out of his mouth he can't possibly believe. I think we've got to coach him Bloomington now what we listen to him from behind a podium we say okay this guys telling his his version of truth do you agree. Well absolutely and that's an extra pressure Nolo editor in the I think yeah night. I won the after the Indiana actually union. Mutual's. Whole debacle anywhere boat. I mean. UN and post game and and you are. Talk about how prop the door and you know I knew right Britain you know I'll look and you don't hear them trade. Or work all people all like. And Mike Davis. You could do that to all work you would. Come out and play you. He beat eagle pairs team in a locker room and weary says locker room or say in the well that is quite like that so that you like about art he has. Well political gridlock and this thing had he you know here. You feel like he did an honest answer. You don't feel like be. He is belittling. The street light and yeah see. Former. You heard them not much name any names but he looked recruits last nine years. And the thing that. You know he doesn't maker who HT yeah underwriting and and he did it become then. You know. Now Tom Green might be in their for forty minutes you wouldn't get as much. As you do eight minutes of promoter not a. Well Tom it just talk in circles and it seems like Archie at least always has a point. Which makes him light a good listener and and when you leave a press conference like I left the first the first one. After the Indiana State came I thought well. This is a guy with a plan and he knows what's wrong but not only does he know what's wrong he kinda has a pretty good idea of how to fix. And and to me ED you better have both of those things working hand in hand are you gonna have a long season. Yeah I agree the minute and they're cute is that it. You know what I pioneered the and so far is that okay before. The season began at all we heard about orders. You know the defense you can do better how ball is going to be better and then when he came out the first Q and neither of those things around play yeah and yet. I mean you'd still get the community he got the you know in that McLaughlin. And no problem much little was maybe. The people or the personality doesn't play maybe not completely buying and Dorsey was there are not realizing in the the intensity Arab. Or how hard they're gonna have to play a what are the tricks may be so I mean yeah I. That's collectible. You know I do think there are cumulative message will they actually get across street. Who until like this seem you know measure improvement the last couple of games and and we'll see the keyword ghost there. Tired Terry hutchins the co author of the Indiana Hoosiers fans bucket list. A great stockings suffered during the Christmas holidays also does a great job of covering the Indiana Hoosiers. Impressed you so far. About it like for me and Justin Smith looks like he's in the right place at the right time a lot making winning plays who's impressed you. They know like are opposed to him covered DaJuan Morgan and than ya and just because he says it up didn't quite guerrilla. Well to adversity and you are true or underlying donors shoulder was popped and the yen out on a regular basis and you all seem to find a way to. Back in the lineup the next game. You know expensive thing people. I blew it and our game and could not play in most of that game and then you're sure it will play intrigue all comes back and he beat poetry again. At times are you really get the other night against South Florida though and and really. Is that he mumbled Central Florida you do a lot of the palpably. And and then you know persecuting them. Told debacle and not our game at that doctrine too little too much at 12 o'clock and seven or something ridiculous like that and and you know I entered ten the other night so to speak and that things you need it and you know from your older players. And I really like Al Durham. You're somebody that. I really didn't. Expect to contribute. All that much this year. And and right now you can make. It is. You know. Any game out he's playing about as hard as anybody years and I think a lot of people look. Expect. Before too long he's just starting point guard retouched you Kirk's so. Mean those those guys you know. Only impressed. And he and you know yes to a record low one like you said. Right right time. Place. Again I'm not sure there. Committee and I really thought that he was again that there was going to be major contributor on this team that. Oh lead paint has started out. That. It's an all hands on deck with a team because. You know made it whether it's very likely. The our local prisoners high as maybe some other locals or you stick in particular all of them total are in the system. Whatever the case may be. You've served up only an immunity in the sort of pro. Talking to Terry Hudson's. The author of the Indiana Hoosiers fans bucket list hey it's bigger bucket the bucket game. This coming Saturday this is probably the biggest bucket game for both programs because a bowl berth is on the line maybe the it's that it's going to be the fiftieth anniversary of the date from the old broken bucket game in 1967. That sent Indiana to the Rose Bowl. This is a big one. It's a very well and ended in the interest I think it that it would respect the game though it. Both programs are really feel like that should be able eligible to this point so that you definitely. You know whose directors and up one point look a lot on the Procter Latinos. You know usually. Seven wins right now Indiana. Built over time a match again they're nine the Korean men and state with six minutes ago and then that was amount