LaVall Jordan talks about his new team, the obstacles ahead, and being back at his alma mater

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, June 14th

LaVall Jordan talks about his new team, the obstacles ahead, and being back at his alma mater.


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Baghdad against sterling shows CBS sports 1430. I do it this afternoon very very good day for LaBelle Jordan becomes big 24. Basketball coach. In Butler basketball history and he joins a show how you don't look now I'm doing a great hit. Let me ask you seriously did to start to put together your coaching staff is that going to be a little bit difficult given the timing of a higher. It's very unique. You know a lot of most transitions happen early springs so you have you have time. Blood. Is there will be you know put potent have been putting a lot of thought into it just to make together our guests. And aren't in general the Butler way we love the ball away in your you've been a part of the Butler way you were an assistant coach here you played here. Is a Butler pedigree going to be an important thing is you assess candidates. I you know that's that's something that I have to think about think any benefits here these days have to sit Butler to understand. To a decisive mountain and how special it is because it's the people that make complacent so. You know you regardless of news in the house sort Butler guy and you know that Disney's been understanding and there's you know that's always been the case. Seal locked in beckoned Hinkle. Does you know it's there every time you look and here you get goosebumps. And so. The last fellows who assured Joel Cornett memorial Yelp so. There's a ton of is in there just that is family and and instead thing about all of this the gains and playing and coaching in the past and materialize though you know I'm going to be there. Recover Cologne timeouts. I think. Palin is the speaking of that what did you learn during your year at Milwaukee that maybe you didn't know previously. I don't know who didn't know exist hadn't had not done yet I'll need to there's just. Things you can you you don't do as an assistant. That attic which does decisions made don't do to make him. And so just being able to have that experience was. Grapes from not my development. Big a big step for me. Somalia you're going to be and attitude to the chancellor mark Mahoney there and then athletic director Amanda brawn or. Particular chance some because it is a great experience does. All of that wreck can be proud of that season and actually enjoy the staff and those players were to believe in and and division. Talking to of Hal Jordan the new basketball coach Butler basketball. Now you've got to work for Barry get what's the different what's going to be the difference between the relationship. That you had player to coach with Barry collier. And the relationship you're gonna have coached AD. You know I I don't you know you can't put me on the line yeah I'm not that I thought I that it's true books. That's one days but the other various fed data the I was at or after. They have Finnish degree do you have a respect for the closely approach in and the de do way he went about you know instilled discipline. And those things the players I think you know he's got so much pride. And passion for this place and we want to he would do well. And it's going to be great to work work with him. Take the emotion out of it coming back isn't alone and a part of the Butler way and all of that what makes Butler a great job and college basketball. Was there is hopefully healthy tradition and Al and over a couple of decades. In a great recruiting area. Is state of Indiana and Indianapolis he had a great city to campuses gorgeous. And you know you get that personal attention here. Because of the close knit feeling. Of campus in that top level conference now to big east and so there's there are a lot of like they do degree is phenomenal. And it and the prestige of that old and so are regardless of if you win here in you know I'm sure it multiple candidates from. From all over the country reached out with a interest. Let me go back to the coaching staff for a second because what you said just judge another question. And it does it make it does the ball away. And the family aspect of the Butler athletic department does it make it easier to hire. Assisting coaches or does that make it more difficult. You know I don't know that makes it difficult it just gives you a funnel because you know. It and write who it's and so that part snuffed the candidate that I equation because that's two quicker decision. I mean you know that's reputation now there's a ton of relationships. And you do throughout. Time in the business over the years and so. In I think we can get together. A group of good guys. Genetics since two recruiting to ami when I go to a U tournaments and I'm watching guys play and ingrained in ID compared do you I don't know what the hell I'm look connect. But I would editor and I look at a guy and I say oh that's a Boller kids you know what I mean yeah. Yeah I think that certain programs have an identity. And you can. You could easily point out again that it might fit. You know more of it and that's what we're proud of here's. And we've established that it's so. And I think that coach is you know a coach size includes like they. Stadium to understand that now do so they'll reach out and saying Gary Gary be great fit. And so you know outside the relationships are key. In terms of being able to recruit because that's you know that time happens many times. Total sales Jordan knew