one. Should have been Maryland out there had a big lead and slipped don't get away and then a lot. A lot of playing get beat orchard at 39 but you know I really feel that the team that should have been played. And no with the winner getting a better bowl game and a loser going to Troy. You try and have a situation where you're aware entertainment and Detroit. But. Yeah I mean it is the big game. It's an interesting game to go to that little one that term results out of meters. You back two years to 2013. Remember how bad Indiana beat chocolates you know Doug Mallory last year they give up 570. Yards of total up to me. You're ranked number 11 in one out of a 1281. Seems. Right behind Purdue is number 112 in the nation that here are potentially. Fast forward cheers. Fingerprints. Either compete and support me first. You can't get the number 22 ranked defense commission. And Purdue's number 35 mile per they could be a sense of minded hockey game which is something that. We have seen furlong. You know as bigoted Doug Mallory. There were a couple of years error error or at least one where we didn't get to see bill Mallory. And it and it games up in the press box where he had always traditionally sat. And this year did in the previous game and I've seen in their a couple of times bill Mallory is back cell. Evidently a fan of Tom Allen and always good to see coach Mallory Iran's program. Yeah I agree and he yeah and if he's been their most in this year and yeah I mean. I think the year that it. Here you are about it was 2016. Movie actor and Mallory go to that well so that. And we can keep building here. Don't think at all in the press box beer and I think you are here too it makes them pretty atop mount banned because. I mean come Alan. Can't deliver. The same. And that's saying he reminds him Mallory matter but a lot of actually. But I mean I just think that. He's attended. Could you come like bill Mallory really get behind. Hey we had when we're Bullington over the weekend and there's a storm roll on through there's a big giant delay. That seemed to go on for ever and ever and you're in there with a radio broadcaster Don Fischer Bucs are. Did Don and in boxing Simon and Garfunkel is greatest hits a wet what they're held to duke for an hour and a half to fill time. They replayed the Tom Allen choked her earlier in the week and then met and the problem was loose let. Yeah you're exactly what you're saying is that. I had been there how to pitch like water there gonna have to talk to the next hour. So stick to guess who us is bring the you know part of my book shall. About one. And that. Felt like sold a couple of books on Sunday when that that the usually polymarker. Hey let's talk about your book a little bit it's terrific the Indiana Hoosiers fans bucket list. And one story I loved and you know we still see Martha the mop lady. Up on the on the monitor. Before Indiana games and it's just so Hoosier. Itself completely Indiana basketball. It it'd still just wonderful to see you've got kind of the background. Of this. Of. Well I mean it was very acute where. Third of the original mark mop lady. Crowd told the story actually about how he. And they had. In Chicago. And I believe with the black boxer. Or the bulls or somebody into doesn't seem like you were in their property. And and like nobody really knew she was up there and couple people from my you're out there for something else in the word and cannot reverse and soccer. And that's of them I mean that's an interviewer so liberty you have a beer and if your candidate does this woman known throughout the state of Indiana and and so. A cool deal and one on park about the book though that. Really. I took some time and really. I'm investigated all the traditions where we can try to warm up from where. The what they don't have names on the back Rogers he's old William tell overture. At the end great minute timeouts in. And all the different things that are trying to track unique Indiana about all that was on the that's an open book you know actually imports. The stall and the other one you. Liquor on the other 12 and perhaps the following the general look a look at all that. The guys that tried to follow Bob Knight at Indiana. And thank you gaming yet yet for. Maybe my favorite chapter I've ever written about it and that make it's just like to do so much until I give you credit it's us. Dinner and that was the whole idea that. If you're going to be 60 about approach in Indiana yet to be ruled out coached and they yeah and there's no question about. It bankers smarter than you and then some of Lamar. And I mean it really years cabinet and an interest even team and the price got about 35 from people who weigh in on it and it turns out mile on. Perfect and people can get both bucks I'm guessing where you would normally get bucks. Everywhere at Amazon. I know that. Well I feel a little into a mud bucket list book I think goats were fifteen. Home at sixteen dollars in the stores yup contractual right now for 1990. And so. I think I would do that. And then. You can't club bought 350 copies of all in general so. You know all of the journal B they're big yes Amazon Barnes & Noble dot com. He coauthored the Mercury and I. We side in the bucket list before ever the and yeah about global game outside the varsity shop is a little. And I won an Olympic sir bill will not worse position. If I'd buying. But it Costello delighted to buy like you gross of the no I don't accept it I couldn't hear what ordered great Contra I'm an app that you actually go there and it was something ribbon tie up all of them together. But we're here taking sides I appreciated. All right the senate.