Butler basketball coach when he aren't high school who did you pick Butler over. Not my primary to about. Xavier they are those going to wow. And I think one visit and it was so far. The idea the direction of schools in the state but I I was again it kind of wanted to get out of state. And so I was looking at those options. In an amazing. That that decision you made as a seventeen or eighteen year old. Has really set you forth on this course that blames you hear is the basketball coach. You hey you know. Mud mud my. My dad after the visit you're one of the things that he. Was sold along with the Butler in Annie believed in coach collier. It was is that you know to bowler feels like it as they look out for. Their own way whenever they possibly can't and he he felt that. Expressed that to me is an eighteen year old you know knows. Trying to try to make it like my decision and so yeah I think that has remained. I will always remain here. What do you know about your team. I know them they're great guys that I had great conversations with them. You know on the phone a couple of more years depressed numbers we get to talk face to face. Briefly and I know we're talented. Watched some film level. And I watched a few games last year and so. I think all of you good leadership we have a couple seniors who have been through you know some things that I can draw on those experiences. When the young guys come in. Do you have incoming freshman on campus yet or eight he would ever he wants to know it visit terrific recruiting class. Odd that Chris and his staff put together and everybody glad to see it stay intact do you have any idea where that stands. Tom didn't not here yet some school will be who started a couple weeks and and and so did his we've had conversations I have had conversations with. The the Chinese and knows what really really positive and so now we're got to follow up and and try to be face to face with a just to create a comfort level you know with actually opens to keep Malo Borden and Estrada transition something that. Again just did this a year ago assembled right that is just a part of transition in and a and so those relationships in the comfort level. Right is ski. Are you goal oriented are you thinking about long term goals for this program or you. Process oriented readers take it okay we're gonna get stuff done today and if we do that enough days in a row we're gonna get to where we're supposed to go. I think this. Places deprived him in one of the things that looked so taken with me for Mears is. To be proud to process oriented I mean news is you put the team person get better today. And rescued after an and that's what will do. You know the goal would. Would be to be champions and that's in our league and had been arrested tournament and you know then a few steps away from that. Years as well so you can shelf that and and know that there you know worker guys that. I believe it's possible. And in your work you know diligently ET Tuesday. Does this take away the sting of kind of being in the runner up back three years ago. You know about the guy got a job and that's who don't you play here when you and you mean you've been here. You know it's I was out of the players to do during a coaching change. And you know I remember you know just wanting it to be somebody that. You know which was new what displaces about. And and whether they've been. External. Or internal. You know as long as a date GAAP Butler and that's what each and every time I think though community hopes more. Would you learn from that process did you learn something from the tired Ramada. Odd transition day you're gonna be able to employee here. Yet at. Think just relationships but each and every time especially when there's an agreement upon. The culture of the place. Many times you're going into a new. Environments and you have to try to assess the culture and that's the big thing we knew transition is that it changes in the as a coach. You know I think here's an agreement. Guys know that they coached here and in play here in their ears and so. That parts cannon gun rights Butler. And so now it's just connecting you know into an individual basis to to earn. They earn their trust. You know as the coach. Perfect congratulations Lavelle well learned an apex and it absolutely that's Lavelle Jordan basketball coach Butler University. And a guy that I championed. Three years ago for the job it was just the obvious choice this time I'm do we we talked about it. Last week before I took my little my little vacation I know that Scott Agnes. And and didn't it didn't get ahead guests and everybody is Michael's Val Val Val. And that's and slowly what's come to pass when we found out it was the Val I think we did we had already booked. Ralph threes did we talked a rail before the bell was hired. Immediately before it was reported that he's been hired and ran also from saint Vincent's sports performance and Butler couldn't say enough nice things. About what now Jordan and so and we're all I'd. I don't think it's overstating it I think everybody in town is just really really thrilled. That odd that he got this job has this opportunity and that we're gonna be able to benefit from it as fans and media who cover. Butler basketball. Lavelle Jordan and hopefully I I I see him as maybe a transitional. Type of coach a transformative. Coach who can elevate this thing. Odd to the next level I am I think you can be that good night I hope that in three years we're not having the same conversation I hope they find a way. Two on told unloaded till of Al Jordan because I think he's going to be terrific head coach.